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Ibiza News

The Luke Rhoden Tragedy
More Questions Than Answers.

Luke-RhodenNews of the tragic death of 25 year old British holidaymaker Luke Rhoden was breaking as last week’s edition was going to press. In the week that has elapsed there have been conflicting reports in the UK and Spanish press, which, along with eye-witness testimony given directly to the Ibizan, leave us with more questions than answers as to what exactly happened from the time Luke’s movements were first noted to being pronounced dead at the scene.
The first official report from 061 stated that the death was due to a balcony fall at 10.50pm on Tuesday 2nd September, however subsequent UK foreign office statements state his death as being in the early hours of 3rd September. Long before the official report was released Ibiza’s social media was buzzing with reports of Luke’s death being at the hands of over zealous Guardia Civil officers. In one video which was posted and then soon after removed a British woman states “I can’t believe what we are witnessing now outside Ibiza Rocks! Guardia Civil beating a British citizen to death while he is screaming for help and now he has died!”
postWe have been unable to view the video clip, or confirm it’s authenticity although we have viewed 2 other clips taken during Luke’s custody, and 1 prior to his custody.
The video prior to the arrival of the Guardia Civil shows an apparently disorientated Luke staggering in the grounds of the Ibiza Rocks hotel where he was a guest. The clip lasts a few seconds and shows a security guard approaching him before it cuts out.
Of events leading up to their arrival a Guardia Civil source said: “He was a guest at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and he was running around like a madman shouting that people wanted to kill him.”
“We were called at 10.30 when he jumped from a first-floor room and landed on a patio below.” The statement widely reported in UK press goes on to say “Our officers restrained him and put him in an ambulance but he died in the ambulance before it left the area of the hotel.
“The autopsy will establish the cause of death and whether drink and drugs were involved.”
We received several contacts from witnesses to events outside of the Hotel, from passers by and from people staying in accommodation overlooking the scene.
One long term Ibiza resident said he was walking by on his way to work and saw “four Guardia Civil holding him down and two beating his legs with Batons. Judged by UK police standards this would seem exceptionally harsh, however the Guardia Civil are known for their tough response and the use of Batons is certainly more commonplace in restraint.
Another group of 3 British tourists in their 20’s said they were shocked by what they had seen and were reporting the matter to the British consulate.
In a video posted by the Daily Mail Luke is shown on the ground as two Guardia Civil officers attempt to restrain him without any signs of their Batons drawn. It is considered however that this video clip must have been relatively early in the events as photographic evidence shows several more Police in attendance.
One widely reported and as far as we are aware uncontested fact is that Luke was handed to the Guardia Civil by hotel security staff. Clearly events must have taken a dramatic downturn from this situation of apparent control to the ultimate tragic outcome. We have asked the British Embassy in Madrid whether they have received any direct reports from UK citizens and whether they envisage any participation or representation to the Spanish Authorities however we are as yet to receive a reply.
The as yet undisclosed autopsy report will be important in giving further information as to the causes for Luke’s death.
Luke came from Wigan where he was a member of the Wigan Warriors Rugby League team at youth level.
Amongst many tributes Warriors head coach Shaun Wane said: “I was absolutely devastated and saddened when news reached me of Luke’s death.
“He was great lad. It’s a real tragedy.
“It is very hard coming to terms with what’s happened because I spent a lot of time working and coaching Luke when he was a young player coming through.
“They were good times and Luke was so keen.
“I coached him at Wigan when he was in the junior ranks at 16s, 17s and 18s level.
“He was a good lad who would look after himself.
“I really feel for his family at this very sad time.”


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Language School


The popular government run language courses are now enrolling students at the Adult Schools of Ibiza. schools offer Spanish, Catalan and other studies throughout the island, and at very little cost—last year for example the 3 mornings a week 3 month beginners Spanish cost just 16€ registration fee. Enrollment is open from Sept 12th through Sept 25th at the following locations:-

  • Ibiza town at Via Púnica 29
  • Sant Antoni, c/Alacant 33
  • Santa Eulària, St Jaume 72
  • St Josep, in the school at the start of the Es Cubells road
  • Cala de Bou in the City Hall Building (Oficines Municipals)
  • St Jordithe City Hall Building (Oficines Municipals)

Enrollment is 6 – 8pm on Monday in all locations (except Cala de Bou) and 11am – 1pm on Tuesday in all locations (except Sant Josep).
Other days and times vary according to the location. More information:

Shop Owners Complain.

Reminding the Mayor of San Antonio, Pepita Gutiérrez, that in the last five years the town has seen 36% of its commercial businesses close, eighty shop owners and other small businesses held a meeting with the Mayor this week. Previously they had presented complaints in writing about the problems of street sellers, drug dealing and consumption, prostitution and the general disorder that they see are year after year increasing and negatively affecting the town and their businesses without any concrete action being taken by the Town Hall.
At the meeting these matters were discussed and more action was promised by the Town Hall especially in the Sant Mateu street area. It seems that the Local Police have carried out over 1900 actions this summer against the infractions the shop keepers were complaining about and are trying harder than ever to control the problems. They have also carried out fifty four more interventions against street sellers, drug dealing and consumption, prostitution and the general disorder in conjunction with the Guardia Civil and eight with the National Police.
The problem of all night Off Licences selling alcohol after midnight was also a point made by the shop keepers. It seems that a new Government law has been amended giving the Town Halls the power to intervene directly by sanctioning or even closing such establishments for breaking the law.
Also, it was reported by the Mayor that the centre of town blue / pay to park zones will be free in the winter months to help stimulate the businesses which stay open. This is something the shop keepers have been asking for a long time.
Interviews with shopkeepers leaving the meeting seemed to suggest that they expected more in terms of response from the Town Hall over what they see as major problems for themselves and San Antonio.

Police Crackdown Continues In San Antonio.

Again this week the joint action by the local police and the Guardia Civil in the West End and S’Arenal beach areas of the town continued resulting in various detentions and citations. Most were breaches of municipal by laws, illegal street selling and the peddling of small amounts of drugs. More serious were two arrests for bag snatching whilst the victims went for a swim and two more for selling larger quantities of drugs in the towns West End entertainment district.

Clau Set Free


Another Boba turtle named Clau was returned to the wild at the weekend after treatment for over a month by the marine biologist, Elisa Langley, at the aquarium in San Antonio. Released into the strong currents flowing by the island of Es Vedrá, located in the heart of the marine natural park, Clau was fit and well to continue with her migration after being rescued floating near Santa Eulalia beach trapped and tangled up in plastic debris. School children watched the release in accompanying boats and had a chance to learn more at first hand about turtles and the nature reserve.


August Trade

Airport Reports Bumper August.

Handling 1,265,460 passengers this August, the airport in Ibiza continues to beat all previous records. This passenger figure represents a 9,3% increase on August 2013 with 11,739 aircraft operations taking place.

Good August For Hotels.

Hotel occupation for Ibiza in August was slightly up when compared to last year averaging at 94,3%. The North of the island of Ibiza registering the highest figures of 96,33% occupation and Ibiza Town the lowest at 92,68%. Though the figures for Formentera were good at 94,51% this was 0,2% less than 2013.


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Woman Tragically Drives Into Salt Pan.

A 36 year old Argentinean woman, resident in the Es Cavallet area of the island, died after driving here Volkswagen Polo off the narrow road and into the salty water of the salt pans at Ses Salinas which run alongside the road. It is though that the woman was distracted as she drove to pick family up at the nearby airport at around 7:30am and accidentally drove off the road. The car overturned as it fell into the water and the woman was trapped underneath for 15 minutes despite the prompt actions of the emergency services in freeing her. At the scene the woman suffered cardiac arrest, but was alive when she was transferred to hospital, where she tragically died the next day.
On the same morning, and at around the same time, in a separate incident, a smart car and Volkswagen camper also drove off the road in this area and ended up in the water. However, in both these accidents no one was hurt.

Mafia Bosses Detained.


It was reported that two Capos (heads) of the Napolitano Camorra were detained in Ibiza this week along with three other gang members. Setting up their operation in May, allegedly the Camorra bosses rented a flat on the golden mile in Ibiza, which is the Marina Botafoch and Pacha area of the town. They are said to have visited jet set hangouts throughout the summer and identified possible victims wearing Rolex watches or expensive jewellery. Once identified, the movements of their victims were monitored before the three assistants carried out the theft. It is presumed that the modus operandi was to use a high powered car or two motorcycles, kept in a lock up in the port area and only used for the crimes. Knowing the movements of the potential victims, the gang chose the safest place to carry out the theft. Two of the men drove whilst the third carried out the mugging of the victim and stole the watch in question. Making a fast getaway, the three criminals then supposedly parked their vehicles in the lock up and then hid in one of two safe houses the gang had also rented in the town. The watches and jewellery were apparently then passed to tourists staying at hotels in Ibiza to be shipped back to Italy for sale. At the time of their detention, searches of properties used by the gang uncovered two Rolex watches valued at around 22.500€, plus 8,000€ in cash.

Beach Closed Because Of Sewage.

A break in a sewage pipe, located on the Avenida San Agustin in Cala de Bou, which occurred late on Thursday evening, led to raw sewage flowing nearly a kilometre along the roads in the area and finally entering into the sea at the S’Estanyol beach. The beach was closed for health and safety reasons as the pipe was fixed and a surface clean up took place lasting well into the next day. Inspections of the water at the beach declared it safe for bathing four days later.

Tourist Dies After Fall.

For unknown reasons, a 31 year old British man apparently climbed to the top floor (5th) of the Hostal Mari in San Antonio and then fell. A railing helped in reducing the impact as the man fell to the pavement below at around 10,30am. Initially he was rushed to hospital in Ibiza in a serious condition, but was later transferred to hospital in Mallorca where he died from his injuries several days later. A police investigation is under way.

Rock Jump Ends In Tragedy.

A 30 year old Dutch man was rushed to hospital with fractured vertebrae after failing in his attempt to jump 15 metres from the rocks into the sea at Benirrás beach.

Man Loses Arm In Accident.

A young Italian passenger in a car travelling between Ibiza and San Antonio had his arm hanging out the window on the rear right hand side of a car as it negotiated a roundabout at around midnight this week. At the same moment the car hit a safety barrier at the side of the road amputating the young man’s arm up to the elbow during the impact. It seems the car didn’t stop and drove on another four kilometres with the heavily bleeding man and four other occupants inside before the police halted the vehicle. The injured man was rushed to hospital in Ibiza and later flown by helicopter to hospital in Mallorca because of the seriousness of his injuries. The amputated section of arm was found by the road side where the accident first happened and was also flown to Mallorca but apparently could not be surgically attached to the man. The driver of the car failed a breath test at the scene.

Vuelling Cancellations.

It seems that there is a suspicion, voiced publicly by Vicent Roig, the Industry Minister of the Consell Island Government, that Vuelling have increased flights to and from the island, but, when there are few reserves on a flight then, they are cancelling the flight and joining the passengers to the next or later scheduled flights. Politicians, tourists, businessmen and residents have reported in social media delays and changes of Vuelling flights. The Consell Tourist Minister, Carmen Ferrer, is going to talk about the situation with the company as it appears that only Vuelling Flights are being affected whilst other airlines, such as Ryan Air are improving their services. Vuelling have only gone on record as saying that they are the leaders in connections between Ibiza and Spain and have increased flights by 1000 when compared to 2013 with 5000 Vuelling flights taking off or landing in Ibiza between June and August. Apparently, according to them, such an increase is bound to produce certain logistical problems.

Three Hurt As Car Falls Down Ravine.

Three young Dutch men were hurt as their car careered off the road between Jesus and Cala Llonga, overturned and fell down into a ravine at 4,30am in the morning. All the victims were rushed to hospital for treatment and one has been admitted to intensive care. It is believed that the driver could have been over the alcohol limit.

Teachers In Ibiza Not To Strike.

Whilst teachers on the other islands are supporting a strike on the 15th September against the three language learning policy of the Balearic Government, teachers in Ibiza will not join in. They have opted to hold a protest rally at 7pm in Ibiza Town instead, on the same day and will not affect classes. Pushing for dialogue and direct talk between the education authorities and all teachers collectives rather than just the unions, the teachers in Ibiza will be presenting a possible way forward to the authorities in early December to try to avoid the threat of a prolonged industrial action later in the school year.

5000 Tourists Hire Electric Scooters.

With a range of 80 kilometres and reaching speeds of 50-80 kmph, 5000 tourists have so far this year opted to rent an electric scooter whilst staying on Formentera. Promoted by the authorities in conjunction with the Cooltra hire company, electric scooters are seen as an ideal, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to normal scooters. The figure of 5000 rentals is encouraging as it is 3000 more than the whole of last summer.

Ocean’s 11 Hollywood-Style Crime.

In what was an Ocean’s 11 Hollywood-style crime, three men jumped from the Formentera ferry as it crossed between Formentera and Ibiza into a waiting high speed zodiac launch. The men had been discovered a few seconds earlier by a ferry crew member whilst they were trying to gain access with blow torches to a security van parked in the hold along with other vehicles. The security van was carrying several days bank and business takings from Formentera to Ibiza. The speed of the potential thieves in leaving the boat gave the crew no time to react and the zodiac was later found at the Sal Rosa end of the Playa den Bossa beach. The thieves had set a device, which should have destroyed the launch with fire, but again their plans failed. The escape boat was found intact and police are now examining the launch for clues to the identity of the criminals. Eye witnesses saw the thieves drive off at high speed from where they landed in a white BMX X6. It is thought that they boarded the boat in Formentera in a black Range Rover with German plates, in which they stashed the blow torches and other equipment they needed. As passengers only have to show their tickets to board and not show their residents papers and ID unless they are entitled to a discounted voyage between the islands, there is no record as to who was in the Range Rover.

Annual Unemployment Falls.

With a total of 6.395 people unemployed in Ibiza and Formentera last month this is a 6,6% decrease of the figures for August 2013. However, this figure is 2,4% more than the number unemployed in July this year. Positively, 5,370 new work contracts were created in August. It was also reported that 29% of all those unemployed in Ibiza and Formentera are classed as long term unemployed. Whilst unemployment fell by 6,6% in August, the demographics of the situation show worrying signs. 1,860 of those officially registered as unemployed have been without work for a year or more and 978 for two years. Apart from the increase in long term unemployed, 31% (1,982) of those registered are over 50 years old.
As in all of Europe, long term unemployed and older people, both on the increase in Ibiza, are finding it difficult to be reinserted back into the labour market even though, particularly older people, have lots of skills and abilities which could be very useful. This situation is obviously accentuated by the youthful image Ibiza portrays to the world. Another problem here is that there are lots of people who are without a job, but for various reasons are not registered and, if this group is taken into account, the unemployment figures and demographics of the situation could be much worse.

Improvements To San Jordi High Street.

The main road passing through the village of Sant Jordi will be resurfaced, pavements widened, speed bumps will be installed and four elevated pedestrian crossings will be built to connect both sides of this busy thoroughfare. At a cost of 240,000€, the emphasis is on safety for the residents of the village.

Bumper Year For Salt Production.

The salt flats in Ibiza are expected to produce around 50,000 tonnes of salt this year. This is nearly 14% more than last year and the collection time, which started this week, will last longer than normal, nearly two months. The lack of rainfall has led to this improvement of salt production. The mountain of collected salt, easily visible from a distance and growing every day, is expected to fetch around 1,7 million euros if it is all sold this winter. Because of the high quality, most, as it has for centuries, will be used in the food chain but some will go to be used on roads in Northern Europe in winter.

Asphalt Plant Plans Dropped.

Negotiations between the Town Hall in Santa Eulalia and the promoters of an Asphalt plant, projected to be built in the Ses Planes quarry near Jesus, has led to the promoters giving up their plans. Though they had all the necessary administrative reports allowing them to build the plant, the promoters have recognised the growing public opposition to their plans and have desisted. The quarry is owned by the promoters of the Asphalt plant and has existed for decades and reportedly has only caused concern to nearby residents because of the heavy lorries using the installation where as the proposed Asphalt plant was causing lots of opposition. It is not sure if the cement producing plant, also planned for the quarry site, will still be built.

Colon Cancer Tests.

In response to the fact that there are more than 25,000 cases detected a year in Spain and reacting to pressure from Cancer Charity groups, the health authorities announced this week that they will change protocols and will start to offer Colon Cancer tests to all those living in the Baleares between the ages of 50 and 69, which is the sector of population most at risk.
Honest romantic Ivan Barefield has put out a plea to reunite a ring found whilst swimming with it’s rightful owner.
Posting on facebook Ivan said “this is the start of a quest to reunite someone with what I believe is their lost wedding ring. I found this on the sea bed whilst swimming in Ibiza last week. The owner has a connection with someone called Magda. There is an inscription on the ring which only the real owner will know what it says. Please start sharing this far and wide in the faint chance that I can get it back to its rightful owner.”
Contact Ivan directly on facebook or via the Ibizan and we will put you in contact.

Electricity Supply Improved.

The electricity supply company reported this week that they had carried out the revision of 346 kilometres of supply lines on Ibiza and Formentera. After this servicing the electricity distribution network is apparently now in an optimum condition.

More Ashtrays and Waste Bins.

Responding to information about the problem of discarded cigarette ends and rubbish provided by the municipal cleaning concession holder, the Town Hall in Santa Eulalia has installed eleven public ashtrays and twenty six new rubbish bins mainly in the Sa Capita and riverside areas of the town.

Hands Off My Man!


1410191005035_Image_galleryImage_Dated_08_09_2014_GIRL_GETIn a welcome change of pace Ibiza made the national news this week in the light hearted story of a woman’s efforts to ensure her boyfriend behaves himself on holiday in Ibiza. Abbie Bartlett, 20, had a t-shirt made covered in pictures of the loving couple kissing and cuddling headed by the motto ‘I love my girlfriend, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me’. Leon Connolly, 24, should be in Ibiza now so look out for this well behaved, but pretty poorly dressed holidaymaker.
We just hope no young ladies may now see Leon as the ultimate challenge. Perhaps not.


The Eternal War Between Rome and Carthage

Nicole Torres

1912505_775239002519041_724903945715788090_nThe war between Carthage and Rome seems to have no end in Sant Antoni… And lets hope it lasts many years! This historical fact serves, every September, as an ideal excuse for organizing several days of celebration in which the protagonists are the residents of Sant Antoni and Sant Agustí.

As part of the Celebrations of the Land, on the Passeig de ses Fonts, weapon workshops were held to make shields and swords so the fighters would be ready for the great war. children also want to sign up for this great party, on Friday September 5th, s’Arenal beach held several activities dedicated to them specifically. Later came the camp baptising and the adult games on a night that ended with music from Morning Drivers and The Selectors.

The great battle took place on Saturday. At six in the afternoon the armies (Romans in the parking lot of El Ruedo, Carthaginians at City Hall) will be concentrated. At half past seven they proceeded to landing spot and signed the peace treaty between the two armies before the tomato fight started. After the battle, there was a barbecue to regain strengths. The party continued with performances by Uncle Sam, The Frigolos and a fire show.



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Danny Ortega


KasbahJust a stones throw from Caló des Moro beach is Kasbah…

Recently refurbished and new management Kasbah is creating quite a buzz!

Kasbah feels a millions miles away from the busy streets of San Antonio and has a completely chilled vibe.

With arguably one of the best sunset views on the island Kasbah has a lot to offer. With an extensive menu, from breakfasts, brunch or evening meal…

As well as your classic full English Kasbah also offer eggs Florentine, scrambled eggs infused with basil and spinach topped with smoked salmon or a delicious seasonal fruit salad with Greek yogurt and home made granola…

Brunch options range from ‘The Humming bird’ French pancake nest with goats cheese , mixed leaves , walnuts and honey mustard vinaigrette.

Pan fried chicken breast ‘piri piri’ style with their secret chili sauce! Or nachos to share…

Kasbah also have grand list of unique tapas including Tandoori style calamari , Teriyaki steak rolls with vegetables and Jamaican pepper or ‘Pil Pil’ king prawns in garlic oil.

Once the sun sets you can really feel the cool sea breeze making Kasbah a perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or fresh fruit smoothie.

On Wednesday Kasbah hosts Ivan M Live on the saxophone and Friday is Dj Salinas playing his variety of chilled Balearic beats.

With it’s tranquil surroundings and spectacular views Kasbah has been attracting people from all over the island to watch the famous ‘Ibiza sunset’ as the sun now sets around 8pm it is essential to reserve your table to ensure a great view!

See advert below for contact details.

kasbah ad








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Ibiza Life


Above: Hippy by Toni Riera
This classic Ibiza image has been used in Pacha promotional posters more than once over the years. It was taken in the parque de la paz on Av d’Isidor Macabich.
The hippy pictured still lives a similar life and the last we knew is still to be found around the cafés and bars of Plaza del Parque. By all accounts he has a completely illegal prime real estate hilltop house near Salinas that due to time served the authorities are powerless to act upon—though that has not stopped them and many a property developer over the years.
At least that’s how the story goes, and it’s a nice story so we are happy to consider it so.


Exhibition At Pacha Hotel Organized By The Jorge Alcolea Gallery

tony-riera-pachaThe Jorge Alcolea gallery organizes a new exhibition at the Hotel Pacha bringing together three important and very different artistic figures.
Guest artists have been selected from the extensive portfolio of the gallery. Each shows a different style and technique, being a completely eclectic selection.
The Catalan artist Isabel Ramoneda with her Abstract Expressionism is represented with seven works made of different formats to a slow pace, beautiful, meticulous and continuous work. Pastels prevail with smudges of colour that create abstract “gardens” for her proposition of layers on layers of paint. The painter pursues the essence of the gesture and matter, managing to transform moments into spaces.
The renowned photographer Toni Riera, with four selected all large format photographs. Three black and white: one of them is an image of the seventies entitled “hippy”, besides “La Ultima Cena” (The Last Supper) and “látigo” (whip). In colour, the iconic ‘Las Cerezas’ Pacha cherries. Toni, in love with Ibiza since the 70s, its day and its night, constantly pays tribute to the island and Pacha, with whom he has collaborated with since their simultaneous professional origins.Pe´rdida-de-Geisha-Teresa-Caldero´n&-Mersuka-Dopazo
From the tandem collaboration between Teresa Calderón and Mersuka Dopazo, there are three large works painted four-handed and inspired by Japanese culture. They reflect in their work the erotic world of the geisha using a very imaginative mixed technique, combining figuration and abstraction on white or ochre background and with the surprise of colour.
Open 11am-11pm to Sept 20th.



Sant Mateu Fiestas

Nicole Torres

Sant-Mateu-fiestas-sober-NT-080914Last Sunday was the first day of the Fiestas of Sant Mateu d’Aubarca, which will continue until September 28th with a wide range of activities.
This year the highlight of the festivities is the Aubarcrock Festival, a rock music initiative to be held on Saturday September 13th and will be headlined by the Spanish rock band Sôber. The concerts will be held in the sports centre starting 8pm, featuring also local groups Fortune, Tales of Gloom and Morning Drivers. The entrance is free.
This weekend visitors and island residents may attend the week different activities. On Saturday at 7pm there will be pages dancing in Cala d’Aubarca, the guest group is Sa Colla de Sa Bodega.
The next day, at 10am there will be a bike tour organized by Master Gym. In the afternoon, an indoor football tournament has been organized and for the youngest there will be a party with Cachirulo the clown in the social centre. In the evening there will be a contest of typical Ibizan desserts and there will be two typical board-games championships in the social centre.
September 21st is the big day of Sant Mateu. There will be a morning Mass, dances by the hand of the folk group Sa Colla d’Aubarca and an exhibition of paintings by Guillermo Gil. In the afternoon there will be a party in the sports centre and a show by Trio Paradis.
For more information use this link to read the whole programme


Getting about and exploring

Sophia V

The best thing about Ibiza is being able to explore. With a huge amount of different beaches, bars, lounges, parks, shops and towns, there’s always so much to see. Even if you’ve lived here for years, there’s always something new opening or an event/building/attraction you haven’t seen before.
As per previous articles, taxi boats are a great way of getting about and not very expensive at all. Transport rental places are also spread out across the island, with the option of travelling by car, scooter, quad, beach buggy, mountain bikes and more.
Another form of transport and an enjoyable afternoon are the excursion mini trains. The train in San Antonio takes you through the countryside to the village of Santa Inés. The friendly drivers advise you of what’s what over the microphone, and some have even been known to sing. This particular train can be caught at San Antonio bus station and departs at different hours: 11am, 1pm or 4pm. The trains do not run on Sundays. Prices for tickets are around 11e for adults and 6€ for children.
Other mini excursion trains across the island can be found in Santa Eulalia, Portinatx, Es Canar, San Miguel, Es Figueral and more.
Buses are a cheap way to get around Ibiza. For example, to the airport from San Antonio, it’s only 4€. The first buses begin around 7am until midnight. Tickets can be purchased from the bus terminals.

Sand Dreams

Nicole Torres

Suenos-de-arena-NT-080914Sunday 21st of September will see an amazing show called Sueños de Arena – Sand Dreams – at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia.
Borja González presents a multidisciplinary show that combines sand art, circus, music, puppetry and fast large format painting. Only hands and sand on glass, illustration, with projections on a large screen, create stories filled with emotions, going through different atmospheres, only with a movement of his hands.
Entrance 10€.
If you want to get a taste of the show before you see it, check out this youtube video

Ibiza Cultural Program

Claire B

Cultural-Agenda_claireb_080914The Ajuntament d’Eivissa has announced its cultural program forMary-Poppins_claireb_080914 September to December, and there are plenty of interesting activities to while away those winter months in Ibiza Town. With a host of events taking place, including dance, theatre, comedy, music, cinema, magic and children’s events, there’s something for everybody. Many events take place at the Can Ventosa cultural space, but there are some outdoor performances too. Culture in Ibiza is not just for summer – there’s plenty going on if you seek it out.
The programme is available online:

Beer-Festival-Poster_claireb_080914Beer Festival

Claire B

The annual Ibiza Beer Festival (VII Feria De La Cerveza Ibiza 2014) returns for its seventh year from September 12th-14th at the Recinto Ferial just outside Ibiza Town. Over a hundred beers from around the world will be available, along with food stalls and DJs spinning tunes. Last year more than 8,000 people attended over the three days and drank about 15,000 bottles of beer.
This was great fun last year and was very well organised. You pay a small entrance charge, which includes a free beer of your choice. A printed leaflet lists all the beers on offer from the various stalls and how much they cost. You bought tokens for the price bands of the beers you wanted to try and went off to the appropriate stall to get it. If I remember correctly, beers ranged from about 2-5€, but most of them were in the lower price band. Many of the beers on offer were lagers, but there were some premium labels from brands such as Estrella that you don’t usually see plus beers from lesser-known Spanish (and Ibizan) breweries and even some beer cocktails. It’s a great way to drink beers that you don’t usually see in Ibiza at a reasonable price or to sample something that you haven’t tried before. If you like beer, this is the place to be next weekend.
More info on Facebook:



ibiza sun 751 10-11

At night


Blue at Baybar


Sophia V

English R&B group Blue are in sunny Ibiza right now. The members consist of Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe. The band burst into superstardom in 2000 with their singles, All Rise, One Love, Guilty and have worked alongside Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Lil Kim to name a few. Upcoming new ITV2 reality show sees Blue running a bar in Ibiza, bringing in the punters. Baybar is a popular beach lounge, bar and restaurant situated in San Antonio. Here we talk to Lee from the band about their new show, antics and thoughts on the party island.

SV: Hi Blue! How are you finding Ibiza so far?

We are loving Ibiza! It’s a beautiful place that has so much to offer. The people here are so fun to be around; you cannot help but smile whilst you are here.

SV: Can you tell us a bit about the new show?

The show follows myself and the boys as we embark on our newest journey, opening a bar in Ibiza. You will get to see the triumphs and the tribulations, laughter and possibility tears as we try to make the bar a success.

SV: Have any of you worked in a bar before?

This is a new experience for Blue. It will make for some great entertainment… We hope.

SV: What are the most difficult and easiest tasks of running a bar?

We love to socialize so the easiest task is keeping those in the bar happy. Making friends has never been difficult for us but the most difficult is when things go wrong in the bar. It’s not an easy job to do and we are appreciative of any advice that we are given.

SV: Aside from the new show, what else have you been doing lately?

Simon has just announced he’s doing Strictly Come Dancing, Ant is spending as much time as he can with baby Savannah, and all us boys are back in the studio writing. It’s going to be an exciting rest of the year for Blue.

SV: What are your thoughts on Ibiza?

It’s a great place; we’ve had such an amazing time out here. Thank you to everyone out here that has made our time so special!

SV: Have you been to any of the big clubs yet, or plan to?

Not yet, there hasn’t been time. Our focus is on the bar at the moment and we want it to be a success. Its long hours and tough work, but it’s going to be worth it.

SV: Finally, what can we look forward to seeing from the band in the near future?

Stay tuned… We have some exciting plans ahead. For now we are focusing on the bar and then the boys will behind our boy Simon as he starts on Strictly Come Dancing.

So everyone, if you want to see Blue in action, get down to Baybar now!


ibiza sun 751 12-13

Mambo in the Mix

mambo mix

Kaiser Chiefs

Claire B

Last week saw The Kaiser Chiefs return to Ibiza Rocks for their fourth gig there. They last played in 2012, which culminated in singer Ricky Wilson jumping into the swimming pool at the end of their set – the performance of the year for me. With the departure of their drummer at the end of 2012, rather than crumble under the enforced change to their line-up, they’ve experienced somewhat of a renaissance. Their last album saw them return to the top of the album charts and in interviews they’ve talked about how the change has brought new life to the band and made them appreciate what they have. So, for my third time of seeing the band, I had high expectations of this gig, hopeful that they would put on a good show.Peace_claireb_080914-Credit-Living-Photography

Support was from four-piece band Peace from Worcester. Playing songs from their first album ’In Love’ released in 2013 and new songs from their second album due out soon, they got a great reaction from the crowd as the venue filled up. There was not much showmanship in their performance, bar a bit of inter-song banter from the singer, but they more than made up for this in the delivery of their music. Their indie pop/rock songs veered between the layered soaring guitar on ‘Money’ to the more poppy tunes like ‘Lovesick’, and the jangly guitar and funky bass on last song ‘Bloodshake’, which was a great end to the set. As they walked off the stage they chucked over the mic stands and left us with feedback – the best exit a band can make in my opinion. I liked them and I liked their catchy, poppy, dancey tunes. Ibiza Rocks do a great job of selecting support acts who are starting to make an impact in the UK and who complement the main act well and Peace were an excellent choice on both counts.

With five albums under their belt now, Kaiser Chiefs have a vast repertoire of material to draw from, and a number of anthemic, sing-a-long crowd-pleasers, but they also have a new album ‘Education, Education, Education and War’ to air. However, they expertly mixed in tracks from their latest album with the old favourites that the crowd inevitably wanted to hear. They kicked off with ‘Every Day I Love You Less and Less’, followed by ‘Everything is Average Nowadays’, and it wasn’t long before singer Ricky left the stage and leered over the crowd from the top of the barrier. Back on the stage he jumped around all over the place, singing from on top of the bass drum at the back and on top of monitors at the front, confirming that their performance so far was anything but average. Sneaking in ‘Ruffians on Parade’ from their latest album they then went back to crowd-pleasing classics Kaiser-Chiefs_claireb_080914_4-credit-Living-Photography‘Never Miss a Beat’ and ‘Na, Na, Na, Na, Naa’, one of the easiest tracks to sing along too. Ricky finally took his jacket off (it was a hot night and hardly required) to screams from the girls down at the front, as they went into another couple of tracks from the latest album, ‘Meanwhile Up in Heaven’ and last single ‘Coming Home’. By now there were a couple of blow-up guitars being passed around in the crowd and arms were being waved in the air in time to the music. Ricky was on fine form, jumping around the stage whilst belting out the songs, and entertaining the crowd with banter in between. Single ‘This is the Modern Way’ gave way to the next single from the new album to be released at the end of the month, ‘My Life’, which sees Andrew the guitarist and Simon the bassist grooving away on the stage behind Ricky, clearly enjoying themselves. Then they up the pace for their only number one single ‘Ruby’, which sees everyone singing the chorus and putting their arms up in the air, but when the opening bars of ‘I Predict a Riot’ ring out around the venue everybody goes crazy and there’s a barrage of energy coming simultaneously from the stage and the crowd as everybody jumps up and down and sings along in the chorus. ‘The Angry Mob’ sees Ricky leaving the stage again and orchestrating the crowd around him to sit down, telling them to stop recording everything on their phones and enjoy the moment (see the link to the video at the end of the article). It was an excellent display of crowd control, and with that, they left the stage.

Kaiser-Chiefs_claireb_080914_3-credit-Living-PhotographyBut it wasn’t long before they were back for an encore, launching into new song ‘Misery Company’, and Ricky demonstrating the command he has over the audience by engaging them in his own version of ‘Simon says’, where he raises his arms in the air and everyone copies him. It’s both powerful and humorous and the song ends with Ricky lying on the floor with his feet resting on a monitor. When vertical again, he announces “we were sent here to entertain you, it’s our only purpose in life – if we felt we disappointed you we would end it tomorrow”.

There was no doubt that we were anything other than entertained, as the gig reached another crescendo with ‘Oh My God’ which had the crowd shouting back the lyrics to the chorus and jumping up and down with their arms in the air, me included. Ricky held the microphone stand over the crowd to pick up their chants, which raised the decibel levels in the venue a few notches. A perfect climax to the set.

Kaiser Chiefs are a great live act. They’re a tight band and their catchy pop/rock songs are great to sing along to and front man Ricky always puts on a good show. You never know quite what he’s going to do, but you know he’s going to do something and he’s highly likely to leave the stage at some point during the show. The set is delivered with humour and they all look like they’re having the time of their lives. Above all, Kaiser Chiefs’ gigs are fun, and this one was no exception. They didn’t disappoint and with the combination of great support from Peace, I left the venue very happy.


Peace ‘Lovesick’:

Kaiser Chiefs ‘Angry Mob’:

Kaiser Chiefs ‘Ruby’:


PepersPeppers 2

Peppers staff 2
Peppers 2 is a bit of an institution in the Bay of San An—pretty well central on the main tourist drag and party central for people who just wanna have fun. It’s kind of infectious—you gotta smile in Peppers just like you’ve gotta chew a Rowntree’s fruit pastille, but if you need any help on your way Chas and his team of banter fuelled bar tenders are only too pleased to oblige.
Reasons to be cheerful? The tarrif is a pretty good start—which of these wet your whistle—2 litre jug of cocktail 18€, 2 desperados 6€, early doors pint 2€ til 11pm, and our pick of the deals 2 fresh mojitos for 8€, you read it right that’s a real mojito for 4€, and to seal the deal every customer is welcomed with a free shot.
Chances are you won’t be in a hurry to leave which is handy as the Peppers party keeps on going til 6am with a crowdpleaser policy across the board from house to r&b to hip hop with a good few anthems thrown in along the way.
It feels like Peppers has been there forever, must be at least 25 years, which in Ibiza terms is forever.
Monday is the UV party, but every night is a Peppers party. Follow them at

Peppers staf

Cream competition

Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to Cream Amnesia
2014 marks Cream Ibiza’s 20th Anniversary and they have given us a pair of VIP tickets for each remaining party up until the closing on 25th September.
We’ve delved into the cream photo archive and each week we’ll be bringing you a picture from the history of one of Ibiza’s most successful parties—all you have to do is guess the correct year.
Answer the question to win a pair of VIP tickets to Cream Ibiza
Thursday 18th September featuring Paul Van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Gareth Wyn, and on the Terrace, NERO, Jaguar Skills, Jeremy Olander and much more.

What year is this classic Cream photo?
A) 2005 B) 2003 C) 2001


Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to [email protected] Before midnight Sunday 14th September. Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibiza Sun facebook page Monday 8th September. Tickets are not transferable. Dress code applies. See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue.

Winner 11th September: Craig Moffat and the answer was 2008.

Ibiza Dance Chart byshazam

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming … list

1. Forget – Patrick Topping
2. Bullit – Watermät
3. Another Love (Zwette Remix Radio Edit) – Tom Odell
4. Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé
5. Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls
6. Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
7. Finder – Ninetoes
8. Hoodlum – Traumer
9. My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise
10. After Dark – &ME


ibiza sun 751 14-15


The Cannibal Drug

Toby Boulton
What is “Cannibal” and why is it so dangerous?

PABS (Psycho Active Bath Salts) a.k.a. Cannibal, Bliss, Scarface, Bolivan Bath and around fifty other alias names it’s sold under has unfortunately immigrated to Ibiza. The name Cannibal originates from an infamous world publicized cannibalistic attack in Florida which bath salts were believed to be involved – in case you never heard of it Google: Causeway Cannibal for details. The term “bath salts” comes from the covert method used to internationally distribute forms of this substance originally as a legal high with the disclaimer on the packaging: Bath Salts – Not for Human Consumption. Due to the amount of poison centre emergency calls, destructive behaviour during arrests, suicides and accidental overdoses fortunately it is slowly but surely being recognized, studied and prohibited by authorities worldwide. The main ingredients MDPV, Mephedrone, Methylone and basically anything else from rat poison to chlorine is combined to make a white or yellow crystallized powder that can be dangerously swallowed, snorted, injected, smoked or spiked. Individually, these drugs are nothing new and the potentially hallucinogenic stimulants are basically a synthetic relative of “Khat” (an organic stimulant found in East Africa and certain Middle Eastern countries.) Other aspects that make Cannibal so dangerous are the unpredictable dosage/toxicity/concentration, extreme sleep deprivation and the hard comedown crash which can combine and induce a combative state of “Excited Delirium” (again a term well worth a search to see how hectic abusers can become.)

What are the effects and importantly what should you do if you encounter someone displaying the dangerous attributes of the Cannibal/Bath Salts drug?

Behaviour varies dramatically dependant on the specific PABS combination, the time period/amount ingested and the individual. Paranoid delusional psychosis with a combination of paraletic Capoeira and/or demented breakdancing (search “Effects of bath salts” on for some disturbing but informative performances.) Anyone who believes they may have unknowingly ingested this drug must seek immediate medical attention. PABS have been analyzed and compared to a combination of all the worst side effects from Meth, Crack, PCP, Ecstacy and LSD with the optional extra of being poisoned to death via heart attack, hyperthermia, respiratory/circuitory/neurological/renal failure or damage and countless other health problems caused when the vital organs, central nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissues are pushed beyond extreme limits. The most obvious signs someone may be on “Cannibal” are extreme agitation, deliriousness – including verbal rambling – sometimes with salivating animal-like behaviour and complete incoherence to pain or danger, while unresponsive to any verbal command. It can be hard to distinguish at first between an extremely intoxicated person and this is the dangerous and potentially lethal challenge especially for security, law enforcement and emergency medical technicians if they unknowingly try to help and/or control them using standard measures. Superhuman strength, endurance, and pain tolerance is as common as combativeness and profuse sweating (which usually results in discarded clothing many times to full nudity) due to extreme raise in body temperature and agitation from inability to sleep.

If as a bystander you encounter someone incoherent or aggressive on PABS you should call an ambulance and law enforcement informing both that you believe the person to be on Bath Salts/Cannibal. Alert nearby security/control and others in the vicinity. Importantly maintain a safe distance to avoid being struck, wrestled, scratched, gouged or bitten, and if possible remove or reduce dangers surrounding the individual.

Even family and friends can be unrecognisable to users when in this ED state which makes anyone trying to calm, help or restrain with good intentions be the first, and usually not the last, to be injured by their violently unpredictable zombie-like behaviour. As many cases have proved, particularly in the USA where bath salts are no longer readily available from Gas Stations and specialist stores, Law Enforcement and EMT’s that don’t recognize or adapt to how dangerous these individuals are when resisting arrest, pay the price not only in personal injuries but also court cases after many abusers die in custody either from injuries sustained when arrested or the body just shutting down fatally having literally fought beyond limitations to the death. Physical restraints especially incorrectly applied or attempted just add to serious injuries not to mention higher force continuum options such as batons, Tasers and firearms which are much less efficient than usual due to extreme pain insensitivity. Medical intervention as quickly as possible with sedation to safely prevent them from hurting themselves and others is imperative! Tactically and physically getting them safely to that point of chemical restraint is where our training for those directly in harms way comes in.

Anyone interested in such force on force training please contact me through

Many thanks to Candice from Bucanero Bar in Cala de Bou and Chris Gray for his photos. Ryan Harvey from Ground Zero, Ruben Darko (Diddy’s Ibiza BG) for their time and Mirav for organizing everything as usual.


ibiza sun 751 16-17


EastThe Far East

Two Old Rockers

So here we are again after just a couple of weeks away from the keyboard. First of all we’d like to congratulate everyone that has been involved in the publishing of The Ibiza Sun/The Ibizan over the last 750 issues, and it was a great idea to have input from all corners of the island and beyond in last week’s edition. We know that for some, the recent changes in content are taking a little getting used to, but that’s not too dissimilar to what happened when the paper changed from its original format to the size it now is. Anyhow, we do have some info which we hope will be of interest to you. Next Thursday, 18th September, is The Day of The Tourist on which there are normally a number of events taking place such as the Dance Spectacular being held from 8.30pm on the beach in Cala Llonga. The programme consists of a display of Country Dancing out the tobacconists in the centre of the village, then moving down to the beach for displays of modern dances, plus some sensual and more traditional Flamenco, performed by the Natali Galves Dance Studio, all preceded and followed by a live DJ and dancing till late. In addition to the dancing, the Thursday evening Hippie Market will also be taking place. The restaurants and bars will be waiting to serve you, so why not come along and enjoy another Party Night in Cala Llonga, courtesy of Viva Cala Llonga and the Asociación de Vecinos. We all thought it might just cool down a little after the end of August but no, the frying continues. The signs of autumn approaching are here, not the slightly cooler evenings, not the first signs of falling leaves, not that there are fewer people around, and not even the fact that the night air is full of the heady scent of Dama de Noche. No, it’s the fact that Bar Mariposa on the Pueblo Asparagus has started serving their Sunday Roasts. See their ad for info and remember reservations are strongly recommended. Last but not least. A couple of weeks ago we went to a Charity Auction Night in aid of Care For Cats at Atzaró which raised a few thousand euros for our feline friends. We made a “silent bid” for a meal for two at Palardi Mexican Restaurant in Sta Eulalia. Fortunately we weren’t piped by anyone in the bidding and we had a thoroughly delightful meal there last Saturday. Thanks a lot.

JuanLetter From Juan


We have just sailed out of St Petersburg harbour heading for Helsinki and our good fortune continues with flat calm seas, blue skies and sunshine every day so far. We have even had sunsets to rival Ibiza. Stockholm was interesting, with the highlights being the City Hall where they present the Nobel Prizes and the Vasa Museum where they display the impressive Vasa warship that sunk within minutes of its maiden Voyage in the harbour in 1628, and was located and salvaged in 1961 although it took another 30 years to complete the process and display it in the Museum. The experience salvaging this ship helped the raising of the British Ship the Marie Rose. St Petersburg has been another experience altogether, the opulence of the Tsars is something to behold and verging on the obscene. As several people stated “It is not surprising that the natives revolted!” Gold was everywhere on giant domed roofs, statues, walls etc; if it stood still for too long it was coated in gold leaf. Needless to say when the Germans occupied the city they removed many great golden pieces, luckily the Russians had managed to hide many of the treasures before the occupation and they were saved. However when the Germans retreated they set fire to many buildings and a lot was lost. Then in the ’50s the Russians started to restore many of the lost and damaged treasures. An incredible city but after two days you are pretty well overwhelmed by all the gold and you struggle to take anymore. The Palaces are enormous and the churches are overwhelming and you cannot even scratch the surface of all the gems of St Petersburg in two days, it is an incredible place and should be on everyone’s bucket list. But now we move on to Helsinki tomorrow, then it is Warnemunde, then wonderful Copenhagen, and finally, Skagen before returning to Southampton next on Sunday. I hope you have great week, until next week, yours Juan.

View from the pewView From the Pew

Walter Robbins

At the time of writing we haven’t actually seen a pew, let alone the view from it, as we arrived in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning, but we have experienced the sunshine which had been in rather short supply in England during the later part of August. So thanks for that – though I know that some of you are longing for rain. We have come to take over from Peter and Barbara as locum Chaplain and wife for two months.
We come from the Isle of Sheppey in the Thames estuary (though no longer technically an island as we now have a fixed road bridge, as does the Isle of Skye in Scotland); Walter’s sister lives on the Isle of Man; the new Chaplain starting in November, lives on the Isle of Wight. So what’s so special about islands? John Donne famously wrote in his book of devotions in 1624: “No man is an Island, entire of itself; everyman is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main”. The first part, No Man Is An Island has been quoted by many people down through the ages, Earnest Hemingway and Tony Hancock to mention a couple. And how true it is – we can none of us manage on our own. We need the help of and support of friends and family, we need to belong.
As we have met with members of the church here, we have been acutely aware that we do ‘belong’. No matter what nationality or denomination we are all part of God’s wonderful family. His love is all embracing, reaching out to everyone everywhere. So why not come and join us and experience more of His love.
Walter and Diana Robbins – 971 343383

Sunday 14th September: 11am Santa Eularia – Holy Communion with Praise and Worship (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, Main Street.) Seasonal Ministry led by Rev. Colin Pontin – 638 37 34 79. 10.30am RC Chapel at Es Canar. 5.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama Es Canar (It is regretted that due to hotel policy children under 16 are not admitted to the hotel.)


Good to talkIt’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,
I feel really trapped, by my marriage and this island. I love my husband and I love Ibiza, but I feel as though if I ever fell out of love with either actually there would be little I could do about it. I have few connections in terms of work back in the UK so would find it very hard to get a job in the field I am used to, which makes me feel like I have to stay here where we do well and enjoy a good standard of living. I also think if anything happened between me and my husband we would also be forced to stay together because financially and socially it would cause such problems. Financially we do well and have a nice house but there is no way we could maintain two homes and socially all our friends are joint and the dramas would be too much to deal with.
I am a little confused why these thoughts have come up because actually nothing is wrong, but I still hate to feel that I don’t have a choice and am stuck regardless of whether I am ok with being stuck right now or not! Does that make sense?
Regards, TC.

Dear TC,
Thank you for your e mail and sorry to hear you are having these worries and concerns about the future. What really interests me is why you are worrying and if the worry could actually exacerbate these feelings and make some of them become real issues. Your worry about the future seems to be stopping you from enjoying what you have today, and from what you say, what you have today is working and you are happy.
So is there something that is not working so well and you are reluctant to bring it up or is it more that you feel that your levels of control over your situation are not what you are used to? Ultimately, you know you always have a choice, that choice obviously has consequences. I suppose it is a matter of weighing up financial/practical issues vs. contentment and happiness. None of us have any control over things that are out of our hands, that may happen in the future, so worrying about them will do little to change anything about the future, but could change a lot about how you live today and it would be such a shame to miss out on what is happening now.
It may be that you have some questions that you want to ask yourself which will give you some clarity on the worry you are experiencing, if that is the case and you would like some support in unpacking those answers then please do feel free to write again and we can look into it in some more depth.
In the mean time, take care and please do try and focus on the good that you have
Warm regards,
For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.


Health mattersGardener’s Corner

John Hitchin

Hydrangea’s or Hortensia’s as they are also known are large genus of flowering shrubs that produce large flowers in late summer. The flowers are either known as a mop head or lace cap variety. They can grow from about a meter to seven meters in height and spread.

The mop head ones are about the size of a smallish honey dew melon and are used in flower arranging and wedding bouquets. The lace cap variety are different in that their flowers have a ring of petals the same as on the mop head variety but a different petal in the middle which is more like the flowers on an viburnam tinus.Hydrangea-NT-090914

There is also a climbing variety as well known as a hydrangea petiolaris which are excellent for growing up a north facing wall and will need no support as the plant grows tendrils which will attach themselves to whatever it is climbing up. Unfortunately these are very slow growing and can take ten years before they establish themselves.

One of the most interesting things about these plants is that some of them can change the flower colour depending on the ph value of the soil. It is the hydrangea macrophylla that is the main one that does this but also the involucrata and serrata that can as well. It can happen with both the mop head and lace cap types of flowers.

This is caused by the ph value that can affect the level of aluminum in the soil. It is the blue and pink flowers that change colour as the white and green ones don’t. Pink and blue flowers will be blue in acid soils, mauve in acid or neutral soils and pink in alkaline ones.

The blue flowers can be kept blue by growing them in acid soils of ph value 4’5-5. It is also possible to buy a blueing compound from garden centres. Applying limestone or chalk to the soil in winter will enhance pink or red flowers.

Hydrangea’s like well draining soil so plenty of organic compost should be added when planting it is also best to plant them in hot climates like Ibiza where they will get dappled shade at the middle of the day.

Hydrangea’s should be pruned in the early spring and dead headed after flowering. It is best to cut out week growth down to the base of the plant to encourage new shoots from the bottom. Older shrubs that have become straggly and unsightly can be pruned downed to the base but will not flower the same summer.

Climbing hydrangea’s are pruned after flowering which normally only means dead heading and nay growth that is growing around windows or drainpipes and gutters can be cut back as well.

Hydrangea’s can also be grown in large tubs and can look spectacular on patios close to the house or under pergolas.

These plants are a great addition to any garden and do not really need much care.

John Hitchin writer of the gardener’s corner can be contacted on email

[email protected]

or by visiting


Health mattersHepatitis C

Kevin Russell

Literally meaning inflammation of the liver, hepatitis is mainly a disease that affects the liver but is also now known to affect: the immune, digestive and lymphatic systems as well as the brain. The liver, situated underneath the ribs on the right side of the body, is a vital organ, one which: produces hormones and essential digestive juices (including bile), stores fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals, it detoxifies the alcohol we drink and drugs (medicines) we take, it transforms the carbohydrates we eat into important energy and it produces a lot of the body’s temperature. The hormones that the liver regulates include the sex hormones affecting desire and function and for women it can also present menopause type symptoms.

It is thought that there are up to 170 million people infected with this virus. The prevalence varies geographically with approx 10% of the population infected in Egypt and Thailand, for example, and only 1% in northern Europe including Spain. It is however difficult to know for sure because initially the symptoms may be minor and therefore not investigated. Unlike the acute phases of hepatitis A or hepatitis B there is initially a loss of liver function, that is the liver works as normal, so the skin doesn’t turn the classic yellow colour. HCV also has an acute phase, normally the first 6 months after infection but symptoms which are similar to those of the flu, might not be noticeable, so the infected person might have no clue at all that they have been infected.

Although infection risk is low HCV is highly infectious through blood to blood contact. Unprotected sexual intercourse, needle sharing, some medical and dental procedures carried out where hygiene or sterilising is poor. This also includes tattooing, body piercing and acupuncture. Sharing needles isn’t the only dangerous behaviour associated with drug taking, those who snort cocaine with the same apparatus risk contracting HCV. The reason for this is that cocaine is very abrasive to the vascular membranes in the nose and micro-droplets of blood spread to the utensil being used, be it a straw or rolled up bank note. These micro-droplets then are inhaled by the next person who may also have broken membranes from cocaine use.

Treatment depends on the severity of the disease when diagnosed and the genotype involved. Genotype 1 is usually harder to cure and patients may be on treatments for months, if not years. Interferon and ribavarin are said to cure about up to 75% depending on genotype, however as with all drugs they come with side effects. If necessary, and the data suggest that this is increasingly the case, then liver transplant may be the only option. Anyone having any type of organ transplant has to take ‘anti-rejection’ drugs to suppress the body’s reaction to the new organ. This unfortunately also means that the immune system also is weakened against the HCV. This year a pilot scheme in Cornwall and Devon, where an estimated 30,000 people may be infected, is testing oral pills that are said to have a 90% ‘cure’ rate is in process, so a tablet form of medication may be on the horizon.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.

[email protected]


Loco’s Bucket

Loco’s pick bucket is in The Ship in San Antonio ready and waiting for everyone’s small change in aid of AECC cancer charity. Last year a total of 5.000€ was raised. For those returning home at the end of the season please remember to drop by with that drawer full of coppers—you know it makes cents.



ibiza sun 751 18-19

Beaches: Santa Eulalia

The Seventeen Beaches in Santa Eulalia

Nicole Torres

s'aigua-blanca-NT-070714There are beautiful and very different beaches belonging to the Santa Eulalia municipal. Starting up North, the first beach you encounter driving in from Cala San Vicente is S’Aigua Blanca or Aigües Blanques – White Waters. It is a 300 metre long beach with natural toasted colour sands and big rocks. On this beach you can relax and practice nudism.

Next down the coast we find Es Figueral. With dark fine sand of natural origin, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island due to its naturally carved rock formations and little islands. The beach is about 400 metres long and 40 to 50 wide. It is surrounded by tourist residential areas and there are many restaurants on the beach, supermarkets and souvenir shops close, and you can practice many water sports in the beautiful blue waters. This beach has the ISO 1400 Certificate, a Spanish Ambient certificate given for cleanliness and good caring for the beach and its surroundings.

Pou d’es Lleó is a personal favourite from my childhood. It offers a view into a not that far away past of Ibiza’s fishing community. It is ideal for enjoying a little tranquil paradise hidden between rocks and shaded by pine trees. A small sand patch with many rocks, Pou d’es Lleó is only 60 metres long and 12 metres wide. But if you like snorkelling, you can’t pass the opportunity of exploring the surrounding waters and small caves around the rock walls that enclose the bay. You won’t regret it.

Cala BoixCala-Boix-NT-070714 is one of those unique places that only fit in on Ibiza. Not recommended to anyone who doesn’t like stairs! But the view from the top and the restaurants are still worth the drive, even if you decide not to descend the very long steep stairway, the only way to access this 100 metre long 15 metre wide piece of Heaven. But don’t panic, you can have a drink and a bite without having to go up the steps, I remember when you couldn’t!

Another beautiful snorkeller’s paradise is the small beach of Cala Mastella, with only 60 metres in length and 15 in width, you can enjoy the shallow waters or lay on the soft fine natural sand toasting in the sun. There is a nice restaurant on the beach, just in case you got hungry or wanted to grab an ice-cream.

Cala-Llenya-NT-Andrea-Serrau-080714Less than fifteen minutes walk from my front door (How lucky am I?) you can find the turquoise waters that bathe Cala Llenya. This typical ibizan bay can be accessed by a road on one side or following the sea and up close to fifty steps from which the view is incredible. 200 metres long and 110 metres wide, it is perfect for people searching for a clean calm beach to relax.




Cala Nova is a fine golden sand beach surrounded by a dense wood of junipers. Known for it’s strong water currents and winds from the east, I recommend you check the flags signing for danger. In any case, this south east oriented 250 metre long beach brings back many great childhood memories and is another recommended must-see.

The Es Canar Es-Canar-NT-070714beach is right is the heart of the town and bordered by all types of restaurants. Souvenirs and other types of services are in walking distance. This 350 metre long beach also has the ISO 14001 Certificate, ensuring you enjoy its fine clear sands and maybe practice some water sport, sunbathe on one of the hammocks and contemplate the view of the two islands.

Following down the coast, and passing the well known Punta Arabí Hippy Market, you come to Cala Martina. This natural toasted sand beach is 200 metres long and great for windsurfing. It has two very well known restaurants which make very good paellas. It’s shallow waters and underwater gardens are another recommendation for snorkellers, a personal favourite of mine was to snorkel round the coast to reach the next beach.

I used to come out the water from my snorkelling on to S’Argamassa beach, only 50 metres long, it offers a great variety of water sports in a beautiful surrounding. As a tourist residential area, you can enjoy many services close to the beach.

Very close by there is another family tourist area, Cala Pada.Cala Pada NT 100914 This 200 metre long beach has white natural sands and is surrounded by pine trees, great for people that like me need somewhere to escape the burning sun. This beach also offers many water sports and other water related entertainments.

A short drive further down the coast, turning left off the Santa Eulalia to Es Canar road, you come to a 100 metre long beach called Niu Blau – Blue Nest – has white fine natural sands and is flanked by pine trees and vegetation. It’s major characteristic is that a torrent reaches the sea at this beach. It also offers many water related entertainments.

In the centre of town surrounded by a beautiful promenade you find the Santa Eulalia beachSanta-Eulalia-Beach-NT-070714. 300 metres long and of clear fine sands, it offers all kind of services. It offers the restaurants placed around it great terrace views. It also has the ISO 14001 Certificate.

If you walk down the Santa Eulalia promenade, after a beautiful fountain, you come to the beach of the river of Santa Eulalia, or more commonly known between the locals as Bocarío. It is 400 metres long and ends at the river mouth. Split in two by a rock formation, it has clear fine sands and river gravel towards the end. Another beautiful spot for snorkelling and also for water sports.

Just before Cala Llonga, we come to a little piece of hidden paradise, the Caló de S’Alga Es-Caló-de-S'alga-NT-070714– the Seaweed Small Bay. Great for snorkelling or sunbathing on it’s soft toasted colour sands. With a length of 110 metres, it offers a beautiful view of the bay Cala Llonga.




The Cala LlongaCala-Llonga-NT-070714 Beach is in the centre of a deep thin bay surrounded by hills full of pine trees. A growing residential area, it offers all kinds of services on and around the beach. Cala Llonga is another of the Santa Eulalia beaches that has the ISO 14001 Certificate. Being 100 metres wide it is one of the widest beaches on the island, but only 200 metres long. Its natural white fine sand is great for sunbathing and great for children to build sand castles, I know for a fact.

And we arrive at beach seventeen at last. On the road from Roca Llisa to Jesus you find S’Estanyol, an ideal bay for those who like to walk, as you have to go through a path in the middle of the vegetation to get to it. But when you get there, this 70 metre-long rocky beach gives you a crystal clear sea snorkel or swim and a tranquillity that makes the difficult access a blessing keeping away most tourists.



ibiza sun 751 20-21


World of Sport

Mediterranean Grand Prix 2014

Nicole Torressimon-palfrader

More than 300,000 viewers witnessed this weekend the Mediterranean Grand Prix 2014, which was held at Platja d’en Bossa. Ibiza has hosted a global Class-1 test circuit, the pinnacle of outboard motorboats, an event of great magnitude and unprecedented in sports history in Baleares and Spain. The third round of the World Aquabike jet skis competition was held jointly.

The first day was dedicated to training in both disciplines and qualifying rounds in the jet-ski, it was also marked by changes in the competition program and a significant delay in schedules caused, apparently, because two private pleasure boats invaded the racecourse. The tests could not begin until the area is not completely assured.

Victory Team gave their rivals no chance and claimed victory in both tests of the Class 1 Grand Prix.

vittorio-ubertoneFendi Racing were unable to start on Sunday due to mechanical problems, so the Italian brand was left without both motorboats. Team Abu Dhabi was also forced to leave the competition because on a curve of the first round ended up face down so the race had to be stopped and restarted.

In Aquabike, the Frenchman Teddy Pons won the two races held at the Ibiza Grand Prix becoming the leader of the Aqua Bike World Championships in GP1 Runabout category.

In FreeStyle, Croatian brothers Rok and Nac Florjancic took first and second place, respectively, leading to the classification of the global competition.

Sky Division GP1 mode left a clear winner, Chris MacClugage. In the category Sky Ladies GP1 the Spaniard Sandra Fernández Rodríguez was proclaimed champion.


Monza 2014

Rhian Gibbs

Mercedes once again took the limelight at Monza for a number of reasons. The first time 6 Mercedes powered cars have blocked the start of the grid for decades, Massa and Bottas in some emphatic driving (Bottas is making his mark as a future champion) and the Rosberg error which has been dubbed as a possible conspiracy.

Hamilton started pole with Rosberg second, however Hamilton had electrical problems from the start which meant he dropped places immediately. Rosberg had a great start and took the lead, seemingly looked to pull away. With Hamilton’s issues fixed, he was like a man possessed chasing down the German; it could have been a battle to the finish but an unusual error from Rosberg saw Hamilton take the lead and pull away to take pole. Rosberg was not unhappy finishing 2nd.stefano-rellandini

Massa had a great start, and race itself, but couldn’t match the pace of the Mercedes and crossed the line 3rd, his first podium finish for Williams. His teammate Bottas showed incredible determination and focus, he made more overtakes than any man on the track with such ease took a well-deserved 4th place.

Redbull had a steady race, but perhaps Vettel will be questioning the early tyre change which meant he was unable to hold off Bottas and then his own teammate Ricciardo in the later stages of the race. 5th for Ricciardo and Vettel, 6th.

Throughout the race there was a fantastic on-going battle between Force India’s Perez and Buttons McLaren, will wheel to wheel action and Perez struggling to maintain his tyres; he took 7th place whilst Button settled for 8th.

Ferrari had a bad day after Alonso retired due to ERS failure – his first mechanical retirement since 2010 and Raikkonen could only muster 9th after a 5 second penalty for Magnusson of McLaren was added post-race. Magnusson (10th) had made a brilliant start for McLaren but was given a questionable 5 second penalty for squeezing Bottas off the track, post-race neither driver are sure this was a fair outcome.

Kvyat for Toro Rosso had a great drive starting from 21st and finishing 11th despite having a near miss late in the race after suffering brake disc failure, Vergne however could only manage 13th after struggling with his car. Hulkenberg for Force India also struggled with his car and separated the two Toro Rosso’s in 12th place.

Lotus had both cars cross the line for only the fifth time this year with Maldonado 14th and Grosjean 16th, Sauber’s Sutil slotting between them in 15th in his usual feisty way. Gutierrez couldn’t advance on 19th as he clipped a Lotus wing puncturing his tyre (not dissimilar to the Mercedes incident of Spa), he was given a 5 second post-race penalty and his final classification 20th. Kobayashi did well to beat the Marussia fair and square taking 17th for Caterham leaving Bianchi 18th. Ericcson of Caterham had an uneventful race finishing 20th but gaining a place due to the penalty applied to Gutierrez. Unfortunately for Chilton of Marussia, he took the second Chicane badly and launched himself into the gravel trap early on, later apologising for the mistake.


Jezza´S Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Hi, there, Sports fans. I have recently been informed by one of my regular readers that my report is becoming too predictable, so I’m going to have to think of ways of sprucing it up— bear with me for this week, Jon!

Let’s start with the good news for us Brits as on the Cricket front, the Red Rose at last actually won an ODI match, the final one of the Series against India. Having lost the series already, they at least proved that they can play the one day game if they put their minds to it, and, led brilliantly by Root’s century, they gained some pride to at least not suffer a whitewash, losing 3-1. However, they did follow this up on Sunday with a brilliant T20 win in a one-off match against the same opponents, the finale of the Indians summer tour. Morgan, England’s T20 skipper, instigated the win with a brilliant 70 odd off 32 balls, including 7 sixes, so the summer internationals ended with England winning the Test and T20 Series, but losing the ODI’s. Whilst on the subject of willow and leather, congrats to Charlotte Edwards and her England women as they go from strength to strength, this time as they beat South Africa to win their T20 Series 3-0.

In Golf, great news for Englishman Graham Storm at the European Masters in Switzerland, as although he lost in a play-off having led at the start of the 4th day, he scored a hole-in-one to win a brand new BMW 8i sports car, worth around ₤100,000 + which is a result considering he had only won ₤65,000 on the course all year! Not so good news for World No 1 McIlroy as he 4 putted in the final round of the BMW Championship in Colorado, but still ended up in the top 5 with a chance to win the 10million Dollar FedEx challenge in the final tournament next week. Good news for the European Ryder Cup team as Garcia also continued his good form, coming equal third. As for the final 3 picks for Europe team Captain McGinley, he obviously reads our paper as he went with my prediction of omitting Donald, and opting for Westwood, Poulter and Gallacher, as per my forecast last week!

On the Footie side, last week England played their first match since the debacle of the World Cup, a friendly against Norway at a less than half full Wembley (now there’s a surprise!) and at least won the game with a Rooney penalty. Having said that, it was pretty dismal, as you have to bear in mind that Norway have only won one match from their last 10, and that was against the minnows of Moldova. The real business starts tonight, as Our Woy’s team are in Switzerland, with the start of their qualifying campaign for Euro 2016, and face a team who made the World Cup Quarters, so a minimum of un point is required, but 3 would be even better. Our Brit cousins, Scotland, faced a harder task yesterday as they took on World Champs Germany away, and although losing 2-1, showed a lot more mettle under new manager Strachan, which bodes well for their campaign. Better news for Northern Ireland, as they caused a bit of a shock with a win in Hungary, their first away win for many a year. Cousins Ireland also won, 2-1 in Georgia, with a brace from McGeady and as for Wales, they play the minnows of Andorra on Tuesday. Talking Euro 2016, biggest surprise must be Albania’s win in Portugal, a real shock to the system for still one of the big boys of the Euro scene.

Moving on to Tennis, and two huge shocks at the US Open in NY, as the No 1 and 2 seeds were both beaten in the Men’s Semis to secure an unlikely duo in the Final tonight; first to go was World No 1 Djokovic, beaten 4 sets to 1 by Japanese Kei Nishikori, who became the first Asian man to make a Major Final and then, the great Roger Federer was beaten by Croatian Marin Cilic, the No 14 seed, in straight sets.

Interesting fact as well here, as this is the first Major final since 2005, that none of the “Big 4” of Djokovic, Nadal, Federer or Murray has not been involved, so one has to ask the question, is this the start of the new breed of young mens tennis players coming through. In the Women’s Final, as expected, World No 1 Serena Williams claimed her third consecutive US Open title and her 18th major, equalling Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert’s records, as she brushed aside Dane Caroline Wozniacki, McIlroy’s ex, in straight sets. She also joined Evert in claiming her 6th US Open and became the first woman to win 3 in a row since Evert in ’75-’78!

In Rugby Union, the new season of the domestic Premiership started over the w/end, and there were wins for Saracens, Bath, Exeter, Leicester, Harlequins and Northampton, whilst in League, with one match to play, St Helens will win the Shield if they beat Huddersfield at the w/end. However, the play-off teams are already confirmed, being the League’s top 8 of Saints, Castleford, Wigan, Warrington, Huddersfield, Leeds, Catalans and Widnes.

That’s it for this week, sports fans, the Premier League’s back at the weekend and let’s hope England got off to a great start on Monday! Have a good ‘un.


FIBA World Cup

Nicole Torres

The elimination round is now set after the final day of pool play, here are the latest group results.

  • Group A

Brazil 128, Egypt 65: The win guarantees a top-two finish in the group for the Brazilians, who have bounced back quite nicely from their poor showing at the FIBA Americas last year. Brazil will be facing Serbia in the quarter finals.

France 81, Iran 76: Iranians jumped out to a stunning double-digit lead at the beginning and seemed poised to improbably advance and put France at risk of going home. But France ultimately responded with a devastating run in the second and third quarters, then held off one last Iranian rally to hold on for the victory.

Gasol-fiba-nt-090914-2Spain 89, Serbia 73: Pau Gasol scored 20, Juan Carlos Navarro added 15 points and Spain finished group play undefeated. Spain will face France in the last quarter final game.

  • Group B

Philippines 81, Senegal 79: The Andray Blatche-led Philippines finally gets a victory by topping Gorgui Dieng and Senegal in overtime. Senegal advances even with the loss thanks to Puerto Rico’s defeat on Thursday.

Croatia 103, Puerto Rico 82: A blow-out from the beginning as Croatia grabbed a 12-point lead after the first quarter and expanded it to 27 by the beginning of the final period.

Greece 79, Argentina 71: Greece completed its undefeated run in Group B with an exclamation mark against a once-proud Argentinian team. Greece now faces Sebria in the next round. Argentina will face Brazil.

  • Group C

USA 95, Ukraine 71: Another poor start makes way for a blow-out finish as USA finishes the group stage unbeaten. Ukraine actually led, 19-14, after the first quarter, but the Americans settled in from there to take a comfortable halftime lead before putting the game away in the second half. There was an injury scare for the Cavs star, but luckily it appears to be nothing serious. USA will be facing Slovenia in the quarter finals.

New Zealand 67, Finland 65: A massive rally by Finland in the final quarter fell just short as Petteri Koponen was unable to capitalize on some last-second opportunities. Neither team played well offensively, but New Zealand won the battle on the boards and made just enough three-pointers to hold on.

Turkey 77, Dominican Republic 64: Turkey finishes with the second seed in Group C with the victory, setting a match up with Australia that the Aussies wanted.

  • Group D

Angola 91, Australia 83: A controversial loss in the final game of the group stage by the Australians, whoor may not have been tanking the gameorder to avoid a match up against USA in the quarterfinals.

Lithuania 67, Slovenia 64: Lithuania outscored Slovenia 12-2 in the fourth quarter to steal a victory and claim the top seed in Group D ahead of the knockout round. Lithuania will face Turkey in the quarters

Mexico 87, Korea 71: Five players scored in double figures for Mexico in what proved to be a decisive victory. Korea hung around early on, but Mexico slowly built its lead and finished the game off in the fourth quarter.



ibiza sun 751 22-23

TAROTscope 11th —17th September 14.

By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Ten of Swords
If your energy levels are at an all-time low, take steps to redress that now. Rest and recuperation is necessary if you’re to give your best, not only to yourself but you nearest and dearest. Mentally, you need a break from others problems. You’re a cheerful person who’s fun to have around, which is why you get emotionally dumped on.

TAURUS – Seven of Swords
You’ve a big heart and are kinder to others than you are to yourself at times, therefore some might try to take advantage of you this week. Sleep with one eye open and watch that others don’t attempt to steal your ideas as you attract jealousy though you success. If you are battling with officialdom, expect a few frustrating moments.

GEMINI – Six of Disks
You’re rewarded for past efforts by an act of appreciation or monetary gain from the boss. Continue to throw your energy into tasks as further rewards are coming. If you’re expecting some kind of promotion, or success in a job interview, it all looks good. Loved ones and associates are likely to be generous if you need some financial help.

CANCER – Ten of Wands
You’re overloaded and about to explode so why take so much on? Find someone you’re able to delegate the small stuff to. If your thoughts are chaotic you need this week to give yourself time out. Yes, you do have much to do, but it will get done. Being less muddled gets better results. Seriously, take time to chill out.

LEO – Nine of Disks
You gain financially though important relationships and new projects could prove very profitable as well; so keep an open mind on what you’re offered this week. Issues around diet also preoccupy your thoughts, you’re caught up with either gaining or losing weight this week; you’re very body conscious. Financially, speculate to accumulate should be your mantra; it’ll be worth it!

VIRGO – Six of Swords
If a relationship or business partnership did not work out the way you wanted, don’t waste time mulling over what might have been. It’s time cut free from troublesome entanglements this week and look towards new opportunities; personally or professionally. It can be scary to move away from what’s familiar however; you’ll soon see that events happen for a reason.

LIBRA – Transformation
A week of endings and beginnings; as doors closes, others will open. You’ll not be afraid to cut loose from ties that are toxic or destructive; this clear out will be very through indeed. We’re not just talking about household items, clothes or shoes; you’re pruning away people or situations that no longer serve the new life journey you’re on.

SCORPIO – The Devil
The Devil backwards spells lived, and this week the universe gives permission for you to live it up without being irresponsible and throw caution to the wind without being foolhardy. However, keep it balanced and don’t make the material side of life your God/Goddess. Keep a sense of humour and don’t worry too much about what others say.

This is a great week for getting along with just about anyone and your love life is looking good too! The Lovers card also presents us with choices; between two people, two jobs, two career options, two…well; you get the picture. You are being asked to choose from your heart, so connect with your feelings and make decisions intuitively.

This card indicates success and new beginnings. You’ve realised that a situation (career-wise or personally), holds little magic and you’re not afraid to start again. Sometimes the gap between who we are and who we want to be may seem huge. However, take this opportunity to discover what truly makes you happy and apply your talents to make it so!

AQUARIUS – Eight of Swords
If you feel hemmed in by circumstances and want to make important changes in career or a living environment, meditate on the situation and relax. Situations will soon change and you won’t feel so stressed out. Loved ones or close associates need to take a more proactive and responsible role and not leave everything for you to sort out.

PISCES – Eight of Wands
It’s a great week to expand a business idea and to talk to a select few about the exciting new opportunities coming your way. If you need investors; you’ll offer convincing arguments as to why they should jump on your bandwagon. You’re confident and that’s infectious! If you’re a creative type; others will be impressed by your talent.


ibiza sun 751 24

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