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We Love Ibiza

This week is quite a landmark for the Ibizan, our 750th issue over the past 15 years. We’ve decided to mark the occasion by turning this week’s newspaper over to Good News only.

Ibiza has taken a bit of a beating in the press lately, and sometimes we are guilty of doing it ourselves. Time to remember how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place on earth.

In this celebration issue packed with positivity, we will give you a minimum of 750 reasons why Ibiza is a great place to live, work and visit.

We have done our best to cover every aspect of Ibiza life in all it’s sun drenched glory. Inside you will find:-

Good News, Our usual round up but for this one week only you’ll have to go online to read the stories that do not fulfil the feel-good factor.

You Love, We Love, Contributions from residents, visitors, our own writers and a few celebrities all giving their own take on the IBZ factor

Magnificent Ibiza, the beauty of the white isle is not hard to find but so often overlooked. Cat Milton takes our breath away.

Food & Drink, is there anywhere on earth you could find greater diversity and choice. We’ve featured many of Ibiza’s greats and Villa Mercedes are a perfect example of why Ibizan appetites are so superbly sated.

The Big Interview, for such a small island we have a huge amount of access to the international stars and Ibiza often affords an opportunity to get up close and personal in a way that would be unimaginable elsewhere. We’ve taken full advantage in delivering some great A-Lister interviews this year and this week’s Boy George interview is a great coup for number 750.

At Night, seems we can’t deny that for a huge number of people Ibiza’s nightlife is the starting point in the love affair with the island. That’s no surprise, it’s the best in the world and we’ve decided to use this week’s edition to showcase the great variety on offer – from the superclubs to independent promotions—if you can dance to it, it’s in.

Community, we should all be so proud of what our Ibiza community achieves, it’s all about give give give and we are particularly pleased to bring you SH1T, page 15 is full of it and what a great example of ex-pats putting it back. We preview the annual Mambo in the Mix fundraiser, and bring news of Dawn Hudson’s fundraiser last week.

Mind Body & Soul, Ibiza’s spiritual soul is succour for many. We look at the forthcoming Ibiza spirit festival.

Fashion, they don’t call us the style isle for nothing. Amanda has another fab local designer.

Ibiza Arts, performance and visual it is yet another aspect of Ibiza that leaves us spoiled

Ibiza Life, any excuse for a fiesta, there are not many weeks when we not in the midst of a programme of public events or culinary calendar

Sports, 2014 has brought us the Gumball, the Modball and now the Powerboats have arrived with perfect timing.

750 reasons… Start counting ..


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Ibiza (Good) News

More For Ibiza & Formentera.

With the Baleraric Government expecting to see a 6% increase in their budget from the Central Government in Madrid, it was announced by the Consell Island Government for Ibiza and the Consell in Formentera that they expect to receive a bigger budget for the islands next year from the Balearic Government. The total pot of cash to be divided between all of the Balearic Islands and to pay for services and investments, etc. will be 3.349 million euros.

Mortgages Increase.

June saw a 11,5% increase in the number of mortgages taken out by residents to buy a property here in the Baleares, when compared to May, and a 17,4% increase when compared to the average for the year so far. 486 properties exchanged hands with a total value of 54,2 million euros. Whilst the figures for the Baleares as a whole were positive, in Ibiza and Formentera the number of properties sold reached 603, just four more than during the same period last year and the value of the mortgages taken out was only 14,3 million euros. This is a long way off from the giddy heights of the property boom in 2007 when nine times this figure of properties were sold in Ibiza and Formentera and when mortgages reached over 129 million euros.

Doronin Daughter Rescued.

The 17 year old and eldest daughter of Vladislav Doronin, millionaire property magnate and ex-partner of Naomi Cambell, was rescued 200 metres off shore from the house in Cala Comte where the family are spending their holidays. She got into trouble whilst paddle surfing in wavy seas and was picked up by a small pleasure craft that saw she was in difficulties. Thankful to be back on dry land, the girl was unhurt but bleeding from a minor cut to her knee. It appears nobody realised the youngster had gone off to paddle surf alone.

Cala De Bou Investment.

This week work started on interconnecting water supply pipes and changing the direction of the water circulation in the Cala de Bou area of the island so that the water pressure is increased and does not fail when the height of summer arrives and demand is at its most. Also throughout the summer, the Sant Josep Council has been carrying out infrastructural work in the Cala de Bou area. The Mayor, Nieves Mari, was pleased to announce that the Salamanca, Ourense and part of Pontevedra Streets had been resurfaced. This will improve communication in the area as these streets run North to South offering alternative routes to reach the schools in Cala de Bou. A big new public car park has been opened between Lugo Street and Rioja Street. This will benefit numerous residents in the area as parking is always a problem around the Milord hotel. A smaller parking was opened along the Albacete Street, and street lighting was improved along the Badajoz Street.

Tourist Day.

It was announced by the tourist authorities on the island that the day of celebrations dedicated to tourists on the island, especially those coming here for many years, will be the 18th September. This will be followed by celebrations also marking the international day of tourism on the 27th. At the same time it was reported that after the success of last year, Ibiza would have an extra, separate stand at the important World Travel market in London and also at the Madrid and Berlin tourist trade fairs.

Schools Will Be Ready.

It was reported by the education authorities that the new school of Es Pratet, located near the Multicines building in Ibiza Town, will be ready for the new term. Extensions to the school in Santa Getrudis and the Sa Bodega School in Ibiza will be finished on time. Repair work, still being carried out at other centres, will also be completed before school starts.

 WL martin

Martin Makepeace (right) presents 24-7 leader Charlie Clayton with proceeds from the 2014 sh1t party. Martin says “it is a pleasure to make a significant donation to 24-7 Ibiza who do a fantastic job in San Antonio”. Read more about sh1t on page 15. 24-7 do great work in the West End of San Antonio and now we understand Sa Peña too. http://www.24-7ibiza.com/

Why We  Ibiza

We Love 750We Love You Love

We asked the people of Ibiza what they loved about the Island. We have contributions from residents, visitors, celebrities our own writers, all giving their own take on the IBZ factor.






.“ There is always somewhere new to discover in Ibiza. It’s only 50km x 40km but there are so many different worlds here, it’s what we love about the place. You have the tranquillity of the North but you can drive a few minutes and be amid absolute chaos.“ George & Amanda Evelyn, Nightmares on Wax






Amanda O’Riordan

It’s a magical, beautiful paradise. Xx

Lesley Donald 

I love Ibiza for the fact that anything goes and no one bats an eyelid. Its a melting pot of people from all over the world, rich & poor living in harmony, helping each other on this beautiful island!

Jane Maffin

Going looking for ‘setas’ (wild mushrooms) in the forest! Fishing from the rocks. Collecting wild asparagus in spring. No tourists! Peace at last!






Sophia Valentine

I love all of the different beaches, and that theres so much to explore across the island, and things to do depending on your mood

Sof Sf 

What I like the most is when I arrive home, Cala Leña in a country house, and I only listen birds, maybe a water pump or a tractor … And I sit under an algarrobo to read a book, or just relax and siesta

Tonya Gasperlin 

The kindest people ever! And the markets!

Margriet Haan

The vibe!

Joe Milton

1st think in the morning when I look out of my bedroom window until the last beer on my roof at the end of the day. : )

Sol Nawaz

Breathtaking coastal scenery…….






Rhian Gibbs

I love how the island changes throughout the year; from the craziness of summer through to the absolute peace in winter. Of course, I love the sun, and just how lucky we are to bring up a child in such a diverse environment.

Melissa O’Connor Regan

The amazing scent of the pine/heather/rosemary that is unique to Ibiza and smells like heaven!

Clinton Pure

walking in between beautiful campo villages and picking all kinds of fruit along the way, there always seems to be something in season in Ibiza

Susanne Hougaard Nielsen

Love the different styles in fashion, and the relaxed way of life. My favourite spot is the old market place with its lovely restaurants and shops, not to mention the stands in the market! Cant wait to return in 10 days.

Natalia Zeltzer

Salinas beach and the vibe at sa trinxa, the tress in vara de rey, local vibe of plaza del parque, the light of the full moon, the connection with nature

Lorraine Bennett

Cala San Vicente beach in winter.. deserted and beautiful

Jacqui Langham

The ever changing salt pans…the flamingos, the beautiful reflections and the salt of course! Amazing!






Claire B

The best thing about life in Ibiza is life itself! Being blessed by having so many lovely and supportive people that I can call friends, waking up to sunshine nearly every day, walking up the beach to go to the supermarket, the sheer beauty of the island (especially in winter), being surrounded by the sea, sunrises, sunsets and the wonderful opportunities this island has given me since I’ve been here, like writing for this paper, which I’d never have had the chance to do in London without appropriate qualifications and experience. I don’t miss anything about life in England: Ibizan fiestas have the best fireworks, Christmas is less commercial but we still have lit-up trees and lights to brighten up the dark days and there’s plenty of culture, including live music and art if you know where to look for it. I could go on…

Lorcan Kelly

Well it’s Monday (it is, isn’t it?) and I didn’t see much evidence of the Monday morning blues on my short commute to work this morning.

Heather Webster

Colour – just been back to the UK and it’s so damn grey – everything from the pavements to the faces! Oh and seasonally (almost!) not having to wrap all the presents yourself at Xmas and how beautifully they do that a huge consideration with six kids – I have my Xmas eves back nine years now ! And on that note no damn toys r us has to be a bonus!

Joha Olarte Bates

Happy things of living here has to be in the summer everyday feels the same doesn’t matter its Friday or Monday! That amazing feeling of Winter! Its warm Winter, beach time (empty), wearing a T shirt on xmas , local people and friends, and having fruit trees all year around and being able to explore the beautiful nature with your children.






Helen Adams

I love the contrast the island offers, the biggest and best parties, dj’s and live acts in the world teamed with some of the most beautiful and relaxing relaxing beaches, weather and sunsets in the world.

Becky Tapas

Community spirit, love how everyone pulls together for charity events!! And yes I love a goat’s cheese baguette at Rita’s!!






Nick Gibbs

Impromptu parties—start with a quick drink, end many hours later with new friends and some tales to tell. Long family days on the beach til sundown. Children being welcome and valued (as opposed to UK where they are tolerated). Living out, not staying in. Internationalism, diversity, tolerance. (memory of) DC10 10am Monday morning. Being invited to share an Ibicenco family table for a long leisurely lunch. Bora Bora. Freaks, misfits and non conformists. Watching Ipswich and England games on a sun drenched terrace. Joe Spoons aircon pitstop with Simon in the heat of August. Agelessness—in Ibiza you never have to say I’m too old for that. My job.

Rosie Peate 

Sunset and peaceful atmosphere at Kumharas on your evening off!

Dawn Hudson

The amazing generosity and support of our lovely community.

Esential Ibiza





“ Santa Gertrudis. Sometimes you realise that it’s been 3 or 4 days and you haven’t gone outside the village. There’s no need to, you’re just happy here, but then when you want to get out and about everywhere is easy. You can be in San An through the beautiful back roads in 15 minutes. It is a unique place. We wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.” Charlie Chester & Jo Mills, Essential Ibiza


ibiza sun 750 page 4-5 me





Nicole Torres

Being born and bred in Ibiza and a half Ibicenco, my first reason to love Ibiza is that it is home! But if I really think about it, I probably wouldn’t feel the same about any other place. I grew up climbing trees and running around the country feeling no sense of danger. I was on the beach every summer day and many winter weekends even if it was only for a picnic. Where else in the world would you let a 6 or 7 year old to run around free without thinking they’re going to be kidnapped while you’re calmly sat on a terrace? As an adult you can do whatever you please. Ibiza has the parties, the biggest, best parties, DJs, and clubs in the world! But Ibiza has all kinds of activities: museums, aquarium, theatres with all kinds of performances, live concerts popping up in every corner of the island… And then, there is the wonderful weather: I just love those 25 degree January days that make everyone smile! Or that wonderful cold sea breeze that cools you down in the middle of August! Thanks to this wonderful weather, the island offers all types of water sports, apart from many other nature related sports. Ibiza also has so many magical spots concentrated in one small island that it is impossible to mention them individually. But what I’ve always found the most magical of the island is being able to watch the Sun come out from the sea and then be able to see it set into the sea again. (Without having to drive for hours!) I love the multiculturalism of the island and how it has maintained its own culture and traditions. I love the fact that everyone who comes to Ibiza takes their own particular little—or not so little—story that will follow them for life, and in many cases force them to move here. But above all, I love the fact that I could meet anyone, from anywhere in the world, who has ended up in Ibiza because here you can be whoever you want to be and no one will care!

Pam Bennett

Complete strangers smiling and saying Good Morning in the street!

Mikey Sennett

Sunrise on my balcony the colours are amazing

Steve Swain

waking up everyday to sunshine & always able to wear shorts t shirt & flip flops, even if its not so sunny!!

Lee Robertson

The bars, restaurants, Shop, Pimms staff and the owners on the lovely Pueblo Esparragos.






John A D Stables

How a day out could cost nothing and be amazing, such as a day on a nice beach or lounging by the pool; in contrast to a day out in the uk, which regardless of what you do, is probably going to cost a (not-so) pretty penny. Wandering the cobbled streets of Dalt Vila for the umpteenth time & still managing to find new & unexplored parts.






James Davis

Love the inspiring natural beauty of the island, all the outdoor activities possibilities that presents, and of course the flip side of amazing music and energy through the summer.

Ade Harris

flying back and stomping my foot on the ground at Ibiza airport “this is my home”

David Ickringill

Bonfire night at the Tapas Bar, never a dull moment

Gary Cannon Beech

Beaches restaurants bars clubs working construction in the winter not getting rained on every day sunsets….

Annie Swain

Blue sky & beaches in the winter when all the sun beds have gone and life is not so crazy

Lucinda Cobby Martin

The calmness, the vibrant colour of the sea against the pine trees, the lazy days, long walks in the sunshine wrapped up against the chill in the winter, the quick lunch that turned into an all day event, catching up with friends, log fires in the winter, the beautiful sunsets…love our little island

Liam O’Dowd

The Ibiza paradox, you have all extremes, the mega rich milling about million euro villas and shirtless hippies living in trees all within the same few square miles. For the most part they lead separate lives but from time to time the two will mingle and neither will care about the others presence.

Lizzy Case

Ibiza winter family parties walks in the woods bbqs beaches and friends

Carole Cooke

Ibiza is a very beautiful island and I love the amazing sunsets. The people who live here are friendly and we meet people from different countries and cultures which enrich us. I love the outdoor life and the variety of things to do on offer.

Silvana Montanari

The feeling of freedom and peaceful living. Meeting or getting to know only who you really want, just because you felt it ….

Noam Ofir

sex drugs rock ‘n’ roll!

Sue Shannon

Pintxo run

Bob Allan

The people do it for me.

Martin Makepeace

The serenity of January. No phonies, no wannabes, just a beautiful island in all it’s glory.

Natalie Kelaart

The craziest of the craziests creating the most wonderful paradise on this planet!

Judge Jules





.“I always fly the flag for San Antonio. The Passeo is beautiful, I love what Ocean Beach Club are doing and the new Rita’s is amazing too. As a natural bay it is up there with anything in Spain, and you can’t put a price on the sunset. Ibiza Town is beautiful and cosmopolitan. We like the old town, the marina and great restaurants like Can Pilot. Traditional Spanish restaurants with hot stone cooking”

Judge Jules, DJ & Music Lawyer

Helen Mather

When the almond trees blossom in spring….oh and all the winter flower powers!!!!!

Tania Muscovitch

Friends, walks, beach picnics, sunsets and fiestas, that is what helps make Ibiza in the winter a fantastic place to live.

Lee Robertson

The people, the vibe, the scenery and diversity

Louis van Zyl

Ibiza is the friendliest, easiest, and most accommodating place on earth to live in. We have been here for 5 plus years, and have never been disappointed.

Sol Nawaz

clear skies full of thousands of stars…………

Andy Mullins


Danny W





.“In winter we all love a Sunday roast. Our favourite pub is the Olive Tree in San An—they do a great one. In summer we go for somewhere like Yemanja. I love the island’s history. I was walking and found a roman coin. It’s incredible when you think 2000 years ago someone dropped that and there’s a link between that one guy two millennium ago, and you picking it up. There’s a great book, The History Buff’s Guide to Ibiza, highly recommended.”

Danny Whittle, Owner IBZ entertainment & Founder IMS






Carly Sorensen

Ibiza has been on the receiving end of some awful, inflammatory, sensationalist and totally ill informed press of late, and it’s just not the Ibiza I love at all! My husband and I chose this island as the place to have and raise our family for myriad reasons, the main one being that we feel it is a far safer, family friendly place than many UK cities. There are many other reasons why we think Ibiza is a great place to raise a family though… 1. The positive attitude to children and families. Here children are treasured, put on pedestals and welcomed everywhere. We can go into a restaurant, cafe or bar pretty much anywhere and have our little monkey fussed over, spoken to directly and presented with her own little high chair to use. I can breastfeed and no-one bats an eyelid (unless they’re Brit tourists, unfortunately). Just walking down a street or doing the shopping, locals stop, talk to Ela and smile happily, congratulating me on my lovely baby. With all that kindness around, it’s no surprise she’s so happy, and the same goes for the kids of my island friends. Smiling souls, the lot of them. 2. The beauty of nature. I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors, and there’s an abundant beautiful, unspoilt trove of it here. Sandy beaches, pebble coves, pine forests, mountains (ok, not by Himalayan standards, but a hike up Sa Talaia is pretty strenuous!), rocky cliffs, rugged coastal walks, lush groves, salt flats spotted with flamingos, miles of fruit-laden, flower-scattered countryside, silken sand and stunning sunsets. Oh, the sunsets! So much to keep everyone fit, healthy and happy and keep the kids away from too much TV… with all this colour and beauty why do they need a gogglebox?! 3. The wildlife. Hand in hand with nature, is wildlife. The aforementioned flamingos, sargantanas (native lizards), dolphins, turtles, fish, birds and insects never fail to raise a smile from our baby or us. When dolphins escorted us into port three years ago, we knew this place was special, and we’ve seen them a lot since… a pod of twelve cruised alongside on our babies second outing in our boat and confirmed that there is magic here. 4. The endless, sparkling, shimmering Sea. As a former boat dweller, the sea will always draw me and here we’re surrounded by it. Our Ela loves the water too and is happiest on or in it, splashing, kicking and giggling away. It’s just so beautiful too, ranging in colour from clear, to pale green, to turquoise to deep indigo blue. 5. The feeling of safety. Despite what you may have read in the UK tabloids, crime is pretty low here. As in any tourist spot, theft is common in the busy months as are traffic accidents and alcohol related injuries, but it’s rare to hear of the murders, rapes, kidnappings, shootings and child abuse which feature daily in the news in Britain and elsewhere. 6. The cobbled streets and simple architecture. There are certain places on the island which make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. Dalt Vila is a fab place to take the family for a spot of history and beautiful views. 7. Hidden gems. Places like Portixol, caves at sea, ancient ruins stumbled across during winter walks… all of these make this place a joy to live in and discover. 8. The diversity and friendliness of the people. Total strangers smile, say hello and offer you help. I’ve lost count of the times someone’s helped me pack shopping, grabbed the end of my pushchair on stairs, held doors open for me or held my baby while I fold her pushchair. People here are from a huge variety of backgrounds, races, cultures and religions, yet there is very little judgement or snobbery and a great deal of open mindedness… a positive leftover from the hippy movement which put Ibiza on the world tourist map. And, for us, exactly the kind of environment we want our child to grow up in.





Mi Trocito de Paraiso

Carl Hague

573km sq of diversity. Where else in the world might you see – in one instance Kate Moss, Prince Harry or Fernando Torres loafing about in their ‘dress down’ clothes on the beach or at the checkout in Mercadona and ten minutes down the road encounter a beautiful nut brown old lady in her traditional black gown wearing her straw hat sitting under a tree, watching over her sheep or goats? Where else in the world might a smile at a child playing in the street or the beach be welcomed by his or her parents with a returned smile, knowing that you “the smiler” were thinking how blessed they were to have such a beautiful son or daughter – without a hint that they thought you had evil designs? What difference does it make here if you’re black, white, yellow or green for that matter? Or where you’re from? Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the Far East, the Antipodes, the USA or Canada? The joy of Ibiza is an object lesson in tolerance, understanding and even that horrid expression ‘multiculturalism.’ There is no such thing here, we are all one – as it should be! If you’re not exactly in the flower of youth it doesn’t matter, there is still a welcome. If you have a much younger girl or boyfriend it doesn’t matter one jot, life goes along with not a “tut, tut” or sideways glance. If you lumber around on the dancefloor at Pacha, Space or Ushuaia like a ‘fairy elephant’ who cares, you’re having a good time and everybody loves you for it! And then as summer madness fades to autumn the grapes, pomegranates, almond, fig and carob trees fruit in profusion, then as the rains arrive where else will you see spring flowers glow in abundance in the fields in November? All this with an indigenous population of delightful people, beaches to rival any in the world, crystal clear seas, tranquil forests, secret lanes to who knows where …. and all this, just over two hours flying time from London, Dusseldorf, Paris, Munich or Amsterdam. Let’s not tell too many more people, shall we?

We Love 750Natural Splendour
the beauty of the white isle is not hard to find but so often overlooked. Cat Milton, photographer and very early riser, often takes our breath away with her vistas from around San Juan.


If you’d like the start of your day brightened by images like this (and a fair number of feline friends) follow cat on facebook, or view her photography on flikr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/catmilton


ibiza sun 750 page 6-7



Villa Mercedes

Rhian Gibbs

Villa Mercedes adIt’s always a pleasure to review Villa Mercedes. The ambiance is perfect, the view across the marina forever changing and the food, always superb. When you can get 5 star service and a 3 course meal for 19.50€ you just know you will be back again, and again. There is a small supplement on Friday and Saturday evenings taking the cost to 21.50€ however when you have Paco Fernandez and Rafa Peletey to serenade you, it becomes irrelevant.

Their 3 course menu is available everyday from 4pm until 10.30pm, 19.50€.

I have no hesitation on deciding dishes at Villa Mercedes however if you are unsure of what to choose, I highly recommend asking the staff, not only do they give you the menu, its given with such passion for their dishes you are salivating at the mere thought of them.

Starter Grilled vegetables with Goats Cheese and honey vinaigrette.Villa mercedes WL A beautiful combination of flavours were presented in front of me, the creaminess of the goats cheese worked so well with the sweetness of the honey and the grilled courgettes and peppers added another dimension to the dish.

Main Lamb chops with seasoned potatoes and lemon cream. Another delightful plate of food. The lamp chops were simply melt in the mouth with perfectly seasoned, soft, fluffy potatoes and a creamy lemon sauce that just the dish to another level.

Dessert Chocolate brownie with Vanilla ice cream. A trip to Villa Mercedes would not be complete without having the chocolate brownie for dessert, it’s like a chocolate party in your mouth, a real taste sensation. The brownie itself is rich and moist with the perfect gooey centre, topped with a simple yet divine vanilla ice cream. It’s a must try dish if you haven’t already.

Another absolute must is trying the vast range of gin & tonics they have to offer, unfortunately trying just one is not an option and you will find yourself ordering another, and another—which is no bad thing with a nightly programme of musical entertainment ranging from smooth jazz to funk to traditional acoustic sets.

The food is beautifully presented and the high standards in which you are served really make your meal an occasion. It always feels special and that is great testament to the manager Javier and a fantastic staff team including Josh (hope that is the correct spelling) who feels as much a part of Villa Mercedes as the fountain on your way in. A very clever combination of always feeling special, but with the comfort of familiarity. Genius.

 Villa mercedes comida

We Love 750Food & Drink is there anywhere on earth you could find greater diversity . We’ve featured many of Ibiza’s greats & Villa Mercedes are a perfect example of why Ibizan appetites are so superbly sated.


ibiza sun 750 page 8-9


Marc Vedo & Boy George

Boy george 1

We Love 750Ibiza Access All Areas Ibiza’s attraction for those in the media eye is long standing and seems ever on the increase. In 2014 we’ve had performances from some of the biggest names in all genres of music not to mention being a ‘must do’ destination for the world’s top DJ’s. Ibiza gives us more than that. It is not just that the names come here but also that we seem to get a level of personal access that would be unheard of in London or any major city. For example you can go along to the sunset strip and without paying a penny be a few feet from major international stars that would normally require a big chunk of your wages to see them as pin pricks on a far distant stage. You might well chat to them at Pikes after parties, or get a selfie at an Ocean Beach pool party. In the context of our newspaper it has allowed us to run a fantastic series of one to one interviews this year. We’ve had international actor Idris Elba, world number 1 DJ Hardwell, Kaiser chiefs, and many more. Hard to imagine the Dunstable Echo carrying such luminary names. We have also had great feedback on ‘the Ibizan’ series of interviews with prominent local artists, movers and shakers, and how could we forget the Tony Pike interview. Boy George is a great subject to have in this our special anniversary edition. A figure rarely out of the public eye over the past 3 decades, he holds individual interest beyond any limitation to his musical talents, however that is what I went along to talk to him about along with his partner Marc Vedo..

The invitation to interview Boy George came from Vass, boss of A-list PR company Urban Rebel. Quite a feather in my provincial cap I thought, to be asked rather than ask, and for the invitation to come as a result of a previous Ibiza Sun interview Vass had come across, Judge Jules earlier in the year. I must be doing something right, I thought, and given my actual journalistic credentials prior to taking over the hot seat at our island newspaper were limited to a Psychobilly fanzine back in the early 80’s, and writing client restaurant reviews in the last 2 years working in advertising sales at the Ibiza Sun, I had fair reason to question my ability. Vass flattered me further in the coming weeks entrusting me to interview world number 1 DJ Hardwell, and then in the run up to the Boy George interview offered to extend the planned 10 minutes to 20 if I would also interview Boy George’s constant compadre in the DJ Booth Marc Vedo, and agree to be filmed as part of a fly on the wall documentary they were making. My cap was now so feathery that I considered wearing it to the interview, if anybody is going to appreciate a chap in a feathery cap it would be Boy George, a man renowned for his love of millinery marvels, but though that was never going to happen it did raise the question of what to wear to meet one of the few men who can talk enthusiastically about male grooming without alerting the child protection team. I couldn’t compete in his arena, any attempt at make up would leave me looking like a previously repressed cross dresser taking my first brave steps into the outside world, and as I seem to have the walking gait of a sailor struggling down a stormy deck any attempt at grace or poise would be as fruitless as putting a Neanderthal in a tutu. I can’t think of another occasion I had considered the style factor of what I would wear in terms of it’s assessment by another man. Most men really don’t care too much. As long as you stand your round and understand the rules of football to the extent you don’t say stupid things during an important televised game you are OK. The Boy George I grew up with came out of the Blitz club stable of gender bending style guys with the likes of Leigh Bowry. They dominated the pages of the Face and I.D. magazine back in the early eighties, and though I would have to concede I was never a big fan of Culture Club I have always had huge respect for his unique style. Ultimately the decision came easy as a late night session on Ebay America delivered a Vintage 1970’s huge collared shirt just a couple of days before the allotted time. Not his style, but it was a style and most definitely not high street, it would do. George and entourage were staying in a suite at the Hard Rock hotel. They may have named it after Alcatraz as the security procedures appeared as rigorous as you would expect doing time on the rock. My sentence lasted a full 45 minutes whilst a pretty underwhelming reception tried to deal with the request I be taken to his room. On finally arriving I was kind of expecting the door to be opened by a bronzed and toned young male and escorted past the fountain of unicorn milk to my audience with Boy George, (actually what do I call him, Boy? Mr George? O’Dowdy,?) who would be reclining on sumptuous silk cushions whilst waiving away peeled fruit options from another yet younger and more toned attendant. I was quite surprised when the door opened and George’s (I’ve settled on George) head popped round the door.

BG: Hello, I know you don’t I?

NG: You certainly seemed to that weekend we had together at the Waldorf. Bit hurt you don’t remember really. (no I didn’t really say that. It’s what I came up with that I should have said in the car on the way home.)

NG: No I don’t think so.

BG: Really you look ever so familiar, come in come in. This is Sally, she’s in charge of everything really (Sally is working from her makeshift office/studio—an upended suitcase in which she does as he says seem to have everything, we exchange greetings), This is Stephen I think you do know him don’t you, (yes I’d met the Ibiza based photographer/videographer at Niles Rodgers press call last year) he’s going to be filming us I think. This is Marc Vedo are we being interviewed together? (far from passing milk spurting Unicorns the room was no more than what I’d call a junior suite in an average contemporary London hotel. Though I suspected it would be rather more expensive than the equivalent meters in Marriot Prestige Maida Vale, I’m again surprised at the modest accommodation for such an eminent performer.)

NG: That was the way Vass suggested.

BG: Where shall we do it. What do you think Stephen, should I sit here what do you think Laptop open, business look.

(George is doing most of the talking, but you’d expect that. He has a commanding presence and gives the impression that outside of the chatshow this assertiveness is perfectly sufficient to get his way. None the less I do hope I can elicit at least one bitchy cutdown from him, I wouldn’t feel I’d met him if I didn’t. The three of us sit at the small white dining table. I am facing the balcony, the cameraman is behind me. That suits me fine as some inner weirdness in me automatically pulls the facial expression of somebody who has just soiled themselves as soon as a camera is directed at me. I start to wonder how fat my neck is—George is clearly having an effect on my vanity. George is of course completely comfortable with the camera. He is not ‘stage’ made up but I imagine a lot of thought and effort goes in to looking like he has not made any thought or effort. Marc is wearing a simple white t-shirt snug enough to show him as pretty trim. His mop of hair is that thick he could farm himself out to Wayne Rooney. The whole look says soul boy. Add a pack of John Player Blue rolled in the sleeve of his t-shirt, a blond over-permed girlfiend in white slingbacks and an XR3i and you are there in 1984. Whether it is a style he has worked on, or simply a result of not being that bothered is hard to tell).

MV: Sorry we kept you coming in, we were on the phone for a while when they were trying to call us.

BG: Did you order that room service?Boy george 2

Sally: Should be here any minute.

NG: Are you about to eat? Do you want to wait?

BG: No it’s not for me it’s just for them. I don’t eat in front of other people.

NG: Really, why not?

BG: I just don’t, it’s horrible.

(in normal circumstances that might be a remark you’d want to take somewhere, but I’d determined not to roll out any of the old cliché questions. I was here to talk music though I suspected it wouldn’t be entirely up to me what we were going to talk about.)

NG: OK I’ll start. George you said in Sounds 1982 (the mixmag of it’s day) that people who planned interviews are really boring. Do you still believe that?

BG: When you do as many interviews as I do it can get tedious. People are sometimes just so lazy they ask all the same questions. I’ve never really done a great deal of press for the DJing side of my career but since the Album was released it’s increased again. You know like asking how Marc and I met, c’mon, for god’s sake you don’t even need me for that, google it. It’s like anything in life. Sometimes you’ll be surprised and at the end you can say that was fun—but it’s rare.

NG: It’s probably not the wisest thing to start an interview with why you don’t like interviews but I can see it must get tedious. Is any part of that due to knowing that whatever it is you are talking about comes with a Boy George baggage.

(we talked about such a high percentage of Boy George interviews coming with the mandatory opening run down of the highs but especially lows in his front page past. I had an example where even his appearance as a speaker at the IMS was preceeded with his interaction with the judiciary in a way another artist may expect a discography.)

BG: Again I think a lot of it is laziness. It’s easy. It’s all out there. But I think because my energy has changed a lot in recent years, it affects a lot of the things going on around me, and things around me don’t affect me in the same way.

NG: What do you mean by energy?

BG: Lifestyle, Cosmic, Spiritual. I’ve always felt that we as Human beings exchange so much without speaking. There is so much energy goes between us all . It is communication through vibe. The effect of positive and negative energy is huge. Like recently somebody was trying to book me through Marc and they said “I hear he’s a nightmare..”, actually not for a long time but it’s interesting how people perceive you. They expect one thing and find another. You can create a lot of positive energy in that.

NG: You used the word ‘cosmic’

BG: I am a practising Bhuddist, Japanese Bhudism, it is based on a belief in the laws of cause and effect. What I do say, feel makes a difference to my life and those around me. For example if you are in conflict with somebody you pray for their happiness. I’m not a grudge bearer anyway, laughs, I can’t be a bloody grudge bearer with what I’ve been through.

(During this first part of the interview in which we do talk a lot about the personal Boy George, room service has arrived and Marc takes some food. He now returns.

NG: Can you tell us about your Ibiza connection?

BG: I first came in 1987. I was in the South of France with Jeremy Healy, it was right at the start of the summer of love and we’d heard Ibiza was the place to be . I’ve been here pretty well every year since then. That first experience of going out to Amnesia when it had no roof, the music, the weather, the vibe, and I think the best thing was nobody knew who the fuck I was. English people knew who I was but the locals didn’t have a clue. Ibiza was a place I I could cut off from being hassled.

NG: but now everybody knows you right?

BG: I can get around incognito. It’s always my voice gives me away.

NG: what about you Marc, would you swap George’s public eye fame?

MV: Funnily enough I was just thinking about that. I used to really want that fame. When I used to first come here back in the mid nineties I really wanted what George has. I guess I would take the recognition. Not from a vain point of view. More that it would come as a result of people enjoying your music, plus of course it means the bookings come in very easy so it gives you some financial stability .

NG: Where did you play first?

MV: Es Paradis was my first ever gig. I was here for 2 days.

BG: I used to play for Marc back in the early nineties when he was a promoter in Bristol. I often kind of think that I still DJ, work and do what I do, its kind of, if you are driven by that love of what you do and music is that starting point for me. Such a luxury to be able to do this and the still doing it is amazing, especially with the competition. I always want to go out and play to a club of people and I want them to walk away and feel like they have been on one of the best nights of their life and that’s the drive and whatever comes with that is a bonus.

NG: how often do you get that buzz?

BG: definitely not every night, but that makes it special when it comes and recently I’ve been getting it a lot. I had a fantastic month in May with loads of gigs and really up there with the vibe, the crowd. I’ve connected with the dancefloor and once you connect you’ve got them in your groove and then you can throw different things in, and when you’ve got a 2-3 hour window there’s nothing like that feeling. Its amazing whether I was been paid £1 or £1000, it’s the music that I love.

(George and Marc are playing SupermartXe later the night we are talking)

NG: Have you played SupermartXe before?

BG: No, its my first one tonight, I have never played to this particular club, you don’t have any idea what the club is going to be like, its quite exciting, you never know what they are going to like. I’m excited but I’m really nervous

MV: I’m not nervous but now you’re making me nervous.

BG: I’m already excited, I want the promoters to have that same kind of attitude of wow, that’s one of the best nights we’ve heard musically in this club. Marc’s quite a motivating person, he will always find a ray of light in any situation.

NG: I wanted to ask about the chemistry between you, what is that makes it work?

BG: we’re so different, he’s respectable and I’m working class. Marc’s quite a unique person he’s not typical, he’s public school,. Boarding school, he’s posh, but he’s not typical of that type of person. He’s kind of an odd guy. I think all of the people around me are odd. Sally who does my makeup, she’s odd, she’s very odd. When you sit down and think about it, its kind of off the wall and I think that’s probably why I like them.

MV: I think I’m really normal, but my wife thinks I’m odd.

BG: sometimes I think the people that think they are normal are kind of the wackiest in a sense. And the people that go out of their way to be wacky are kind of boring. People that try to hard to be interesting, I think you are what you are and I think if you are interesting, you just are because you have life experiences. Marc could have gone on and done stock broking and could have gone to all sorts of weird and wonderful things like that, but he choose to come and do dance music.

NG: I did expect more interesting shoes, did I read you somewhere they nicked all your shoes?

MV: (laughs out loud) well they didn’t just pinch my shoes, they went into Georges room and took one look at Georges shoes and went F*** that. They looked at my wifes shoes and went f*** that and then stole all my shoes.

BG: we were robbed last year and they must have come into my room and saw funny looking clothes and left them. They actually took my sneakers, they took the normal things but left everything else.

MV: they didn’t just take my shoes, they took our computers, ipads, watches, jewellery, money everything.

NG: how did that make you feel?

BG: I was alright, I didn’t lose anything.

MV: I lost everything

BG: they got caught trying to leave Ibiza on the boat switching on the equipment.

BG: Because we gave the ipad serial number to the police, they tracked. Went to boat and got them.

NG: do you get a villa every year?

BG: do you know I come here so often, my family last year came with my mum and there were 14 of us that took a house. We’ve done a few family holidays over here, it depends who’s coming We don’t do it every year coming to Ibiza with 14 people is quite difficult. We do come for holidays and to work and I have places here as well.

NG: Supermartxe, La Troya, are you fulfilling a few stereotypes George?

BG: I don’t think so, and if I am I don’t care. Of course I feel very comfortable around people in feathers and clubbing clothes. It’s great to play somewhere where people make an effort and what to look good.

MV: SupermartXe is not about VIP though.

BG: VIP and the way it’s going is like celebrating the worst of the 80’s, it’s not about style, it’s about money, just having the money. I did a record about it last year, about wanting a club where sweat is running off the walls and the paints peeling off but it doesn’t matter because people are just there to dance. I don’t think VIP is very interesting.

As if on cue George and Marc’s chauffeur then arrived to take them to their gig.

I realised my 20 minute allotment had turned into well over an hour and it really felt like more of a chat than an interview.

We were left unfinished and there were a few particular things I would have liked to have asked, and I am sure his PR agent would have wanted us to cover more of on his current work and releases, however that would have required planning the interview which we established at the start would have been very boring.

We just had time for a few quick photos during which I told George I had once played Kazoo in an impromptu band with Spear of Destiny’s Kirk Brandon on a cross channel ferry (that is actually true). I asked him if he had ever played Kirk Brandon’s Kazoo, to which he replied “ cheeky bastard”

I got my bitchy moment.

There are lots of free podcasts on Georges own website and mixcloud including collaborations with Marc Vedo . Links below.




ibiza sun 750 page 10-11

ibiza sun 750 page 6-7


To date George has sold overmillion singlesin excess ofmillion albumsa performer and songwriter with 80’s super groupCulture Clubas a solo artist in his own right. He also continues to be one of the worlds most successful and in-demand international DJs touring extensively across the globe. Away from his musical successes George has been a columnist for national newspaper theExpress, the author ofbestselling autobiographiesand hasthe co-producer, songwriter and on-stage star of the award-winning musical‘Taboo’bothYork’s Broadway’s West End. Alongside all of this he runs his own fashion labelB-Rudeoutlets inYork, Los AngelesLondon, as well as maintaining an elite membership to the world’s designer fashion hierarchy – DJing regularly at post catwalk shows such as, Phillip Treacymore recentlyBoss. George featured in the Top 50 of the BBC’s 100 Greatest Britonsall time, as well as being photographed by everyone from Richard AvedonSnowdonMeisel. Since early 2010 George has unveiled a bed of new studio releases that include‘Amazing Grace’,‘Sunshine into my life’HectorJaxxfame,‘Brand New’‘Turn 2 Dust’. As well as his own projects, George has spent much of the past two years collaborating with a number of other artists that includeRonson, Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow), Glide &Harry Choo Choo Romero.2011 with the release of his long awaited artist album‘Ordinary Alien’, a dancefloor focused album that consisted of unreleased material, George decided to return to the business of running his own record label, so back in spring 2011 he launched a new musical era in his career with the birth ofRecordsfellow DJ/producerVedo. Geared towards releasing cool, credible house tracks the label gives George and Marc the freedom to sign both underground and commercially respected artists. To date the label has won fans inSanchez, Chris Lake, Tom Novy, firmly establishing itself as an imprint to watch. George’s production plans for 2012 will see him working on a number of collaboration with renowned stars such as(Skunk Anansie), Bob Sinclar.While new releases fromRecords2012 include‘Don’t take the night’‘Kalino Mome’featuresBulgarian pop queen Desi Slavavocals.

Freddie Rocks Ibiza

Claire B

Freddie-Rocks-Pikes_claireb_010914Next Sunday, September 7th, sees Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes holding its fourth annual ‘Freddie for a Day’ party. It’s a charity event, held in celebration of the late Freddie Mercury’s birthday. Freddie Mercury famously celebrated his 41st birthday party at Pikes in 1987, which has gone down in history as one of the most lavish parties ever to be held on the island. This year there’s more emphasis on it being a party for all the family. It all begins with the infamous Sunday Roast from 1pm. They’ll be a very special ‘Kids Rock Freddies’ from 3-9pm in the Tennis Court, with a bouncy castle, games, toys and endless fun in collaboration with local child-minder’s Kidsinibiza.

Then the celebrations will continue into the night with live bands, including Kids On Bridges, special guest DJ Felix Da Housecat, a performance from Madonna Scsx. Throughout the whole day there’ll be a line-up of some the Island’s favourite DJs, including, Mark Jones, Andy Carroll, Colin Peters, Tom Crane, Ste-V-Something, Lisa Chadderton, Steve Altman, Tiki Boy, Howard Hill and Jon Sa Trinxa. Host with the most Sunny will be pouring teapot shots a plenty in Freddie’s bathtub for those belting out the best Freddie performances during bathtub karaoke.

This year there’s also an incredible prize up for the best dressed Freddie this year. The complete Ibiza Rocks VIP Experience includes dinner for two and bed and breakfast at Pikes plus VIP passes to Ibiza Rocks Opening Party 2015.

5€ donation on the door and 5€ donation for the Kids Corner with Freddie Tash included. 100% of the contributions go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which raises money for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

Further information:


For guest list email

[email protected]

At Night

We Love 750Ibiza Nightlife DSC00203 For a huge number of people Ibiza’s nightlife is the starting point in the love affair with the island. That’s no surprise, it’s the best in the world and we’ve decided to use this week’s edition to showcase the great variety on offer – from the superclubs to avant-garde —if you can dance to it, it’s in. The scene in Ibiza is about far more than music. It’s about people and friendships. It’s about the bonds that are made at 5am and last a lifetime. The photo below is one of those days. The morning after Pacha, probably at Divinito. Left to right is Helio, a Venezuelan illegal taxi driver we still know and love today. Then rather less of me, my wife Rhian, Pascale a French Canadian and then Matt Caselli one of the original funky room DJ’s. Every Ibiza clubber has had these very special moments.

Paul Van Dyk

John Stables

Paul-Van-Dyk-JS-010914-5If there’s one name synonymous with Ibiza and even more so with Cream Ibiza, then it’s Paul Van Dyk; that’s why, when Cream held their pre-party at Café del Mar last Thursday, there was no contest as to who should take to the decks for the prestigious sunset session.

As Ibiza celebrates its 20th Anniversary (based on many of its world famous venues and promoters starting out around the same time), Cream certainly have something to be pleased about. Having launched in the UK back in 1992, they introduced themselves to the island just two years later holding regular nights in Pacha, before moving on to Privilege, and finally settling into their long term residency at Amnesia.

Paul Van Dyk has been with Cream for well over ten years. The globally acclaimed, Grammy nominated, superstar DJ has been loyal to his fans by continuing to produce tracks such as ‘For An Angel’ and ‘Far Away’, whilst travelling the world to play his sets.

It may be a surprise to hear that Paul does not play many pre-parties, indeed this was his first in almost eight years.

Paul’s two hour set at Café Del Mar was launched smoothly from the offset, giving customers exactly what they needed to put their day to rest and wash away their troubles, whilst enjoying the delicious food and savouring the tasty cocktails, and once the sun disappeared out of sight, Paul slowly increased the tempo and turned up the volume, preparing guests perfectly for the ‘other side’ of life in Ibiza.

Paul is playing regularly at Cream throughout the season. See page 14 to win 2 x VIP tickets.


For future events, menus and table reservations at Café Del Mar, visit


and for up to date info on Paul Van Dyk, visit his official website at



ibiza sun 750 page 12-13

We Love 750Pre Parties Ibiza’s pre parties are all about getting the night off to a good start, building the tempo for the party to come—but they also give a unique chance to be up close and personal with some huge names, and best of all they are free.

wl lIVE

Clean Bandit

Claire B

Ella-Eyre_claireb_010914_2-credit-living-photographyClean Bandit returned to Ibiza Rocks last week, having supported Ellie Goulding at the venue in August last year. Since then, they’ve become hugely successful, with their single ‘Rather Be’ featuring singer Jess Glynne (who appeared at Ibiza Rocks a few weeks ago before Rudimental) reaching number one in the UK last January. Their debut album ‘New Eyes’ was released in the UK in May, and reached number three. I enjoyed their performance last year and so was looking forward to seeing them again.

Supporting them was Ella Eyre, who appeared with a full backing band and two female singers. She’s only 20, but recently sang the lead vocals on Rudimental’s number one hit ‘Waiting All Night’ and has been touring with the band over the summer, and it shows. With her mane of long curls she looked the part, as she energetically commanded the stage and belted out her fast-paced songs, with her strong, striking vocals coming though loud and clear.

She did a cover of Rudimental’s ‘Right Now’, which got the crowd bouncing up and down as well as singing the other singles she already has under her belt. In great rock and roll tradition she left the stage after throwing down the mic stand on the stage – always a good exit in my book. It was a full-on, energetic performance, and a great way to start the night. I suspect that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Ella.

After that electric performance, I felt that Clean Bandit were going to have a tough task on their hands following her. The band’s four members were joined onstage by two guest female singers, which is the way the band choose to record and play live. They write and produce the music Clean-Bandit_claireb_010914_2-Credit-living-photographyand bring in guest lead vocalists for their fusion sound, which combines classical elements with electronic music and some deep-house elements. They met as students at Cambridge University, where two of the band, Grace the cellist and Milan the violinist were playing together in a string quartet. The noticeable difference onstage this year was that Grace had traded in her traditional bulky cello for a sleeker electronic version.

This had less visual impact on the stage, but I’m sure it made it easier for her to switch between playing it, singing and dancing, which is how a Clean Bandit performance takes shape.

They all take their turns at singing, there is intermittent playing from Grace and Milan and much dancing in between. The crowd loved them and joined in dancing and singing along when they knew the words. A highlight was their cover of the house classic from Robin S, ‘Show Me Love’, which everyone went mad for, but overall after Ella’s energetic performance, they just left me wanting a bit more of something. My patience paid off, as the two songs that they played in the encore pushed the pace up a notch or two. The high point of their set for me was ending on their number one hit ‘Rather Be’, which was magical as the entire crowd sang back to the chorus to them. The night ended on a high, much as it began, and the night was still young.….

Videos: Ella Eyre:


Clean Bandit:


Bcanero 50th

WL cool n funkyBOHemian Rap



Babylon Beach Wax Da Jam Ascending Angels The Global Party

Babylon-Beach-RL-010914-2 Introducing Vaughan. For those that do not know him, and for people who have spent any great time in Ibiza that number must be limited, Vaughan is the chap above centre, by the looks of it doing what he does best, getting on down. Right down.

Vaughan is the founder and creator of the Funky room at Pacha, originator of Wax da Jam Las dalias and of course, host with the most hats at Babylon Beach.

Vaughan has now thrown himself upon Ascending Angels—this latest venture on the rooftop terrace of Aguas de Ibiza, where he has made a heavenly alliance with the Hotel, and Amanda from Bespoke concierge to bring us another of the parties for grown ups in which they excel.

Commonalities run between all the events, with Nightmares on wax and the Johnny Freelance Experience regulars on the bill along with George Solar and friends on the decks.

Babylon have a full moon party on September 9th, and there is no better place to watch her majestic ascent from the sea.

They are also the selected venue for the Global Party charity event on September 15th, Find out more about it all with the links below, and remember – whatever you do keep it funky, real cool and real funky.




WL chic freakPhantasmagoria 2034


And so it is, 2034 draws to a close. We put our whips back in our valise and very gently extract the stiletto tip lodged where God´s design never intended it to be lodged. Back to the Ibiza of 2034 where creativity and individuality are prohibited and after the conclusion to the Manumission return to Ibiza how dull it will all seem.

The 5th and closing night was my first and so I have no comparison however it had a feel that the edge was being pushed that bit extra as all good boundaries should be.

Tonight’s cinema offering was The Wizard Of Oz, pretty surreal in the setting, and then the party moved indoors from some fine sets. We were a bit too busy enjoying ourselves to notice who was on when but over the 5 weeks artists have included DJ’s Craig Richards, Skream and The Revenge, plus live performance from The Ting Tings, the whole night was an audio and visual treat with very little being left to the imagination, which was fine, I was happy to give it a night off.

Phantasmagoria is out there, quite a long way out there, but in no way seedy.

Chic Freak, sums it up pretty well.

Johnny freelanceThe Johnny Freelance Experience

“To Make people dance” is the motto of The Johnny Freelance Experience, a unique and innovative band that mixes different genres and live acting for the sole purpose of moving your body. The nodding Head of Nicholas Dominic Talvola (trumpet), energetic drums and rythms of Didi Lezcano (drums) the show man himself with his amazing virtuosity, Mateusz Adamcyzk (violin) and the sexy explosive Afrika Bibang (voice) activates and captivates all dance floors wherever they go.


ibiza sun 750 page 14-15

WL Ibiza Characters

WL big club nightsCream Competition

Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to Cream Amnesia 2014 marks Cream Ibiza’s 20th Anniversary and they have given us a pair of VIP tickets for each remaining party up until the closing on 25th September.

We’ve delved into the cream photo archive and each week we’ll be bringing you a picture from the history of one of Ibiza’s most successful parties—all you have to do is guess the correct year.

Answer the question to win a pair of VIP tickets to Cream Ibiza

Thursday 11th September featuring Paul Van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Gareth Wyn, and on the Terrace, NERO, Jaguar Skills, Jeremy Olander and much more.

What year is this classic Cream photo of Annie Mac? A) 2000 B) 2004 C) 2008

cream comp

Photo Credit: J. Baker 

Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to [email protected] Before midnight Sunday 7th September. Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibiza Sun facebook page Monday 8th September. Tickets are not transferable. Dress code applies. See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue.


Last week’s lucky winner and now on her way to Cream 4th September: is Nikola Fulierova who correctly answered that Deadmau5 is pictured in 2010

Ibiza Dance Chart byshazam

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …

http://www.shazam.com/charts/genre/danceShazam list

Forget – Patrick Topping Bullit – Watermät Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls Finder – Ninetoes Sheeta (Mendo Remix) – Hunzed & Harvey How I Do (Original Mix) – Tapesh & Dayne S Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé Another Love (Zwette Remix Radio Edit) – Tom Odell Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) – GusGus


WL shit charitySh1t is not a dirty word

Nick GibbsShit 2

As Ibiza parties go, and there are plenty of them, few can claim to be unique. Most follow a relatively standard format. Promotion, music, customers, dink, and at the end of the event somebody gleefully counting profits or weeping over a loss. At first glance the annual Shit party, now in it’s 11th year, ticks the same boxes, but dig a little deeper and you discover that this shit is like no shit you’ve seen before.

First we had better deal with the name – not exactly conducive to feelings of worthiness is it? Our own Bob the vicar deals the profane name by referring to it as the Sh1t party. If the word offends please do follow suit because the last thing they are about is trying to shock or offend.

The origins of the name come from the workers who come to Ibiza every year full of hope and energy, to find a cut-throat world of low-paid and sometimes no-paid jobs with long hours, dodgy conditions, and sardinesque living quarters. Come August, the traditional time of the sh1t party, and the positivity of May has been replaced with the cynicism of Meldrew. Ask them any question, how’s the job? How’s your boss? How’s the apartment? How’s your money? There is only one answer … Sh1t.

Shit 1It was John ‘Loco’ Moore who first had the idea that a workers blow-out was called for. A party where you could forget about all the sh1t and go crazy. John soon found the support of Julian Cobby, Jay Moore, Peter Duncan and Martin Makepeace as sponsor to hold the very first worker’s lament in 2003.

A turn out of 300 partied the day and night away with a disregard for rules and regulations that would be impossible to conceive in current climes. 2004 found the Sh1t party moving to its home for the next 10 years up to now, Gala Nights (a.k.a The Zoo). Since then Nathan Viva, Ryan Harvey and Carl Williams have joined to form the committee of 8 that organise the event. Growing year on year and soon becoming the ‘must do’ event of every worker with a grudge to bare – i.e. all of them.

Shit 4So that’s the origins but it is in the philanthropic nature of the party that Sh1t takes on a saintly scent. Lead by a committee of 8 all organisation and promotion is by time given on a voluntary basis. Worth remembering that these are people all at their busiest in the height of the summer season. Ticket sellers receive no commission yet promote the event alongside those that earn their living and even DJs, so often maligned for their rewards, are happy to ply their trade without pay alongside the St Johns’ ambulance who may have a greater reputation for worthy deeds but are no less noteworthy in donating their emergency cover free of charge.

All good people, very good people, but they would be the first to acknowledge their contribution is nothing compared to the real Sh1t heroes. The award for excellence in defecation, the real true poos, the clap for crap has to go to the workers themselves. Despite many having descended to a daily diet of pasatta and pasta, despite working in conditions more Korean than Ibizan, the contribution they have made over the last 11 years has been immense.shit 3

Expenses of the Sh1t party are limited to nothing more than the ‘required to operate’ security and bus transportation. Aside from that every penny of the worker’s paid entrance fees goes to the charity pot. So how much does this impoverished youth raise? In the history of the Sh1t party they have raised 30,000€. Pretty impressive huh? But I’m sorry, I am sh1tting you, they raised 30,000€ in one year. Even this year’s party, which was held a few days before payday and earlier than usual, raised a little under 20,000€.

I hope that if Sh1t was an offensive term to you at the outset it has just become a little more palatable. I asked Julian Cobby who, together with Martin Makepeace and John Loco, allocate the funds out to charitable causes whether he felt the fundraising of the event was recognised in the community.

“It is sometimes a little frustrating. People have difficulty accepting that somebody isn’t on the make but I guess that is in some ways understandable. This is Ibiza, nobody does anything for nothing, and you have to overcome those prejudices. We ask the businesses in San An and particularly the west end whether they would like to make a contribution.

Some are fantastic – too many to mention but people like Linekers and the Highlander have always supported us. Bartollo has been great in allowing us to use the venue without charge. He covers the costs he has, bar staff etc, from the drinks and we keep everything else. Others just have a mistrust that anything can be done by people for nothing. We have even had one or two of the organisations we’ve donated to turn their noses up when we’ve invited them along. It’s just about people’s pre-conceived ideas and that’s a shame, but it is all nothing to the contribution the workers make and the gratitude of those it benefits. Shit 5

“Julian was quick to point out that the contribution didn’t stop at the cost of a ticket. “The Sh1t party is all about fancy dress and the effort and thought that goes into the costumes is incredible. It blows us all away every year. The originality, the ideas, but also the time and sometimes the cost of putting them together. This year there was a guy who had designed his costume as the egg roundabout. He had built this whole carcass of the egg itself surrounded by a road with cars and bikes on it. He’d even had his face painted as the statue inside. We had a huge group of Simpson’s characters, they came 3rd and by the time of the ceremony all their paint was running down their faces, a real mess, but to all get together like that, brilliant. The winner this year was Daytime Dave who came as Stephen Hawking. He really took it to another level. He had even programmed his Ipad to use as a Stephen Hawking voice box. He didn’t speak all night – just tapped it out on his ipad.”

I asked why he thought the party had held the commitment of the organisers through the years when they were at their busiest. “You have to think of it in terms of being the other side of the fence. I’d much rather be putting the time in to raise money for Caritas than I would be being fed by them. I’m sure all the others think the same.”

Of the 18,500€ raised in 2014 the lions share will go to Caritas to provide for the homeless, several thousand to the cancer charity and other groups such as 24/7, and the red cross.

Some is held back for individual hardship donations such as a computer to help a child disabled in an accident communicate with his friends.

So there you have it, Sh1t, it really is not a dirty word.



ibiza sun 750 page 16-17

WL Ibiza com spiritCommunity

JuanLetter From Juan (Abridged)


Augustine once wrote “The world is a great book of which they who never stir from home read only one page.” Consequently I have taken his advice and also crossed off one item on my wife’s bucket list and booked a cruise to St. Petersburg. As I write this letter we have cast off from Southampton docks and heading off to the North Sea. By the time you read this letter we should have visited Stockholm and be on route to that intriguing city in the Baltic. So until next week, calm sea and fair weather I hope, yours Juan.

View from the pewView from the Pew

Peter Jordan

This week we say goodbye to the beautiful island of Ibiza. Thank you for making us so welcome. By next Sunday the Revd. Walter Robbins and his wife Diana will be here. Their contact number is 971 343 383.

God bless you

Peter and Barbara Jordan

Sunday 7th: 9.30am BCP Holy Communion Sant Rafel RC Church. 11.00am Service of the Word Sant Rafel RC Church. I.C.S. Seasonal Ministry led by the Revd Stuart Bell 638373479: 10.30am Holy Communion RC Chapel, Es Canar. 5.45pm Songs of Praise Hotel Panorama, Es Canar. (sorry no children under 16 due to hotel policy)

Ibiza Roots at Las Dalias

Nicole TorresCanteca-de-Macao-NT-010914

The Ibiza Roots Festival is back, this time in the beautiful gardens of Las Dalias, next Sunday 7th September, for a night of Flamenco, Rumba, colours and fun, with the performance of flamenco-fusion band Canteca de Macao!

Starting at 8pm and continuing until the sun comes up, the night will also feature Elea’s ethno-tribal music, performances by Zorah Leduc & Zinue Tribu (oriental dancing and bellywood), Djs, a World Market, Flavours of the World, Visual arts and many other surprises!

The tickets are 15€ at the door or 10€ if bought previously at Las Dalias, Holidays in Santa Eulalia, Delta Discos Ibiza, Musset in Santa Gertrudis, and Raco Verd in San Jose.

Check out the links bellow for more information:


We Love 750Ibiza Spirituality Ibiza’s spiritual soul is succour for many. Here we preview the forthcoming not for profit Spirit Festival at Atzaro. Ibiza has plenty to offer your mind, body and soul.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival


On Sunday October 5th, the beautiful Agroturismo Atzaró is hosting the Ibiza Spirit Festival – a magical day of inspiration and celebration. This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Ibiza to share in the joy of our true spirit by opening our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being. The Festival celebrates Ibiza’s special energy with amazing events that will be happening all day from the opening ceremony at 11.30am right through the sunset at 8pm.

Music and Movement are essential elements of the Ibiza Spirit, and they will be featured in Creative Dance, Sensual Tantra, Musical Meditations and Singing Circles. Atzaró will be filled with the healing sounds of our DJs and musicians, and at sunset by the dance beats of DJ Ohm G’s new “Quantum Collage”.

Inspirational Talks and Workshops will invite you to explore new ways of finding health and happiness in mind, body and spirit. Yoga Classes in all different styles will be presented by the wonderful Yogis of Ibiza, and there will be a spectacular Spectrum of Yoga exhibition at 12pm.

A variety of Alternative Healing Therapies are offered including Massage, Reflexology, Reconnection, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral, and more. The Art of Ibiza will be on display, and there is a special area dedicated to feminine empowerment called “Birthing Woman”.Zinnia-S-Fest-010914

The Children’s Area is the place where fun-filled activities will be going on all day… face painting, puppet shows, Yoga for Kids, Arts and Crafts, story-telling, games, and more.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is an opportunity for the people of Ibiza to come together and explore the potential of our combined energies.

Entrance is by donation, and all proceeds go to support the great work that is being done by these important charities.



Baby Sean is Born

baby sean

From across the miles, word reaches Ibiza of the birth of baby Sean Oliver, firstborn and son of very proud parents and long term island residents, Jillian Canney and James Casson. Baby Sean was born back in Mama’s native Derry City on 17th August 2014 at 10.20pm, weighing 7lb 13oz, 10 fingers and 10 toes, strong and healthy and (dare I say it) absolutely gorgeous. Abundle of joy and Made in Ibiza, Sean O is already showing signs of being an absolute star in the making and Mama Canney promises to bring him back for a visit to the island in the not too distant future.

Jillian Canney





It’s almost September and Ibiza is calmer and slightly cooler. For thoselooking for something special to stand out from the high street brands, and perfect for the last throws of summer, look no further. In the words of our very own fashionista Amanda O’Riordan “This Multiform Poncho, an originalbyeverything we need for the beach as a cover up, and all round must-have, especially in late summer”. Cassandra Martinez is the designer, originally from Argentina and she is celebrating her 10th year on the island. For truly hippy, boho-chic garments from the kalini skirt and gorgeous beach dresses, a brand new children’s ‘flower power’ range is available. Freelove can be found at most hippie markets or you can get in touch through facebook


WL Ibiza StylePacha Sale

We all love a good sale at this time of year and with 40% off, the Pacha sale will be no exception. You can grab yourself a cherry-licious bargain at all Pacha outlets for a limited time so be quick 3rd—5th September. See ad below

Mambo In The Mix 2014

WL MamboDJs mix the drinks, you mix the records—simple, right!

Café Mambo is staging the 3rd Mambo In The Mix charity event in conjunction with its 20th Anniversary celebrations on Tuesday 9th September 2014.

The iconic destination and party hub has once again joined forces with the Red Cross in Ibiza and Formentera to invite some of the world’s biggest electronic music DJ’s to offer their services for free for the charity event. Café Mambo has raised over 60,000 Euros in the last two years.

Mambo In The Mix has created an opportunity for everyone to give something back to an island that has done so much for the electronic music world. The charity event, in aid of Ibiza and Formentera’s less fortunate communities, is a night where DJs, workers and tourists alike come together to give their time and money to help a great cause.


Playing with the theme of mixing things up, last year’s hugely successful event saw some of the world’s biggest DJs take part in this great cause, working behind the bar and grill instead of the Mambo DJ booth for the evening, while the public volunteered to mix the beats, most receiving coaching from the A-list names present, in exchange for a charitable donation. This year there will also be a raffle with loads of prizes and tickets are already available for purchase online, plus other fun and games.

DJs in the past years have included Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Eric Prydz, MK, Laidback Luke, Miss Kittin, Cristian Varela, Kevin Saunderson, Dimitri Vegas, Nervo, Danny Howard, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Philippe Zdar from Cassius, M.A.N.D.Y. and Mark Fanciulli and this year’s line-up promises to be equally astounding. Café Mambo has raised over 60,000 Euros in the last two years.

For 20 years, Café Mambo has been hailed as the place to party on the sunset strip in Sant Antoni, Ibiza. With an unrivalled reputation built via great guest DJs and the world famous sunset, where it is estimated the outdoor area has hosted as many as 23 million passers by during its tenure. Some of the star names who have graced the decks at this legendary venue include Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Swedish House Mafia, Solomun, Bob Sinclar, MK, David Guetta, Tiesto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Eric Prydz, Steve Aoki and many more.

For those who are unable to make it to the Sunset strip for this spectacular event, you can donate through


All proceeds from the party will go to local charities including the Red Cross of Ibiza and Formentera.

WL CommunityReece Hawley Fundraiser

Carly Sorensen

One of the things I love about Ibiza is how people pull together for a good cause, and this Wednesday was no exception.fundraiser

Locals and tourists alike gathered to support the lovely Dawn Hudson in attending, performing at, donating for, and helping out at a family funday she organised in aid of Reece Hawley, the 21 year old friend of Dawn’s sons who is battling a brain tumour.

Live music was provided by Beat Mania, Glenn Marples and friends, and Roberto Campoli, whilst Dr Feelgood (aka Richard Bright) compeered and DJ’ed, with a guest set from Dermot Condon. Local businesses donated a massive array of raffle and tombola prizes, and Kiss My Fairy painted faces whilst kids (and big kids) water bombed good spirited locals, including landlord Paul, who were clamped in the stocks. Photographer Max Lawless documented the day, taking over 500 photos which can be accessed via his Facebook page max lawless photography or website


DawnA fantastic day was had by all, and over two and a half thousand euros were raised, with donations still coming in. Dawn was overwhelmed by the support, saying:

“I don’t know how to thank everyone for such a great day, from people donating prizes, to buying raffle tickets, coming along and digging deep all day. My goal was 2000€ and we are already up to 2505€!! And there’s more to come!! Well done Ibiza!!”

Dawn put on a fantastic, fun fundraiser which we know will help a truly inspirational young man. I think I echo the sentiments of everyone involved when I say it was an honour to be part of it.


ibiza sun 750 page 18-19

Abstraction at Sa Drassaneta

Nicole TorresImagen8

For ten days, from the 3rd until the 13th of September, Sa Drassaneta in Dalt Vila will hold another collective AMAE exposition, this time based on abstraction. Diego Picabea, Josefina Torres, Antonio Mendoza, Paco Marín, Daniel Marí Planells, Joan Mayans, and Antonio Arco present the art of today’s Ibiza thought their works… Don’t miss this opportunity!

Open from 8pm until 11pm every day. Free entrance.

For more information visit the AMAE facebook page


We Love 750

Visual & Performance Arts Ibiza’s certain special something is demonstrated nowhere better than in the creative arts. From markets full of artisan wares to major exhibitions and performances, you could never be short of inspiring works by our many talented people. It is often said that in Ibiza everyone is an artist, brilliant, we can’t see anything wrong with that.

Extreme flamenco fusion @ Tanit Nights

Claire BLos-Vivancos_claireb_010914_2

Last Saturday I went to see a dance performance from Madrid-based Los Vivancos, put on as part of the Consell-organised Tanit Nights Cultural Festival. When I did my initial research into the acts appearing at the festival, this particular one caught my eye. Their website says that they perform extreme flamenco fusion, and the videos and photos from their current show ‘Aeternum’ looked stunning. In my quest to explore Spanish and local culture, I simply had to go. The fact that Los Vivancos are all attractive, Spanish males also swayed my decision slightly. Time for a bit of cultural eye candy. Their website also informed me that all the guys are also talented musicians as well as trained dancers, and are involved in the design of their shows and the composition of the soundtrack. And with an impressive artistic team behind them, including someone who has worked with the Cirque du Soleil, I was hugely excited about seeing this show.

Los-Vivancos_claireb_010914_4Held in the courtyard outside the university which is housed in the former military command building at the foot of Dalt Vila, the venue was packed with a 600 capacity, predominantly female, local crowd of all ages, from children to grandmothers. The seven-strong troupe appeared onstage just after 10pm, dressed dramatically in white, to a huge applause.

For 90 minutes they tapped, stamped, jumped, leapt and twirled around the stage, drawing on everything from flamenco to classical to contemporary dance styles and throwing in some acrobatics here and there. The show was broken down into several acts, allowing for costume changes, individual dancers to get their breath back and for several of them to perform solo dances or musical interludes. All accompanied by a loud, dramatic soundtrack together with the thunderous sound of their shoes on the wooden stage, they danced with castanets and lights around their wrists and blindfolded with wooden poles which were used to create rhythm. We had performances on the violin, flute, electric cello and a wooden box used as a percussion instrument, all accompanied by incessant dancing. Highlights included the cellist who played whilst doing the splits suspended 3 feet in the air, held up by his legs supported by metal frames on each side of him and a guy tap dancing on the percussion box which he rotated whilst he was in mid air by kicking it with his feet. Very hard to describe in words – you need to be able to see it to visualise it properly.Los-Vivancos_claireb_010914_3

It looked like the show was over at one point when they all got off the stage and shook hands with and walked around the audience to cheers and screams, but they returned to the stage and the best was yet to come. They stood in a line at the front of the stage and danced whilst fireworks showered down on them from above, finishing with a backwards summersault. And just when you thought they couldn’t amaze you any more they moved the two frames at the back of the stage that had been used in various ways throughout the show, positioned them next to each other, and four of the dancers proceeded to tap dance upside down suspended from the frames by their wrists whilst the remaining three scaled the frames and danced on the top. What a finale!Los-Vivancos_claireb_010914_1

It was a hot and steamy night in Ibiza and by the end of the performance the dancers were dripping in sweat as they bowed to a standing ovation from the audience, accompanied by much screaming, cheering and ladies wafting themselves furiously with their fans. The seven performers also looked like they’d had a great time judging from the expressions and huge smiles on their faces. The choreography, staging, lighting, costumes and performance were all amazing. It was dancing, with music, rhythm, drama, acrobatics and special effects all thrown into the mix and it was very macho and sexy. A truly stunning and original show, rooted in Spanish traditional dancing, but with a contemporary twist. In Ibiza there is no shortage of great dancers and brilliant performers, but this show was absolutely amazing. If you get the chance, go and see them.




WL public partiesS’Arenal Dance

John Stables

S'arenal-dance-Js-030914-2On Saturday 30th August, S’ Arenal Dance Festival came to San An giving the people of Ibiza a free beach party.

Taking pride of place opposite the bars along the San An promenade, a stage was erected with DJ decks, huge speaker systems and awesome lighting rigs. The local beach front bars were represented by individual bars built on the beach, offering cheap drinks for the fiesta. The music started early evening and as day turned to night, more and more people turned up for the free party in celebration of Fiesta de Sant Bartomeu.

Numerous DJ’s took to the decks and kept the crowd bouncing until midnight, with Patrick Nazemi closing play with his eclectic, yet awesome set.


ibiza sun 750 page 20-21

Ibiza Sports

WL PowerboatsPowerboat GP

Rhian Gibbs

grand-prixFor all speed fans we have, for the first time in over two decades catamarans and monohulls racing alongside each other in the UIM Class 1 and V1 World Powerboat Championships. 14-boats are expected lining up as the revised Championships format debuts in Ibiza and Class 1 returns to Spanish waters for the first time since 2006.

In the Class 1, there are 2 entrants from Abu Dhabi (one to watch is Team Victory with six-time Class 1 World Champion Arif Al Zaffain and his renewed partnership with Nadir Bin Hendi as the duo start their title campaign and go in search of their teams 14thand to extend its seven-year Championship winning streak. There are also teams from the UK (Bullet Offshore Racing —V1), Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Norway and Malta. UK based Bullet Racing’s hugely experienced Flyer-with-agenda-2Drew Langdon racing with fellow-brit Ian Blacker in the Fountain 42, Express Marine powered Silverline.A former European and British Endurance Champion, Langdon will be aiming to break his World title near misses, finishing 2nd in the Endurance Championship in 2009 and 2nd in Super Sport in 2007, 2005 and 2004.

You can buy tickets online at


or at their Beach Paddock Clubs (listed on website). Prices start from 25€ for a 3 day pass on the Beach between 10.00-24.00 including 6 beers.

See full programme on page 21.


Jezza´S Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Hi sports fans, September is my favourite month of the year. Not just because the August masses have left but this year, in Golf, we have the bi-annual Ryder Cup, and yet another chance to put those Yanks in their place after winning 3 of the last 4. This year’s event starts on Sept 23rd at Gleneagles in Scotland and after the w/end’s Italian Open, you have to feel for Scot Stephen Gallacher. Needing to finish in the top 2 to automatically qualify for the Europe Team, he missed out by one hole and must now wait until Tuesday to see if Captain McGinley will pick him as one of his 3 selections, as the top 9 on the Tour qualify automatically. Mac has to choose from 3 Englishmen (Westwood, Poulter and Donald, all experienced winners in the Ryder Cup) and Gallacher, so it will be interesting. Personally, I’d go for Poulter, Westwood and Gallacher but what do I know!

On to an infrequently reported Sport (vis-a-vis Swimming last week), certainly in this paper, and in Rowing, congrats to Team GB, as they won 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze at the World Championships in Amsterdam, beating their total of 8 last year.

Rugby League and in the Super League, St Helens look odds on to take the League Shield as they beat arch-rivals Leeds 13-12, and now lead the table, 4 points clear of Castleford and 5 clear of Wigan, Warrington and Huddersfield, with Leeds a further point behind.

Dare I mention England and Cricket in the same breath, because, after suffering 2 back-to-back defeats by India in the current 5 match ODI Series, Cook’s boys have to win the next two, on Tuesday and Friday, to even draw the series but having said that, India are now the World’s No 1 in the ODI format but maybe I’m just clutching at straws!

Tennis, and Our Andy takes on Jo W-Tsonga tonight in the US Open 4th round and if he wins, which is in no way a given, he should face Djokovic in the Quarters next. Meanwhile, the Fed, my pick to win yet another Major and seeded 2, lost his first set again Granolliers last night but came back to win the next 3 sets, each by 6-1, and is looking pretty awesome and if the seedings go to plan, will contest the Final against the Serb and World #1.

On to Footie now and some weekend some shocks, especially in Manchester.

Burnley 0 Man U 0: Oh dear, oh dear as the Red Devils still await their first win and having been humiliated 4-0 by MK Dons in the League Cup, can it get any worse. Burnley unlucky and maybe should have won.

Everton 3 Chelsea 6: The game of the w/end with 9 goals, end to end stuff and Costa with a brace to make it 4 in 3 and keep the Blues winning start going. Litmus test for Jose as his side have lost 4 of the last 5 at Goodison and as for the Toffees, 2 points from 9 and 10 goals conceded in 3 doesn’t look good!

Man City 0 Stoke 1: Last time the Potters won in Manc was 1964, and only the 2nd time City have lost at the Etihad in 72 league matches.

Newcastle 3 Crystal Palace 3: What a game and a great point for the Eagles new manager, Warnock but Pardew expected more from his Magpies.

QPR 1 Sunderland 0: Our ‘Arry’s first win of the season in the League but no points for the Black Cats in a match they should expect to win.

Swansea 3 WBA 0: The only other 100% record in the League stays intact as the Swans forge on and now 2nd on goal diff.

West Ham 1 Southampton 3: Turning in to a bit of a topsy-turvy season so far for the Hammers as they win one, lose one etc. Good win for the Saints new manager, Dutchman Koeman.

Aston Villa 2 Hull 1: Villa 3rd so going well but Hull manager Bruce’s comments are unprintable in a family newspaper!

Leicester 1 Arsenal 1: Desperately need a striker, Mnsr Wenger so you’d better get out the cheque book before mid-night tonight as the Foxes stay in the bottom half.

Tottenham 0 Liverpool 3: Same ole, same ole Spurs, promising lots but getting notalot! Good on the ‘Pool tho’ as they put that 3-1 League defeat against Man City last week behind them – and, lo and behold, no antics from Signor Balotelli!

That’s it for this week, as 2 minutes late for my deadline so gotta go, go, go!


ibiza sun 750 page 22-23

TAROTscope 4th —10th September 14.

By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – King of Cups Someone is being subtle in trying to get through to you; maybe you’re a bit over the top at the moment and need to be less abrasive and listen more. Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio men are your besties this week. If you listen to, or be guided by them you’ll have an ‘ah’ moment of clarity when dealing with difficult situations.

TAURUS – Ace of Wands A new career or business opportunity presents itself this week. If you seize this opportunity it could bring further success in the long term. You may be required to relocate to another destination, but hey; nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you’re the creative type; exciting projects come your way and you’re inspired to do great things. Property deals go ahead.

GEMINI – Two of Wands Any problems can be sorted out easily, so long as you don’t take the moral high ground. Acting in a superior fashion won’t make you popular. If you don’t care about that, then you’ll be putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Who knows when you might need support from friends? Come out of the cold and give the world a hug!

CANCER – The Hanged Man You feel this week that your life is in limbo and that you’re waiting for something to happen. Well, you’re right about that! This card asks you to be patient. Something is changing but you can’t see the wood for the trees right now. Just have faith that this period is necessary for you to have time to figure it out.

LEO – Six of Swords Dry your eyes; don’t look back nostalgically at the past. You’ve been through a difficult time, but the worst is now over. Out of stormy waters, into calmer seas; is the basic meaning of this card. The figure in the boat is you leaving behind any pain; the swords represent the mind so you need to overhaul the way you think.

VIRGO – Eight of Disks While associates might be winding down their projects or lifestyle, you are not! You’ve made the plans; been diligent or persuasive in your arguments but now is the time for action. Virgo is a pretty industrious sign at work although can be lazy at home; however, you’re bringing home the bacon right now, so just remind significant others of that.

LIBRA – Five of Disks Financially, you may be giving yourself a reality check and panicking about your future. However, this is a nice little card as it brings pleasant surprises of the monetary kind. Someone is taking care of you. Another interesting facet of this Five is that even if you’re going through financial hardship, you’ll experience acts of kindness and shown you’re loved.

SCORPIO – Two of Disks Watch spending this week Scorpio, otherwise you’ll regret that impulse purchase next! This card warns you to be prudent in finances and not fritter it away. There may be an unexpected bill to pay or an expenditure you’d not bargained for. If you need a loan you’ll have to bargain hard for it and you may not like the terms.

SAGITTARIUS – Seven of Wands After last week’s difficulties which had your back was against a wall; you come out fighting. You’ve had some time to digest the situation and are ready to confront those put you through so much. This card asks; have you a backbone or a wishbone? Associates will see the errors of their ways and you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

CAPRICORN – The Star Oh to be you this week! This card is a wonderful affirmation that you’re on the right path, so go ahead and dream your dreams as they will soon become your reality. If situations have stagnant in an important area of life, you’ll now see hopeful signs of progress. You’re supported by the heavens so have faith in your vision.

AQUARIUS – The Devil You might want to watch your back with certain people this week, as not everyone is happy that you’re doing so well and they may try to undermine you in some way. To counteract this; don’t tell the left hand what the right hand’s doing. In other words, keep quiet about your plans so that you don’t attract their envy.

PISCES – The Magician You’ll be at your most industrious and clever this week and will turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, as the saying goes! The Magician in you conjures up the situations and results you desire. Which is why you must exercise discernment and dare I say it, moderation in decision making; it will affect not only you, but close associates.

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