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The Ibizan 852 December 2016

  • Some Christmas Things, Some Interesting Things, Some Statistical Things & Some Newspaper Things.
  • Santa’s Sleigh Seen in Sky over Salinas – you heard it here first,
  • 12 Pages of Christmas Ibiza style, plus Christmas Club, the island keeps dancing all year long, plus Shebizan, Amanda’s ultimate fashionista gift guide:
  • True Love, we find it with Mikki Funk:
  • In News, Budgets, Ibiza prioritise public transport and Spain goes for black money: Balearics have Spain’s highest Gender violence: Tourism, Official Frontur figures show 12.6% increase in 2016 plus IMS 10 and Cruise Clubbing:
  • Flaherty’s, proper fish and chips in Ibiza:
  • Property, Return of the 100% Mortgage and Bubble warnings, the real cost of property in Ibiza:
  • Ramon Llull, Philosopher, Logician, Franciscan Tertiary, Writer & Balearian:
  • Community, Elaine is back with Tarotscope, Kate helps the people, Sabina helps the dogs:
  • Plus 3 pages of Sport and something for everyone about everything in the Ibizan.
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