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Ibiza’s Fantasy Football?
  • UD Ibiza Football Team to be Resurrected.
  • Ex Valencia President Amadeo Salvo in UD Ibiza bid?
  • Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich’s yacht in Ibiza.
  • Connection in Salvo and Abramovich’s interests is considered a “possibility” by “football expert”

Ibiza’s Fantasy Football, On Our Way To The Big Time?

Former Valencia CF President Amadeo Salvo is reportedly at the head of a group looking to resurrect what was  Ibiza’s main football club, UD Ibiza, until they folded amid allegations of corruption in 2010.

Salvo left his post at Mestalla earlier in the summer and Super Deporte cite reports that he is to travel to the Balearics this week. A meeting is expected to be held with representatives of the island to gather support for the project and the long-term aim of top flight football.

Excitement mounted when within 24 hours Russian Oligarch and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s superyacht arrived in San Antonio, favouring Cala De Bou over the usual billionaire playground of Ibiza Town.

A man in a bar describing himself as a “football expert” agreed that Abramovich’s visit was most likely football related. “It’s obvious,” he slurred, “theys more bars in san an av got the sky for the footy than over in ibeefa tawn” continued the blithering idiot “well yoov got father jacks but I think they’re all northern or irish or something and Roman would want to watch the game among his own, like at the Fish or Linkers or Buc. He’d be welcome round ‘ere anytime” he expounded along with offers to ‘tell ‘im where he’s goin’ wrong’ in his management of the English Premiership’s reigning champions.

As he seemed the person most likely to agree with wild conjecture we asked the slob with the gob whether he thought Abramovich’s visit coinciding with reports of Salvo’s interest was indicative of Ibiza football club being  on its way to the big time courtesy of a ruble rush? In light of the glazed expression of bewilderment in response we simplified the question. Will ’Bramo buy Ibiza?

“Well now,” he replied with a knowing tap to the side of his nose, “he may well be, and he could if he wanted, no bother, but he’s too clever for that. If he is he’ll keep it a secret and you wont know” replied the dribbling imbecile as we looked out across the bay at the £1.5billion, 550’ long superyacht before us.

We rushed to seek a response from Abramovich’s P.R. guru, John Mann of international consultancy Millhouse’s Moscow office who replied almost instantly with the corporate cover-all “no comment”, adding, “I think you could safely discount your UD Ibiza theory though!”. Our Mann in Moscow continued in his reply “I hadn’t realized the Ibiza Sun had been rebranded. Good luck with the new venture. I’m good friends with the crew from Ibiza Spotlight. Best regards,”

Well he seems a decent chap, and though we may not see the benefit of Abramovich’s investment the rest of the story regarding Salvo’s interest is completely true, well as true as pre-season football speculation ever is, which as any fan knows is not very true at all. Still, makes a better front page than this week’s alternatives of stabbings, pollution, strikes and so on. It’s August people, the month of crazy capers and frayed tempers, so let’s all try to keep as smile on our face and be as cool as the thermometer allows.

  • Salvo was president of Valencia CF and their 55,000 capacity Mestalla stadium.
  • UD Ibiza played at Can Misses with crowds sometimes into the 100s.
  • UD Ibiza were keen to encourage crowd participation. Every home game a man handed our random missiles to hurl at the opposition keeper during play, could be out of date crisps, could be rock hard till rolls, you never knew what was coming next, so a fun guessing game too, especially for families who have children too young to blind a goalkeeper with a well aimed projectile.


Taxi Fair?

Queues of Hundreds as Taxis Protest the Pirates

Ironically, this past weekend pictures have been taken of more than two hundred people waiting for taxis at the airport at the same time that banners have been erected by the taxi industry protesting against the activity of ‘pirate’ taxis. The queue, too frequent during the peak months, practically covered the entire front of the terminal building and highlights the lack of official licensed taxis at this busy time of year. There are thoughts that the solution to both the pirate taxis and the long queues may be for the council to distribute a small number of ‘private hire’ licenses at peak periods, even at the risk of generating competition for existing legal taxi drivers.


Mugger is Stabbed

The attacker becomes the victim

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man who stabbed a mugger who tried to steal his mobile phone on the Passeig de ses Fonts in Sant Antoni. The stab victim, a 31 year old Moroccan, was taken to Can Misses hospital with injuries to his forearm and voluntarily discharged himself.

The dispute occurred at about nine o’clock in the evening. Eyewitnesses explained that the Moroccan tried to rob a man of Dominican nationality while both were on the promenade. According to those who witnessed the incident, the Dominican pulled out a large knife and stabbed the would-be mugger who then ran bleeding from his forearm.

The stabber then pursued the man along the promenade, which caused panic among the many tourists walking through the area. The victim was leaving a trail of blood and headed towards the office of Service Foreign Tourist Assistance (SATE), where two police officers were working.

On seeing the officers, the Dominican threw the knife into the sea before being tackled to the ground, to the astonishment of the many eye witnesses. The man was arrested and taken to the Guardia Civil offices in Ses Paisses, whilst the failed mugger was transferred to hospital with a minor injury. Guardia Civil divers have since recovered the knife from the seabed.


Oil Threat

More surveys in Balearics

After previously helping to halt the Cairn Energy Company from undertaking gas and petrol surveys in the Balearics, the Mar Blava Alliance has warned that the developer Geo Spectrum Limited has already submitted the Environmental Impact Study for an acoustic surveys project in the Balearic Sea.

The company last year began procedures for oil exploration in the Balearic Sea, just 25km east of Santa Eularia and the new proposed seismic surveys will cover an area of 14,000 square km, from the northern part of the Catalan coast to the south of the Balearic Islands.

In the campaign of seismic surveys, Geo Spectrum expects to capture a sophisticated model of the geological structure of the Balearic Sea, according to sources at the company. To achieve this, four air-guns would be used which would cause significant impact on the area.

“One of the problems that exist with the new company and its quest for oil is that they are manoeuvring to prevent the Environmental Impact going on public display. They want to remove the possibility of citizens expressing themselves on the project,” claims Mar Blava’s technical coordinator, Carlos Bravo.

Bravo has warned that “two projects are now activated and we will have a lot of work to prevent them succeeding.”




Viva Cala Llonga! Fun Continues

Cala Llonga

Brian Whetton

You can’t stop a good thing when it’s going! The two recent events in the Viva Cala Llonga calendar, the Dance Extravaganza and the Lego film shown on the beach last Thursday, have been outstanding successes with hundreds of people enjoying the free entertainment. Tonight, Thursday 6th August there’s another night of entertainment with the Hippie Market from 6pm plus a free showing of the film Paddington from 9.30pm. The following week is Fiesta Week with a full programme of events, organised by the Vecinos de Cala Llonga, plus live music with The Mardy Johhny Depps from 8.30pm on Thursday 13th Aug. The main Fiesta Day is on Saturday 15th Aug and we’ll have a full run down of “wots on” in next weeks edition. Viva Cala Llonga.


El Port, Passeig de la Ciutat

Ibiza Town

Nicole Torres

The Town Hall of Ibiza have opened a new photographic exhibition at Es Polvorí called El Port, Passeig de la Ciutat (the Port, the Promenade of the City) where you will be able to see old photos of the port from the 1940s up to the 1970s.

The sample is composed of thirty photographs accompanied by ten texts related to the port by writers like Marià Villangómez, Joan Castelló, Albert Camus, Arturo Llopis, Edmundo Vallès, or Enrique Fajarnés Cardona. Amogst the authors of the photographs you will find names like Campinyà y Puig Ferran, Casa Figueretas, Alfonso G.Prats, and Subirats Casanovas.

The port of Ibiza has always been a place of exchange and trade with other ports, like the Savina in Formentera, of which two images of 1955 will also be presented.

This exhibition is the second relating to neighbourhoods and emblematic areas of the city. The first was in 2008 on the district of Sa Penya.

The exhibition will remain open until September 3rd at Es Polvorí, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm.


Makandé @ Las Dalias

San Carles

Nicole Torres

Juanito Makandé is one of the great young flamenco singers who is living his best musical moment as a solo artist, after being very well known with the Radio Makandé group. After the success of last summer with TVE program “Vivan los Bares” (Hurray for bars – but with the play-on-words with alive, who live in bars), he is now preparing his third album.

Juanito and his particular way of mixing flamenco with funk are a huge success where ever they go. Songs like “Niña Voladora” (Flying Girl) and “La Llave” (The Key) have already had over one million hits on Youtube, even some of the unpublished songs as “kamikaze” have had over half a million…

It will be a privilege to have him in the Garden of Dalias on August 20th, 9pm. Tickets can be bought online for 15€


where you will also find information on all the concerts happening at Las Dalias this summer:

Wyoming & Los Insolventes—Sep 20th

Highlight Tribe—Sep 27th




An Apology To Some Of Our Readers … (Whoop Whoop! To The Rest …)

For those with a passion for Ibiza’s music industry this issue of the Ibizan promises to be something of a treat, a fiesta-fest of no less than 8 pages coverage of what has been one of the best weeks we can remember for its mix of live and electronic music including huge name bands and a-list DJs, much of which centred around  the  British BBC Radio 1/Creamfields weekend.

For those who think of sunrise as the start, not end, of the day, we do appreciate this issue will have less content of interest than usual. Even if not including yourself in the target audience to attend the parties we feature, most of our readers will have some  direct interest in the economic benefits Ibiza receives as the centre of Europe’s music performance industry. With this in mind we hope those readers will forgive us this one-off double space edition.

For those who love it, all we need say is a, perhaps outdated but perfectly appropriate, “whoop whoop!”


Fiestas Sa Font d’es Yern


Nicole Torres

When you leave Santa Eularia on your way to Cala Llonga, 300m after you pass the turning for Siesta, there is a little group of houses with two bars and a Suma supermarket – this is Sa Font d’es Yern and it will be their fiestas on Sunday, August 9th starting at 8pm.

As this is in no way a town, but an independent neighbourhood, the fiestas won’t last for weeks, but will be concentrated in one evening. What can you expect to find? Ball pagés, brulades de corn (playing of shell trumpets), sonades (typical playing of the flute and drums), ucs (old ibicenco shout used as a communication system from field to field before the times of mobile phones), games for the little ones, dinner under the stars, and much more.


Firework Spectacular

Ibiza Town

Claire B

Saturday, August 8th, sees the island’s biggest and best firework display launched from the port in Ibiza Town at midnight. August 8th commemorates the day in 1235 that the Catalan army overthrew the Moors, bringing Christianity to Ibiza and Formentera. It is also the saint’s day for Sant Ciriac, who was adopted as the patron saint of the island because of the significance of the date, which has now become the most important holiday on the island.

The fireworks are all part of the Fiestas of the Land or ‘Las Festes de la Terra’ in Ibiza Town, which continues until August 15th, when there will be more fireworks in Ses Figueretes. The varied festival program features activities for the whole family, children’s activities, music, sports, exhibitions and traditional folk dancing. Here’s some of the fiesta highlights, most of which are free, but see the link to the full program below.

  • August 7th, 8.30pm:

Concert with Project Mut, Parque Reina Sofia, free.

  • August 8th, 7pm:

Procession from Vara de Rey to Puig d’es Molins for traditional paella feast (berenada) at 8pm.

  • August 8th, midnight:

Fireworks from the wall of the old port, Ibiza Town.

  • August 15th, midnight:

Fireworks on the beach-front in Ses Figueretes.

Programme (in Spanish and Catalan):



Open Mic @ Putamayo

Cala Gracio/San An

In addition to supplying what our man Stan considers the best marinated chicken on the island, Putumayo are now giving all-comers the chance to impress at a singing or comedian combo open mic night. Every Tuesday from 9pm until late, you can join Nikki Belle, of Birmingham’s finest Hot n Juicy—notable for their part in the vocals for Mousse T’s no2 hit ’Horny, Horny, Horny!’ and Timothy in entertaining the masses or you can just sit back, enjoy some tasty Saoto Soup and marvel at the talent on this wonderful island.


Live @ Hippy Market

Es Canar

The hippy market at Punta  Arabi in Es Canar continues its popular  Wednesday live shows in August with their usual eclectic line up.

  • 08.:(London): Soul, Pop, RnB
  • 08.:de Nadie: Rock, Flamenco, Cumbia, Ritmos caribeños, Reggae, Ska
  • 08.Cassels: Blues-Rock




Brit arrested in Ibiza for smuggling 35,000 ecstasy tablets

Police in Ibiza have arrested a British holidaymaker who was carrying 35,000 ecstasy tablets in his suitcase.

Gerard Couzens

Summer Record: Drug seizure thought to be biggest so far on Ibiza this summer

The case had been in storage since the start of the week when the tourist left it on a baggage carousel after arriving on a flight from Amsterdam.

He was detained on Friday morning after going to claim the case when Civil Guard officers asked him to open it up in front of them.

The unnamed tourist is expected to be remanded in prison over the weekend after appearing before an investigating magistrate in a closed court hearing.

The drugs seizure is thought to be the biggest so far on Ibiza this summer.

In January police arrested three Brits after seizing 9,000 ecstasy pills and three kilos of crystal meth.

Last month a Brit holidaymaker was rushed to hospital on neighbouring island Majorca after taking insanity drug Flakka.

He told authorities he had been sold the dangerous drug, which causes aggressive ‘zombie-like’ behaviour by a dealer with 100 pills.

Cleaning Strike Update

Workers want minimal pay increase

The planned August 3rd cleaning strike, which threatened about 220 employees in four out of the five municipalities of the island, was called off after a number of meetings between representatives of workers and the companies Cespa-Ferrovial (Ibiza Town), UTE-Es Vedrá (Sant Josep) and HERBUSA (Santa Eularia and Sant Joan).

The main stumbling block arose with the call for a wage increase for about 120 employees. According to the union representative Philip Zarco, “any discrepancies are economic, because we are focusing more on the wage increase.”

The companies intend to incorporate the new labour agreement, which would be in force until 2018, which involves a wage increase of 0.25% this year. The workers, however, claim that with inflation adjustments an increase of 0.5% is necessary.

An agreement was eventually achieved which meant that the collection of garbage and street cleaning was not affected on August 3rd. Luckily, no tourists will be met with the sight of uncollected garbage in the streets at this busy time of year.


Bystander Glassed

A man has had medical treatment for a neck injury received during a fight in the Urban terrace bar in Sant Antoni. The victim, a 57-year-old Spanish man was an innocent bystander who was hit in the neck by glass that was thrown during the brawl and shattered against a wall.

The fight between two residents of Sant Antoni, one being Italian, seems to have started for reasons relating to each of their dogs although the exact details are not yet known.

Police sources said that this fight has no relation to the serious events in the town in recent weeks, when two Britons were stabbed and sought refuge, one of them at a restaurant on Calle Estrella and the other with the Sant Antoni Local Police.


Armed Robbery

A man between 30 and 40 years old, who is “tall and blond with short hair”, is being sought by the National Police for a robbery committed at gun point in a Spar supermarket in Calle Abad y Lasierra in Ibiza Town.

The man, who witnesses revealed could be of foreign nationality, entered the supermarket wielding either a pistol or a revolver and demanded money be handed over.

The Police do not yet know if the weapon used in the robbery, in which no one was injured, is simulated or real. It is also unknown how much money the man managed to take from the till.


Investment Pipeline

The City of Sant Josep will invest 3.5 million euros to improve the water distribution network in the municipality. The Mayor, Jose Marí Ribas, and the Councillor for Water Works, Angel Luis Guerrero, have stated that major investments will be made between the tank at Pep Cardona and Sant Josep. The network currently loses approximately 68% of water due to the age and condition of the pipes.

The mayor also announced today that Sant Josep would start receiving water from the desalination plant in Ibiza Town and urged restrictive measures apply to public water consumption, particularly amongst major consumers such as hotels and large villas.


Autopsy Shows No Sign Of Violence

Further to allegations that his death may have resulted from physical abuse by the Guardia Civil, the autopsy conducted by the Institute of Legal Medicine of Ibiza on Northern Ireland’s Alan Drennan has detected no signs of violence according to a report from the Guardia Civil’s Communications Department. They are still waiting on the results of toxicology tests to see if the tourist, who was only 21 years old, consumed some type of substance that could have ended his life. If it is found that this is another victim of drugs and alcohol, it will be the fourth young British man to die this season from substance abuse.




You Know You’ve Got Sol

After already giving the green light to two large photovoltaic fields, one in Cala de Bou and another in Sant Rafel, the Ibiza Council plans to issue a favourable report on plans for a further field in Sant Joan. Together, the three installations will contain a mammoth 35,600 solar panels.

Solar Gall, a Majorcan company, is behind the field planned in Cala de Bou. The Puig de n’Alis facility covers an area of 60,500m2 and will supply 1,500 homes with energy. Solar Gall is also behind the Can Lleó facilty in Sant Rafel, which occupies an area of 29,549 m2. Both facilities will contain 12,800 solar panels each, supported on 250 two metre high metal supports, in addition to small buildings which contain the transformers and control systems.


Bikini Tax

The Government’s Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, in a recent meeting with the main tourist employers in Ibiza and Formentera, said that the intention of the Government is that all tourists pay a tourist tax which was met with opposition from employers. Any tourist tax would be difficult to apply to those visitors not staying in hotels and there are concerns that increased costs will prompt tourists to go elsewhere on their holidays. The employers insist that the islands must have improved infrastructure, but there is concern that short-term greed may be detrimental to long-term prosperity.


Food & Drink


Relish Café

Stan Farrow

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when the bay of San Antonio wasn’t on the culinary map of Ibiza. Nowadays there are plenty of good eateries on the main bay road and even a few exceptional ones, one of which opened in 2005 and was called the Oasis Café. The place was very popular, but its tiny kitchen prompted owners Tony and Glyn to move to bigger premises and launch Relish Restaurant in 2008. Their idea was to service their clientele with a larger choice of quality food fit for a restaurant rather than a café. Relish soon became as popular as the Oasis Café and also started to outgrow itself. The full tables and queues around the block have been a nice problem to have for the restaurant owners, but they have known for a while that they will eventually have to relocate yet again when the perfect space became available. This year it did, and an old carvery by the Hotel Milord has become the new Relish Restaurant – which is doing very well, thank you please.

But we’re not here to talk about the new digs. I’m here to chow down at the place that used to house the restaurant and has now become the Relish Café. The café, as the name suggests, has a stripped down daytime menu supplying breakfast and light snacks, but still retains Tony and Glyn’s continuing insistence on good quality ingredients and exceptional cooking. There’s plenty of choice from a stripped down menu and I can go for a salad, a burger, a ciabatta, a pizza, a jacket potato or a breakfast. It’s 2pm so I obviously go for a breakfast and ponder the super healthy option with some muesli concoction. The pondering doesn’t last long and I opt for the Relish Special with a glass of fresh juice. The plate really is special and contains 2 cumberland sausages, 2 eggs (I choose poached), 2 bits of bacon, beans, mushrooms, a little potato rosti, creamed spinach and toast with butter. The presentation is pretty good for what is basically a fry-up and it tastes marvellous. The sausages are grilled rather than the deep fat fried kind you find in less reputable establishments, the eggs are perfectly poached which is not easy in this heat, and the beans come in their own little pot which is a nice touch.

If you add to this the perfect choice of music, an industrial fan blowing at your head, exceptionally nice staff and super-fast Wi-Fi, chances are you’ll become a regular like me. I’ve even eaten other things apart from the breakfast – honest!


Food & Drink




Let There Be (just a little) Rain!

After what has felt like an eternity of cloudless skies and temperatures well into the scorchios, Ibiza finally felt a little respite at the weekend, and a few drops of rain—not enough to quench the parched isles, but sufficient to send all of our cars back to the powerwash.

Forecasts are unpredictable for the rest of the week, but from Monday onwards Aemet, the Spanish Met Office, says we are in for another extended period of unrelenting blue skies.



An Osprey couple has managed to breed successfully in Ibiza, for the first time in more than forty years. The Balearic government reported the milestone this week, but have not revealed the location of the nest.

Last year the same Osprey couple was able to lay an egg, but it did not hatch. This year, they have successfully hatched a chick, which has been able to complete its development and is currently flying.

The Osprey is one of the rarest birds of prey around the Mediterranean and is only back in the Iberian Peninsula after conservation efforts were begun in 2007 to stop persecution and remove power lines in nesting areas.


Croc Around The Dock

Onlookers were puzzled and shocked in the waterfront area of ‌recently after a five metre long crocodile was spotted in the murky waters of a stream in Marina Botafoch. The crocodile, named Gustavo, is a realistic fibreglass model constructed by artist, Andreu Moreno. The ‘artpiece’ was installed to raise awareness on the contrasts of Ibiza, highlighting the luxury and excess of the clubs versus the dirt and neglect of the city streets. Moreno particularly wants to remind people of the suffering of local residents in neglected areas such as Ses Feixes and Pratet.




MTV isn’t Listening

MTV’s ‘Ibiza Shore’ program will begin shooting next week in Ibiza, in the face of fierce opposition. Part of the production team is already on the island conducting pre-production work and recording will begin on August 5th.

On a visit to Ibiza this week, Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, said that “This is not the kind of tourism we want. We must make a clear commitment to quality tourism which is sustainable and respectful to the islands.”

Several national media outlets have reported that three contestants are already confirmed for the show, and it looks like production will be going ahead.


Thief Caught Online

The National Police have arrested a person in Ibiza who has been caught selling all kinds of electronic devices and phones stolen in the island via social networks. The Police have been using social media themselves to investigate the growing trend of online selling of stolen goods and stumbled across a man who has been advertising a variety of mobile phones and tablets worth roughly 9,000 euros.

After initial investigations by the Police posing as a buyer, it was found that all devices came from thefts carried out throughout the island and some even in the peninsula.


Street Vendors Beware

The Local Police of Sant Antoni has started an initiative against street vending in the city. The first operation, involving nine officers, was focused in the West End and led to the arrest of nine people for violating the ordinance of living through the practice of peddling without a license. Also, one of the arrested was charged with assault on an officer. The haul included 338 glasses, 38 watches, 60 bracelets and other items.

Moreover, a motorized patrol spotted a street vendor at the fountains who was also arrested for selling without a license and was found in possession of two bags of suspected marijuana.


Illegal Party Mess

Sant Josep Town Council announced yesterday that it has collected 600 kilos of waste in the area of Sa Talaia after an illegal party was held recently. The collection of waste has cost 240 euros “to be paid by the organizer” of this event who acted without permission. In addition, the organizer may be charged for a very serious violation of the ordinance of the Environment which that can lead to a fine of between 1,501 and 3,000 euros.


Water Levels Drop

Ibiza’s water reserves for June have dropped to 29%, the worst figure for the month in the last decade according to statistics provided by the General Directorate of Water Resources of the Balearic Department of Agriculture, Environment and Territory.

Looking at June figures from a decade ago, Ibiza aquifers were at 49%, a year later they rose to 70%. Then in 2007, they fell to 57%, to remain around this figure until 2010, when they dropped to 38%. Last year they dropped to 34%.

It appears that 29% is not the worst figure in recent years. In July and August 2014 the levels were at 25 and 24%, respectively. However, unless the island receives a major downpour estimates for July and August are for the levels to be even lower than last year. The over-exploitation of water resources along with draught and a leaking pipe network are blamed for the water shortage which is becoming a major issue, particularly in Sant Agusti where levels are at 6%. The government are investing a significant sum of 3.5million euros to fix the island wide network for next year.


At Night


George Clinton—Funkadelic

Heart Ibiza

Claire B

Last Tuesday legendary George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic graced the tiny stage at Heart Ibiza. With a new Funkadelic album out of new music (and tracks that he’s been keeping under his belt over the years) and his biography written, he’s been out touring all over the world again recently. I’ve been a fan of his crazy funky music for years but never had the chance to see him live, so this was my opportunity at long last.

When I arrived at the venue, they were already on-stage, and my Funkadelic favourite ‘One nation under a groove’ was being played. I hurriedly squeezed my way through the crowd to get near the front of the low and small stage so that I could get a good view of the show. Crammed onto the stage were at least 11 singers and musicians and we traded intimacy for the usual offering of over the top stage shenanigans and acrobatics that I had seen on recent televised appearances. Membership of Parliament and Funkadelic, the bands that George led, was always fluid with people coming and going over the years, and nowadays George has assembled a bunch of talented musicians and singers to tour with, many of them young. There were 3 female singers, 2 male singers, 2 guitarists, a bass player, a drummer and a keyboard player, with George taking the front of the stage and commanding the proceedings. Some of the regulars in the band these days are George’s grandchildren and the guitarist is Garrett Shider, son of Garry Shider, one of the original P-Funk collective. Their youthful infusion and snippets of rap and hip hop into the band has kept the material sounding modern and fresh, even though much of it was written in the 70s and early 80s.

At 74 years old, George’s whacky stage performance has been somewhat toned down, but he looked every bit the dapper gent in his patterned shirt, smart trousers and hat, and held court on the stage whilst everyone else around him played their individual roles, taking it in turns to lead the singing or come to the front of the stage to play a solo. Part way through their set Naomi Campbell and two friends joined them on-stage to dance to one of the songs. Only in Ibiza! Playing for about an hour, they played many of the Parliament-Funkadelic classics and they sounded great. The crowd loved what they were experiencing and danced and sang along with them. George occasionally retreated to sit on a chair placed in front of the drum kit as one of the other singers took the lead at the front of the stage and he took a well-deserved rest. But for most of the set he was up there at the front of the stage, funking out and shaking his booty with the rest of them.

For the last song members from the audience were invited to join them on-stage and for a few seconds Ibiza’s very own singer Nell Shakespeare shared the mic with him. A great end to a fantastic show. Having also taken to the stage (because I could) I asked one of the guitarists if I could have the set list, to be told that they didn’t have one, and that they took their cue of what to play from George before each song. I like that approach, especially in this day and age where much is pre-programmed and played back for people to perform over, and it’s testament to well-rehearsed professionals who know their material inside out. Whilst I’m sure that I didn’t quite get the experience I would have had in the late 70s/early 80s when Parliament and Funkadelic were at their crazy peak, I did get to enjoy an amazing and intimate show from one of funk music’s biggest legends, and in my opinion it was better to see it 30 or so years later than not at all. Heart brought the funk back to Ibiza and it was a fantastic night.



Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

When Rudimental played live at Ibiza Rocks last year, for me and for many others it was the gig that took everybody by surprise with their amazing performance, so it was with much excitement and anticipation that I entered the venue for their return last week. Arriving at the venue just before 9pm, there was a massive queue outside, which snaked around the corner, and a huge queue of people buying tickets at the box office. The rumour that there was going to be a surprise guest appearance by Ed Sheeran had gone viral on the island, becoming one of Ibiza’s worst kept secrets of the year, and leading to hoards of people turning up in anticipation of seeing him.

Inside the venue, it was already very busy, and support act Sam Sure had a large and appreciative audience. By the time that members of Rudimental started to appear on-stage at 10.40pm, the venue was packed with excitable, expectant punters. There’s usually 11 singers and musicians on-stage for their live show and they’ve become proficient in organising themselves on the stage. The 3 singers (1 male and 2 female), the drummer and then the 3 brass/sax players came on first and took up their positions in a line at the back of the stage and began to play. Then the 4 core members of the band came on to a huge cheers and took up their places in front of them, with singer/frontman DJ Locksmith immediately jumping around and prowling around the place as singer Anne-Marie came to the front of the stage to sing the first song. Rudimental live shows are fast-paced and frenetic to match their music. There’s always something going on, as they take it in turn to sing, come to the front to play their instruments or just have a dance or jump around, and there’s a lot of jumping around going on from everyone. But the musical delivery doesn’t suffer in spite of their onstage frolics – they’re playing a lot live and they’re very talented and tight musically. And they’re accompanied by a great light show and cool projections behind them, often featuring scenes from the inner-London neighbourhood of Hackney, where they grew up.

And then, about 5 songs into their set, Ed Sheeran appeared on-stage with his guitar to huge screams and roars from the crowd and proceeded to play his collaboration with them, ‘Bloodstream’. As the song gathered pace, he ditched his guitar and started jumping and dancing around the stage with the rest of them, clearly having a thoroughly good time.

When Ed left the stage, the party continued without him. On-stage it was just one big party and there was so much energy emanating from the stage that it became infectious – if you’re there, you can’t help but be swept up by their energy and enthusiasm – the atmosphere in the venue was electric. The other noticeable element of their performance was that they were all having a ball on-stage without exception, grinning from ear to ear when they weren’t singing or playing an instrument. I’ve never seen a band enjoying themselves on-stage more than Rudimental! If you could bottle all that, you’d be onto a winner, but essentially Rudimental are the sum of its individual personalities and that’s what makes them special. Occasionally they break out into a synchronised dance routine, but usually they’re just all doing their own thing in a crazy fashion. One of my favourite moments was towards the end of their set when 3 of the core members of Rudimental set down on the speakers in a row for a well earned rest and passed around a bottle of Jack Daniels to swig from whilst the rest carried on playing around them.

They finished their set, which easily lasted over an hour, with the high energy no. 1 hit single that featured Ella Eyre, ‘Waiting all night’, with Ed Sheeran joining them back on the stage for the finale. At the end, they all went to the front of the stage to thank the crowd before turning round for a group photo in front of the heaving masses, who clearly were more than happy with what they had experienced. It was another amazing, energetic performance, with the added bonus of special guest Ed Sheeran.


At Night


Radio 1 Ibiza 20


John Stables

Friday night and Radio 1 teamed up with Ushuaia to kick off their huge annual event.

BBC Radio 1 Ibiza 20: Annie Mac live from Ushuaia was the first of three events over the weekend marking Radio 1’s 20th anniversary of broadcasting shows from Ibiza.

Back in 1995 when news of the Ibiza party scene was spreading like wildfire across the globe, Radio 1 bosses were intrigued and decided to dip their toes in the water.

Nicky Holloway played his ‘Essential Mix’ live at the world’s biggest club, Privilege (then Ku), to a hoard of ravers and with thousands more listening back home, it was an instant hit.

The following year, Pete Tong persuaded management that rather than hosting summer roadshows in Bournemouth, Radio 1 should return to Ibiza (I doubt they took much convincing) and as a result ‘The Dance Weekend Live’ was born.
Some of the top DJ’s from both the Radio 1 and Ibiza scenes, have since played sets on the island.

This year, Radio 1 Ibiza 20 started the live broadcast at 6pm, with warm up sets from DJ’s Burns & Target followed by a plethora of big name DJ’s, including Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Disclosure, Groove Armada and Calvin Harris.

This free entry event always fills Ushuaia, with this year being no exception.  The Radio 1 followers are predominantly British (quite clear from the look of the revellers; our fashion columnist Amanda would have had a field day with the amount of bad dress sense on display) and so many of these Brits had clearly jumped on a plane with this being the main event of their holiday and even when the heavens opened, spirits weren’t, well… dampened.

There were also many workers and residents in attendance and everyone I bumped into was having a great time; furthermore, those lucky enough to have back-stage access were in for an extra treat, as many DJ’s and Radio 1 royalty were loitering and making themselves available for photos and autographs .

The event was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 and you can catch up on performances, available on the BBC’s iPlayer and YouTube channels.


At Night


At Night



Groovin’ for Grown Ups.

Space Terrace

Nick Gibbs

At last. Glitterbox has been prodding away at the top of my ‘must do’ list for far too many weeks and though I guess choosing this week of weeks in the 2015 season to finally get to Defected’s night of groovin‘ for grown ups was not ideal, the line up just had me sold. Included in a stand out bill were Louie Vega,  Mousse T., Breakbot, Mo Funk and John Morales, plus a real treat with a live P.A. of the viva diva vocals of Barbara Tucker.

Space terrace is what  Space terrace is, which is not Space terrace, and though the marketing advantage in the name is clear, those who have not been since days when fresh air added to that special something of the Balearic fiesta will need a few moments culture shock to adjust to what is a perfectly good club room, but no kind of terrace. Forget that nostalgic nonsense and time to get with the programme. Despite the quality line up Glitterbox as with all parties were facing their stiffest competition of the year with Radio One having rolled in to town vying for the Friday night clubber cash, but any consequence must have been minimal as our 1.30a.m.  arrival was to a full but not crushed main room, certainly not as crushed as my son would be when I told him I’d managed to miss ’that man who sings Horny’ (his current favourite though he has no idea what the word is or means).  Mousse T had just relinquished to Breakbot who took us back to fun and funk disco, but not so far back to a pure nostalgia fest as the funk came with a contemporary thump to keep it credible as well as cool.

Off to the smaller sunset terrace, to my mind a room far more deserving of the terrace tag in style and feel, for an hour of personal indulgence lapping up tune after tune that formed one half of my vinyl buying basket on the weekly trip to HMV.

For me Defected, as exemplified by the sunset terrace tonight, are to dance music  what  lover’s rock is to reggae, the sweeter end of a taste in dirty beats and bleeps, a necessary ying to the minimal/d&b yang that suited a certain mood—and as is said of lover’s rock by Rastas who knew they were pushing their dub, the Defected house style was and remains an essential concession in marital relations—Friday is for freaky, Saturday for sexy.

Sexy brings us on nicely to Ms Tucker’s arrival on stage. The deep, deep down inside, vocals of a Diva of Barbara’s stature can truly turn a tune into something x rated, and in case of any fears as to any studio enhancements I am very pleased to reassure that she has it all there live, Muther Tucker can that woman sing. Half hour P.A.s are no place for the unexpected and the crowd demonstrated their appreciation of the tunes they know and love with the customary smartphone salute throughout a set that built to the crescendo of Precious Love—an epic of such gargantuan lung capacity you would not consider it physically possible in a woman of relatively diminutive stature. I have loved that tune since the summer of ‘04 when its unmistakeable bass coming through the mix from the booth in Bora Bora signalled a call to arms from sunbed snooze to shuffling in the sand. A privilege to hear it live and so up front and personal I thought I’d go for a tonsil shot. Not a bad effort.

I guess I should have stayed for Louie, but freshly nostalgia’d up, I was back off to the terrace where it was still 2004, at least for another hour or so.


At Night


At Night


Radio 1 on the Sunset Strip

Nick Gibbs

It seems to be commonly accepted that Ibiza allows you the opportunity to grow old disgracefully, or as some would have it not to grow old at all. I know it makes many of us smile to hear people in their 30’s, sometimes even 20’s, say “I’m too old for all that clubbing malarkey”, and am reminded of a fine quote from veteran bon viveur Carl Hague in our 750th ‘We Love Ibiza’ edition. “If you’re not exactly in the flower of youth it doesn’t matter, there is still a welcome.  you have a much younger girl or boyfriend it doesn’t matter one jot, life goes along with not a “tut, tut” or sideways glance. If you lumber around on the dancefloor at Pacha, Space or Ushuaia like a ‘fairy elephant’ who cares, you’re having a good time and everybody loves you for it!“

That said, I am well past my too-old-for-clubbing-malarkey-30’s and today’s mission seemed at least ambitious if not impossible.

An early start at Mambo for the Radio One 20th Anniversary Sunset Strip party, to be followed as the sun went down with a dash across to Playa Den Bossa for the full-on-ness of a Prodigy gig, then back to San An for what was described as a warm up when it felt I should be cooling down at Plastik, then onto a review of Hed kandi at their Es Paradis home, before the graveyard shift—and rightly so for a night that would undoubtedly improve with the lateness of the hour, for Faux at Eden.

Time to man up and do the two things within my sphere of influence to get through the day in one piece. 1) A bit of parasitical psych benefitting from the ’much younger’ wife Carl assures me is OK, and 2) Delegating as much of the written and photographic work as possible. How could this not turn out to be a fantastic day?


I arrived very early at Mambo to get a gander at what must be a huge effort in getting the show staged. There had been talk of even greater efforts in the Radio One stage actually being an offshore floating pontoon, but with storms in the previous 24 hours after what felt like and probably was months of endless blue skies, prudence edged with a likely risk of coronary episodes among the organisers had resulted in the decision to bring the stage onto the rocks rather than let God do the same thing in rather less managed circumstances later.

The scene was one of many techs running two and fro with huge spools of cables and shouted requests to “try it now”, whilst managers encumbered with unfamiliar staff explained token systems to bewildered eyes in the hope the customers could “buy it now”, and amid them all freshly puffed security men did their best to hinder all progress with the latitude of leaping lemmings.

Sitting aside from the hubbub with the relaxed composure of a man who has seen it all before was Mambo owner Javier Anadon, taking coffee in his usual spot on the terrace.  With the good timing to save us from another interrogation as to who we were and what were we doing, he came over to have a few words and ask if we needed anything. Javier talked with his usual boundless enthusiasm of the great night to come and left me thinking that a quick pep talk over the p.a. would do wonders for the worrying workers. And of course he was right, they have done it all before, many times, and without undervaluing the particular importance of the 20th anniversary celebration, Mambo know a thing or two about putting on a great show  – always assisted by God’s most magnificent backdrop, and as everybody knows, it is always better after a storm so even he seemed to be onside for the night.

The show proper started at 7pm though Danny Howard had been setting the scene with 2 hours of Ibiza Dance Anthems on radio one, and Danny carried on through to kick off the live show with Annie Mac at his side.

Next up was a man who has a very special relationship with Ibiza and particularly Mambo from where he used to broadcast his radio one show live on Fridays, he who Radio one term, not unreasonably but perhaps unsensitively, the godfather of R1 Dance Pete Tong. Mistajam is an office fave especially since a rather drunken interview cum shambles on the steps of Eden (the shambles all being us I hasten to add) and next up in the quick fire parade of big hitters Blonde who were joined by the delicious Melissa Steel for their cut of ‘I Loved You More …’

Duke Dumont had his crowdpleaser hat on with some sing-a-long-a anthems to get everybody good and worked up for Rudimental to take over for the all important sunset spot.  Rudimental did the hour proud and joined by Anne-Marie, Will Heard, MNEK and Thomas Jules, he made it a moment in time for many of the crowd. Note shot of Rudimental saluting sun by Mrs Gibbs, proving as if there was any doubt of her value and contribution beyond that of metaphorical zimmer frame.

Well that was us, and as others hugged and connected in the moment we had to hot foot off to Prodigy—something I’d find it impossible to complain about.

For the many that stayed, the night went on with Danny Howard back with a surprise guest in Eric Prydz, and then to end the night Eric Morillo. Worthy of note that among those there for the duration were a big contingent of us hard-to-please locals who, from what we have seen have given universal praise for the show. It was a big one and most deserving congratulations due to Elodie Wright of Mambo and all of the Sunset Strip team and everybody involved at Radio One.

Over to  our advance guard Claire B for Prodigy..


The Prodigy : Creamfields

Claire B

Saturday saw the first Creamfields Ibiza, which took over the whole of the Ushuaïa Complex in Playa d’en Bossa. But for me the place to be was The Hard Rock Hotel where the live music action was taking place, with The Prodigy headlining. The venue is great for hosting live bands – the space has been well designed, with low-rise hotel buildings surrounding the space to keep the sound in and a big stage with a decent amount of space in front of it from which to see the band. For The Prodigy, it’s a small venue, and it was a treat to see them in such a space.

Just after I arrived, Eddy Temple Morris took charge of the decks and whipped up the growing crowd into a frenzy.

The Prodigy took to the stage at 10.30pm following a barrage of flashing lights and sirens, before they launched into ‘Breathe’, to which everyone in the packed venue went crazy. Those who weren’t jumping up and down had their mobile out to capture the moment. Bizarrely singer Maxim was wearing a hooded coat, but that didn’t last long in the balmy August heat – it only lasted the first song. Their fusion of dance with rock music is perfect for Ibiza and was even more ferocious live. Singer/MC Maxim constantly incited the crowd throughout to make more noise, jump higher and taunted the people in the VIP area that they should be down in the crowd. Keith paced around the stage like a wild animal in a big cage, stopping only to leer into the crowd when it was his turn to sing lead vocals or jump around like he was in a high-energy box-aerobics class. Liam worked the bank of keyboards and synths surrounding him. Guitarist Rob Holliday worked the stage around the singers throwing every move in the rock guitarist posing handbook, changing his guitar after every song, and Leo Crabtree on drums thrashed away on his kit keeping the frenetic rhythm going. There wasn’t a dull moment as they belted out old favourites (including ‘Omen’, ‘Firestarter’, ‘Voodoo people’, ‘Invaders must die’, ‘Smack my bitch up’, ‘Run with the wolves’) mixed in with some of the tracks from their latest album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, including ‘Nasty Nasty’, Wild Frontier, and as you might expect ‘Ibiza’, for which they were joined on-stage by Jason Williamson the singer from Sleaford Mods who they collaborated with on the track. This last album has taken 6 years to appear after the previous one ‘Invaders must die’, but the new tracks sound every bit like Prodigy classics and blend in perfectly with the older ones, which still sound as fresh as the day they were written. Throughout they were accompanied by an incredible light show, which just made the on-stage performance even more dramatic. They played for just over an hour and for the whole of that time they were all on fire and the atmosphere in the venue on the sultry August night was electric. The Prodigy are still at the top of their game and have to be one of the best live bands on the circuit at the moment.


Scouse House


Nick Gibbs

I don’t know if the same moral code applies to gigs as football—if it does I’d have sneered at myself for leaving during Prodigy’s encore to ‘beat the traffic’ and keep up with the schedule. I was dealt a small punishment in hearing the infommercial-cat of Charley wailing into the background in what must have been their last of the encore as we made our way back through Hard Rock past Shakin Stevens y-fronts and the Osmonds’ dental braces collection.  Even such wonders as these could not detract us in our goal however to little avail as by the time we had reached our transport the main bossa drag had become absolute carnage. The good stood patiently in record breaking conga queues for taxis the timescale of which looked likely to put a dampener on any level of merriment. The bad did their best to  cheat the system franticly waving at any moving vehicle with lights in what you knew would be forlorn attempts to avoid the conga lines, and the ugly were staggering all over the road akin to a zombie move with a limited make up budget but some excellent acting prospects such was the convincing nature of the oblivion to the dangers of moving cars and busses. Anybody wanting a weird nostalgia trip to remind them of the Amnesia chaos, and regular fatalities, before the new road need look no further.

We escaped with no more than 2 cheeky chappy cockneys clinging to the bonnet and the leg of a Scotsman impaled in the radiator grill, to make our way back to Plastik for their pre-party to the later Eden, which we soon dubbed the Scouse House.

Warning of patronising generalisations to follow: I love Scouse week(s). Though I guess they may have an odd misery among them, you’ll be hard  pushed to find one. On those weeks when they arrive in huge numbers there seems to be a collective commitment to just enjoying yourself. I’m not alone in thinking they bring a certain relaxed charm, a view echoed by many a bar owner/worker extending their love due to their frees-pending/high-tipping ways.

Plastik was full to splitting but in a sea of jostling bodies there was no negative vibe with everybody enjoying their night, and a good proportion it seemed doing so in style with more ice buckets and sexy coloured vodka bottles than in a Blue Marlin stocktake.

Plastik promoter, front man, and altogether amiable good guy Dermot Condon has assembled Liverpool’s finest to man the decks too, along with the Plastik residents giving the people exactly what they wanted. To save me sometime typing them out I’ll take the easy option of copying the Eden flyer here.

After our travels my metaphorical hair was well and truly let down so I was very pleased to hand over the scribing to Stan for the clubs to come.

One last piece of Plastik that cannot go unmentioned. The management have wisely in my opinion abandoned the gusset garrotting waitress outfits of previous years for a more subtle and I am quite sure comfortable, definitely classy sexy dress for Danielle and the Plastikettes. These dresses have a very low cut back, and Danielle’s accessorisation  of a beer bottle opener tucked into the rear of her waistband  is just about as sexy as an image as most men would care to imagine before completely falling off the politically correct wagon.


At Night


At Night


Hed Kandi

Es Paradis

Stan Farrow

In the 1990s, most of the successful British nights in Ibiza were extensions of an already popular club night back in the U.K. – Cream was massive in Liverpool, Up Yer Ronson was huge in Leeds and Godskitchen filled the rafters in Birmingham. Hed Kandi decided to do things the other way round. Formed as a record label in 1999, the brand was renowned for its stunning artwork and perfectly selected compilations. To promote the brand, founder Mark Doyle decided to go against convention and started the first Hed Kandi nights in Ibiza at El Divino (now known as Lío), before securing a residency at Pacha in London. Almost 20 years later and with over 5 million records sold, the club night born in Ibiza has events all over the world, but you can tell that their heart still belongs to the island when you walk through the doors in to Es Paradis on a Saturday night.

We’re glad we put our very best glad rags on as this is a glamourous affair. The club itself is resplendent, with snow white painted walls and a veritable jungle of plant life. The music is uplifting and vocal-led with an under-current of filthy bass to get those hips a wiggling, and the clubbers are predominantly young ladies dressed to the nines. Most promoters would be happy with this, but Hed Kandi cannot help but throw some more glitter at the night in the form of a show and a saxophone player. The show is cabaret at its best, but it’s the Lovely Laura literally wafting out of nowhere wearing angel wings and a golden saxophone that is the star of the show. She expertly manipulates her instrument to give an extra saxy dimension to the already sexy music (see what I did there?). The circle of people around her are going weak at the knees and fortunately she stops before anyone has a baby. A quality night, but note to self – Restrict yourself to a saximum exposure of 5 minutes or you may ruin your pants.




Stan Farrow

The relationship between Eden and its neighbour over the road has always worked well. Eden is the antithesis of the bright and pure vibe of Es Paradis, in that it’s always been dark, minimal and bloody loud. Recently though, the owners have had a make-over. It’s still dark and bloody loud, but there are new touches of minimal class littered throughout the club. The lighting has been improved, the décor and furniture is modern and slick, and – you may remember from when I visited here on the opening – the toilets have the best grouting in Ibiza. But it’s the sound system that I really love, and there is no better night to check it at full force than Faux Basement which is ALL about the music.

Flashmob, Will Clarke, Jon Fitz and Dermot C are spinning the tunes and the bass is just ridiculous. The music veers between minimal and slightly acidic to straight-up pumping grooves. My diaphragm is wobbling like jelly and I can feel something strange going on with my legs. Blimey, I’m actually dancing. Congratulations Faux Basement, I haven’t danced since someone played Abba’s ‘Name of the Game’ at my best mate’s wedding. I have a feeling I’ll be coming back soon.



Radio 1 Weekend

Claire B

Last Sunday saw the Radio 1 Ibiza 20 weekend take over the Ibiza Rocks venue, with a live performance by Faithless topping the bill, which also featured DJ sets from Mistajam, Annie Mac, Kolsch, B.Traits, Andrea Oliver, Pete Tong and Carl Cox. The whole extravaganza was also broadcast live on Radio 1.

It wasn’t the first time that Radio 1 had hooked up with Ibiza Rocks, but with Radio 1’s 20th anniversary of broadcasting from Ibiza and Ibiza Rock’s 10th anniversary colliding, along with Faithless also celebrating their 20th anniversary (who had also played at the venue before), it was clearly going to be a special night. The venue was transformed for the occasion with a platform constructed for the DJs and the live broadcast to the right of the stage where the VIP area usually is and a platform for the live broadcast crew within the swimming pool. With all the free tickets being snapped up as soon as they were released, when I arrived during Pete Tong’s set, the venue was already packed to near capacity. I was excited as everyone else, having loved much of the music from Faithless over the years, but never having managed to see them live before. Pete Tong handed over the decks to Carl Cox who more than adequately kept everyone entertained before the head-liners appeared.

Faithless snuck onto the main stage at 11.15 during the end of Carl Cox’s set whilst no-one noticed, and as soon as they were introduced and singer Maxi joined them on-stage, they launched into ‘Emergency’, which had the excited crowd putting their arms in the air to signal their arrival. Those who weren’t taking videos on their mobiles held their arms up and clapped along with Maxi. Lasers beamed out across the venue from the stage and the impressive light show kicked in as they began to play. It was obvious that we were going to witness a special show.

Live they have a more rocky edge to their sound, probably due to the presence of the two drummers, guitarist and bass player on stage. Maxi continuously bounced and danced his way across the stage and worked the crowd, encouraging them to clap along and jump up and down, whilst Sister Bliss expertly commanded the bank of keyboards and synths that surrounded her, whilst managing to dance when she had the chance. Half way through the set, following on from ‘Mass destruction’, the recognisable opening bars of ‘Insomnia’ rang out around the venue, which got a massive reaction from the crowd, who as the song built up, started jumping up and down frenetically and singing along to the synth riffs. It was a magical few minutes, as one of The classic dance tunes was played before us, incredibly now 20 years old, but not sounding a second out of date. That was followed by a new track ‘Hands’ featuring vocals from Kyla La Grange, which blended in perfectly with the old favourites, which had the crowd dancing and singing along with them. The energy emanating from the stage was matched by the energy and enthusiasm coming from the crowd throughout the 45-minute set. At the end of ‘We come 1’, streamers were launched over the crowd as Faithless left the stage, leaving one of the Ibiza Rocks DJs to play some classic dance anthems as the happy masses started to stream out of the venue into the night. It was one hell of a party and exactly what you would expect from a collaboration between Radio 1 and Ibiza Rocks and a treble of anniversary celebrations.

BBC Radio 1 have put the entire gig on YouTube if you want to see it:



Hed Kandi

Ocean Beach

We already know from our trip to Es Paradis that Hed Kandi is all about getting glammed up and strutting your stuff. Well how about this, if you buy a ticket the Saturday, you also get free entrance to Ocean Beach on the Monday and can glam up for some daytime pool action. There’s the same attention to detail from the club with shows, high flying acrobats and of course the Lovely Laura with her saxophone. We won’t spoil the surprise, but her entrance is something a little special and well worth seeing. Please remember though, don’t forget to limit exposure to her saxy ways – it could be even more embarrassing having a sax ‘accident’ in the daytime.


DJ Snoopadelic


John Stables

After his unforgettable performance at Ushuaia last summer, the return of Snoop Dogg to our house-infested island was, to many, one of the most anticipated gigs of the season.

However, there was a somewhat unexpected choice of venue for Snoops 2015 appearance, as well as a change of alias.

This time it was Sankeys who opened their doors to DJ Snoopadelic on Tuesday night for Tribal Sessions.

Once the crowd had been nicely warmed up in both rooms by a more than capable team of DJ’s, DJ Snoopadelic made his entrance to the booth, stepping into the lens of hundreds of camera phones.

Having been an avid fan of his music for many years, I had never seen or heard him DJ, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect and seeing this side of Snoop Dogg, which I had not seen before was nothing short of… interesting.

He opened his set with The Next Episode, which to the appreciation of all, he sang along to (as he did for many of his own tracks); the perfect choice in my opinion and the crowd fully backed me up on that one.

The rest of his set was one of the most eclectic sets I’ve heard outside of Jaguar Skills, but he nailed it!  Snoop played a huge track list from artists such as T-Pain, Kanye West, Duck Sauce, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Ben E King, Eurythmics and Nelly; I wanted to list them all, but I lost track.

All through his set the atmosphere was alive and I for one cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next year here on the island.

After his 2 hour set, DJ Snoopadelic swiftly left the venue (probably to catch the 04:30 Disco Bus) and the night was brought to a close by resident DJ’s; me however, I caught a movie in Sankeys’ own cinema on the rooftop terrace; nice touch Sankeys.

To view more pictures from the night, visit




5 Ways to Style Short Hair

Amanda O’Riordan

I’ve had long hair for ages and you couldn’t PAY ME to cut it off (well, it depends..) and this is because I was a ‘tomboy’ at school and had horrific short mousey blonde hair, even shaved at the back (it was the end of the 80’s). I never want to revisit that look and love my locks, even though I put them through utter torture with bleach, sun, chlorine, products and they spend most of their life tucked up in a messy top knot. It makes me feel girly after years of being mistaken for little boy called Adam…

But recently there has been a massive trend amongst A-listers to go for the chop. Whether you’ve only just mustered up the courage to chop your hair off or have been sporting a short style for a long time, here is a variety of ways to style short hair. Inspired by five famous faces, here are your cut-out and keep cuts for your hairdresser to study, from a pixie cut to a blunt, angled look, bohemian waves and the lob length.


Pixie’s might seem like a one trick pony but this dramatic cut is actually quite versatile, if you know what to do with it. Scarlett Johansson is currently rocking a razor undercut pixie and it seems that with every red carpet appearance she finds a new way to style it. Two of her favourite styles are voluminous and side swept


If you want a high fashion look then ask your hairdresser to give you a blunt bob like Jourdan Dunn. The supermodel’s sharp cut sits above her collarbone and includes angled layers. To play down the harsh angle opt for ombre which will soften the affect.

Old Hollywood

When Taylor Swift cut her hair last year it marked the start of a new era and while she continues to maintain her Old Hollywood style, she is constantly reinventing past looks and showcasing them in modern ways. Taylor is also a fan of the fringe and these two hairstyles feature different to wear a fringe.


For a sophisticated look nothing beats slick, dead straight hair. Australian Rose Byrne is a fan and often plays around with variations of the style. Starting with a crisp part, centre or side, comb styling gel through damp hair and blow dry.


If your hair has been short for a while it’s only natural to long for longer locks but in order to gain that length we must endure through the awkward middle phase. Nowadays we refer to this length as the lob and stars such as Elizabeth Olsen have made it their signature style. Elizabeth prefers a deep, side part no matter whether she’s wearing shaggy waves or a curly updo to create an effortless finish.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Rock That Style!

Sophia V.

As a Sons Of Anarchy obsessive, and loving the biker / rock chick style myself (sometimes), I will share what’s hot at the moment. The good thing about this type of fashion is that it will never go ‘out’ of fashion. There’s will always be a time and place for leather, studs, black clothing, bling, boots, etc, no matter what year we’re in. Some people were dressing like this in the late eighties / early nineties, and still are now.

It’s far too hot in the summer for me to put on a pair of ripped jeans, leather jacket, and studded ankle boots, so I will share how to achieve this look in the summer, without necessary layers.

Leather Jacket – This may be too hot during the winter, but there are sleeveless leather jackets for the cool nights, which can be teamed with almost anything. They come in a variety of styles, such as being covered in silver or gold studs, miniature skeleton heads, logo’s, fringed and more.

Boots – These can be ankle boots, or just below the knee. Again, these come in a wide selection of styles, such as studded, plain black, or decorated with pictures or bling. It’s not too hot to wear ankle boots with shorts, or a skirt, and as a lot of people in Ibiza drive scooters, it’s the perfect footwear. And even Dr. Martens.

Dresses – Black, white or grey are the best if you’re looking to achieve this look. Dresses again can be studded, fringed, covered in skeleton logo’s, the ‘evil eye,’ symbols, crosses and whatnot. Some dresses, like the one I have, are cotton, with a leather fitted belt across the waist, or the shoulders, giving it a bit of a rock edge.

Jeans / leggings ‘ trousers – It’s too hot for them now, but in the winter, there are ripped styles, fringed, patterned, leather and more. Even if you can’t see yourself wearing leather trousers, I have a black pair of leggings with leather stripes down, and near the pockets, which look cool.

Vests / Crop tops – A plain black top goes with absolutely everything, so do crop tops, and oversized vests. Also, these can be loose clothing, perfect for the summer days. Again, there are a variety of styles in these tops.

Hooded jackets – These can only be worn in the winter in Ibiza. Hoodies can be plain, patterned or emblazoned with logo’s and words. They’re perfect to throw on with jeans, leggings or shorts.

Maxi dresses – There are some cool biker / rock chick dresses on the market now, again in many styles.

Handbags – These can be leather, fringed, patterned or covered in writing. A black bag can go with anything.

Accessories – You can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings, and the more the better. I have a leather ring with a skeleton head on, which is a cute little touch for any outfit. And I wear several earrings along my ears, of all styles, whether it’s silver studs or hoops. There are skeleton heads, the Hamsa hand, the ‘evil eye,’ crosses, pentagrams, and more. It’s usually best to stick to silver.

Belts – Studded, plain black, leather and more can be found online. Some even have a chain across.

If you want celebrity style inspiration, check out Audrina Patridge from the show The Hills, Jennifer Tallulah from show Gossip Girl, singer Gwen Stefani, model Kate Moss, and many more. Oh, and the whole cast of Sons Of Anarchy, of course! You will always see celebrities experimenting with this look. And you can wear a little something to represent this style, no matter what age.

All you need now is the Harley Davidson! Contributions for this are welcome!

P.S. As the tune says, Battleme- Hey, Hey, My, My – rock and roll will never die.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:



Pool Safety

With increasing reports of young children tragically drowning this summer, what do parents need to be aware of to make sure that it isn’t their child? There are three recorded deaths so far this year in separate accidents in pools located in Santa Gertrudis, Sant Josep and Sant Antoni. Two other children were injured after suffering apnea in swimming pools in Santa Eularia and Formentera.

Statistics say that seventy percent of drownings happen to children who are under six years old with three out of every four deaths occurring in private pools. Adults know the risks they may entail to be near a pool, but unfortunately every summer accidents will happen and leave a tragic bill of between fifty and a hundred deaths a year.

“The best prevention is monitoring” says David Riera, a lifeguard with experience of over 20 years in the profession. Riera emphasizes the need for extreme caution and awareness. “In a snap a child can plunge into a pool and die in less than a minute. We must be constantly on guard.”

The statistics are shocking. Even if a child doesn’t drown, sixty percent of children who survive will suffer from permanent brain damage. Studies also show that a baby can drown in only 20 seconds, and that a child can drown in 30 seconds. The statistics also indicate that for every child who drowns, four others are hospitalized and many never recover from brain damage that occurs through oxygen deprivation.

Security Measures

Continuous monitoring of the child – There is no substitute for adult supervision and, if necessary, organize shifts.

  • 10/20 rule

Look at the pool every 10 seconds and be able to reach the water within 20 seconds.

  • Assessing risks

Figure out how easy it is for a child to gain access to a pool. Can they open the gate or climb the fence?

  • Protection levels

Particularly important for those with private pools to incorporate safety devices that prevent a child from getting to the pool.

  • Learning and Education

Teach your child to float & swim. Stress that they should never panic when in water.

  • Rescue devices

Having a pole, lifebuoy and telephone nearby.

  • Keep it tidy

Remove toys and inflatables from the pool and surrounding area when not in use. Many children trip up and knock themselves unconscious before falling into a pool.

  • Drains

Learn how the drains work, what to do to shut them down and how to remove children who get stuck.

  • Security features

All pools should ideally have fences and covers when the pool is not in use. Alarm devices are also encouraged.

  • Emergencies

Both adults and children should call 112 in case of accident. Adults are encouraged to learn CPR.


Drowning: First aid for a child

Timing is critical when it comes to saving your child from a near drowning (submersion) experience. If enough oxygen is not being delivered to their brain, severe damage can occur within a few minutes. If your child’s heart has stopped beating for more than eight to 10 minutes, their chances of surviving are greatly reduced. This article has advice on giving first aid to a child aged 12 months or older. If your child is younger than 12 months, please see advice on giving first aid to a baby who is drowning here


  • CPR

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is an emergency procedure that involves a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation).

  • Giving CPR to your child

Check to see if your child is responsive by tapping them on the shoulder and asking loudly, “Are you OK?” If they do not answer, call 112 right away. If you are not alone, have someone call for you. If they do answer, quickly check to see if they have any injuries. If they need medical attention, have someone call 112 right away. If you are alone, make sure your child is breathing before you leave to call 112.

  • Check for breathing

Check for breathing by watching their chest for any movement. You can also place your ear over their mouth to listen and feel for breathing. If your child is unconscious and not breathing, call 112 right away. If you are not alone, have someone call for you.

  • Chest compressions

Begin CPR by laying your child down on a firm, flat surface. Place the heel of your hand over the lower third of their breastbone and give them 30 quick chest compressions. Be sure to push hard enough so their chest moves about two inches down. This will get the blood flowing to their brain and other vital organs.

  • Rescue breaths

Open the airway After the first 30 chest compressions, place one hand on their forehead. Place two fingers under the tip of their chin and gently tilt their neck back. This will open their airway. Begin rescue breathing Pinch their nose and place your mouth over their mouth and give two slow breaths. Make sure you see their chest rise with each breath.

  • Repeat

Repeat this cycle of 30 chest compressions and two breaths until the ambulance arrives or your child starts breathing again.

  • Recovery position

It is common for your child to vomit and find it difficult to breathe after CPR. Simply put your child in a recovery position, with their face pointing slightly down. Make sure nothing is blocking or covering their mouth and nose. The recovery position will help keep their airway open.

  • Delayed drowning

Delayed drowning happens when a child dies from complications after a near-drowning experience. This can occur one to 24 hours after the rescue. When to call a doctor Get medical attention right away if you see any of these signs in your child: persistent coughing; difficulty breathing; tiredness; decreased activity; mental confusion; blue colour on skin and lips; loss of consciousness; loss of bowel or bladder control.




Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Hi, Sports fans


After the debacle of Lords, my pleas and prayers were answered in a big way, as England came back from that humiliation, to stun the Aussies in the 3rd Test with a magnificent 8 wicket win at Edgbaston, to go 2-1 up with 2 to play. Moving Bell to 3 to replace Ballance and promoting Root to 4 was a masterstroke as both came up trumps, the former with back-to-back fifties and the latter being his usual self. As for our bowlers, brilliant, especially Finn with 8 wickets and Anderson with 6, but credit too to Broad who bowled beautifully. As for the Aussies, my only question is how can it be possible to beat England by 400 odd runs in the last match and then lose by 8 wickets in the next? Beats me, but lets hope that England can keep their momentum going and break their recent sequence of win, lose, win, lose etc and win the Ashes back at Trent Bridge this week, before the final Test at the Oval. Shame about Anderson, who won’t be in Nottingham as he has a slight side injury but England have an adequate replacement in Wood or even Plunkett.


After his Davis Cup exploits, good to see another Brit taking the limelight as Jamie Murray and his partner won the Hamburg Open Mens Doubles title and also great to see the old warhorse, Rafa Nadal, after his r and r in Ibiza, come back to form as he won the Mens title, his 47th career title on clay.

Rugby League

Before the start of the League Super8’s both Challenge Cup semis took place over the w/end with the result that Leeds will now meet Hull KR in the upcoming Final on August 29 at Wembley as they dismantled arch rivals St Helens and the Rovers surprisingly beat Warrington 26-18.


and what could have been a totally Blue w/end at Wembley was thwarted by Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, aided and abetted by ex-Blues legend Petr Cech, as the FA Cup holders beat Premier League Champions Chelsea 1-0 in the Community Shield Final. Interesting facts here as it was the first time that the Mnsr had actually put one over Jose in 14 matches, Arsenal’s goal, and a beauty at that, was their first goal agin Chelsea in 506 minutes of game time, and even then sourpuss Arsene didn’t even smile or even shake Jose’s hand! Even so, at least the Gunners have now won 3 titles this season already, albeit friendly pre-season tournaments I hasten to add, but let’s just see what happens when the real thing starts at the w/end as the Premier League and rest of the Football League starts yet again. Methinks, as do the bookies (and let’s face it they’re rarely wrong!) my 20€ from Rod is pretty safe for yet another season, altho’ to be fair it ain’t going to be easy.

Meanwhile, Chelsea did have something to cheer as, on Saturday, their Ladies beat Notts County in a meaningful Women’s FA Cup Final to lift the trophy for the first time, winning 1-0 and with the Women’s Super League soon coming to a conclusion, they could make it a Double as they lie 2nd in the league, only 1 point behind Sunderland.

Back to the Premier League and although all of you, I’m sure will have kept up with your own club’s ins and outs, apart from the deals that have already gone through, the transfer window doesn’t close just yet, so expect some last minute deals, with Angel di Maria (certainly to PSG) and De Gea (probably to Real Madrid) leaving Man Utd, and John Stones (possibly) leaving Everton for London.

Finally, one has to laugh at the irony of football. For your info, West Ham have been playing in the qualifying matches of the Europa League, by dint of the fact that they were last season’s Fair Play champions. Well, they have certainly Not lived up to their reputation, as, to date, having played in 5 qualifying matches for the real thing, they have had 3 Red cards, countless Yellow cards, their new manager sent to the stands and have been involved with two different teams in separate on-field punch-ups!

So there you go, that’s football, ’tis a funny ole game!

Until next week,




Drafting A Will

Important Deadline August 17th 2015

Myra Azzopardi Swainson / Citizen’s Advice Bureau Spain

The Importance of Drafting your Will before August 17/2015

CAB Spain has received many enquiries about the drafting of wills in Spain, this has been in relation to the new EU regulations on Succession coming into force at midnight 16/08/2015. Expatriates have been experiencing varying problems when approaching notaries and even some lawyers when insisting that the clause stating that, you wish that your inheritance will be governed under the law of your birthplace or nationality should be included. Some notaries it appears have even refused and even on one occasion we were told that a lawyer has said, “adding it would be a waste of time as it would be ignored anyway”.

CAB Spain have spoken about the cheaper option of going directly to the notaries but this in many cases is not having the outcome anticipated. Drafting a will is one of the most important duties that you will undertake. Do not leave this to chance, besides the very important clause, there is also to matter of the translation, (wills in Spain will be drafted in two languages, Spanish and your mother tongue). It should be ascertained and noted that you understood the translation.

The loss of a loved one is in itself a sad and distressing time for families, avoid the added complications of having to deal with the legalities of wills and taxes. Mistakes made cause so many complications are time consuming and expensive, such as wills having to go to probate and more serious still, is when as will is drawn up in such a way that it allows for the wishes to be contested or and be subject to the Spanish laws of succession. What is certain is that for those who do not add the clause, the notaries and registrars should execute the wills under Spanish law of succession.

As with all new regulations and laws, we will have to wait for the ‘dust to settle’ so as to speak. After the magic date, notaries and registrars will be using due diligence when accepting the validity of a will. It is only when a law has been put into practice that one can commence to see the possible loopholes and interpretations of law. Nothing can be guaranteed at this stage.

Taking all the above into consideration, it would be advisable to use caution when considering the preparation and the act of writing up this document. Contemplate the significance and value of the same.

CAB Spain is all about making savings for our members and friends and we continue to do so, in this case, it subject matter is too delicate and important to leave to chance. Take note that wills of habitual residents who do not have the clause mentioned above written into their wills, that the inheritance will be executed under Spanish law on succession.

For peace of mind, contact one of our English speaking lawyers with expertise in this field.

For further information about the clause and regulations, read the full article on the ‘New EU Regulations on Succession’ which is directly below this story.


EU Regulations on Succession

Applicable in 2015

450.000 cross-border successions occur in the EU every year estimated to be worth more than 120 billion euro.

These successions are characterised by their high complexity. Succession law varies considerably from one EU country to another.

The European Council have been discussing improving the status quo and on the 4th of July 2012 a new legislation was passed, colloquially known as the Brussels IV. The new European Union rules now known as EU 650/2012 regulations are applicable to successions to all member states (ECS state) as of August 17th 2015. The UK, Eire and Denmark have opted out suggesting incompatibility between the differing legal procedures.

The new regulation will be applicable to all assets in the EU. Mutual recognition of decisions relating to succession in the EU is ensured.Important to note that the regulation is binding and directly applicable in the Member States. This means that there is no need for legislation passed in a Member state. Spain for example will be subject to these EU regulations.

Regulation on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition, enforcement of decisions to include enforcement of authentic instruments in matters of succession will include a creation of an ECS (European Certificate of Succession) ensuring that a given problem on succession will be treated under a single law and by one single authority.

Though not obligatory this can protect heirs in complex situations to avoid judicial and parallel conflicting decisions. This certificate enables a person to prove his rights as heir or his administrative powers as administrator of an estate or executer of a will with no further formalities.

Expats in Spain can and this has been the case to date (this is where one may wonder why it takes 84 articles to explain such a simple regulation) have the choice to apply either the law of nationality or the law of habitual residence to their succession. The habitual residency choice leaves many inconsistencies as to whether your habitual residence is in the country of residence or the country you were most associated with at time of death. In the latter case the law of succession of that country will govern the succession. Interesting to note that those of multiple nationalities will be able to choose the law of any of these nationalities.

Take note that the EU regulations will not interfere in the national rules on succession such as taxes etc. It is important to note that the default position is that the law of the state in which the deceased was “habitually resident” applies to succession to assets. The State of habitual residence need not be and ECS state but what is known as a third state such as to give an example, the US.

Selection of the law of nationality should be made expressly in a will or analogous document. This will ensure that the law of nationality will be applied to assets in the ECS.

Complexities which may occur in Spain or France which may not recognise trusts and the devolution of assets, and that the regulations does not apply to lifetime gifts. For those concerned about these matters, should seek the advice of a lawyer with expertise on EU successions.

Note: No changes to the advice we have given to date about drafting separate wills for assets in different countries to avoid the delay and expense of probate.

What should I do now?

Although the Regulation came into force in 2012, the provisions will not apply until 17th August 2015. That said, Wills can be prepared and executed now, but do take note that up to that date the will you will draft your will stating that you wish for the law of your birth country or nationality to govern your succession. Your present will remains valid if death occurs before midnight of the 16th of August of 2015. There is no guarantee that your wishes will be respected even if the clause is added.

Important note: if a partner shows signs of any illness such as Alzheimer’s or any other types of senility or dementia, a new will should be made immediately. Once diagnosed, they are not able to make a will and testament. Not saying some have not as the notary may not be aware of any of the signs. There would be concerns in these cases if the will was ever contested and medical records were available showing the commencement of the affliction.

The law does go on to say that ‘A disposition of property upon death made prior to 17 August 2015 shall be admissible and valid in substantive terms and as regards form if it meets the conditions laid down in Chapter III or if it is admissible and valid in substantive terms and as regards form in application of the rules of private international law which were in force, at the time the disposition was made, in the State in which the deceased had his habitual residence or in any of the States whose nationality he possessed or in the Member State of the authority dealing with the succession.’ (As stated in the paragraph above, there is still open debate as a notary or registrar may opt to use the Spanish civil code.

For those who die intestate in Spain Wills will be executed under Spanish law.

More Info

For updates and additional resources goto the CAB Spain website article at


How to Write a Spanish Will

For the Ibizan’s guide to making a will in Spain including details of an online service see issue 785 online at



The Guide …


Mind Body & Soul


It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

There is no letter this week so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a little about counselling / psychotherapy and what it really is…

Counselling is a relationship between client and counsellor where the client feels there are general or specific issues in their life experience that they would like to seek clarity on. Counselling seeks to enable the client to explore areas of distress and enable them to become aware of the life choices available to them. These are often areas that they feel uncomfortable talking to friends and family about and only feel secure in the confidential environment of the counselling room.

The counselling relationship is a professional one, where you will be seen for an amount of time on a weekly basis, with a contract agreed by you and the counsellor. The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists has a code of ethics and as a member I have agreed to adhere to, their ethical framework.

There is often a certain amount of anxiety surrounding the first session, what will happen, will we get on, will she think I’m mad, what if I say the wrong thing. All of these thoughts are completely normal and very common and I suppose for me the most important thing to hold is that you are yourself and if you are feeling a certain way then it does not matter what has caused it or if anyone else might feel differently in a similar situation. You are feeling that way and that validates it 100%.

Nothing is minor, silly or not important enough to justify talking about, if its on your mind and causing you anxiety then it is important enough to spend time on.

I suppose it’s also important to say that counsellors do not have a magic wand, it is not advice and things will not improve over night. It is a process that you need to trust, a process that will enable you to understand and be more aware of yourself, how things impact you and how you impact others. In time this awareness will help you to make choices and decisions that enhance your life and help you to understand its meaning a little better.

Sometimes it’s a case of reflecting on life as a whole and ensuring good mental well-being and sometimes there are particular issues that clients want to address, whatever it is that makes you want to consider counselling.

One of the most important things to remember is that the counselling room is a totally confidential and non judgemental space for you to express thoughts, ideas and feelings that you may not want to share with those closest to you and have possibly never shared before… it is a safe place.

Some of the areas we might cover include are: relationships (with partners, friends, work colleagues and family), anxiety, Drug and Alcohol, depression, abuse (physical and verbal), cultural issues, change, living away from home, sexuality, expectations, fertility and infertility, work related stress, HIV and Aids, Self Esteem, anger, childhood, Bereavement, Finding meaning to life, self Image / Identity, stages of life, gender, intimacy, isolation, child abuse and personal growth.

To sign off weather you are in Ibiza for a holiday, a summer season or living here permanently this island can often be a life changing experience. Take a little time to reflect on what has brought you here and what it means to you to spend the time here that you are.

  • Ibiza Counselling holds a Free support group every Tuesday at 12.30 if you would like to join this confidential non judgemental group then please e mail for more info and directions.



View from the Pew

Love Power

Last week’s theme spoke about God’s extravagant love for His human creation! How easily does the word Love roll off our lips? Is love an emotion, an attitude, a commitment. or all of the above? What is the Biblical definition of Love?

(1 Corinthians 13:1-7,12-13 – The Message)

“If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing.

If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love,

I’ve gotten nowhere.

So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

Love never gives up.

Love cares more for others than for self.

Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.

Love doesn’t strut,

Doesn’t have a swelled head,

Doesn’t force itself on others,

Isn’t always “me first,”

Doesn’t fly off the handle,

Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,

Doesn’t revel when others grovel,

Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,

Puts up with anything,

Trusts God always,

Always looks for the best,

Never looks back,

But keeps going to the end.

.We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!

But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.”


  • Services: Sun Aug 9th at 10:30am in Santa Eulalia – Worship with Communion.
  • Holiday Services: Sun Aug 9th at 10:30am Communion and 5:30pm Informal Worship at the RC Chapel in Es Carnar. Holiday Chaplain: tel 638373479
  • English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383




Thursday   6th   to   Wednesday  12th  August  2015

ARIES – The Fool

This card turns up again for you this week so the message has been amplified. Trust is still a key issue. You’re urged to take risks and have self-belief and that now more than ever, you should follow your heart and believe in your intuition. There are no wrong moves; how you react to unfolding events makes all the difference.

TAURUS – Seven of Swords

The more we struggle to find solutions to a problem the harder it seems to find a solution. This week make it a priority to relax and shift through what’s important and what’s not. By eliminating outmoded thought patterns and looking for a fresh approach, you will find clarity. Don’t allow others to draw from you energetically; avoid negative types.

GEMINI – King of Cups (reversed)

When this King is reversed it indicates that you’ll be dealing with situations where others challenge your power this week. This is of course is just an outer mirror of what’s going on in your inner world. Take a close look inward and examine areas of your life where you lack authority and take positive steps to readdress any imbalance.

CANCER – Ace of Disks (reversed)

Although you may feel a drain on your resources this week, this is only temporary, and in no time things will come good again. You’ll begin to feel more secure about your financial future later in the week as new opportunities present themselves. By all means make an informed decision regarding money matters; however, be wary of lending any out.

LEO – Judgement

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth if dealing with any grievances or issues that have been left hanging. This is a wonderful opportunity to clear the air and begin a new chapter; especially if life has become stagnant. Personally and professionally make bold moves – this card is the Phoenix rising, so show the world what you’re made of!

VIRGO – Ace of Cups

Good news is on its way and with it reasons to celebrate. It’s a time of new beginnings and re-invention; or news of a birth that brings friends and family together. Financially you’re in receiving mode, with new opportunities opening up daily. Emotional balance is restored after a period of stress and vulnerability. You can afford to take things easy.

LIBRA – Queen of Swords

If you want some objective advice this week then you’d be wise to seek out a fellow Air sign woman who’ll give much needed clarity on an important issue. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra women are generally good at keeping emotion out of decision making; their clear headedness is what’s required to help you gain insight into a pressing matter.

SCORPIO – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project. Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week. For others, home moves that prove fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation


Get to grips with health matters and decide on a diet that suits you. You’ll feel more balanced about situations that have left you feeling sensitive and out of kilter recently; a sense of harmony is restored. Sagittarians who write for a living; it’s time to use your mind and imagination and begin a project which improves your bank balance.

CAPRICORN – Five of Wands

Emotionally, it’s time to grips over the actions of someone close that’s been troubling you for some time. If a friendship, relationship or business association is troublesome; communication’s the key to sorting the problem. Nothing’s wrong with sitting ‘round a table with a cuppa, vino or beer to talk things through and sort it out or to agree to disagree.

AQUARIUS – The Empress

For female Aquarians this indicates a powerful and expansive week. You’re given accolades and the appreciation you’ve been working towards and if in your own business prosperous times are ahead. For Male Aquarians, a woman has a powerful impact in your life, you will not feel the same after this encounter; whether in business or personally, you’ll take her seriously.

PISCES – Ten of Disks

Adding to your material security is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services. This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate. Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine. How wonderful, so be thankful!


In The Back Row

Hey DJ

86mins|,,|September 2003(Germany)

Link at IMDB:



Hey DJ is a 2003 film directed by Miguel Delgado and Jacobs, produced by Agostino Carollo Joe Chavez and starring Jon Jacobs,Lewis,Wiseman,Giro Camilleri.

It features the appearance of superstar DJs Carl Cox, Tiësto, Bob Sinclar, Ferry Corsten, Spankox, Marco V, Pete Tong and many others. Original soundtrack by Carollo Spankox


Hey DJchronicles the journeys of DJ Hound. From Miami to Ibiza he struggles to break into the club scene. With the support and advice of some of the best DJs in the world he tries to find the night (and the love) of his life. The movie, filmed in and around such clubs as Space Miami and Pacha Ibiza features the appearances of Carl Cox,ësto, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Bob Sinclar, Pete Tong, Spankox, Anne Savage, Marc Aurel, Kai Tracid, Lisa Lashes, Chris Cox, Robbie Rivera, Kevens, Ferry Corsten, Junior Jack, Marco V and 1980’s rock star Lwin Wow Wow.