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Ambassador Goes West

British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley visits San Antonio and West End

The mayor of San Antonio, Pepita Gutierrez, today received the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, in what was the first official visit of the Ambassador to Ibiza. The reception was also attended by the deputy mayor, José Antonio Verdugo, Vicent Costa ‘Maymó’ and Vicent Ribas, the British consul in the Balearics, Andrew Gwatkin, and the British vice-consul in Ibiza , Sharon Hodges. During the meeting, the mayor Pepita Gutierrez asked for the British authorities to “work closely to carry out campaigns in enhancing the positive image of the town” with Ambassador Manley giving assurances the consulate and embassy would do so. Manley went on to thank the work undertaken by all Spanish authorities in relation to British subjects who spend the summer in Portmany, and specifically thanked the work of “the City of San Antonio, the police, the National Police and Civil Guard. “I encourage all British who come here to enjoy the town, the beaches and all the beautiful places there are in San Antonio and Ibiza. San Antonio is recommend as a good place for a holiday,” concluded Manley. There had been no previous announcement of the official visit which was followed by an early evening walk about tour of San Antonio West End where the Ambassador chatted to workers and tourists. The visit comes shortly after the much publicised problems reported last week around the consulate’s participation in the aborted safety publicity campaign. That is if you had the correctly printed edition of the newspaper (see page 16). The visit prompted a greatly increased police presence in town and the activity of the Guardia Civil combined with a helicopter operations around the town and bay of San Antonio sweeping beaches with high power searchlights resulted in considerable speculation as to the reasons behind the police activity. The helicopter operation was said to be part of an operation where the Guardia Civil will call upon some 60 police Corps in detecting crime on the beaches and paseos of San Antonio. Names operation Summer 2014, the Police have strengthened reserve units, complete with a helicopter equipped with appropriate technical means for night surveillance. They are flying over urban and beach areas of San Antonio where tourists are often subject to theft late at night. The Guardia plans to conduct further operations of this kind throughout the summer. The helicopter operation was apparently unconnected to the Ambassador’s visit though many have pointed towards the coincidence of it’s first flight coinciding with this important official arriving in the island. Whatever the reasons behind the timing, the initiative has to be seen as a positive move towards fighting the late night beach crime as we highlighted in last week’s report.

Claim of Mayor’s Secret Deal.

The Socialist opposition in San Antonio claimed last week that they have information that suggests that the PP Conservative Mayor, Pepita Gutiérrez, agreed to a secret deal with some bar owners in the West End entertainment area of the town. The deal supposedly allows the bars to stay open more time than the borough by laws stipulate with most closing at 5,30am instead of 5am. This correlates with information received directly by the Ibizan from business owners in the West End, but members of the West End bars association have denied any underhand activity. We have been told by bars that do not wish to be named for fear of bureaucratic reprisal by the Town Hall, that they have been approached with the offer of a deal whereby a ’blind eye’ would be turned to their opening longer hours in exchange for their financial contribution to the pop-up medical centre that has been established at the top of the West End’s main drag. The key opponents of the reduced opening hours in the West End Association have stated that there is no such arrangement, and that the medical centre has been openly funded by members of the West End Bar owners association who should be applauded for taking such a positive initiative in assisting to ease the burden caused by drunken tourists on the main San Antonio medical centre. In their public statement reported in the Spanish press the socialists opposition also claim that, though thirty five establishments have been officially reported for staying open too late, these police reports will never turn into fines or closures as the Town Hall will not process them before the legal time limit for action expires or they will just be kept on file.

Tricky one this. We have been told by respected business owners that they have been approached in terms that are basically corrupt, and also by equally well respected business owners—who have no reason whatsoever to support the administration that brought in the regulations in the first place, that no such coercion exists. The opposition party have claimed there is a secret deal, but have given no details as to what the ’deal’ is. Perhaps we should concentrate on the good news that some bars are able to again open for the hours permissible until 2013 changes were brought into force. Those changes in regulation were seen as incomprehensible and illogical by many—including this newspaper which supports the business leaders’ endeavours to overturn the new laws and revert to the previous hours, to the benefit of businesses, workers, tourists and residents—BUT– if these claims of an under the table deal are true, in whatever form it has taken and whether it applies to financial payments or not, this is not the way to do it. If the administration has reconsidered it’s position and wishes to revert to the old hours it should do so, not leave the old laws in place and not enforce them. This position will inevitably lead to misinterpretation and accusations of wrongdoing. Whatever is happening in the corridors of power there are several pieces of good news. The pop-up medical centre is a great project. The West End association should be applauded for funding the centre. The late night police beach sweeps are another very good thing. Any initiative to combat crime against people at their most vulnerable must be welcomed (though perhaps not if you are trying to sleep around the patrolled areas if today’s social media posts are anything to go by. The Ambassadorial visit to Ibiza is another positive step. If we interpreted the Town Hall’s Spanish press release correctly today it is the first visit by the British Government’s most senior representative to Spain and hopefully this means we are on the radar of those who can make a difference. It would be a shame if the visit was only in response to recent problems, but even if it were it would at least show they had been taken very seriously.

Language Integration In Schools.

The controversial plan to teach children on the islands in three languages, Castilian Spanish, Catalan and English, which started last school year, is going ahead in the new term. The schools have until the 1st September to present the educational authorities with a plan of how they intend to apply the three language policy. Those schools that miss the deadline will be given a plan designed for them by the Balearic Government educational authorities. This announcement caused a stir amongst the teachers unions who were hoping for more dialogue and less imposition over how to implement the three language teaching plan if industrial action is to be avoided. Last year the start of the academic year was badly disrupted by teachers actions over this issue.

Game Of Thrones Fraud.

Four people were detained in Ibiza by police this week for advertising that they were casting for the Game of Thrones program on an unofficial web site. The site included a number to call to get a chance to be part of the production now filming in Seville. Allegedly raking in 100,000€ by holding callers for at least six minutes on an a high rate telephone line and then only giving them the correct e-mail to contact for the program, two of those detained were responsible for the administration of the web and the other two for setting up the phone lines. It is believed that at least 10€ was made per call and fortunately the police have impounded some of the money made by the gang so it can be claimed back by those who fell foul to this hoax.

Possible Suicide.

Stating that it was not a case of Balconing (fun jumping from hotel balconies by tourists), the emergency services reported the death of a young woman in San Antonio who fell from the 3rd floor of a building. The authorities are treating the case as possible suicide.

Fifteen Pirate Taxis Impounded In One Night.

Simultaneous action by police in all the boroughs of the island led to two hundred and thirteen cars being checked one night this week. Of the cars stopped, fifteen were impounded for being pirate taxis offering illegal taxi services to tourists. The legal taxi drivers are happy about the action been taken by the authorities to solve this problem but already there are concerns about new internet based Apps, like UBER, possibly starting to operate on the island and offering taxi services.

Owner Of DC 10 Mugged.

Carrying a bag containing lots of cash, the owner of DC 10 club was mugged by two black men as he entered an underground car park to get his car in Ibiza Town at 4am. Though the owner resisted, the attackers were said to be heavily built and used violence to eventually make off with the cash leaving the owner of DC 10 injured but still able to report the incident to the police. Seemingly, so far there are no signs of the thieves and not much information from the police about the incident. It is thought that the thieves may have planned the robbery after watching the daily movements of this local businessman and working out when he would be carrying lots of cash.

100,000€ Stolen in Raid.

The Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil is investigating a spectacular robbery that occurred on the night of Sunday to Monday in a villa in the area of Can Pep Simo, in the town of Santa Eulalia, where the thieves got booty exceeding one hundred thousand euros, including cash, jewellery and electronics. The chalet is rented to a group of young Spaniards, when they returned to the place, at about midnight, they saw what had happened and alerted the Guardia Civil. The thieves burst the safe in the house, in which, according to the complaint filed by the young tourists, there were 30,000€ in cash, a Rolex watch valued at 40,000€ and other jewellery. In addition, several computers and other electronic equipment were also taken.

Surgeons Waiting List.

There are 998 people waiting in Ibiza and Formentera for surgery at the local hospital. This is 37% less than at the same time last year. Of those waiting, four are very urgent cases, one hundred and thirty five are urgent and the rest are able to wait for their surgery without too much inconvenience.

Crime Down.

Crime statistics have fallen by nearly 7% throughout the Baleares in the first six months of the year when compared to 2013. There have been a total of 29,323 crime incidents of which 8 have been murders and is the same figure as last year. Worrying is the fact that 3 of these deaths were from domestic violence and that, in general, the amount of domestic violence reported to the police is rising whilst other types of crime are falling.

Apartment Occupation Up.

Tourists staying in legally registered tourist apartments has increased to 79,593 people this June, which is 15,6% increase on last year. There are just over 30,000 beds available in legally registered tourist apartments and these are mainly the option preferred by foreign visitors rather than Spanish Tourists.

Jellyfish-NT-050814-Credit-GreenpeaceJelly Fish.

Costing 2,30 million €, the EU is funding a study of jelly fish throughout the med. Cala Jondal is the only point in Spain incorporated in the study which will see special Italian made nets stretched across the bay to stop jelly fish reaching the beach and enabling scientists to study examples. The study will evaluate the usefulness of the nets in stopping the jelly fish from reaching the public bathing areas and also research into the perceived increase of the jelly fish population, which many believe is due to over fishing and other human activity. There is also now an App available to warn tourists of the presence of jelly fish. This App was developed as part of another EU project and is called Medjelly. It warns of the presence of jelly fish at certain beaches, identifies the type and tells you how to treat stings. In Ibiza this App works at the Talamanca beach, Ses Figueretes and Playa den Bossa. The App will also send a picture of the jelly fish that stung you to the scientists involved in studying this problem. Bet that makes you feel better if you get stung!

Dog Poo Brigade.

Under the banner San Antonio Limpio (A Clean San Antonio), this summer nineteen people have been taken off the dole and employed by the Town Hall in San Antonio to help improve the cleaning of the town as well as the maintenance of public spaces and gardens. Two of these new Council workers are leasing with the police and advising dog owners about municipal by laws if they detect people allowing their animals to pooh in public areas and not pick it up. Reportedly, this has resulted in one hundred police actions been taken against dog owners so far. The work of the brigade has also led to one hundred and five actions by the authorities against people illegally dumping waste material in public areas.

Employment The Highest For A Decade.

With 70,448 persons officially employed on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera this June, the authorities were happy to report that this is the best figure for June for over 10 years. The only question mark now appears to be over the quality of the jobs being created and the contracts being offered to potential workers when compared to 10 years ago.

Shabú Trafficking.

A young Philippine woman was detained as she arrived at Ibiza airport this week for being in possession of the highly dangerous drug Shabú (shaboo, meth, crystal, ice or glass in English). The woman had been tracked from Madrid by police and at the time of her arrest claimed that she didn’t know that she was carrying 12 grams of the drug. Shabú is a meta-amphetamine which can keep people awake and hallucinating for three days but can produce life endangering side effects. It is the first time that the authorities have detected the drug being brought to Ibiza even though it is widely used in Asia and America. Made in Africa and distributed by human camels, it can fetch 500 € a gram and is cut into 3€ doses making it an accessible to drug users of a lower economic status and gives them an effect like cocaine. In the Second World War the Japanese army gave it to their Kamikaze pilots before going on a mission!

The Political Rif Raf Goes On In Ibiza Town.

Apparently, after criticising Nacho Rodrigo, one of the two PREF councillors on the Ibiza Town council which they need to govern, it now appears that the PP Conservatives, led by Virginia Mari, will have to govern in minority or go into opposition. Virginia has still not been voted as Mayor of the Town and it looks more and more unlikely that she will. The problem appears to be some allegedly sexist comments made by Nacho Rodrigo in private Whatsapp messages, which were published in one of the local papers. This has led to the PP declaring that they will not govern in conjunction with the PREF and calling for the Councillor in question to resign. It seems that this is not going to happen and Nacho will remain on the council having apologised for his messages. He has resigned his position as director of human resources on the town council. Supposedly, the PREF are even thinking of their other councillor, Myriam Valladolid, as Mayor. By electoral law, she is the next in line on the electoral list who could be proposed as Mayor rather than standing aside and allowing the PP to present Virginia Mari who was number fourteen on the list. If this happens, the PREF would have to govern with the support of the Socialists and ex PP Conservatives who are still on the council. Most political commentators apparently believe that this is an unlikely scenario! What is sure is that Ibiza Town needs someone to run the Town Hall until the next election in ten months time and the present situation looks to be very unstable. At the moment the Deputy Mayor, PP Councillor Juan Daura is trying to keep everything functioning as it should. Not an easy job!


A 42 year old local man was injured when he collided with a car whilst driving his moped in the centre of Ibiza. The man suffered a fractured ankle and thigh bone. Another 18 year old motorcyclist was knocked from her machine by a passing car on the Sant Mateu country lane. The girl was admitted to hospital for treatment for internal injuries. In San Antonio, a young Spanish girl needed treatment to her left hand and arm after being run over by a car on the Avenida Dr Flemming around midnight. Also this week a driver was stopped late at night in the centre of Ibiza after driving into parked cars. He was found to have three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. A woman driver was badly injured when she drove her car into a palm tree on the road to Ses Salinas beach. It took 1 hour 30 minutes to treat the woman and clear the wreckage, including the palm tree that had broken in two. As the unexplained accident occurred when it was the time people were leaving the beach, this caused major traffic jams in the area.

Can Lola Party Carry On.

Police called by neighbours complaining about a party at the villa known as Can Lola in Es Cubells managed to get the music turned down but the party carried on. Frustrated neighbours claimed cars were parked everywhere blocking access to their homes and that people were paying for wrist bands to enter the event which they claimed showed all the trappings of been commercial rather than a private party. The owner of the villa has apparently just come out of prison after serving a sentence for tax fraud and she has a long on going dispute with the Sant Josep Town Hall over the legality of the building work she has carried out at Can Lola. In the past she has allegedly broken official police cordons stopping access to the property.

Ravine Rescue.

A 13 year old French boy was rescued by the emergency services from a ravine after he became stuck whilst exploring the rocky coast between Es Figueral and S’Aigua Blanca. When the boy was returned to his hotel, the parents apparently had a huge shock because they didn’t even know he was missing! Only 60 minutes later the same emergency rescue crew attended another incident where a 3 year old girl locked herself in the toilet of a hotel in the Pou de Leo area of the island. The rescuers made a hole in the door to be able to access the inside lock and free the trapped little lady. Later in the week another man fell into a ravine near Cala D’Hort as he was on his way to the pirate tower in the area. Though very nervous and anxious, the 33 year old South American called the emergency services to come and rescue him from his own phone. Lucky he had a connection in this remote spot!

Scuba Diver Injured.

A zodiac launch ran over a 37 year local scuba diver who was diving in the sea between Ibiza and Roca Llisa. The diver was badly injured by the propellers of the boat which allegedly didn’t stop when the accident occurred. A diving school support vessel in the area saw the diver floating in the water and rescued the badly injured man. They gave him first aid and oxygen until reaching the port of Ibiza where an ambulance took him to hospital for emergency operations and he is now in intensive care. The rescuers said that the diver had marked the area he was diving in with a buoy which was how legally boats are warned not to come within 50 metres of the dive zone. The Guardia Civil detained the crew and the zodiac and are investigating this dangerous incident. Some local press reported that the crew of the zodiac had claimed that they sailed on after the accident in an attempt to get help for the diver from nearby Cala Olivera.

Heart Stops In Bathing Incident.

Around 10am a 66 year old local woman suffered a heart attack when she got into difficulties bathing in the sea in front of Nassau Beach bar in Playa de Bossa. Beach guards pulled her from the sea and gave her emergency treatment for twenty minutes before an ambulance took her to hospital. The woman was admitted to intensive care where, despite all the attempts by the medical staff to revive her, she died six days later.

Italian Tourist Dies Of Cardiac Arrest At Private Party.

A 33 year old Italian tourist was pronounced dead by the emergency services at 5,30am on Sunday when he suffered a cardiac arrest whilst attending a private party at a villa on the outskirts of San Antonio. Thirty people were attending the party and they tried to help the victim but to no avail. As there were no signs of violence or other obvious symptoms, an autopsy is to be carried out to try and discover the reasons why the man suffered this fatal cardiac arrest.

Unconscious After Balcony Fall.

A 23 year old Spanish man was taken unconscious to hospital with head injuries after falling from a second floor balcony of some apartments in the centre of the town.

High and Dry.

In the early hours of the morning a rented launch ran aground on the small island of Castavi near Formentera. Left completely high and dry the hire company is making salvage plans to remove the boat from the rocks.

Only in Ibiza…

Clunk, Clip, Every Trip.

The local police in Sant Josep have reported the driver of a van for reckless driving for allowing the six passengers in the back to have sex while driving. Police also denounced the six passengers for not using their seatbelts.

Island Life


Amae Collective Exhibition.Amae-Vicente-Torres-Nt-280714

During the past two weeks, the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia has held the Amae Collective Exhibition, with fifty Ibizan artists presenting paintings and sculptures. I have to admit to being very proud as one of these artists, Vicente Torres, is my uncle! Who had one of the biggest sculptures of the exhibit. The inauguration party started at 8.30pm last Friday 18th of July and by 9.30 the three rooms were full of people wondering around with champagne glasses. Amae-Josefina-Torres-Riera-NT-280714There were many beautiful paintings and sculptures of all shapes and sizes. I have to say I was especially caught by Ana Jakimow’s painting, which for me captured the essence of the spiritual Ibiza. I just loved Gustavo Eznarriaga’s mushrooms sculpture. I had a lovely conversation with Josefina Torres about her three piece painting – white like the Ibiza pages houses, blue for our sea and the cord in the middle are the roots that attach us to the island. Vicente Torres’ (uncle) huge multipart/multicoloured sculpture consisting of a huge peg-top and an “army” of tiny multicoloured figurines he made and painted individually. amae-Gustavo-Exnarriaga-NT-280714Adrian Ribas’ sculpture amazed me for the use of very Ibicenco colours – brown and white – plus fantastic gnome-like heads. Antonia Martin’s oil painting of a flamenco dancer seemed she wanted to dance off the canvas into the room. Antonio Mendoza’s combination of blues on a split canvas was intriguing. Elvira Escandell’s children’s painting felt like a shout of protest coming from the wall. Fausto Amae-NT-040814Morin’s visual music only needs one word “Bravo”! Irelva’s abstract painting of Es Vedrá needs an article of itself. And Julia Merino’s sailboats could hang from any sea-lover’s wall. Manuel Fuentes’ exhibited a lovely flower painting. And Martin Traverso’s chain painting exhumed simplicity and strength. I apologise to those artists not mentioned in this article, but there were fifty of you.

Many of the artists that exhibited in the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia will be exhibiting in small groups at Sa Drassaneta in Ibiza, until the 17th from 8pm to 23pm.

Echarri at Espacio Micus.

The work and personality of the artist Isabel Echarri (Vera deEspacio-Micus-NT-040814 Bidasoa, 1929), whom since the 60s lives halfway between Formentera and Paris, could be defined as creative, imaginative, productive, charismatic and witty. But instead of defining it, it is best enjoyed in the sample Espacio Micus has prepared with a selection of works from different eras. The open spaces of the room are the perfect setting for the work of Echarri, where white is the absolute protagonist. “I always work with white shadows” confesses the creator, who has specialized in recent years in working with raw cellulose pulp, in addition to artistic installations in whichbook as an object is always present in some way. Open every Sunday 11am to 2pm until 31st of October at the Espacio Micus, which on the turnoff at km 3 on the road form Cala Llonga to Jesus

Last chance for Miró.

Personnages_Miro_claireb_050814The Joan Miró exhibition which is currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE) in Dalt Vila ends on August 15th. If you haven’t already been to see it, you should. It’s a rare opportunity to see the late works of one of the greatest internationally-renowned Catalan artists in Ibiza. Entitled ‘The Light of the Night’ (La Luz de la Noche), the exhibition includes twenty five paintings, fourteen bronze sculptures and a tapestry all created towards the end of his life between 1962 and 1979. As a mature artist, Miró was confident in his own abilities and still very prolific. The paintings are full of characters, mainly of women, heads, human figures and birds, in spaces in which the colour black predominates, with all its nocturnal connotations. Many of them demonstrate his continued desire to paint on unconventional materials, such as plastic, zinc, sheets of fabric used for agricultural purposes (such as collecting almonds), sheets of cardboard, bits of wood and found objects, and even on paintings that he had found in street markets. Before it closes, the director of the museum is giving a guided tour of the exhibition on August 14th between 6 and 7pm. Bookings should be made by phone 971 302723 or email. [email protected]

Life is Love.sergio-Ferrero-CB-050814

A new exhibition has just opened in the Club Diario de Ibiza. ‘Life is Love’ is an exhibition of collages by Ibizan resident Sergio Ferrero. Described as a sportsman, adventurer, artist, painter and writer, Sergio was also the original playboy of his time and one of the first to be hounded by the paparazzi. Having discovered the beauty of Ibiza, its women and its lifestyle, he settled here on his boat in 1978. Sergio has also produced a new 140 page art book ‘Strappi 2’ to accompany the exhibition and he launched this and signed copies at the exhibition opening last week. ‘Strappi’ is what Sergio calls in his book “my method of tearing something up and putting the pieces back together, both destroying and creating”. The collages combine found images and photographs with pages torn out of a calendar that are colourfully doodled over, found objects (such as coca-cola bottle tops, pens and items of jewellery) with paint, beads and glitter. They’re very colourful and fun. One of the influences in his work is the pop art of Andy Warhol who he knew and collaborated with when he lived in New York in the 70s. Images of Andy and images from his work (soup cans, Marilyn, Mao Tse-tung, Michael Jackson) feature in the collages on display, as well as tributes to Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and his son amongst others. Also present in the exhibition are images of eroticism and sex, reflections on his rich past. Until August 14th. Free entrance. Open Monday to Friday, 5.30-9pm. Club Diario de Ibiza, Av. de la Paz, Ibiza.

Fiestas, fiestas

In preparation for the feast day of the patron saint of Ibiza Town ‘Santa Maria De Les Neus’ or ‘Mary Of The Snows’ on August 5th, I witnessed her statue being carried from Santa Cruz to the cathedral on Sunday evening. The cathedral in Dalt Vila is dedicated to Santa Maria. The statue is large and has Mary carrying the baby Jesus, and took twenty two people (both men and women) to carry it. This is a big week for fiestas, with August 8th being the most important holiday on the island. August 8th commemorates the day in 1235 that the Catalan army overthrew the Moors, bringing Christianity to Ibiza and Formentera. It is also the feast day for Sant Ciriac, who was adopted as the patron saint of Ibiza because of the significance of the date. On August 8th at 7pm there is a procession from Vara de Rey to Puig des Molins for a communal paella feast (berenada) at 8pm. At midnight, a spectacular fireworks display will be launched from the wall of the old port in Ibiza Town. To commemorate the Festes de la Terra which are currently underway, there is a varied program of events and concerts until August 27th. August 15th, midnight: Fireworks on the beachfront in Ses Figueretes. August 27th, 10:30pm: Concert with Dani Martín, at the Recinto Ferial, 25€ in advance, 25€ on door. Progrm at

Tulp flamenquitoFlamenquito @ Tulp

Saturday 9th August Following his fantastic flamencito fingering at their opening party this year, and return visit last week, Tulp have invited Pedro el Chacho back for more—proving you can’t have too much of a good thing. Adding to the afternoon’s so Spanish theme will be a Paella from 5pm and at 7.50€ you’ll be able to afford a second helping of that too. Pedro will be playing from 7-10pm when resident DJ Nico Reniers will take over at the decks for his unique brand of Barnsley meets Belgium meets Balearic Beats (he liked that so I’ll run it again). You’ll find Tulp on the San An Beach promenade—easy to find, they are the only bar without P.R.’s

Wok @ Workwok

An update for all our noodlers as from 4th August we are back to opening daytimes(From 1pm)…And we are also opening untill 4am. Plus from Monday we are starting our “Wok to Work” (Bring the Wok to you)…Simply ring your order through to us and we will deliver to your office or hotel etc.. Service available in San Antonio town everyday from 1pm-6pm (50cent delivery charge per order). Too busy working and no time to park up but need a healthy lunch? Problem solved…Ring your order through..Pull up outside and we will hand deliver to you…Simple…Wok on!!!!!

Food and Drink


Falso Nueve AdFalso Nueve

When it comes to choosing a pizzeria it seems we are spoilt for choice… Finding an authentic wood fired oven is a different story! Falso 9 (the midfield, striker) is an Italian run pizzeria in San Jose, idyllically set over looking the village. Owner Cosimo gave us a very warm welcome and proudly showed us his hand built wood oven. The smell alone was enough to make you hungry… Not just the pizzas are cooked in the oven but the pasta and meat dishes, giving everything its unique flavour. There was a beautiful selection of authentic starters all of which were in keeping with the Italian philosophy of simplicity, from bruschetta to antipasti. All the ingredients used are of the highest quality… so time to enjoy.falso nueve We went for a classic melted provolone cheese, smoky from the wood oven & topped with chopped tomatoes and rocket and a homemade chicken liver pâté which was extremely smooth and with a pungent brandy flavour. Main course we opted for a pizza and a pasta both of which were delicious! Pizza with pepperoni (they had a choice of spicy and non spicy pepperoni) and our gorgeously thin pasta was a tortellini stuffed with lamb in a beautiful lamb reduction sauce. We chose the very reasonably priced house red which was a local wine from Santa Eularia and went lovely with our meal. Cosimo was eager to know what our thoughts were on the pizza, especially as I had previously told him that I have my own wood fired oven and I was bitter to tell him that the pizzas were better than mine!Falso Nuevo We exchanged pizza dough recipes and I admitted through gritted teeth that I looked forward to trying his method. “This is the Neapolitan pizza dough” Cosimo explained….

With many chill out areas, both inside and out it makes for a great start to anyone’s evening… A serious contender for one of best pizzas on the island, Falso 9 comes highly recommended and is abundant with Italian flair. On Wednesdays they run a superb promotion of Margherita pizza at 3€ almost giving the pizzas away! We went with our three year old daughter and were happy to see several children at other tables, whom all seemed to be shouting the same thing as our Isabel “pizza, pizza, pizza!” With an extensive terrace, Falso 9 could easily accommodate larger groups and with its gorgeous setting is perfect for couples. Falso 9 carretera San Jose km 11’5. For reservations call 971 800111. (Formerly known as Sa Muntanya.)

Falso Nuevo

The Wild Asparagus

Wild asparagus adIf you haven’t yet visited Cala Llonga then you may wish to know that this is one of the safest family orientated beaches on the island. With its long narrow cove and gently sloping beach it’s ideal for all ages and all swimming abilities. On a hillside behind the beach you will see the Pueblo Asparagus apartment complex which has two swimming pools with three bars all open to everyone. This is also where you will find one of Ibiza’s finest dining places, Restaurant Wild Asparagus. This restaurant is in now in its 46th year of serving the finest Mediterranean and international cuisine and is still in the hands of one of the original owners, Luis, although now partnered by Head Chef Miguewild-Asparagus--3-BW-040814l and their team, all dedicated to making it one of the friendliest dining venues you’ll ever come across. The Restaurant Wild Asparagus has managed to retain many of its original features and somehow its original quaintness and charm. The furnishing, the pleasing to the eye decor and memorabilia that has been accumulated over the years, leave you in no doubt that you’re in a Spanish restaurant.

Of course the most important factor in any restaurant is the food and this is where Miguel and his kitchen staff excel. The menu offers a wide range of Spanish/Mediterranean and international dishes plus daily specialities, such as a traditional freshly prepared paella, the slow roasted shoulder of lamb, wild-Asparagus--2-BW-040814or a more contemporary Sunday Chicken Curry with a multiple selection of dips and pickles. Everything is prepared using the highest quality meats, market fresh fish and it can make deciding which to choose take a little time. Not to worry, Luis will make you a refreshing cocktail or perhaps a G&T which you can sit and sip while taking in the privileged views of the bay and beach of the village of Cala Llonga below. Those of a certain age will remember that at one time the “in” starter was a prawn cocktail, but over the years it became a little outdated. Re-live the past and sample one here and you’ll wonder how on earth it still isn’t the number one choice everywhere. Be sure to save a space for a dessert, as Mati will do her best to tempt you with her trolley of mouth-watering cakes pastries and seasonal fruits. (Stilton cheese, fresh pineapple, with a glass of port is one of our favourites). There is of course a “Special Menu” for young diners.wild-Asparagus-BW-040814 The comprehensive wine list allows one to sample some of Spain’s fine wines at realistic prices, however the ever popular house wine is excellent and shouldn’t be easily dismissed. Whatever you decide to eat or drink, and whether you choose to sit inside or out on the terrace you will, like many before you, soon become embraced in the ambience that is The Restaurant Wild Asparagus. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm, plus Sunday lunch 1pm – 3:30pm. The sea view bar and terrace are open to non-diners. For reservations tel 971 196409


Panzanella Salad

Panzanella-Salad-DO-040814Ingredients: Mixture of tomatoes – chopped Red onion – sliced Cucumber – chopped 1 tin/jar of roasted red peppers -sliced Black olives Mozzarella Fresh basil Stale bread- in chunks Salt and pepper

For the dressing: 3 tomatoes sliced in half 1 small clove of garlic – grated/crushed Splash of balsamic vinegar A good glug of olive

Preparation: This is a beautiful salad from Tuscany which uses up any stale bread you have laying around… At this time of year tomatoes are at their best due to being bang in season. Firstly make the dressing by grating the tomatoes to extract the flesh, leaving the skin behind. Add the crushed garlic, balsamic vinegar and whisk in the olive oil. Now chop and slice all the salad ingredients (I like to chop tomatoes and cucumbers in different ways to create more texture) add the sliced peppers and olives, mix in the stale bread and fresh basil. Stir in the dressing and mix thoroughly to coat the bread. Add the mozzarella at the last minute so it doesn’t break up to much.Jar-cocktail-DO-040814 Season with freshly ground black pepper and salt. If in a rush you can use fresh bread and toast it although stale bread has a much better finish and is more authentic.

Gin Squash

This is a must for all gin lovers! Muddle (squash) some lemon, honey and lemongrass then a paraguayo (squashed peach) …. All muddled/squashed to smithereens! Add crushed ice & as much gin mare (or any other gin) as you like. Finish with a sprig or 2 of mint. Make it in an old jar then put the lid on and shake the hell out of it and enjoy—it rocks!



EastThe Far East

Fiesta Cala Llonga. Next Friday, 15th August, is the main Fiesta Day in Cala Llonga, however the village is preparing a series of events leading up to it. Below are the events and timings that we are aware of at the time of going to press. Thurs 7th. From 7pm Hippy Market. 8pm. Outside tobaccos. Live music Duo Nat. 8pm Live music Beatmania. On the beach. Sat 9th. 5pm. Clay pigeon shooting. Cap Martinet. Jesus. Sun 11th. 7pm Bar Mariposa. Felipe’s Paella plus at 9pm Live music with Mardy Johnny Depps. Tues 12th. 9pm Live music with Abby “The Pianoman” Bar Pio. Wed 13th. Flamenco Show by Natali Galves and dancers. In front of chemists in main street. Thurs 14th. 7pm Hippy Market and Street Party. Music from Fortune and Fat Gumbo Bradley. Down by the beach. Fri 15th. 12 mid-day. Display Antique motorcycles in front of fairground. 1:30pm Mass in open air church. 4pm Bar Mariposa. Swimming Gala (open to everyone). 6:30pm. Parade of Traditional horse drawn carts and carriages, followed by Country Dancing on paseo. 8pm Funky Disco/Dance Party on the beach with Toni Mareno and his band. Morning drivers and DJ Jordi Cardona. Sun 17th. 11am Children’s Beach games. The people of Cala Llonga look forward to seeing you!

JuanLetter From Juan

I have to watch what I say to you these days for, if I am not careful, I might upset someone who has worked hard producing an article for the paper. The only trouble is that the Ibizan now covers a lot of subjects. For instance, two weeks ago I went to the opening of the Carmen exhibition and nearly wrote about that but luckily changed my mind at the last moment as it was well covered by Claire B. Then, of course, I am in trouble if I mention anything sporting and if I mention anything about food, well that subject is well and truly covered. I think I am safe talking about birds – naturally only the feather kind, – roundabouts – not that they are quite so exciting these days – and I may be able to talk about the weather and other thrilling subjects like that! The only conclusion I can come to is that I can either ramble on or upset somebody. So here goes! For those that don’t live in Sant Josep you will not be aware that not only is it becoming a haven for Italian foodies, but also becoming a town of restaurants. Just in the last few weeks, three more hostelries have opened their doors. So, instead of driving through, stop off and sample some of the culinary delights Sant Josep has to offer. I just don’t know how some of these places manage to make a living, but I am happy to say that it is not my problem and I wish them all a very successful season. Well, I have to be quick this week for, apart from not wishing to tread on anybody’s toes, we have family here this week and, needless to say, there are jobs to be done before they arrive and, as always, we have left everything to the last minute. Have a great week, yours Juan.

View from the pewView from the Pew

If you could be granted one wish today – what would it be? Some suggestions from friends: Rain! – from an Ibizan resident (with a garden). My wife to accept that I am “in shape”…round is a shape! – from Peter Jordan (Locum Chaplain)! A parking place when and where I need it. A cure for cancer. All people, and especially children, to live without fear. Why not spend a moment and ask yourself – What would my wish be? We don’t believe there’s a ‘wish – fairy’ up there somewhere – as we may have taught our children as they place a tooth under their pillow. But Christians know that God is a loving Father who delights to respond to our prayers to Him. No – the answer is not always, ‘Yes’ – sometimes it’s ‘Not yet’ – and sometimes it’s ‘No’, but it’s surprising how often God gets busy and situations, or even we, change, when we ask. A few years ago, we visited a village way out in the bush in Tanzania. One night ‘army worms’ (large, sort of caterpillars) ate up all the crops. New seeds were provided thanks to a gift to the village; but the rainy season had officially ended. The local church prayed – rain came – the seeds grew and the village was fed. Our Lord taught his disciples to pray: ‘Give us each day our daily bread’; and there’s a clue. Daily bread – what we need for the day. Yesterday in Sant Rafel church we sang a song which included the line – ‘Make us content with the things that we need’. Yes please, Lord. You will be welcome to join us at worship. Peter and Barbara Jordan tel 971 343383 Services: Next Sunday August 10th 11am Santa Eularia – Holy Communion with Praise and Worship (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, (Main Street) Seasonal Ministry led by Rev. David Rouch tel 638 37 34 79: 10.30am RC Chapel at Es Canar. 17.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama Es Canar (it is regretted that due to hotel policy children under 16 are not admitted to the hotel.)

Good to talkIt’s Good To Talk

Dear Kate, I am working the summer like every year, as I know that I will be dead in the winter, I know I am burning the candle at both ends and often take drugs to keep myself going. I find it impossible to say no to a job when it comes in even if I know that it means I will have next to no sleep and it will be cutting things impossibly fine with other jobs I already have in the diary. My partner is going crazy firstly because she is worried about my physical and mental health but also because some of the jobs I do don’t even seem to earn me much money once I take my time and other associated costs into consideration. I am scared to turn anything down in case my reputation gets tarnished and people don’t come back to me next year but at the same time I know what I am doing is unhealthy and unwise. Kind regards, CP. Dear CP, Thank you for your e-mail and your honesty about your situation, I imagine it is not too dissimilar from many others in Ibiza at this time of year and appreciate that it wasn’t easy to write. I understand your worries about your reputation, but, if you think of the restaurants in Ibiza that are doing well, it’s the ones that have to turn clients down, the ones that you have to book well in advance that are the most popular and have the best reputations especially with the tourists. If most of your work is with the tourist industry then saying no might ironically actually boost your reputation. Your health is the most important thing; obviously with out it you are unable to function in a way that would allow you to carry on. Why do you then put others needs above your own when it is something as important as your health? You are a very important person, you deserve to make yourself a priority and I feel that is what your partner is asking of you. Not to give up working but to manage it in a way that makes you feel less overwhelmed, less in need of taking drugs to keep yourself going and more positive that you are delivering a good service that will speak for itself in terms of your clients recommending you to others and thus your reputation will grow. Saying no is a challenge for many of us, the desire to please and not disappoint can be over whelming and I fully appreciate that it is hard. However, maybe what you need is to give yourself some time to answer clients rather then simply say yes to everything. Give yourself time to consider the impact of that job on you, on your existing job and on your finances. Saying no might be a challenge but saying I’ll get back to you in half and hour maybe and easier way to begin. I wish you all the best for the rest of the season and if you need any information on Ibizan AA or NA groups then please do contact me. Warm regards, Kate. For contact information please check my advert on local services.

George & Amanda, Nightmares on Wax


Full Name.: Amanda Evelyn

Job Title: Hypnotherapist Age: 43 Home Town: Dirty Leeds. Your Current Work/Business. I’m a hypnotherapist. I help people with all kinds of things from smoking to issues in their past.

Full Name. George Evelyn Job Title/Position. Musician, Producer, DJ, Spiritual Conductor Age: 44 Home Town: Leeds, Leeds, Leeds Your Current Work/Business. I am the founder of Nightmares on Wax. I run Wax de Jam in Ibiza at Las Dalias and Wax de Beach at Kumharas.

NG: Please tell us about your Ibiza journey. GE: My Ibiza journey started in 1988, the first time I could afford to book a flight. I came on holiday with a friend Kevin Harper. I didn’t know anything about Ibiza, I was DJing back in Leeds and people were telling me I should come here. It was a completely different experience to the Ibiza I know now. I was in San Antonio and ran out of money after 3 days. We lived on bread, chips and San Miguel. Then things started to take off back home and I came over to Ibiza again to do some gigs. I first came with Amanda in 1994. We didn’t really see the island until 1999. We thought we knew the island—but we didn’t. 1999 was a holiday. We stayed in an amazing villa with some friends and that was the first time we’d driven round and really got to know Ibiza. We’d been to Jamaica where my Dad is from and felt an affiliation there. The terrain here is very similar, and that was the first time we really fell in love with the island. We already loved what we knew of Ibiza for the parties, but that’s only 10% of the island. ‘99 changed our minds totally. AE: We moved here 8 years ago. We decided to come for a year first so we rented our house out in England, but as soon as we got here we knew it was for good. We packed everything up in England and never looked back. GE: We’ve lived here (a rural house off the Gerts to San Juan Road) for 3 years, for the first 5 we lived in Santa Gertrudis village. We thought we had our dream house in England, but then started to think what’s important, we want to be where the sun is, this is just bricks and mortar. NG: You don’t think it was just Leeds then? GE&AE: ha ha, cheek, yeah probably. AE: We’d lived in London and Brighton too, but it was the attitude in England. We didn’t want to bring family up there. NG: Do you have children? GE: Yeah, a 12 year old daughter Mali. She’s at San Lorenzo institute. AE: Her Spanish is great now, she’s really integrated. GE: She has friends from all over. Hangs out in the village at the weekends, English friends too, well from all over the world really. Definitely going to the local school has helped her integrate better. NG: How are you finding the 3 language system? GE: Well she went to Morna originally for 4 years. But we took a decision to go local. We felt it was too competitive. We’re council estate people, and the attitude we associated with private school growing up was starting to come through. We didn’t like that. Within 6 months of being in Gerts school she was integrated in the local community. AE: Within 6 months she was fluent Spanish, we’re really glad we took that decision. We don’t know what we’ll do for the last few years of her education but for now we’re really glad we took the decision. Now she teaches us Spanish. NG: How’s your Spanish? GE&AE: Not good enough! GE: The problem is we went into lessons which were ok, you’d do your homework, cover the syllabus, but then you’d get home and speak English. It is very easy to be lazy about it in Ibiza. The friends we have who speak Spanish well have all learnt it through being thrown in the deep end working in a bar or something like that. I think you need to practice all the time, day to day, to get good. NG: How have you found the other aspects of living in Ibiza, the domesticities and administration? GE: Administration, does that exist? It’s just one of those things. When we first got here doing all the residencia etc., was a pain. There’s always a form somebody has forgotten to tell you about. AE: It’s the price of paradise. NG: What you like to do in your downtime? Where would you spend a perfect family day? GE: At home! AE: It depends, like in the winter we tend to go out more. In the summer when it’s so busy everywhere we do tend to stay home a lot. We’ve got everything we want here, George has his studio and we’ve all got our own space. But when we do go out we like to go to Cala Martina, es Vedra. GE: A lot of it is because I travel so much, it is really good to get home and just relax. Cycling is good round here so we go out on the bikes. It’s a really good way to see the island, you get to lots of places you can’t reach by car. There is always somewhere to discover in Ibiza. It’s only 50kn x 40km but there are so many different worlds here, it’s what I love about the place. You have the tranquillity of where we are now but you can drive a few minutes and be amid absolute chaos. NG: What is your view on the way Ibiza has changed in recent years? GE: It’s interesting isn’t it. Though Ibiza is part of Spain and Spain is going through a really tough time, Ibiza seems to be in it’s own bubble. I think change is good. It’s seeing places like Playa D’en Bossa change, then like Benniras, I remember when it wasn’t even on the signposts and now everyone knows about it. Then there’s the VIP thing. I understand it, I get that it helps to fund the things that happen here, but I don’t feel segregation is a good thing. When we party we should party together. That’s where we come from. I understand it from a business point of view, but I don’t like it from a social point of view. It’s not just Ibiza though, it’s happening everywhere, it’s the MTV champagne table service thing, so why wouldn’t it happen here? NG: Ibiza has gone live in the last few years. Do you like that change?nwax 2 GE: I think it’s really good. When we moved here 8 years ago I couldn’t believe what wasn’t here. I thought it was a great opportunity, a blank canvas. That’s how Wax de Jam started with live musicians and of course Ibiza Rocks. I think it’s more important to have alternatives than anything. People need to be able to come here and have choice. Electronic music has had so many amazing happenings here, it is still very relevant, but I think alternatives are healthy. NG: Let’s talk about what you are doing professionally now. For the record I have a very good advertisement for Amanda’s skills in a friend who has been coming along to your hypnotherapy and is singing your praises—I’ve definitely noticed changes in him too. What’s your secret the Amanda? AE: I’m just really good at what I do (laughs). I’ve been working in hypnotherapy for 19 years and I’ve put my heart and soul into it. I think people can see that. I walk my talk, I’m a really good advertisement for myself (laughs some more). I’ve a successful business now and as well as private sessions I also do some group hypnosis and a bit of work on retreats. It’s all good. GE: Can I step in there for you. She is healing the world one person at a time. NG: What do you feel about hypnotism in an entertainment context? AE: When I was first training in 98 it was still very much getting the mickey taken. I had a couple of sessions myself and it changed my life. My teacher said to me “Amanda by the time we’ve finished you are going to be who you really are”. That really stuck with me. He helped me like I now help people. It can change people’s lives, from minor to major things, the actual experience, the relaxation, it’s a really powerful experience. NG: A stage hypnotherapist told me there are some people you can and some you can’t, do you agree with that? AE: There are some people who think they have not been, but though people may experience it in different ways there are no people I haven’t been able to hypnotise. It’s not what people think, they think you’re going to be in a trance from the moment they lay down in my chair. It’s a really peaceful relaxing experience, in that state people become quite open, it’s really therapeutic for body and mind so yeah there are people who think they will never be hypnotised, but those people are usually the ones that go the fastest. All hypnosis means is a deeply relaxed state. NG: Serious as it is the Alan Partridge and Phoenix Nights hypnotists were still hilarious right? AE: ha ha I loved them. They are my inspiration. NG: Thanks Amanda. George, you’re off to the states. (interview was before George’s US tour from which he has just returned). GE: We’re celebrating 25 years of Nightmares on Wax so this is like a ‘best of’ tour. It includes a lot of DJing but the main nuts of the tour is with the band so we’re going to the states for 4 or 5 weeks. All over East Coast, West Coast. We went last year too, not as big a tour as this one, this is the biggest tour we’ve ever done, but the last US tour went really well, 90% sell out. NG: What type of venues are you playing? GE: from around 700 to 1500/2000, New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco, L.A., a bit bigger than last time as it went well. It’s amazing what is happening over there. Although there are fans who have been with us all along, there are plenty of new fans too. In that way it feels like the beginning again, except this time I’m really glad I can remember everything. NG: Do you enjoy life on the road? GE: You know people ask that but to be honest I never get to see the road. You turn up at a venue, do your sound-check, have something to eat, do the show, load the gear, and then you get your head down before waking up at the next venue. It is a really humbling experience, to realise how far your music travels, y’know, it is an incredible feeling. It’s been emotional. NG: Can you give me an example of that? GE: Well like I remember somebody coming up and saying “I love your album” and I say how old are you? “I’m 22” well you were 7 when it came out “yeah my Dad introduced me to you”, it’s like wow! Another one was somebody telling me my music was their soundtrack to travel across South America, and a woman told me she had two kids to Nightmares on Wax. Stuff like that, it makes you feel really humble. I’ve welled up more than once. Making the music in the studio is one thing, but it’s only out on the road you really appreciate the affect it has had. NG: So do you sneak a bit of B-Boy in now and again? GE: When I’m drunk! Ha ha. We’ve done a box set to celebrate 25 years, within it there’s a book—history and memorabilia, and there’s pictures of me break-dancing in that, from 84/85. Last time I tried it I got up and couldn’t breathe. We loved it back in the day but I never thought of it in terms of being fit at all, I just loved it. I look back and think like, wow, I must have been super fit back then. NG: What after the States? GE: We’re doing a few shows in Europe, a festival in Greece. I like festivals as long as the weather is good. I really like the little festivals, the intimate ones, there’s always something special happens, a connection. Then some DJ dates but what I’m really excited about is Wax da Jam. We started the party at Aura. It was free, totally illegal so we couldn’t advertise, but it worked as was growing by word of mouth. We then moved to Las Dalias and we start this year on Thursday 31st July and run til 18th September, we’re doing a full nightmares on wax performance every week. We’re doing it in conjunction with the Babylon Beach guys, and Dan Ward who has worked with me for longer than I care to remember, Dan was with the Acid Mondays. We’re doing a soul food kitchen up there, it’s gonna be a mini carnival every week, a community event. It’s still free if you come before 10pm. We’re having a community hour so local bands are invited to come along. Wax da Jam is about people, but we do want to up the production values which takes some investment so there are door charges to come in later, I think it’s like 10€ after 10 and 20€ after midnight, something like that. Las Dalias has got soul and history, I’m glad Vaughan at Babylon hooked us up. I think it’s good you have to travel to it too. It’s about getting out of your routine, getting away from your usual haunts and trying something different. That would be my message to people reading this. NG: Are you offering a lift? GE: Ha ha, I do understand it’s difficult to get about with the police and taxis so expensive, but I hope people will find a way. It’s the same with Kumharas, great food, great soul, but it is out of the way for people, but that seems to get the right people along. All challenges have a greater reward. NG: Is shovel connected to you? GE: Yeah, my brother from another mother. He was the best man at our wedding. NG: I really dig him. Collective groan.

Our thanks to George and Amanda.

Links: Video les nuits (personal fave) To contact Amanda [email protected]

At Night


pachaFunky Room @ Pacha Fridays. “As Simple As”

At a time when clubs are falling over each other to outdo the competition in gimmicks and pizzazz we went along to the simplest of concepts, our old friend the funky room at Pacha—and you know what, it felt fantastic. All we had was two decks (for the benefit of our younger readers these are analogue instruments that play a spinning disk of vinyl onto which sound is recorded via a series of grooves), 2 DJ’s, 2 vocalists, 1 host, the ever present Vaughan, and a bunch of enough but not too many people having a good old school time dancing to music, sweet, sweet music. I met vocalist Paul Powell briefly beforehand and commented I liked his voice—I didn’t know at the time he was a vocalist, but I cant remember ever saying that to a man before. My mother in law calls it a brown sauce voice, that deep and dare I say sexy soul that was soon being put to great effect alongside Tracy another member of the group Hot Ice. Tracy has that wow female soul voice that comes straight out of gospel and, um, is assisted by generously proportioned lungs.. They played with words we knew well and some less familiar whilst residents Willie Graff and Pippi played the tunes. Willie is one of Vaughn’s prodigies, the mad hatter of clubland having first set him behind the decks at the tender age of 16. Pippi has been part of the Pacha furniture for 30 years – perhaps nobody has thought to show him the way out. Not a completely ridiculous proposition as I had been going to Pacha several years before I found they had a roof terrace, and the same night found the funky room on my obviously uncharacteristic meanderings. It was there we found two of our best Ibiza friends over the years and this lead to some wonderful nights and mornings after at the Divinito café just down the road. So what has changed along the way? Pretty well nothing as far as Fridays are concerned—and I like it. OK the booth has moved 90 degrees to make way for the use of the room on other nights as a vip area looking out over the main club, but the people, the music, the feel of the place is just as it always was. Vaughan started the funky room in ‘95 as a response to promoters bringing in their own ‘named’ DJ’s to the main club. Not many other nights have stood that test of time and of course they are heading for a big birthday next year—20 years old. I’ve got a great idea what they should do for their anniversary—absolutely nothing. Pacha’s Funky Room ticks none of the boxes many people will be looking for on a clubbing night out, and that’s exactly why it is fantastic. Try something different, get funky, plain and very, very, simple.pacha 2

IR_LOGO_2013 copyIdris @ Ibiza Rocks House at Pike’s Hotel

When the opportunity to attend 7 Wallace presents Idris Elba and friends at Ibiza Rocks House at Pike’s presented itself this weekend I jumped at it. The reasons were numerous. Firstly, as Mum to an eight month old who still breastfeeds, a night out for me usually consists of dinner at a family friendly restaurant with her in tow. Secondly, my parents are currently staying with us and were happy to babysit. Thirdly, I’d get to go out with my husband and friends, minus baby, for the first time since she was born. Furthermore, I’d never visited the legendary Pike’s before and, last but by no means least, Idris Elba was playing. That towering, muscle-bound mass of dynamic energy and charisma who I’ll admit was better known to me as Mumbles, Mandela, Stringer Bell and Luther than he was as a DJ. The man can seriously act, so I was keen to see how his skills as a DJ compared to his acting chops. And, like most women out there, the idea of sharing the same space as such an undeniably attractive man definitely appealed. I am happy to report that I was impressed on all counts. As a venue, Pike’s is awesome. It’s in a gorgeous setting, decorated in a timeless yet quirky style and is every bit as individual, unique and charming as it’s legendary owner, who regaled us with some of his stories prior to the gig. It feels like a ‘grown up’ club night, devoid of neon clad, hotpant wearing teeny boppers and filled with an eclectic and eccentric mix of people of all ages, cultures and walks of life.10595845_10153072988739128_630348485_n Every DJ who took to the decks impressed me. All of them were happy, energised and fully engaged in their art. MistaJam and Felix Da Housecat mixed up a storm and produced a sea of smiling faces, stomping feet and raised arms. As a child of the nineties, I adored their choices of anthemic old school tracks and samples to uplift and enthuse the crowd. The vibe was most definitely a happy-to-the-point-of-euphoria one. The main event, Idris, or Driis as he’s known in the music world, was every bit as dynamic on the decks as he is on screen. When he took to the mic before his own set to say hello, the crowd erupted into cheers. He laughed, grinned and banged away on a little drum as he danced around the back of the booth. Clearly a man totally in his element. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Elba, and he is every bit as lovely, down to Earth and charming as I had imagined he would be. He mingled amongst the revellers without a bodyguard in sight (mind you, when you’re built like he is, why would you need one?) and freely flashed his megawatt smile. When the time came for his own set he leapt up with all the energy of a kid at Christmas, and played a brilliant mix of up tempo, high energy, feel-good beats, whilst banging his drum, cheering, dancing and sending the already enthusiastic crowd into an almost Bacchic frenzy. For me, as first nights out post-baby go, this one was unforgettable. If you get the chance to attend an Idris and Friends night, don’t pass it up. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Lisa Lashes @ Play 2

Sophia-V-and-Lisa-Lashes-SV-060814Legendary DJ Lisa Lashes, also known as Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt, returned to Ibiza this August 2nd. Voted the number one female DJ, I can see why. As a fan of Lisa’s since my early teens for her extremely talented mixing skills, music, and the way she got the crowd going, you only have to do a YouTube search to see her brilliant performances. Having mixed several Euphoric albums, Lisa has played at events such as Global Gathering, Creamfields, Dance Valley, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, one my old time favourites – Sundissential, and many more. She has toured China, Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand etc. Her ‘Lashed’ events began in Ibiza in 2004, whereby she’s mixed at Godskitchen, Judgement Sundays, Slinky and Tonic. Lisa’s always adopting new sounds and has moved from dance / house to new trance, psytrance and techno. As soon as she got on the decks at Play 2, the crowd went wild, recording her with their mobile phones, dancing and clearly enjoying the set. I met Lisa at Global Gathering in 2007, and it was a pleasure to meet her again. Lisa is still going strong, her diary packed with bookings, and thousands of dedicated fans behind her. Listen to her podcast on her website, iTunes and mixcloud, where you can also find her ‘Lashed’ merchandise from bags, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, caps and more. I know that Ibiza will see a lot more of Lisa and I cannot wait! Keep posted in respect of the interview with Lisa, coming soon!

IR_LOGO_2013 copyRudimental @ Ibiza Rocks

Last week’s live performance at Ibiza Rocks was from Rudimental. Not a DJ set, which they did last time they visited Ibiza Rocks for W.A.R. in 2012, but a ‘live’ show, in other words, all of the four guys from Hackney complemented by a full band. Singer-songwriter Jess Glynne opened for them at 10pm. By then, it was already dark and the venue was packed, with a noticeable high proportion of young girls at the front of the stage. She only sang four songs, including the two that she featured on that went to number one in the charts recently: ‘Rather Be’ with Clean Bandit and ‘My Love’ with Route 94, plus her debut single in her own right ‘Right Here’. Her voice was strong and clear but she was over almost before she had started. But she wowed the crowd, who went crazy for her performance of ‘Rather Be’.Rudimental_Ibiza-Rocks_Living-Photography_Claireb_040814Rudi27 After a break of about 30 minutes, Rudimental took to the stage just before 11pm, with a venue packed with expectant punters. What was immediately noticeable as they launched energetically into their first song was that the stage was also packed with people. With the core crew lined up at the front of the stage (Kesi Dryden, Piers Agget, Amir Amor, and DJ Locksmith with an array of keyboards, percussion and guitars) they were joined on a raised platform behind them by three singers (two female and one male), drummer, trumpet player and saxophonist – ten of them on the stage in total. And basically they had a party onstage, with the singers taking it in turns to go to the front of the stage to sing lead vocals, both individually and in pairs, along with the trumpet and sax players to perform their solos. There was much jumping up and down, frenetic dancing and occasional comical en-masse dance routines as they belted out their fast-paced hybridised tunes combining drum and bass rhythms with some reggae, funk, jRudimental_Ibiza-Rocks_Living-Photography_Claireb_040814Rudi31ungle, hip hop and a dash of rock plus everything else they have chucked into their musical melting pot. The energy coming from the stage was incredible, magnified as it was by the power of ten, and it reverberated around the venue, catching everyone in its path. Front man Kesi told us that the gig was emotional for them because Ibiza Rocks was where it all started for them. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they played their number one single ‘Waiting All Night’ which originally featured Ella Eyre, and whatever energy reserves the crowd were holding back were suddenly released, and everybody went even more crazy. The performance was enhanced by a great light show and the positioning of two giant disco balls on either side of the drum kit at the back of the stage, which cast their reflections on the canopy of the stage and around the venue. I don’t think there was a single person in the venue, either on the stage or in the audience, that didn’t enjoy themselves. Everywhere you looked there were people dancing with their gaze transfixed to the stage: from balconies, in fRudimental_Ibiza-Rocks_Living-Photography_Claireb_040814Rudi35ront of the stage, the VIP area and anywhere else where you could manage to grab a space to watch the show from.

At the end they all came to the front of the stage en masse to applaud the crowd and congratulate themselves. Before they reluctantly left the stage, Kesi said “Ibiza Rocks we f*****g love you” and it was clear that Ibiza Rocks loved them back. I’ve seen some great, energy-filled performances in Ibiza Rocks and there have been some crackers already this year, but this show was definitely up there with the best of them. If the venue had a roof, it would have been blown off! I’m still grinning to myself as I’m writing this and thinking about it afterwards – it really was that good! You can’t beat a brilliant live band performance. Thank goodness for Ibiza Rocks and what they bring to the island. Video of ‘Right Here’:

Lucky Life


Lucky Life has been showing the best of Ibiza’s parties and lifestyle for the last eight years with their internet TV channel. This summer sees a step in an exciting new direction with the launch of their new record label, Lucky Life Music. Lucky Life head honcho, Mike Parry, and Benup with the idea of starting a label while on a boat party off the coat of Ibiza and the aim of Lucky Life Music is to create a sound that epitomises the fun and thrill of partying on a sun drenched boat. In the short time since their launch they have already been making waves hosting parties at Pikes and Space for Carl Cox’ Revolution and We Love. With a weekly radio show with Pioneer DJ Radio broadcast on Sonica each Tuesday and their first EP to be released later this month the future is looking good. Still to come this summer Lucky Life will be hosting the premier etage at Space for We love on the 24th of this month, a boat party September 11th and Pikes on the 13th. Keep your ear close to the ground as there may be one last big secret event to coincide with the closing parties.

Ibiza Dance Chart by SZ_Logo_1_2_Blue_RGB_300

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best shazamyou get Shazaming …

1. Forget – Patrick Topping 2. Bullit – Watermat 3. Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules 4. Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé 5. Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell 6. NEW! Tremor (Sensation 2014 Anthem) – Dimitri Vegas & Martin Garrix & Like Mike 7. Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls 8. Finder – Ninetoes 9. My Head Is A Jungle (Mk Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise 10. New! Late Night (Solomun Remix) – Foals



Commonwealth Games


Dear Editor Having just returned from a wonderful time at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we were thoroughly dismayed to read the dismissive comments made about them by your Sports Reporter ‘Jezza’. The Commonwealth comprises of 71 countries/territories and boasts 1/3rd of the world’s population at over 2 billion people and thus cannot be written off that lightly. The fact that some 4500 athletes came together to compete in 17 sports should be applauded by anyone supportive of the benefits of athleticism and competition. Although we can’t count Jezza amongst them, approx 1.5 million people turned up to witness a marvellous sporting event. The city of Glasgow put on a fantastic Games and the 15000 volunteers (The Clydesiders!) were every bit as supportive, knowledgeable and friendly as those at the London Olympics – Bless them, they were wonderful. And as for the Glaswegians, they couldn’t have been more generous in their support to competitors of every nationality, including the English – as proved when an English Boxer lost to a Scot and our immediate Glaswegian neighbours at the venue bought us drinks! As for Jezza’s comments on Clare Balding, we really enjoyed watching her on the late night ‘Day at the Games’ programme – a wonderful wind down after another enthralling day. So well done Glasgow, Scotland and the BBC – you did the Commonwealth proud. Barry and Jenny Dolby

Thanks to Customers

Thank you to all the generous Thomas Green customers who donated 230€ for the abandoned dogs in the care of Aussie Lynn. Steven Taylor

Tony Pike Interview

Dear Nick, Firstly, thanks for keeping our View from the Pew column going and giving us space each week. We appreciate being able to let people know what happens at the English-speaking church and also hopefully giving them a thoughtful point to ponder! Secondly, and I hope you don’t mind feedback, I was not very happy with last week’s edition with the article about Tony Pike on the front page. I have read your apology in this week’s edition to Lee Chapman and can understand how mistakes are made and sometime we get it wrong – there’s not many perfect people out there and I’m certainly not one of them! However there were one or two things that did not sit right for me and I think others. Tony Pike is pretty well known as a name here on the island, but I don’t think he is Page One news for the only English-Speaking newspaper on the island. He is representative of one small subculture amongst many on this island, and a short announcement of his 80th birthday inside would have been adequate. Perhaps also a recommendation to go and visit Pike’s for anybody who was interested in congratulating him and finding out more about his rather eccentric life-style would have been a nice touch for this Ibiza character. But front page headline was not called for. With your warning, it was guaranteed that some people would read it anyway who would not like it! And saying that it is “not suitable for minors whether they get offended or not” does not excuse you putting in some of what you did knowing some minors might well read it. Would you really like your own kids (I don’t know whether or not you have any) to read about the life and exploits of an 80 year-old lothario who wants to make public how he loves to get his kit off and his tackle out and tell everyone what amazing assets he has? Frankly I don’t want to know that sort of stuff about anybody, and if I did I am sure there are plenty of magazines where I can read about it. But you are responsible for what you have put in your paper, and if some kids read it and think it’s cool and then think they can go and try it themselves, then you have to take it responsibility for the consequences! Another problem is, when you make this sort of story the headline article of the week, you are in great danger of lowering the standard of this paper and joining the gutter press which you professedly hate! Fine, let him tell his story to whoever wants to listen, but don’t blazon it across the paper and draw attention to it by giving it Headline News status! I’m not a prude – I’ve been in Ibiza too long for that – but I hate to see a paper like the Ibiza Sun lowering its standards and catering for a very small section of Ibiza ex-pat English-speaking society. There are probably hundreds of people did not like the article for one reason or another but only 3 could be bothered to write to you about it – now perhaps 4! Bob the Ex-Vicar.

Thank you Bob. I respect your views and I am sorry you did not feel the interview appropriate for the newspaper. I will answer your letter in it’s two parts. First the newsworthiness of the headline is, with respect, not an issue I feel there is any reason on which to raise complaint. It may be that in another week with a news story of obvious headline worthy importance that Tony Pike may not have made the front page, but you have not suggested there to be anything offensive or inappropriate in the front page and so I have to ask whether you have any greater reason to question it than I would your weekly sermon. Editor/Vicar’s decision surely? That said the photograph was in large part the reason for the positioning. It followed the series of Ibiza-scapes we had in the low season and I think it is a fantastic photo, whatever other feelings you may have regarding Mr Pike. I should know—I took it. As to the interview itself. It was always a subject that would dichotomize opinion—and I have to say I have received considerably more positive than negative feedback, but I appreciate that in my day to day dealings people may be more likely to praise than complain and so I do not hold that up as a reason for justification. I actually find my own reasons for justification in your own text. Though I do not feel the subculture is as small as your letter indicates, I do wish to provide a newspaper that will be of interest to the widest possible cross section of Ibiza people, however much of a minority interest they may represent, be they hedonists or, may I say, Christians. Considerable thought goes in to planning the newspaper on that basis and I hope everybody will find some content of interest every week. Inevitably in that scenario there will be some content of less interest or even, as with this case and your own feelings, regrettably objectionable. I do not feel this is an appropriate medium within which we can possibly discuss my own feelings as to morality and upbringing of my children—yes I have 3—but I have no reason to regret the publication of the article in that context. Such discussions on morality, censorship and theology will have to be saved for a personal discussion. Though I am not one for mindless mantras I will however end with one of the few that have remained with me over the years, that being the words of Voltaire; “I have absolutely no morals, though I am a very moral person”. For what it is worth I actually found the interview in parts poignant and somewhat sad, between the acknowledged hedonism. I hear you, I respect you, but I do not agree with you. Nicholas Gibbs

C’an Pere Mussona “The Friendly Farm.”

Mussona-CH-040814What does ex US President Jimmy Carter have in common with Ronnie “Mussona”? Ronnie who? Ronnie who farms C’an Pere Mussona, the ecological ‘Granja’ just off the Santa Eulalia to San Carlos road: Simple, “Peanuts!” I thought, dear readers, that you would all know that! Yes, C’an Pere Mussona was once famous for growing peanuts, here in Ibiza! And this year, Ronnie has a patch of around 300 sq m under cultivation as an experiment. As well as being a delicious snack, they have an enormous range of uses in the manufacture of oils, solvents, and even textiles. This experimental crop though will not go anywhere off the island. The green tops are perfect forage for the sheep and pigs and trusting that the peanuts (actually ‘groundnuts’ because they develop in the soil) will in all probability be roasted and eaten at some of the local San Carlos “Matanzas.” However, peanuts are only a tiny part of the story at C’an Pere Mussona…Mussona-3-CH-040814 Measuring slightly more than 80 hectares (200 acres in old money), C’an Pere Mussona is one of the larger full-time farmed holdings on Ibiza and is almost certainly the biggest to be 100% certified organic. Its history goes back hundreds of years, however its present iteration began in Ibiza some years ago when Ronnie, a professional farmer, came from the UK to live on the island with his partner Angie, of whom more later. What brought Ronnie to Ibiza? Rather like many expat residents, it’s the same story, first coming as a holidaymaker, falling in love with the place, the lifestyle, the environment and then buying a house here, which by sheer coincidence was just five hundred metres or so from Can Pere Mussona! It had become too big for its owners to farm and was beginning to suffer, so what does a good farmer do, it was a no brainer, bring the land back under cultivation! With a history of farming in the family, the help and encouragement of both the Ajuntament de Santa Eulalia d’es Riu and the hard working officials of the Department of Agriculture at the Consell Insular de Mussona-7-CH-040814Ibiza, together with the support of his Ibicenco neighbours, the temptation was too much. Make no mistake,; C’an Pere Mussona is not a hobby! It is a commercial, fully organically certified farm. The Ibicenco description, “Granja,” means a mixed farm, in other words it grows cereals, livestock, tree crops, vines and vegetables as well as a wide variety fowl and animals, some of which are amongst the rarest on the planet and in extreme danger of extinction. I’ve given it the title “The Friendly Farm,” because as well as providing the island chefs with wonderful produce, it also offers island residents, and visitors alike, with an educational experience. People are genuinely welcome to pass by, look around at the animals and market garden most working days between 11am and 1pm and there is even more to it than that. Together with the local education and healthcare authorities, C’an Pere Mussona welcomes free farm experience visits from schools, colleges and old people’s homes, by arrangement.Mussona-11-CH-040814 What will visitors see? First and foremost, “Ronnie Mussona’s” passion for what he does! He’s happy to explain what he does, why he does it and to anyone with a genuine interest, from tots to teens to retired local farmers. And then there are the animals. The foundations of the livestock herds and flocks are all pure, traditional Ibicenco breeds (except in the case of the cattle, they are from Majorca, ‘La Vaca Mallorquina.’) C’an Pere Mussona’s flock of traditional sheep ‘Oveja Ibicenca’ have white fleeces, they are long legged and rangy. Good at scavenging the wild grasses and herbs found in their paddocks – hence their full flavoured meat is highly prized by local families as a treat on high days and holidays. Sadly, whilst their wool is shorn and sold, it doesn’t have the same value as the fleeces of the rare pure bred black sheep that is highly prized for spinning and weaving. There are around seventy of them in the flock, depending on the success at lambing time, which, to someone such as me, accustomed to “Spring Lambing,” happens throughout the year. No different to the people here really, they’re ‘at it’ all year too. It must have something to do with the weather! Mussona-19-CH-040814The Ibicenco black sheep is truly a different story. They are endangered in the extreme, with a worldwide flock of just thirty four and all of them being reared at C’an Pere Mussona under, not just the watchful eye of Ronnie “Mussona,” but also animal geneticists at L’Institut de Biología Animal de Baleares in Mallorca. They are part of a two pronged “Back from the Brink” programme being run here covering native black sheep and the black Formenterenc pig, which is also in grave danger of extinction. Both gene pools are tiny, with, in the case of the sheep, just one ram. To survive the flock must be augmented with one ram more at the very least. There may be one or two hidden away somewhere on the island, on a smallholding somewhere, but Ronnie can’t be certain. If anyone knows of one – they’re fully black coated with about a half metre of white at the ends of their longish tails – please get in touch. A blood sample would be taken and sent to the University for profiling and if a match were made Ronnie would be very happy to introduce him to a whole flock of girlfriends. Party time!Mussona-13-CH-040814 The Formenterenc black pig is believed to have been brought to the islands by Roman invaders as sustainable food for their marching and occupying armies. It served them well and was adopted by local farmers as a winter food source, being readily preserved using locally harvested salt. However as demand for pork products started to be driven by larger wholesalers and chain stores, herds were not replaced. The black pig was a perfect food source for families, it is full of flavour, makes plenty of fat, and stores well, but it is slow growing, an unfortunate quality that was not compatible with 20th and 21st century supermarket culture. The total herd in Ibiza consist of just twenty six beasts! A rescue and conservation programme for the black pigs is under way jointly with the department of genetics at the University of Córdoba on the mainland, with the aim of restoring this hugely important indigenous pig to “Ronnie’s Arc” and the discerning consumer at large. So what else goes on at C’an Pere Mussona you may well ask? Mussona-14-CH-040814There’s a commercial herd of Formenterenc x Duroc pigs. The Duroc cross produces big animals that are quicker to reach maturity than the pure black. Their meat is sweet, they tend to be docile and the sows make good mothers. In fact Ronnie gives his Formenterenc girls a quick first time “run around” with his Duroc boar before ‘Borat’ the pedigree Formenterenc gets to work. This gives them practice in motherhood before they enter the breeding programme. Animals from this herd are normally sold to local meat wholesalers at around five to eight months old, some are sold and grown on by local families for their annual matanza. At the moment there are just three Mallorcan Red Cows in the yard. They are said to have reached Ibiza from Egypt via the South of Spain, perhaps they may even have been brought by the Carthaginians, no one really knows. They too are another endangered species. In 2003 there were just two hundred and thirty seven examples throughout Spain and the Balearics, now though it is believed that the total herd is increasing slowly but surely. Gallinas Ibicencas, to you and me, are a large and colourful native breed of chickens that are raised here both for eggs and meat. As with all the other animals on the farm they are raised organically and, as one might expect both the eggs and meat are groaning with flavour.Mussona-5-CH-040814 Field crops are an important part of the agricultural mix. Organic wheat and barley are grown as feed, dried and milled for the livestock. Gradually the stock of Carob trees is being resuscitated by careful pruning and the elimination of years of overgrowth by the ‘Mata’ shrub. Demand for the carob seeds and pods are increasing globally as its use as a food source reaches a wider agricultural and consumer audience. The crop here at C’an Pere Mussona though is collected used exclusively to feed the farm’s animals. Almonds will eventually be harvested and put to market by the Cooperativa d’Agricultura, whose new almond processing machinery has been kindly donated by the Ibiza Preservation Fund and located in premises on long term loan by a well known philanthropist. Grapes have been made into local wine “Vi Pagés” from C’an Pere Mussona grapes for centuries. For the first time this year there is a possibility that a more commercial wine may be made from the grapes. The produce from the market garden must also take a bow! Covering possibly three hectares, the crops include; fully organic salads, classic and heritage tomatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, melon, beans, cauliflower, courgettes, onions, garlic and a wide range of herbs. There is even slightly scruffy plantain tree tucked away in the corner. Mussona-15-CH-040814By far the vast majority of the vegetables that Ronnie produces are sent to Babylon Beach Restaurant, just off to the right of the Es Canar road, on Carrer Bartomeu Tur Clapes, about seven hundred metres from the northern end of the Santa Eulalia bypass, which is owned and run by his partner, “Angie.” If you want to taste what real food is like, get down there for lunch or dinner. The location as well as the food is spectacular. Some produce is also available through the exclusive yacht and villa provisioning service “Ibiza Delivers,” and a little goes to discerning restaurateurs such as La Paloma in San Lorenzo. It would be unfair of me to wind this piece down without mentioning Ronnie’s team of workers and to observe on their dedication to the farm and its aims as well as the diverse experience they bring from the agricultural societies of their home countries. Stephan the live in farm foreman came from the Ukraine many years ago with his parents, integrated and stayed. Max one of the two in the market garden team is from Uruguay, Lio also a market gardener comes from Argentina whilst Saxon “The Scamp” and general handyman is a local lad, under training. As well as managing to run out of petrol regularly, Saxon feeds and cleans the pigs and chickens, collects the eggs and makes himself generally useful to the rest of the team. Colin from the UK is an expert in many things agricultural particularly tree husbandry. There are a couple of unpaid volunteers, I’m one and the lovely Angie Walker is the other. We do anything we’re asked to do. I’m becoming very attached to vine and tree pruning, under Colin’s direction, and Angie is rather good at keeping the pigs cool. Did you know pigs are unable to perspire? In summer they need water filled “wallows” to lie in to cool off and just love it when Angie gets out the hosepipe to give them a shower! If any reader might be interested in joining the regular volunteer crew, please contact the author via Ronnie. In the previous paragraph, I mentioned the aims of the farm. I want to close with Ronnie’s ‘vision.’ It really is thought provoking.Mussona-9-CH-040814 “As parents our children are our greatest asset and their education and wellbeing are our most important priority. Here at C’an Pere Mussona our education project ”Food for life – From plough to Plate” has been established to offer local school children of all ages and at no cost, the opportunity to visit a real working farm and experience the reality of animal welfare and local food production. We believe that the countryside is a valuable and stimulating environment for children. On the farm and during our tours the children reconnect with nature and their cultural history. They witness at first hand the work that farmers do to protect and enhance the countryside around them. At the farm they experience how the food on their plate is actually produced. They will see the tractor ploughing the fields to grow wheat, oats and barley. The children will watch the animals being fed and they see for themselves how the various vegetables …that they eat, are grown. Can Pere Mussona, Morna Valley, Santa Eulalia Telephone: 699223304



Jezza’s Sport Report

scotland_2984987bWell, well, my comments last week regarding the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, which finished on Sunday, certainly caused a reaction, especially, it appears, from the Games’ prickly thistle mascot, who I shall nickname McTavish. Also, for his information, two points: firstly, my comments were only my opinion and secondly, I do know what a Glasgee Kiss is as I received a very generous one many years ago from a Scottish second row forward when I was playing Borders rugby. Mind you, in return, I did give him what we call in Bristle a knuckle sandwich or “a chewed brick”, so honours were even! Anyway, back to the Games, and I had friends (aka Messrs Beckhamlovers!) who were in Glasgow for and said that the atmosphere was incredible so, as I did note last week, well done to the Scots for hosting the event. To finish off and for your info, England did very well to finish Top of the Table with 174 medals, beating our Aussie cousins (137) in to 2nd and Canada (82) in to 3rd. Also, to keep the record straight, Scotland finished 4th with 53, Wales won 36, Northern Ireland 12 and, just to prove my point, the Isle of Man 1. So, well done to one an’ all.bolt_2994987b On to Golf now, and what can one say about Brit Rory McIlroy as he just gets better and better. Following his Open success, he won the WGC in Akron, Ohio by 3 shots from Spaniard Sergio Garcia. Trailing the latter by 2 at the start of the final round, Rory came out firing on all cylinders and not only made up the deficit within the first four holes, but then went on to overtake the luckless Sergio to claim his 2nd Championship in 2 weeks, as well as reclaiming the World No 1 spot from Aussie Adam Scott. Not bad, considering 4 weeks ago he was down in 10th and with the bi-annual Ryder Cup coming up next month, great news for European Captain Paul McGinley, as both McIlroy and Garcia are really in great form, but there were also good performances from Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, and a few of the other Europeans which bodes well. Not only that but two of the USA’s stars, Johnson and Woods, will probably not play as the former has taken a 6 month sabbatical, and the latter appears to have a serious recurrence of his degenerative back problem. Cricket now, and OMG, England actually won the 3rd Test against India, their first Test win in 11 matches and 11 months. As I opined last week, Cook will come through not only as a batsman but also as Skipper and so it became true as he scored 95 and 70 not out, made some tactical changes when fielding and set up the 260 odd run win to level the Series at 1 each with 2 to play, starting today. With all the Red Rose players contributing well in the batting and bowling stakes, just maybe, England have, at last, turned the corner, and let’s hope they can go on and win these last two. Still on cricket, on the domestic side, the T20 competition is now down to the Semi Final stage, to be played on the 23rd, with Surrey playing Birmingham Bears and Hampshire, appearing in their 5th consecutive Semi, taking on Lancashire. Rugby League, and it’s still tight at the top of the Super League with St Helens still top, on 34 points, 2 ahead of Wigan, Leeds and Castleford on 32, and Warrington and Huddersfield 2 points further back. Footie now, and too many transfers to mention but Liverpool seem to be turning in to Southampton as they have now bought 4 players from the South Coast side, which begs the question, why is Brendan Rogers buying all these players from a club that finished only 8th in the Premier League last year? Also good news for you Man U fans as they have just won the Champions Cup in the States after demolishing arch-rivals Liverpool 3-1. I don’t understand why these two sides were competing in this “Champions” Cup when last year neither side won diddly squat! Finally the season starts on Friday/Saturday with the opening games of the Football League, and on Sunday it’s the Charity Shield at Wembley, between Champions Man City and FA Cup winners, Arsenal, which is supposed to be a “friendly”;but I doubt it with no love lost between managers Pellegrini and Wenger! You have been warned!

Glasgow 14

Glasgow 14

TAROTScope 7th—13th August 14.


By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Transformation

Changes are inevitable this week as some doors close in certain areas of your life. This does mean however, that new doors will open offering a different set of opportunities; so don’t think negatively about your new circumstances. We don’t realise until after events unfold that we are actually better off and one particular association is best left behind anyway.

TAURUS – The Lovers

Obviously one would assume that this card is good for love, yes to a certain degree; our close ties with friends and business colleagues are included here also. This is a good week to get on with others generally. This card is also about choices so you may be faced with some of those. If you are certain of your next move then proceed with confidence.

GEMINI – King of Cups

Kind, generous, wise people help you to get the most out of this week. You’re bowled over by those who have no agenda but to make your life considerably easier. A big event could happen and you’re closer to fulfilling a dream; all heart-warming stuff! Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces men are your best friends or lovers, so check them out!

CANCER – Three of Wands

Think outside the box and broaden your horizons this week. There’s lots of fiery energy with this card so you are in no mood to be complacent regarding future career prospect. If you’ve been stuck in a rut; do some research and look into where your next move is. For some it could mean a completely different environment or country.

LEO – King of Swords

Actions speak louder than words so bear this in mind when speaking your mind. This King cuts to the heart of matters, but you must be rational in how you deal with events which are challenging; make sure you have your facts right. Air sign Men, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can help you to deal with legal matters or bureaucracy.

VIRGO – Nine of Disks

Worrying about money will not draw it closer, in fact it can block the flow of money energy coming your way. Take a look at the areas of your life where you are abundant. Friends, job, family etc. are worth their weight in gold. This card does promise financial success, provided you’ve the right attitude and share your good fortune.

LIBRA – Ace of Swords

You’ve reached a milestone in life and can now carry out the plans you’ve been thinking out. If at times it’s all been a bit too much and you’ve almost given up on your dream; don’t. This card promises success if you have the right mental attitude and that you have to have a backbone not a wishbone to succeed.

SCORPIO – The Tower

Hang on to your hat! If you thought life was slowing down to a nice even pace, think again. The Tower shakes up the norm and challenges us to see life from a different perspective. If you’ve been complacent in either your job or relationships you will ‘wake up’ to a different reality this week. Get out of your rut!

SAGITTARIUS – Ace of Wands

There’re new business opportunities and even romantic ones which tie in with work this week. Anything started now has the sweet smell of success written all over it. It’s time to showcase your talents as the world is watching; the social media kings and queens amongst you will do especially well. ‘I can do it’, should be your mantra.

CAPRICORN – Prince of Swords

You’ve plenty of creative ideas right now, plus will to manifest them into reality. Being authoritative with those who are lazy or expect opportunities and money to drop from the sky will be a pleasure; if there’s a confrontation to be had, you’re more than prepared to battle it out. Just don’t get overheated and take things too far.

AQUARIUS – Three of Swords

Two’s company, three’s a crowd; as the saying goes and that sums up the vibe for this week. Friendships, relationships, business partnerships, colleagues, family members; you’ll have your fair share of challenges to deal with, especially if someone’s self-interest comes between you and your needs. However, you must stand your ground; time to toughen up and fight your corner.

PISCES – Page of Cups

This card has the element of water associated with it and Pisces is a water sign; others mistakenly think you’re a pushover however water, when harnessed, can power whole countries, therefore you’re a force to be reckoned with. You hear news that brings a smile to your face. If anyone’s tried to outfox you recently they’ve seriously underestimated you – haven’t they?

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