The Eternal War Between Rome and Carthage

Nicole Torres

1912505_775239002519041_724903945715788090_nThe war between Carthage and Rome seems to have no end in Sant Antoni… And lets hope it lasts many years! This historical fact serves, every September, as an ideal excuse for organizing several days of celebration in which the protagonists are the residents of Sant Antoni and Sant Agustí.

As part of the Celebrations of the Land, on the Passeig de ses Fonts, weapon workshops were held to make shields and swords so the fighters would be ready for the great war. children also want to sign up for this great party, on Friday September 5th, s’Arenal beach held several activities dedicated to them specifically. Later came the camp baptising and the adult games on a night that ended with music from Morning Drivers and The Selectors.

The great battle took place on Saturday. At six in the afternoon the armies (Romans in the parking lot of El Ruedo, Carthaginians at City Hall) will be concentrated. At half past seven they proceeded to landing spot and signed the peace treaty between the two armies before the tomato fight started. After the battle, there was a barbecue to regain strengths. The party continued with performances by Uncle Sam, The Frigolos and a fire show.