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Don’t Walk Home Alone
in the U.K.

Following the U.K. Sun’s publication of a “Don’t walk home alone in Ibiza” report on Tuesday 29th July, we felt it prudent to ensure all tourists, workers and residents are reminded that they are at far greater risk of street crime when they return to any inner city and increasingly any urban area of the U.K. than they are in Ibiza.
In another sleaze fuelled example of why we wish to disassociate ourselves from “the Sun” name, the tabloid turned over a full page to a warning of the dangers Ibiza has to offer stating that “Party girls in Ibiza are being warned they could be killed if they walk home on their own at night” They go on to state that “UK girls are being targeted by sex predators”, and that British Consulate officials have put up signs with the warning “It could cost you your life”.


Of course it is good sense to warn people to take care on holiday, particularly when they are in unfamiliar surroundings and often with their senses dulled by the party lifestyle that many look forward to on their annual beano, but the constant targeting of Ibiza in a cheap, sensationalist and lazy attempt to sell their newspaper is unjustified and extremely harmful to the reputation and livelihoods of the many good people living and working in Ibiza. With a high proportion of UK and Irish ex pats relying on tourist business from their home countries it has a particularly damaging effect on us.
The Sun based it’s “report” on the recently aborted plans between the San Antonio Town Council and British Consulate to include strong warnings of danger awareness in publicity posters and leaflets to be distributed around the town. Once publically known the plans caused uproar in the local business community conscious of the damaging effect the warnings could have on San Antonio’s reputation. The Mayor came under strong political opposition including that from her own party and amid calls for her resignation abandoned the scheme before the posters or leaflets had started to be distributed.
One prominent local British businessman described the consulate’s actions as “well intentioned” but “stupidity in the extreme and unwanted attention in peak season”.
San Antonio may at least take some consulate consolation that they were not directly singled out as an Ibizan crime black-spot. We put it to Simon Montague, Director of Communication at the British Consulate in Madrid, that “Many businesses, Spanish and British owned, are working hard to improve the quality and reputation of San Antonio as a resort. The question remains as to why only San Antonio was included in the campaign?” In his reply Simon stated that “We did approach other town councils but only San Antonio responded positively. Local authorities in other parts of the Mediterranean run similar prevention campaigns, working with local British Consulates”. The difference is that these other campaigns have not resulted in full page tabloid features, and local knowledge and consultation would have raised the likely consequences and need for very careful handling. We also asked about local input. “Does the consulate not think the local British community would have some valuable input/opinion in this type of decision making? For example we could tell you of the sterling efforts of 24-7, a British charity working in the west end of San Antonio and doing far more to protect British tourists than any publicity campaign could hope to achieve, a particular practice of beach distraction crime that seems to have gone overlooked, and the contradiction in local insistence that passports are carried at all times with the inevitable increased risk of loss or theft.”
To this we received the response “The Consulate has regular contact with 24/7 and we recognise the valuable work that they do assisting tourists and workers in the San Antonio area.The Consulate also works withBritish tour operatorsthat specialise in youth destinations andrepresentatives in the community in Ibiza, and also closely with the Spanish authorities on a range of issues including tourist safety and security.” There was no mention of the British community consultation that may have helped prevent this further tabloid attack on the island many of our readers have made home.
In an issue already widely criticised for it’s front page depiction of an apparently distressed 4 year old boy as carrying the mark of the devil—a story the Sun qualified by saying they had treated it in a light hearted fashion after receiving the picture form the child’s parents, the Sun carried their full page anti-Ibiza feature on Page 15. The article carried splash statistics including one that 568 Brits had been raped or sexually assaulted ’abroad’ in the last 2 years—seemingly satisfied that the figure had no relation specifically to the report or Ibiza. If it is pointless and scaremongering statistics the Sun’s readers want here’s a couple that may make them want to visit Ibiza, not avoid it.
In the UK period May 13 to May 14 there were 660,293 violent crimes—that includes muggings and sexual crimes. There were 55 reported sexual assaults on Brits in Spain during the same period. Of course the figures cannot be compared, I am just highlighting the ridiculous nature of such scaremongering. They may as well have printed 8 out of 10 cats prefer whiskers. One thing is for sure, I feel safer for myself and my family anywhere in Ibiza than inner city Britain.
If there is such concern in the consulate and local town halls as to tourist safety why not divert some of the money being spent on constant and mindless business restrictions and regulations towards some obvious policing of danger spots. Everybody here knows that D’en Bossa beach and the San An Paseo/Beach leave over indulged tourists ultra vulnerable late night, but nothing is done to prevent it. In San An West End one of our own with, let us say considerable physical presence, has taken to a one man anti-pickpocket campaign when he finishes work. Should it be left to private citizens when the problem is so clear to see?
Ibiza has it’s problems. Nobody denies that, but in consideration of the numbers and age of tourists on the island such expose scandal-mongering is not justified and should be resisted.
As I am writing this I have put our phones on answerphone as I am getting constant calls from international journalists wanting info on Orlando Bloom’s antics last night (in which I have no interest whatsoever). Ibiza’s celeb and party reputation may always result in this type of tabloid attention, but the report from the Sun is far more sinister and potentially damaging.
Perhaps we should follow the lead of Liverpool. Perhaps we should show that we are not prepared to just accept whatever rubbish is printed about us. Perhaps we should stop buying the Sun and tell shops who stock it we will not shop there whilst they continue to do so.
At the same time the consulate needs to recognise Ibiza’s special circumstances in so far as bad press is concerned, and admit that in outcome if not intent, they got it wrong.

Tourist Spending Down.

Seemingly going against high hotel occupation trends & the record number of passengers & flights arriving to the islands, it was reported this week that foreign tourists have spent less between January & June throughout the Baleares. The total spending was 3,466 million € &, though this seems a lot of money, it is in fact 3,6% less than the same period last year. The average amount spent by each tourist per stay was 821€ which is 3% less than last year & equates to 105€ a day. The worrying thing is that things are not improving as June saw an increase in the average amount spent by each tourist per stay reaching 882€ but this is actually 4,2% down on the 2013 figure equating to 112€ a day. Given that hotel & accommodation prices have risen in 2014, it is easy to see that these figures could explain some of the “it’s a bad season” claims being made by certain sectors of the retail, catering & entertainment industry on the islands.

Employment Up.

The average unemployment figure for April to June throughout the Baleares was 118,000 which is 11,33% less than the same time period in 2013. The islands are leading the nation in terms of job creation & reductions in unemployment. Officially there are 501,800 persons in legal, gainful employment which is nearly 20% more than the number for January to April.

Green Cloud At Cala Tarida.

With only around 100 persons enjoying one of the biggest beaches on the island & beach restaurant & business takings reportedly down 50%, the business people on the beach in Cala Tarida claim that a green cloud in the sea is to blame. They say that the cloud develops throughout the morning becoming clearly visible by 14h everyday. Though analysis carried out in 2008 showed the green area of water was possibly harmless algae, it appears the unpleasant colour & size of the cloud is putting potential beach users off. The possibility of using pumps to remove the stain was discounted by the Sant Josep Town Hall & the businesses because of the cost. Some question why this stain is only in Cala Tarida & not at Cala Corral which is the adjoining beach. As always when such unexplained environmental phenomena occur, questions are being asked as to if the green stain has possibly something to do with the nearby sewage & water treatment plant affecting the water at Cala Tarida.

Snake Found In Buscatell.

Neighbours from the small village of Buscatell on the outskirts of San Antonio captured a live, metre long horse shoe snake this week & took it to the authorities. Not a species natural to the island, it appears the population of these snakes is increasing all over Ibiza.

No More Cala Conte Parking.

During many years camper vans & caravans have parked on the cliff edge in front of the smaller nudist beach in Cala Comte. This is private land & apparently there have been no complaints from the land owner. However, claiming safety was the issue, this week the Town Hall in Sant Josep closed the access to this area of the coast for vehicles by obstructing the way with huge boulders. A spokesman for the Town Hall said that it was really dangerous to park so close to the cliff edge & that they should park in the public car parks & watch the sunset like everyone else from behind the rope cordons. The camper van owners suggested that they have no problem parking in the other parking areas around the beach but that this will cause lots of traffic problems where as in their traditional location they didn’t harm anyone or damage the environment in any way.

Thieves Released On Bail.

3 Rumanian men & 2 women, all accused of being members of a gang who robbed luxury chalets in the Sant Joan & Santa Eulalia areas of the island during the last 2 years, were released on bail pending trial after they were detained in police operation last week. 20 officers swooped on a internet/telephone shop located in Santa Eulalia, which is believed to have been the front used by the gang to launder money from the sale of stolen goods. 4 other properties in Santa Eulalia were also searched & the police retrieved luxury stolen goods as well as cash. The gang managed to destroy vital hard drives. which are though to have held evidence of their crimes. However, from what they have uncovered, the Police believe that it was the men who carried out the actual robberies whilst the women were in charge of selling the stolen items & dividing out the proceeds. More arrests are not been ruled out as the operation unfolds over the next few days.

Child Nearly Drowns.

Saved from drown by being pulled from the pool at a hotel in Cala Llonga by the pool side life guard & given immediate life saving treatment by the same guard, an 11 year boy had a lucky escape this week. The child got into difficulties whilst enjoying the pool at midday & was taken to hospital after the incident for a check up where he was found to be fit & well after his ordeal.

Woman Driver Badly Injured.

A 38 year old Swiss woman was badly injured when, for unknown reasons, her car hit a stone wall at the side of a country lane near Cala Llenya at 2am. No other vehicle was involved & the emergency services rushed the badly injured woman to hospital for treatment.

Ladies Hurt.

2 ladies were taken to hospital for treatment at hospital after a car & a motorcycle were involved in an accident on the Avenida de España in Ibiza Town this week.
In a separate incident a woman pedestrian was run over by a car in Sant Ferran & needed medical treatment at hospital before being allowed home.

Pedestrian Run Over.

A 67 year old man was run over as he crossed the Sant Josep road near Can Belloterra this week, With a fractured hip, hand & leg, the man was rushed to hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

Derelict Hotel Fire.

The old laundry, located on the roof of the derelict Regina hotel in Playa den Bossa caught fire this week. As the fire engines arrived, 30 squatters living in the hotel evacuated the premises. The blaze was soon put out by the emergency services leaving the laundry & lifts unusable. Even so, a short time later the squatters returned to the building.

Drug Dealer Caught.

What appeared to be a quiet week on the illegal drug scene in Ibiza ended when police in San Antonio announced that they had caught a dealer operating in the West End of the town. It appears police watched as the young Brit constantly approached passers-by offering them something. They detained & searched the man, finding that he was in possession of small quantities of pills, cocaine & hashish all packaged & ready for sale to consumers.

The Sea, A Shared Responsibility.

The local environmental group GEN-GOB is using Dutch funding & grants from island based organisations to carry out over the next month a survey, called “The Sea, A Shared Responsibility”. The study is to see the impact of mass tourism on the marine environment around the islands. They will be studying such things as the negative effects on the environment of pleasure craft laying anchor around the coast, the effects of the waste produced & released by pleasure craft into the marine environment & the fishing which is often carried out without the corresponding license.

Car Fire & Binge Drinking.

Police were checking on reports of a Botellon (binge drinking party) taking place at 6am at the Roviera pirate tower located at Cala Comte when they spotted smoke issuing from a nearby forested area. They apparently discovered a Twingo Renault car on fire & called the fire services who successfully put out the small blaze which had destroyed the car & a small area of shrubbery. The occupants of the car were no where to be found. Some witnesses reportedly told a local paper that a few minutes earlier the car had been seen driving crazily along the dirt tracks in the area. It was claimed that the occupants ran off when they realised that there were police in the vicinity.

Pensioners Centre.

Cala de Bou is to get a new pensioners day centre, hopefully by the end of the year. Costing 391,000€ & with work starting in September, the 470m2 building will be located next to the medical centre on the Avenida Sant Agustin. Apparently, Mayoress Neus Mari hopes the chosen site of the new pensioners day centre will make it accessible to residents than if it had been built next to other Town Hall owned properties in Cala de Bou. The day centre will feature a 120m2 communal recreational space, a bar, a kitchen, a reading room, a store room & toilets as well as covered terraces & 2 French bowl courts all surrounded & connected by paved areas & walkways.

Sant Carlos Road to be Fixed at Last.

The Consell Executiu approved, yesterday morning, the contract dossier of works to reinforce road PM-810, from Santa Eulalia to Sant Carles, from kilometre 7,450 to kilometre 13,610. The project will have a budget of 1,865,339 euros, VAT included. The cultural 1% will be 12,954 euros. With the opening of the files, the paperwork to start the work is out for companies to compete and get the licence.

Dodgy Parking.

The fire service had to clear cars from the official car park near the Benirrás beach last week to access and retrieve a car which had been parked at the edge of the car park over looking the beach access road below. The ground started to give way and the vehicle was in danger of falling onto passing vehicles and pedestrians below.

Biggest Private Yacht In The World Here.


The Rising Sun luxury yacht, owned jointly by Larry Ellison (the founder of oracle software) & David Geffen (Record label owner & founder of Dreamworks), was anchored off Formentera & later Ibiza this week. Containing 82 luxury cabins, a basket ball court & a private cinema, the yacht, 138m long with surface area of 8,000m2, was built in Germany & cost 377 million €. Who ever was on board this week is not known but a guest could be seen enjoying an expedition in a kayak with a bodyguard following on a jet ski behind.

Balearic Bonanza For Spain.

On average the residents in the Baleares pay 1,329€ more into the Central Government than we receive back in investments & services. In stark contradiction, every person living in the Extremadura region of Spain receives 2,697€ more back from the State than they contribute to the system. It is not clear what the total figure is that the Baleares has paid the state over & above what we receive back as the system of calculation keeps being changed by the Central authorities. We do know that in 2008 the figure was over 3,700 million € & around 1,438 million € each year has supposedly accumulated in the State coffers thanks to the Baleares tax payers.

New Candidate for Mayor.

After more than 2 weeks of negotiations, resignations & general political upheaval, the PP Conservatives have a candidate to run as Mayor of Ibiza Town for the remaining 10 months before the next municipal elections. Though, like all the press, over the last few days The Ibiza Sun has reported incorrectly the possible name of the next Mayor, it was not our fault as names of candidates appeared to be flying around like clay pigeons on a firing range & were being shot down as quick as they were launched. It seems to have taken a high level visit by the Baleares PP Conservative Party & Government President, Juan Bauza, as well as interventions by Consell Island Government PP President, Vicent Serra, before, after much apologising to the electorate for the state of the PP run Council in Ibiza, they could finally announce that Virginia Mari had accepted to take the office of Mayor. Virginia will apparently have the support of the PP Conservative Councillors as well as the smaller PREF party & the 3 ex PP Councillors who have resigned from the party but remained as Councillors. Virginia made it clear she is going to bring in helpers in whom she has total trust & that she will not be just babysitting the Mayors seat until the next election. Even given the economic restraints she will face, Virginia wants to put new projects into action which will be good for the residents of Ibiza.

Food & Drink


Eat Drink & Be Merry, 4 Reviews to make your Mouth Water



Kumharas 740Along the coast of Cala de Bou is the wonderful Kumharas …. sunset point , restaurant bar lounge and all round great place to be!
With daily live music and alternative music events. Kumharas boasts it’s own hippy market with various stalls of typical Ibicencan clothing & handmade jewellery.DSC07371
Only meters away from the crystal blue sea with exceptional views over the conejera island Kumharas is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a cocktail , shisha pipe or a fresh fruit juice.
We were warmly welcomed and immediately seated at our table. Upon opening the menu we were left with the almost impossible task of choosing our food, as every single dish sounded so delicious! I normally narrow things down to two or three but this was proving difficult. With a predominantly Mediterranian food policy it’s a perfect fusion of east meets west.

I opted for the Ox tataky which was a perfectly cooked and meltingly tender Ox salad with aromas of ginger , tomatoes & basil. Other choices are a superb vegetable Quinoa salad, sea bass cerviche with wild fruits and a cucumber carpaccio or a tartare of blue fin tuna with a Japanese miso vinaigrette!DSC07368
From the hot starters we chose the tempura tiger prawns with an exquisite ‘nam prik pla yang’ Thai dipping sauce. Other hot starter choices were Galician clams in coconut milk lemon grass & lime leaves, slowly cooked octopus with sweet garlic and paprika oil. For main course we eventually chose the rack of lamb in a massaman sauce which was sous vide until achingly tender then finished in the pan to give a delightful crust. My better half opted for the confit of cod with lemon grass, sweet garlic , sautéed wild asparagus, jamon serrano and a perfectly poached egg. Other main courses included a fillet steak with a tamarind and orange reduction, foie mousse and potato terrine. DSC07369There is also a whole section of wok and curry main courses. If you make it to dessert then you will be in much the same dilemma as the previous courses! From citric goats cheesecake with coconut cookie and raspberry sorbet or double texture of banana and fudge with creamy hazelnut.
The ambience and the food were of the highest quality and very well orchestrated… every dish that arrived at our table was immaculately presented and cooked to perfection.DSC07357
Whether staying in the bay of San Antonio or any other part of the island Kumharas should be near the top of the things to do list!
With it’s very laid back atmosphere and hippyesque surroundings it makes for the perfect venue for families, friends and general like minded people. Be it just for sunset and a sublime cocktail or meal and start of the night ahead or maybe just to replenish your energy, Kumharas has a little touch of magic for everyone.
We had an exceptional evening at Kumharas and are looking forward to a return visit soon.

Sushi Mambo

sushimam 737

Mambo have been serving sushi on the sunset strip for some time but this year they have a whole new game-plan with the launch of the renamed SushiMambo. Do not think it is a simple rebranding however—the changes go much deeper into a completely new food concept of Nikkei Cuisine—a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian styles. It makes more sense than you might at first think—but more of the twinning rationale later.sm4
First impressions always count and it was lovely to be greeted with a raft of smiles on arrival—the first clue that it wasn’t only the food that had received a close season makeover.
Manager Ana’s welcome resulted in a jug of their Mambo Fusion Sangria – a very special blend of Chicha Morada, Pisco (the Peruvian national Spirit of which I dare you to take as a shot), Sake, Azucar Panela and Red Wine. That settled things down nicely whilst Ana ensured all her customers were tended to and I sipped away with Pete playing an appropriately chilled mix whilst the Sun ebbed away. This certainly is the life.sm1
Ana was then back and took time to explain the menu and where the two styles intertwine on what is a fantastically inventive menu. Ana’s clear enthusiasm for what they want to achieve at Sushi Mambo is a great testament to whoever hired her, and a great asset to the restaurant.sm2
The vast majority of the menu reflects their Nikkei speciality, but there is a small section of international food including Quinoa Burger (great for a Gluten free diet) and, seeing them come out of the kitchen, some really good looking Fish and Chips. This was acknowledged almost apologetically but I don’t think it is a bad thing at all. Not everybody likes Sushi and having alternates means you can still go along for your fill of little fishes on dishes with non-afishionados (do you see what I did there :-). Anyway, I am a firm afishionado (OK I’ll stop now) and so it was on to the real deal.
To start Chef brought a plate of Beef Tataki and a combination of three Ceviches—tuna and mango, great, salmon and strawberry, genius, and oh my days a prawn and lime that was truly food of the Gods. Do you ever save your favourite until last? After my first mouthful of the prawns I adored I set them to one side finishing everything else so as to savour the whole pot at the end. Cannot fly by without pointing out the Beef Tataki as another master-class of culinary prowess.sm8
Talk of flying and master-class, how about the Hot Dragon above. Just how cool is that—it looked almost too good to eat—but somehow I managed it. The 10 piece of Unagi (Eel—a personal favourite even without the artistry) included mango, avocado and oyster sauce. Note the use of fruit—one of the key elements of the Peruvian influence. The Hot Dragon and my reaction to it prompted two chaps sitting adjacent who had just come along for a drink to promptly order one for themselves.sm12
The fruit fusion was wonderfully reflected in the next plate—Red Fruit Salmon, 6 pieces of the relatively regular Salmon and Philli transformed by the topping of a berry so plump I haven’t had one like it since some memory of halcyon childhood holidays. Incredible how such an intrinsically simple change can transform a dish.
While all this fantastic food was passing my plate Sushi Mambo had also undergone a transformation in tempo as none less than Toolroom Knights had arrived and were playing a pre-party warm up (see page 10 in the at night section). Completely unexpected and what a bonus. OK I’m not doing them down but you might expect it along the drag at Savannah or Mambo, but SushiMambo is a much smaller terrace. Expressing my surprise Ana casually remarked that last week they had tini playing. You read it right, tini the Privilege packing A-lister. Impressive stuff.sm6
So the verdict, which I had plenty of time to contemplate as I chatted with the very happy bunch of staff and sipped on a special Mambo double Daiquiri (Mango and Strawberry). I’ll be honest I don’t think the fashion for Sushi has been an entirely good thing. sm10Everybody has jumped on the bandwagon and it has resulted in some pretty poor executions. Sushi is one of those styles where you really need an expert in the kitchen, a natural expert.
Trust me on this, SushiMambo have it and some. If you have not been impressed with your Sushi experience to date, go to SushiMambo. I have never had better.

I mentioned the Peruvian Japanese connection at the start. Look at a map—you’ll see that if you go straight from Peru across the pacific you end up in Japan, and that is why they have a very special connection. Unless Qi have since dispelled it I remember from school that the South Americans never discovered the wheel. How very fortunate they didn’t discover a rudder either.

Playa Bella

playa bella faldon 741 copy

There have been two significant changes at the Playa Bella complex this year.
pb1The first is the remarkable decrease in the stress level of Playa Bella owner manager, and until March this year owner editor of the Ibiza Sun, Daniel Darvey. Now sporting the relaxed contentment of a man who has just completed his 7 years hard labour sentence you might even find Dan chatting at the Hotel bar of an evening. Rumour has it his children have stopped calling him Father Christmas (the man who comes once a year), and though I couldn’t possibly speculate that his wife Maria has similar cause for celebration, I’m sure I did notice his hair has started to grow back.
pb4The second is not a cause for causing embarrassment to my periodico predecessor, exactly the opposite as the completely new menu at the Playa Bella restaurant lead by their new Chef is entirely a cause for celebration.
There are two restaurants in the Playa Bella. Last year we were lucky enough to sample some superb salads and fresh fish at La Bahia, this year the Playa Bella restaurant was subject of our attentions.
Though the name may be predictable the menu certainly is not.
Let’s start with the start of the day selection and the always reliable (and from 4.50€ including drink very good value) traditional English breakfast is now offered alongside some great alternatives. Eggs Benedict or Florentine, breakfast burrito, and the great breakfast bap stack all stand out as examples of Playa Bella having gone all out to offer something that little bit extra special this year. There is also a great continental for those who do not feel the best way to start the day is with massive calorific intake (French people I think).
The attention to upping the ante goes throughout the menu including snacks and sandwiches which now come on a variety of bagels, bloomer bread etc—even the humble hot dog is served with caramelised onions, melted cheese and chilli if you want it.
Just look at the Club sandwich pictured as an example—at just 4.25€ it is a triple decker bargain bursting with chicken, bacon, salad, egg and much more. Add chips for 1.50€ and you’ll need quite an appetite to finish it—more a main meal than lite-lunch-bite.pb5
We went along for dinner and for reviewing purposes selected two of what we think are the best mains—but first, and very highly recommended—we took the cheese and cured meat sharing platter. Served on a wooden board the platter includes (take a deep breath) Blue cheese, Manchego Tierno, Manchego Semicurado and Manchego Curado, Serrano Jam, Spanish Loin, Chorizo, Dried Spanish Sausage, Duck Pate, Pickles, Olives, Typical Pagés Bread. Brilliant. The perfect sharing plate to put in the middle of the table if going along to one of the Playa Bella’s nightly cabaret shows (see ad above for line up). The board comes in at 10.50€ – that’s under half the price for probably three times the quantity of another we had recently at a place visible from the Playa Bella’s beach front location. Great value again.
On to the main course.
First the steak. On both previous occasions we’ve gone against medical advice and got Neanderthal we’ve been served huge slabs of top quality steak—supplied by none less than Pete the Butcher so what else would you expect. Usually served with chips but I prefer a baked potato –perhaps it’s a conscience easing thing—and with a pot of pepper or béarnaise sauce. The steak is 15.95€ – the most expensive thing on the entire menu. If meat is your thing we would also highly recommend the Mixed Grill—it’s mental at 14.95€pb2
I love the second choice—Lamb Biriani with Naan Bread at 10.50€. Chefs usually come up with very flowery names for their dishes but in this instance I think he’s underdone it. The melt in the mouth pot of slow baked Lamb and rice comes with fresh coriander, a pot of onion and tomato salad, an extra chilli for those who want to spice it up, and a big basket of not just naans but a few chapattis perfect for getting ethnic and scooping up the lamb with messy fingers—the way it should be done. Just one thing though—it isn’t a Biriani by any standard I’ve ever known, and certainly not as an Indian restaurant would serve it. Typically Biriani is a dry rice dish often served with a side sauce but here the Lamb is in a delicious sauce with a little rice. Don’t let that worry you for a moment though—whatever you want to call it the Lamb is a superbly cooked and presented dish with an authentic flavour at a ridiculous price. Any Lamb curry dish would cost you 12/14€ in an Indian. Add the breads and extras and you’d have to be topping 20€. In that context Playa Bella’s is half price which for cash conscious residents, hungry workers, and bleeding money tourists has to be the nicest spice you’ll find in Ibiza.pb3
What’s wrong about Playa Bella—that’s easy for me—the nightly Bingo does my nut in and if you are equally unexcited about an hour of silence whilst 200 people stare in front of them like a room full of teenagers with new smart-phones, I’d give 8.30 to 9.30 a miss. On the other hand if you are one of the majority who seem to love Bingo (even grown men I ask you), the Playa Bella just got even better.

Great menu, great cooking, great staff and great value. And Bingo.
See ad above for contact details.


ensalada payesaEnsalada Payesa/Ibicencan Salad‏

A couple of boiled eggs – chopped
Boiled potato – chopped into cubes
A jar of cooked chick peas
A tin of roasted red peppers – chopped
Spring onion – sliced
A couple of fresh tomatoes – chopped
A good squeeze of lemon juice
A good glug of olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Tin of tuna (optional)
Some might say this is a cop out as there is no real cooking involved just some good preparation.
I’m hoping it will give inspiration for the next meal you eat.
It is a gorgeous and fulfilling salad to have with any grilled meat, fish or eaten on its own as a lovely supper.
It also makes a great accompaniment for a BBQ.
Once chopped mix all ingredients in a bowl and whilst the potatoes and eggs are still hot dress with plenty olive oil, lemon juice & season with salt and pepper to taste.
¡Bon profit!



EastThe Far East

As the sun set behind the hills of Cala Llonga the beach was the perfect setting for Monday’s Viva Cala Llonga & Associacion de Vecino’s Dance Extravaganza which exceeded all expectations. The beach was heaving with people enjoying the dancing of the Puig den Vals country dancers, a wonderful show from the youngsters of Capricorn Dance Studio,P1020439 rounded off with some spectacular Flamenco by Natali Galves and her dancers, with the bay of Cala Llonga as a perfect backdrop. The next scheduled event is tonight (Thursday 31st July) when Can Funk will be playing live at the Hippy Market. The following Thursday 7th Aug Backbeat will be the evenings entertainers. We would also like to inform you that Jeff Collins will be singing his “Songs from the heart” at Bar Pio on the evening Wednesday 6th Aug and not as previously advertised.

JuanLetter From Juan

It is a bit frightening the speed at which this year is moving by the time you read this letter it will be August! So it is not much longer now before the temperature drops and the rain begins to fall. Well we hope that is the case, mind you the way the climate is these days you just don’t know what is going to happen. Mother Nature also had a go at me last week in the shape of some nasty insect which decided to take blood and or inject poison into my foot at the top of the instep just at the point where the shoe is at its most stressed and maximum pressure on your foot. Consequently I have spent most of the week walking around barefoot. Not a pretty sight!
One of the reasons I don’t go to the beach at this time of year apart from the crowds is the fact that all beaches these days seem to insist on pumping out music rather than having the relaxing atmosphere of the water gently lapping on the shore. Surely if people want music they can put on some supersonic headsets? As a result my visits to the beach, in the summer, are restricted to the evening when tranquillity does return to some beaches. What I, and I am sure many other people on the Island, would like is for somebody to produce a music system or start a new music trend that does not use any BASS! At this time of the year I, like many residents on this Island, have the pleasure of visitors or rentals in the vicinity of our homes. Unfortunately they do have the propensity to play their sound systems at full blast with the Bass booster on. Consequently if you live in the campo within a mile of their property you will be subjected to the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM of the Bass all day and night, even with the doors and windows closed and the television on! It would not be so bad if you could hear the rest of the tune but to just have the Bass pounding away on your chest is not my idea of fun. There should be an Island rule that if any house is having a party they should have to at least invite all the neighbours round!! So come on all you budding songwriters and DJs develop a new Bassless beat! I hope you have a great week and if you are having a party or renting please turn off your base booster or turn down the bass level, thanks. Yours, Juan

View from the pewView From The Pew

Visiting a friend’s church in England the preacher passed around a tray. “Please put a treasured possession on the tray.” (He did add that everything would be returned later.) People put rings, watches, wallets, mobiles, photographs on to the tray. We remember placing our address book on the tray. It had been very valuable the day before as floods had prevented us getting to our family. We had searched in our address book for friends who might have been able to put us up. Since than it has been the first item in our luggage when travelling. The preacher went on to encourage us to question the things we treasure.
What do we treasure? It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about it. It may be our home, car, money in the bank. It may be our work, pets, holidays, leisure time. It may be relationships with family or friends.
Last Sunday many churches throughout the world read the parable of the hidden treasure in Matthew chapter 13:verse 44:- “The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.” He gave everything to get the treasure; i.e. to come into God’s Kingdom.
So, what’s so special about being in God’s kingdom? And what does that mean, anyway?
Church can look boring, and, sadly, it is sometimes! (Yes, it’s the Vicar speaking!!) But inviting Christ to be your King and walk with you through life is much more exciting and demanding than being your own boss. I’ve tried it both ways, and so has my wife. Seeing miracles of healing, clearing up occultist stuff, being with a friend who is always there for you in the bad times as well as the good, and, above all, knowing you’re loved, just as your are, “warts and all”, gives life purpose and meaning. It’s not just “pie in the sky when you die, it’s steak on your plate while you wait.”
Walk tall this week. God loves you. His son, Jesus Christ, dying on the cross for us all, proves it.
Peter (Locum Chaplain) + Barbara (Mrs. Locum Chaplain) 971343383
Sunday August 3rd – Services in the RC church in San Rafael – 9.30am Holy Communion 11am Service of the Word .—Seasonal Services led by Rev. David Rouch 638373479 – 10.30am Holy Communion in the RC Chapel in Es Canar – 5:45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama, Es Canar (Unfortunately it is hotel policy that children under-16 are not admitted.)

Good to talkIt’s Good to Talk

Dear Ibiza Counselling
I have what I suppose is quite a common Ibiza Problem, in the winter up until around April we don’t have many guests then come April people start calling to see if they can come to stay and we say yes because the thought of it is so nice and the winter months are so quiet.
Now however we find our selves flat out working all sorts of crazy hours and with a constant stream of house guests till September. 99% of them are great, rent a car and get on with their own thing but that doesn’t stop me (us) feeling torn most of the time. Rushing here there and every where trying to please everyone and often feeling as if we have let someone down along the way.
Sorry if this sounds like a silly problem but the thought of the next 6 weeks is really getting me down.
Thank you, JI
Dear JI
Thank you for your e mail and I wonder why you think its silly, its impacting your life and making you dread the next 6 weeks which seems ot me to be quite a significant issue.
I wonder what it would be like for you to write a couple of sentences now about how you are feeling the anticipation and also the reality of when they actually arrive and keep it somewhere safe. When the phone calls for next summer start you can take it out and read it to remind you of how you felt and give you the opportunity to say no or pace your guests out so you have a break in between.
As you are only too aware the summers here are hectic and often islanders main opportunity to earn money to see them through the quiet winter months so its important that you prioritise yourself and your needs so that you are able to make the most out of the summer months financially but also enjoy spending time with the friends and family that you want to. Its hard sometimes to create a balance in life but especially hard here in Ibiza where the seasons dominate our lives so much and it can often be that when you are in the middle of one it is hard to place yourself in the other and know how you will feel which is why the writing can be a really useful tool. All the best with your guests and I hope you get to enjoy some time with them.
See my advert in local services.

Health mattersNews on the Prostate

It seems that these days one of the mantras of modern living and better health is ‘do more exercise’. But latest research coming out of University College, London might be putting a damper on this, if you’re a man who cycles that is. Investigators studied over 5,200 cyclists and found that middle aged men who cycled more than 9 hours a week were 5 times as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. On the up side there was no proof that cycling causes erectile dysfunction or infertility.
Most people probably don’t know anything about the prostate gland, apart from only men have them and it’s down there somewhere. Correctly, the prostateis only found in men and that it is located below the bladder. It surrounds the upper part of the urethra, the tube that carries the urine from the bladder through the penis to the outside. It lies close to the rectum and isthe size of a walnut.gland itself is not crucial to life but has an important role in sexual reproduction. It produces and releases a liquid thatwithmaintains the health of sperm. Healthier and longer living sperm increases the chances of fertilisation.
It has long been thought that cycling contributes to benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) which will eventually affect roughly 90% of men if they live into their eighties. Enlargement of the prostate gland can lead to problems associated with urinating; urinary incontinence, nocturia (excessive urinating at night), having a weak or intermittent flow and incomplete bladder emptying.
If you have existing prostate or chronic pelvic problems these may be aggravated by cycling so you should aim to protect the perineal area. This can be achieved by wearing padded shorts, regular standing whilst cycling to reduce pressure and correct saddle positioning and even using a saddle with a hole or groove.
The authors of the study state that men who cycle, as with others who are regularly physically active, are more health conscious so will seek medical help sooner leading to more diagnoses, hence there may be a statistical anomaly. Cycling has many health benefits, specifically cardiovascular and is it a great way to pass few hours especially here in Ibiza, so don’t be put off. Cycle safely and have fun.
If you would like me to discuss any health related problems please get in touch.
See my advert in local services.

GardeningGardener’s Corner


Many people take a great amount of care whilst designing and laying out a garden with what plants they choose. Some even pay landscape designers to do it for them but the enthusiastic amateur does not always take as much care when choosing garden ornaments.
It was probably the Romans who first started to decorate their gardens with ornaments such as statutes and fountains as the excavation of Roman ruins has uncovered some of these artefacts.
The tradition then spread through out the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe over the following centuries and led to the classical French and Italian gardens with paths and clipped hedges with fountains and statues of the 18h century to the more modern approach that can be found in places such as Ibiza that consist of modern architecture of white houses and terraces with modern sculptures and clean cut garden features.
The tradition of Arabic gardening originated from the Koran which has many references to gardens.
Arabic gardens tend to be designed for rest and contemplation so have areas of shade with and have ponds and running water to sit by to create stillness and the impression of coolness to meditate or read by.
Apart from statues and fountains there are many other forms of ornaments used such as garden gnomes which are considered to be really old fashioned nowadays but some people still collect them and display them.
Then of course come the gargoyles which have been around for hundreds of years that were designed to carry water away from the roofs of houses and got there name from the sound of water running through them.
Some people will go for eastern decoration in their garden such as Buddha’s or statues from Indian religions as well as some of the stunning furniture that comes from South East Asia.
Modern sculptures can create a fantastic impression in a garden even if they are not to every body’s taste one can see some fine example of modern art in and around San Antonio with the art made from steel.garden-ornaments-nt-280714
The use of mirrors is another way to create interest in a garden as they can be fixed to walls and have plants grown around them. They can also used to reflect light into dark corners of a garden both during the day with sunlight or at night with spotlights.
Once one starts to play with the idea of ornaments in a garden it allows for a far greater scope for design and can even be used in large gardens to create areas that are completely different I their ambiance.
Follies are another great idea although not really ornaments they can still add great interest in a garden. There was a client in London once who wanted a folly building in a classically laid out garden when it was built he filled it with a collection of garden gnomes that he had built up without his wives knowledge over 20 years or so. This was done whilst his wife was away for a couple of weeks.
The lady of the house was lived when she returned as she hated gnomes so much and went so far to refuse to speak to the gardener who built the folly for the next two years.
So beware when choosing garden ornaments because it can cause a huge amount of stress sometimes.
John Hitchin can be contacted via
[email protected]

Ibiza Life


Sun Safety

With a heat wave sweeping both Ibiza and the UK right now, every concerned parent is conscious of exposing their child to too much sun. However, with a report by the UK’s chief medical advisor last winter revealing a resurgence of rickets due to British kids not getting enough vitamin D, we also need to make sure our little ones gain healthy outdoor time and benefit from the sun. So how do we keep our children safe in the sun?
1. Seek shade, particularly during the hottest parts of the day. This especially applies to infants under 6 months, whose skin is too delicate to be exposed directly to the sun. I use a parasol on my pushchair when walking with Ela, and we have shades rigged up in the car and on our boat to filter out some the harmful rays. We also use a big parasol on the beach or sit under a tree when we’re outdoors. Encourage older kids to play in the shade, it’s cooler too so they won’t get as sweaty! I have fond memories of spending hours in a paddling pool under the shade of the rose bushes in my Grandparent’s garden as a kid, and have just bought a pool for my girl so she can use it in our cool shaded porch.
iphonepics-21-28-july2014-2312. Pop a sunhat on them. The wider brimmed the better as it will also protect the face and eyes. There are so many out there to choose from, there’s bound to be something even the most fashion conscious kid will like. We have about ten for our 8 month old and never leave home without one. Some young kids (like mine!) will try to pull them off, so go for the type you can tie up under the chin. I leave Ela’s on in the sea too as the sun reflects off the water and can be even more harmful in this deceptively cool place.
3. Cover up if in direct sunlight for a while. The NHS website recommends a baggy t-shirt or loose lightweight shirt. I’ve also draped muslin cloths over Ela, popped her in hareem trousers and thrown on a loose white cotton shirt. Again, there are plenty of options.
4. Protect their eyes. Sunglasses of at least a category three UV rating are best. My optician scolded me severely when I arrived for a check up wearing a pair of freebie sunnies given out by the clubs a couple of years ago, telling me that they offer no protection and are actually doing more harm than good as they allow pupils to remain open but don’t filter the rays. If your child/baby won’t wear sunglasses (mine takes them off and throws them, or pulls the ones on a band away from her face, down to her mouth and tries to chew them) then see tip 2! A wide brim will shade their eyes.
5. Rehydrate regularly. Sunburn isn’t the only risk in the heat. Give your little one plenty to drink and feed them water rich, refreshing foods like melon, cucumber and fruit ice lollies!
6. Apply sun cream half an hour before going outdoors, then every two hours and after swimming. Pay close attention to the shoulders, back of the neck, tops of the feet, ears, noses and cheeks, which are the areas most susceptible to sunburn. I find Garnier’s 50+ spray for kids the easiest to use. It’s easy to apply, not sticky and white so you can see it on the skin before rubbing it in. Mum of three Lisa recommends Fotoprotector ISDIN pediatrica 50 + spray which she says is the ‘Bees knees’, whilst our editor Nick recommends coloured creams as you can see where has been covered, and suggests that you go mad on their backs as their natural defence is to turn away from the sun. Whichever sun cream you choose, make sure it’s got UVA and UVB protection and, if your kid’s a fan of the water, water-resistant too (you still need to re-apply after swimming though). The NHS website recommends at least a factor 15, but I’d say the higher the better for little ones!
7. Don’t let the sea breeze fool you! Whilst it may feel cool, the sun is still hot. Most sunburn occurs when people have been deceived by the breeze…keep topping up the cream!
8. Lead by example. You are your child’s first role model so if he or she sees that you are using sun cream, seeking shade, staying hydrated and covering up in the intense heat, they’ll follow suit.

Water Sports in San Antonio/Cala De Bouplay_m_flowrider

In this heat, you can’t help but have a dip in and out of the water to stay cool. If you fancy something fun involving water, there’s loads of water sports to take part in. San Antonio and Cala De Bou is full of equipment for hire, whether it be pedal boats, jet ski’s, surf boards, yachts and activities such as scuba diving and more.
rs-800There’s also a new place for surfing the waves, whereby you don’t need any experience at all, the instructors will teach you how! Surf House Ibiza offers the Flowrider activity. Complete with chill out beds, deck chairs, volley ball net, bar / restaurant and shop, it’s a great place to spend the day in the sun.
Sirenis Seaview Hotel Agua Park in Port Des Torrent has lots of different slides, swimming pools, sun loungers and a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy just the waterpark, and have the option to go all inclusive to eat from the buffet.
Air-Zone is an inflatable orbs park in Cala De Bou where you can run across the water in a blow up ball, or roll downhill, or have fun with friends wearing an inflatable body bumper. It is suitable for children and adults, and drink and snacks can be purchased. The opening hours are 11.00 – 23.00.cache_19347199
The water sport craze of the moment, which is extremely impressive are the fly boards! The boards are linked to a jet ski turbine with a pipe allowing users to float up to 10 metres above water, some with the ability to balance by hand stabilizers. The height depends on the jet-ski power. The boards have reached worldwide success and many are seen on the different Ibiza beaches. Check out the fly board show at Ushuaia for the Avicii opening party on the below video link, it’s brilliant!

Ocean Mania

I laughed in the face of danger, fought off a determined enemy and snubbed any possibility of failure, all whilst tackling a series of gruelling challenges…. Indiana Jones would have been proud.water-sports-5---Ocean-Mania-s-280714
OK, so maybe my Sunday afternoon wasn’t quite how I tell the story, but after an hour’s assault on the new floating obstacle course in San Antonio, it certainly felt like it was and I definitely felt worthy of the holy grail.
Ocean Mania officially opened its inflatable doors on Friday 25th July and is already attracting attention from tourists and residents. I went down with my better half to check it out and see what everyone is talking about.
Upon arrival we were met by the Manager, Scott Mills, who made us feel more than welcome before giving us a quick briefing, handing us our life jackets and sending us on our way.
For me, the first obstacle was posing for a photograph, being a Photographer myself I’m much happier behind the camera; however the pictures turned out fantastic and were available for collection at the end.
As we swam towards the start point, we could hear sounds of laughter and cheering from the participants who were already there, which excited us more, causing us to swim faster (rookie error, save your energy).
Once aboard the giant inflatable we chose our first route and set off to do a slow and controlled lap while we ‘test the water’; not realising just how appropriate those three words would be.
Over the next hour we tackled 30 obstacles over the 140 metre long course, although due to having multiple route options and various ways to tackle some of the obstacles, it seems a lot more. We laughed, screamed, jumped, fell, swam and laughed some more whilst having an amazing time.
Being an ex-army cadet, it was only natural that I wanted to prove myself, so it was all guns blazing, pushing my upper body strength to its limit; and although I often did well, no amount of strength or experience prepares you for wet and wobbly climbing walls or small, floating stepping stones; it’s safe to say that pretty much all of us will end up in the drink at some point on this one.
For those of you a bit apprehensive, maybe because you’re not used to climbing walls or swinging on ropes, just give it a go! You’re not going to sink with your life jacket and everyone chips in together on this one, the teamwork and camaraderie between all participants was fantastic, everyone helped (& laughed at) each other and we all came away with big grins on our faces.
Open daily from 11:00 to 20:00 and situated directly opposite Ocean Beach Club on Av. Dr Fleming in San Antonio.

ocean mania

Carmen exhibition

An art exhibition entitled ‘Carmen, the image of the gypsy in Catalan painting’ (Carmen, la imatge de la gitana a la pintura catalana) has just opened in Ibiza Town. The exhibition complements the performance of Bizet’s opera ‘Carmen’, which will be held in the new Centre Cultural de Jesús on September 8, 10, 12 and 14.Amae-Antonia-Martin-Nt-280714
The exhibition features 40 works of art (mainly oil paintings and some examples of mixed media and two terracotta figures) that look at different conceptions of gypsy women in art, created since the late nineteenth century to 1977. Among others, you can see works of Santasusagna Santacreu (1900-1964), Brown Sans Francisco (1868-1937), Joan Cardona i Lladós (1877-1957), José Pérez Ocaña (1947-1983), Macías Morell (1899-1949), Ignasi Gil i Sala (1913-2003) and Carlos Vazquez Ubeda (1869-1944).
The exhibition is free of charge, at the Sa Nostra Sala, C/ Aragon, 17. Open Monday to Friday from 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.30 until September 17

Urban in Ibiza

This annual event and urban art show is back again in Ibiza for the 6th year. This year’s theme is ‘Bespoke Tailored Anarchy’. Expect a season of art, music and fashion showcase events: contemporary art exhibitions in an informal atmosphere, featuring live painting by some of the best international contemporary and street artists of the day.
Warm-up party, August 2
New for this year is a warm-up party at Boutique Hostal Salinas on Saturday August 2. There’ll be DJs, some of the works from the upcoming exhibition on display, including we are told a Banksy. Plus a chance to see first-hand how its done, with live painting from some of the artists included in the programme. More info at:
Opening and exhibition, August 7-21Urban-In-Ibiza_claireb_280714
The main event is at Atzaro and there’ll be a lavish opening party there on August 7. The party will combine an exhibition of urban art, live painting by some of the foremost contemporary and street artists of the day, with live and DJ music and fashion shows. Held in the sumptuous setting of Atzaro, it’s always a must-do in the cultural calendar and enjoyable for all the family.
The exhibition hosts artworks imported via the Westbank Gallery in London, all of which is available for sale at the event. Featured artists include: Goldie, Banksy, Mr Brainwash, Lovebullets, Inkie, Fin Dac, Zeus, David Walker, My Dog Sighs, Pure Evil, Milo, Mau Mau, Dale Grimshaw, Beejour, Chu, Jim Starr, Kristian Hornsleth, Gareth Knowles, Patrick Bremer, Hornhead, K-Guy, Ben Allen, Rowan Newton, Henry Hate, Gemma Compton, Thomas Brothers, Copyright, Dank, Cunni Outsider, Ak 47, Elmo Hood, Chapter, Carrie Reichardt, Lauren Baker, Schoony, Julian Quaye, Tim Fowler, Paul Mcgowan, Dna Factory, Soap, Code Fc, and Gil Carvalho.. The exhibition continues until August 21.
At the opening party world class artists will also create artworks live during the event, so there is always unique and exclusive work on display. Live painting will be from Inkie, Fin Dac, Dank, Zeus, Ben Allen, Elmo Hood, Code FC and Soap amongst others, along with live sculpting from Gareth Knowles. It’s a great way to witness how these artists create their complex work.
Music in the form of a cutting edge selection of live and DJ music from the past four decades will be provided by Subb-an, RIVRS, Scorcher/Ironik, Andy Caroll, DJ Samir, DJ Juniq and Ibiza’s own Shovell Lovell. And there’ll be fashion shows from Mark Powell and Coco Safari.
An event that should not be missed if you’re a contemporary art lover. Opens August 7, with exhibition continuing to August 21. Atzaro Agroturismo, Ctra. Sant Joan Km 15, Ibiza.

Shambala Beach Partyshambalabeachparty2607cs

This Saturday Mike, Ela and I dropped by port d’es torrent beach for an hour or so at sunset to check out Shambala beach party at Imagine bar. It was a really eclectic event from what we saw. People of all ages sat, chatted, played, swam, juggled, did circus tricks, drank, smoked and danced. The hardcore trance fans clustered in the neon bedecked bar for a rave, whilst everyone else, babies and dogs included, enjoyed the ambience from a little further a field, on the beach or splashing in the sea. A few people even did yoga facing the setting sun or practised diablo, acrobatics and juggling. We enjoyed a good old people watch with a drink as we relaxed on sun loungers, and Ela was entertained by the circus tricks, laughing kids and playful dogs around her. The music wasn’t my cup of tea, but it all seemed good, clean, inexpensive fun. We made our way back to our boat at half ten, fully prepared to be kept awake by the music, but heard it come to a pretty abrupt stop amidst a booing crowd at eleven. We were told the next day that the police had shut it down. However, the revellers were undeterred and we soon heard drumming and singing coming from the shore. It seems a good time was had by all. And we got a decent night’s sleep to a rhythmic lullaby.

Fiesta of the Earth

The Fiesta of the Earth or ‘Las Festes de la Terra’ began on July 27 and continues in Ibiza Town until August 27. The fiesta combines and extends the celebrations of two important events. August 5 is the saint’s day of the patron saint of Ibiza Town, Santa Maria De Les Neus or ‘Mary Of The Snows’ in English, and who the first Catholic church and now the cathedral in Ibiza is dedicated to. August 8 commemorates the day in 1235 that the Catalan army overthrew the Moors, bringing Christianity to Ibiza and Formentera. It is also the saint’s day for Sant Ciriac, who was adopted as the patron saint of the island because of the significance of the date.
The festival program combines traditional celebrations of mass and processions with fireworks with a host of dance performances and concerts of different musical genres, featuring local groups and performers from the mainland. Many of the events are free and take place in the Reina Sofia Park, at the foot of the Dalt Vila walls.
On August 5 there’s mass at 19.00h in the cathedral followed by a ceremony at 21.00h in the Senate of the City where Gold Medals of the city are awarded to worthy citizens. At 22.30h there is a concert with Valladolid band Celtas Cortos who play Celtic folk-rock and local singer-songwriter Iván Doménech.
August 8 is the most important holiday on the island. At 19.00h there will be a procession from Vara de Rey to Puig des Molins for a communal paella feast (berenada) at 20.00h. At midnight, fireworks will be launched from the wall of the old port in Ibiza Town. They’re usually the best fireworks you’ll witness on the island.
During the fiesta there’s also a craft fair in Vara de Rey and events for children taking place in Plaza Antoni Albert i Nieto.
Here’s some of the fiesta highlights, most of which are free, but see the link to the full program below.
August 2, 22.00h: Spanish dance company Aída Gómez ‘Adalí’, Parque Reina Sofia, 12€ at event.
August 3, 22.00h: Concert with Projecte Mut (Ibizan folk-rock band), Parque Reina Sofia, free.
August 4, 22.30h: Concert with Malú, Recinta Ferial, 25€ in advance, 25€ on door.
August 5, 22.30h: Concert with Celtas Cortos (Celtic rock band) and Iván Doménech (Ibizan singer-songwriter), Parque Reina Sofia, free.
August 6, 22.00h: Concert with Sinfónica Ciutat d’Eivissa, Parque Reina Sofia, free.
August 7, 21.30h: Concert with Gerard Quintana and Xarim Aresté (Spanish musicians), and Pota Lait (Ibizan rock band), Parque Reina Sofia, free.
August 8, 19.00h: Procession from Vara de Rey to Puig des Molins for traditional paella feast (berenada) at 20.00h.
August 8, 24.00h: Fireworks from the wall of the old port, Ibiza Town.
August 15, 24.00h: Fireworks on the beachfront in Figueretas.
August 27, 22.30h: Concert with Dani Martín, Recinta Ferial, 25€ in advance, 25€ on door.


Nits de Tànit Festival

The cultural festival ‘Nits de Tànit’ continues into August too in Ibiza Town, organised by the Consell d’Eivissa with support from the Institut d’estudis Baleàrics. A number of performances are taking place as part of the first edition of this festival, featuring dance, theatre, music and circus.Nits-de-Tanit_claireb_230614
August 23: ‘Sfera’, circus, dance and theatre from Teatrapo (Extremadura).
August 30: ‘Aeternum’, dance (extreme flamenco fusion) by Los Vivancos (Madrid).
September 13: ‘From Bach to Radiohead’, concert with violinist Ara Malikian.
September 27: ‘For the love of Lorca’, AMC Productions (Ibiza).
All events start at 22.00 hr and are held in the courtyard of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), Carrer Calvari, 1, Ciutat d’Eivissa, except for Los Vivancos on August 30, which is at the Muelle de Pescadores. Ticket prices vary and can be bought from the Consell Insular d’Eivissa or from the Sa Nostra Sala, on Carrer Aragó, at least 2 hours before the performance.

Ibiza Jazz Festival, Aug 21-23

Every year in August in Ibiza for 3 days the Ibiza Jazz festival (Eivissa Jazz 2014) brings musicians and artists from all over the world in the captivating scenery of Dalt Vila. For the 26th edition of the festival, held in the Baluard Santa Llúcia underneath the cathedral, 8 acts will perform over the 3 days. The program, organised by MP Music includes top international and national artists with local musicians. The highlight will be the Benny Golson Quartet, led by the 85-year-old tenor saxophonist and composer born in Philadelphia, who will close the festival on the Saturday night, August 23.
Eivissa-Jazz-2014_claireb_280714Eivissa Jazz 2014 will also feature other parallel activities such as cinema-themed jazz, seminars, courses and exhibitions. After each concert, from one o’clock, musicians and people who want to continue the evening can do so in the bar Qüestió Sa Vila, where jam sessions will be scheduled.
August 21: Eivissa Jazz Big Band, Mambo Jambo (Dani Nello) plus a jazz disco.
August 22: Jove Big Band de la Escuela de Música Moderna y Jazz del Patronat, Muriel Grossamn Quartet, Susana Shieman and Open Gate, plus a jazz disco.
August 23: Treejay Trio (presentation of new CD), Norberto Rodriguez Quartet, Benny Golson Quartet plus a jazz disco.
All concerts start at 22.00h, and are held in the Baluart Santa Llucia, Dalt Vila. Tickets are 15 euros for each day. More info:
Facebook: EivissaJazz

At night


IR_LOGO_2013 copyEd Sheeran

Last week was the 9th birthday party of Ibiza Rocks putting on weekly live gigs in Ibiza over the summer. Something definitely worth celebrating! Headlining the party was singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who made his second appearance at the venue, with support from Saint Raymond.
Saint Raymond, aka singer-songwriter Callum Burrows appeared onstage slightly earlier than billed at about 9pm, to the largest crowd we have witnessed at Ibiza Rocks so far this summer. The gig was sold out and we were informed that queues formed early on with anxious fans wanting to get in and bag their spot at the front of the stage. He was accompanied by a full backing band. The band gave the songs a much more rockier edge than they sound on record – lots of jangly guitar and driving bass and plenty of instrumental rock interludes. It sounded good and the crowd loved their performance.Sheeran-5-John-S-280714
Whilst we were waiting for Ed Sheeran to take to the stage, resident DJ Colin Peters entertained us with some great tunes and a rolling slideshow on the stage showed some of the best photos taken over the last 9 years, as Ibiza Rocks reminisced over their achievements and wished themselves a happy birthday.
By the time Ed appeared onstage at about 10.20, the venue was packed to capacity. At only 23 years old his second album ‘X’ was enjoying its fourth week at number one in the charts, having sold over 367,000 copies to date. The stage was set with just a microphone centre stage and an arc of monitors, flanked by two large image displays. Beginning with the artwork from his latest Sheeran-1-John-S-280714album (a large black ‘X’ on a bright green background), he walked onto the stage carrying his guitar to deafening screams and a barrage of phones held high in the air to record the moment. Video cameras on the stage in front of him and behind him proceeded to show close-ups of his performance and occasionally of the animated crowed in front of him. Commanding the stage on his own, he played a mix of songs from his two albums and a couple of new songs, breaking into the occasional rap. The crowd sang along with him to the old favourites and went mad for him. I’ve never witnessed such fan adulation for a performer. Every time he moved, to pick up his drink, to put down or pick up his guitar, the screams emanating from the crowd were deafening. At one point he asked everybody to take their tops off and swing them round their heads, and many obeyed and did just that, creating an amazing spectacle. TSheeran-8-John-S-280714owards the end of his set, another request for everyone to hold up their lighters in the air resulted in the wondrous sight of a sea of lights from lighters and mobile phones. He may have been a solitary 23-year-old on the stage, but he has a bundle of talent and knows how to engage and command an audience and have them eating out of his hand. It was a great birthday party and was enjoyed by all. So happy birthday Ibiza Rocks, and here’s to lots more birthdays and great bands on the White Isle.

Toolroom Knights


Toolroom Knights are doing their stuff on Ibiza Mondays. Early doors you can catch them at Sushi Mambo on the sunset strip just as the sun goes down, then it’s on to Plastik for the witching hour and then the main event at Booom.toolroom-knights-plastik




HardRockLogo goldUB40

When I heard that UB40 were performing at Hardrock Hotel in Ibiza, I was ecstatic that they’re still going strong after all these years and with fresh new music! A British Reggae band, from my hometown in Birmingham, their first gig was in 1979! I’ll start off by telling you some facts about UB40 that you might not have known. Influenced by many blues parties they visited as teenagers, the name of the band was selected in reference to a signing-on-document, issued to people claiming unemployment benefits, standing for Unemployment Benefit, form 40. Their first album was called ‘signing off’ due to the band signing off / ending their claim for unemployment benefit. Their first single Food For Thought reached no. 4 in the UK Singles Chart. After success in the UK, Red Red Wine made them popular in the United States, and they even toured South America, South Africa, Russia and more spreading Reggae. They had sell out shows at the NEC in Birmingham where singer Maxi Priest joined them. Other collaborators include: Pato Banton, Madness, Bitty McClean, Lady Saw, Afrika Bambaataa and more.UB40-2-Sophia-280714
At Hardrock Hotel, the lights dimmed, as the largely attracted crowd waited in anticipation for them to perform. As the sounds of the drums, bass guitar, saxophone, trumpets, keyboards and impressive vocals filled the air, the crowd clapped and sang along, swaying to the music. UB40 played their old classics, and some songs from their new album, which includes a bit of rap / MC-ing keeping them in style with the modern era music styles. Some of the songs performed are as follows: Food For Thought, Kingston Town, Labour of Love, Homely Girl, Sweet Cherrie, Higher Ground, Cherry Oh Baby, and many more.
They also spoke and joked to the crowd quite a bit, entertaining them.
UB40 are touring Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Brussels, the UK and more this year.
As their website states ‘a reputation as the world’s most successful reggae band as they continue to reach out to audiences that are impossible to categorise by race, age or nationality,’ it really is so true. The atmosphere was lively and it shows that UB40 have still got it!


Fridays booom


The year is 2034, the place is Ibiza, but we live in a world where culture is a prohibited pastime, falling foul to the despots at global HQ. We have but one choice available to us, we are the celluloid acolytes, the clubbers who snub the world of DJ worship and smart-phone unreality, we are the people at Sexus 2034 the club within Phantasmagoria.
Sounds like fun right? Well let’s face it with Mike & Claire at the helm it was never going to be just another night in Clubland.
This Friday August 1st is the first of 5 opportunities you’ll have to experience the near future world created by the originators of Manumission.
Mike and Claire are permanent Ibiza residents. They live in the North with their 3 girls aged 14, 12 and 10 —which sounds a whole lot too planned for the couple that put the vive into la difference as far as Ibiza Clubbing is concerned.
Why now?phantasma
M: It’s the 20th anniversary of Manumission. The timing just seemed perfect.
C: And Friday is my birthday.
Ibiza has taken on a lot of the cabaret ideas Manumission started in recent years. Is Phantasmagoria a reaction to that? Have you been impressed?
C: No we have not been very impressed with what we’ve seen elsewhere.
M: It’s the whole culture of the superstar DJ earning enormous sums, there is nothing left for theatre.
C: We have some fantastic DJ’s playing with us, but it is about talent, not ego.
So Sexus 2034 will be a DJ worship-free and smartphone-free zone?
M: Exactly, we want people to enjoy the moment, enjoy what is around them, and if people come in the persona of a favourite film character all the better.Phantasmagoria2
C: People will let themselves go more if they are in a role too, be more liberated.
What can we expect?
M: We are running for 5 nights. Each night starts with a film and cocktails on the terrace at 9pm. This week is True Romance, one of our personal favourites.
C: Then into the Main event at 12. We’ve a huge live act but (huddled debate) we can’t say who it is.
That’s fine with me, I don’t want to know more. It would spoil the surprise.
And I’ve a feeling they will be plenty of them.

PU AWOL Radio 1 Boat Party

pukka up copy

Ibiza’s biggest and most popular boat party, Pukka Up, is set to go AWOL on Saturday 2 August with a one-off boat party featuring BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills. Pukka Up has invited the laugh-a-minute DJ onto its infamous Sunset Boat Party in San Antonio in celebration of the annual Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza, and with this being one of the biggest party weekends in the Ibiza clubbing calendar, expect this event to get the boat well and truly rocking.
This summer in Ibiza, Pukka Up will throw a handful of ‘AWOL’ parties, and the Scott Mills Radio 1 boat party will kick-start the proceedings. Sailing from San Antonio Harbour from 6pm-9pm, three boats will go off shore where Scott Mills will unleash his inner club DJ with a three hour set of house music and party tunes, and no doubt he’ll drop the odd surprise to keep the party going!
A limited number of tickets for the first Pukka Up ‘AWOL’ party are now on sale from
To gen up on pukka up goto:-

Is one of the world’s biggest boat party providers – the boats with the most in Ibiza since 2003. This year the pukka party is sailing seven boats a day, three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, taking more clubbers to sea that anyone else on, well off, Ibiza.
Clubbers can opt for two very different Pukka Up boat parties every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 June to 24 September.
The sunset parties run a fleet of six lively boats complete with ice and confetti cannons, for that full hands-in-the-air anthem experience.
The Ibiza Town VIP day parties set sail on a luxury catamaran complete with champagne and canapé reception, a swim and snorkelling stop, VIP bed or table service, and all set to a deep house soundtrack.
The official after parties are held on Tuesdays at Amnesia where Pukka Up hosts the terrace alongside Together in the main room; on Wednesdays at Pacha where they hosts ‘Going Global’ in Pacha’s Global Room alongside Aoki’s Playhouse, and on Fridays there are two options – We Are Rock Stars at Ibiza Rocks or Insane at Pacha.
Limited early bird tickets start at €45/£37.50 and are available (see panel left) Street price is €70.

Pukka up

Ibiza People

10582707_295322253973914_1253333358_nLucas Vidales has worked in Soul City, San Antonio, Ibiza for a while now. Soul City, popular for its music: reggae, garage, RnB, and lively atmosphere, hosts talented DJ’s and MC’s. Soul City has also held barbecue parties at Playa Pinet, Reggae Reggae Beach. Here, we talk to Lucas about his thoughts on Ibiza!
What brought you to Ibiza?
I’ve been coming to Ibiza since 1986 for holidays, and then decided to stay here.
Where are your favourite places in Ibiza?
There are a lot of special places on the island, but one of the best is a beach called Cala Saladeta. You forget about everything once you cross the rocks and get to that beach.
Can you give any advice to people wanting to make it in Ibiza?
My advice is: enjoy it to the limit, but always know who you are and be careful with everything! I have seen many people go down just in two to three years. So respect yourself!

Ibiza Dance Chart by SZ_Logo_1_2_Blue_RGB_300

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …

http://www.shazam.com/charts/genre/danceshazam list

1. Forget – Patrick Topping
2. Bullit – Watermat
3. Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell
4. Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé
5. Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
6. Finder – Ninetoes
7. My Head Is A Jungle (Mk Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise
8. Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls
9. Turn Around (Âme Remix) – Sailor & I
10. Friends – Solomun

Social Media Training & Movistar Messaging


Social Media Workshop

On Ibiza, Social Media has become one of the key communication tools, for individuals seeking services, and businesses sharing their products. Groups abound on Facebook with massive audiences and those with active and informative Facebook Business pages are reaping the rewards.
Still, for many, the world of Facebook Business promotion is a minefield. How to attract an audience, how to find content, what is going to inspire people to use your service or buy your product? These and other challenges are addressed in the Social Media Excellence Facebook and Twitter workshop.
The workshop facilitator, Cat Milton, is uniquely positioned to understand these challenges. Having run Facebook Pages with an audience of over 500,000 fans, generating interest, interaction and ultimately revenue, whilst understanding the seasonal nature of the island, she walks her talk.
Cat warns the workshop is intensive but fun.
“We want you to leave with experience, not just a stack of notes”
The workshop includes strategy design, where to find and what content to use (including where to find images for free), enhancing your brand presence, making sure you reach the right people at the right time and ultimately, increasing revenue.
Course runs, Monday 18thTuesday 19thAugust. Info:


Movistar Messaging in English

If you miss a call and someone leaves a voicemail message, Movistar send you a text message informing you and telling you to ring 123 to retrieve it. Calls to 123 are free.mov
You can change your messaging to English with the following steps.
To change to English:
• Dial 123
• Press 3
• Press 4
• Press 1
• Press 5
• Press #
That’s it – done.
The options when you ring 123 are:
1for messages
2your greeting
3your mailbox settings
1the quick menu
2Change your code
(instead of a text)
4Change language
When you ring 123 your options after hearing a message are:
7Delete message
8 Call the message number




Budapest F1

1406468423056Another remarkable race full of action ending in the only man to stand on the top of the podium other than a Mercedes driver – that’s quite an achievement for Aussie Ricciardo – and a well deserved one. This week we headed to Budapest, with Rosberg again on pole, Vettel and Alonso hot on his heels.
It is hard to define the driver of the race, with Alonso coming 2nd after racing 32 laps on the soft tyre, Hamilton starting from the pits after a fuel fire in qualifying (in a newly rebuilt car), or Ricciardo choosing to pit early in the race and strategically going on to take the chequered flag. Do not despair, the race was nothing but outstanding. Add rain soaking the track before the race, and the big question everyone was asking was – which tyres will they start on, how will they fair? Well, the answer came in the first 10 laps with a safety car recovering the stricken Ericcson of Caterham after crashing heavily into the barriers; giving Ricciardo and his team the perfect opportunity to pit and after a few niggling issues the Red Bull fought back to take the podium. Things for Caterham however, didn’t improve when Kobayashi was forced to retire with fuel system issues.
Rosberg lost out under the first safety car and paid the price for the rest of the race, finishing 4th despite his furious charge to the finish and whilst Mercedes handed out the team orders for Hamilton to move over, Rosberg during the middle part of the race did not look close enough to complete the requested move. Hamilton ultimately had another spectacular race coming 3rd and just holding Rosberg off. Ferrari had an encouraging race with Alonso leading for many laps but ultimately his tyres gave way and he had to let the others through, Raikkonen grabbed 6th from 16th in the grid. Williams had a tyre strategy issue with both drivers needing to stop near the end of the race, still 5th (Massa) and 8th (Bottas) still puts them in 4th for the constructors championship.1406468476652
Vettel had an incredible lucky escape when he spun out at the pit wall and by a stroke of luck escaped harm or damage, he managed to cross the finish in 7th. Mclaren paid a heavy price sticking with intermediate tyres which ultimately led both drivers (Button 10th and Magnusson 12th) to drop back in the pack after a potentially good start. Sutil just lost out to Button in 11th for Sauber and Gutierrez having to drop out due to an ERS failure. Maldonado of Lotus spun on his first lap (there were quite a few twitches and spins due to the wet track) and later collided with Bianchi and could only manage 13th after that and Grosjean crashed as the safety car from Ericcson was due to come in, forcing it to stay out a few more laps, much to the benefit of Hamilton. Vergne (Torro Rosso) had a fantastic race holding off Rosberg in the early stages but with brake temperature problems he had no choice but to fall back to 9th, Kvyat also made it difficult for himself when he stalled on the formation lap and started from the pit lane – he still made 14th. Bianchi and Chilton had their own battle for 15th and 16th with the Frenchman (Bianchi) just pipping Chilton to the post. Force India had a disappointing race with Hulkenberg retiring due to a collision with his teammate Perez , and then Perez retiring 8 laps later, after spinning off the now damp AstroTurf and colliding heavily into the concrete pit wall.

Jezza’s Sports Report

1406484351737At last, at last, something to cheer about for us Barmy Army England Cricket fans as Cook’s boys look like they’re in control of the 3rd Test at The Rose Bowl near Southampton. Good news also for two senior players who at last got their act together; Cook himself, so unfortunate to get out on 95 and Bell, who really came back to form with 160 odd. Yet another ton for Ballance, who is a real find this summer, and what a debut for Jos Buttler, replacing wickie Prior, smacking the pill all around the ground in a blistering 85, and giving the Red Rose a total of 569/7 declared. With India needing to score at least 300 to make England bat again, they’re currently 115/3 after a brilliant spell from Broad, so a real mountain to climb and, hopefully, England can go on and win the match to bring the 5 Test Series to 1-1.
Cycling and as I thought last week, I got it the wrong way round when reporting on the Tour de France, as an Italian led from a Frenchman!In my defence at least I’m one of those scribblers who admits to his mistakes, unlike some I can think of! To update you, said Italian, Nibili went on to win and become one of only very few riders to have won all the major races. Funny story here, as I reported on the TdF without the valued assistance of my ole mate Jules the reason for this became clear earlier this week during a ‘phone call from said dum-dum as he admitted a big boo-boo as he had been texting 3 weeks of fabulous reports to another entry of his in his phone book, namely JP, and notme, Jezza! Apologies accepted Jules, but don’t let it happen next year!
On to Rugby League now, and it’s getting pretty tight at the top of the Super League with St Helens clear leaders but only by 2 points from Leeds and a further 2 points behind, Wigan and Castleford. With only 6 points between the top 6 and 22 matches gone already, it’s anybody’s to win – or lose for that matter!
Finally, you’ll probably have noticed that I haven’t been reporting on the Commonwealth Games since they started last week. Straightforward really, as I totally agree with Kevin O’Sullivan, the Sunday Mirror’s TV critic ( yes, I have to admit that I do occasionally read this ragtop, mainly because their sports reports are almost second to none, but also I can’t pronounce those long words that the Times uses!) and I quote “if you’ve ever wondered what the Olympics would be like without the powerhouses of America, USA, China and Russia, this is it; a crass example of British imperialism at it’s worst”. To me and I’m sure a lot of others, it’s just an opportunity for England to beat their chests or breasts, and win as many medals as possible, and even then they’re normally beaten in the final medal table by our cousins from either Canada or Australia or even both. I mean come on, there are even some competing countries with only ONE competitor – in total! And as for the Beeb giving over prime time TV as well as saturation coverage, why? Or is it just to give the ubiquitous Clare Balding even more publicity and something to do to warrant her ginormous paid-for-by-the-British-public salary? Anyway, I suppose it is what it is and good luck to all the competing athletes, after all you can only beat who is put before you! Also, a big pat on the back to the auld city of Glasgow and the Scots themselves for putting on such a banjoree.
Until next week, if I’m still around, and don’t forget, the Footie season starts in less than a fortnight!

Common-Wealth-Games-2014Glasgow 2014

Below Left: 13 year old Erraid Davies captures a good few hearts with her swimming bronze. Right: The Rugby Sevens put on a great show in preparation for Rugby’s first appearance at the Olympics in 2016. South Africa beat the All Blacks in the final—and we all enjoyed the Ugandan team’s 10 minute lap of honour after their 32-0 thrashing by Canada—between them they must have shaken hands with every spectator in the front row.

Glasgow 14
Thursday 31st July
Athletics @ 18:00; Bowls @ 08:45; Cycling @ 10:01; Diving @ 10:05; Gymnastics @ 15:00; Weightlifting @ 15:30; Wrestling @ 10:00
Friday 1st August
Athletics @ 18:02 Men’s 10,000m Final 20:05; Bowls @ 08:45; Boxing @ 13:00; Diving @ 10:05; Gymnastics @ 14:00; Table Tennis @ 09:30
Saturday 2nd August
Athletics @ 19:00 Men’s 4x100mRelay Final 21:15; Badminton @ 10:00; Boxing @ 14:00; Diving @ 10:05; Hockey @ 10:00; Squash @ 12:15; Table Tennis @ 09:30; Weightlifting @ 10:00
Sunday 3rd August
Badminton @ 11:00; Cycling @ 08:01; Hockey @ 10:00; Netball @ 10:00; Squash @ 11:30
Closing Ceremony 21 – 22:45

TAROTscope 31st July—6th August 14.

By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Seven of Cups

All of you will like the message that it’s a good week for your love life tinged with some lucky breaks. The other side of the coin; too much of a good thing will be too much. Overdo any excess and you’ll be kicking yourself for doing so; especially if you’re doing so to mask unresolved hurts or emotional pain.

TAURUS – Queen of Wands

You’re on a voyage of self-discovery as this card encourages you to look into what drives and motivates you in life. If you need a second opinion, ask a Fire sign woman; so Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will help you from anything to do with business or more intimate areas of your life. The advice will be worth listening to.

GEMINI – Transformation

In order to put anything new in motion you have to let something go. This may regard a situation at home or with career that no longer works for you, or to do with someone you no longer feel the same about as you’re being distracted elsewhere. Endings must come before beginnings; think on that as your week transforms.

CANCER – Queen of Cups

Water sign women are your allies this week as their calm, insightful approach to problems resolve many of your inner conflicts. So, if you’re close to a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces hang out with them; they’ll bring out the best in you and help to balance warring emotions. They’ll keep it real, keep you grounded and make you laugh!

LEO – King of Swords

An interesting and dynamic person could sweep you off your feet, that’s if you’re ready for romance that hits you like a tornado! For ambitious Leo’s this card represents success and that a particular goal in life is within reach. However, you must remain passionate and focused on your dream. You love telling people what to do, but steady on!

VIRGO – Eight of Swords

You want to break free from a situation that’s cramping your style. How to do it though? It requires patience, because this week if you attempt to escape you’ll be met with some tough resistance. Others hold you accountable for their happiness or success and that’s unfair. Wait for all the weeping and wailing to stop before you jump!

LIBRA – Four of Disks

You feel more secure in life generally and that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. No wobbles this week! Finances are look much better too and if you’re in the property game, you could do very well indeed. Time to relax and count your blessings; you’ve worked hard to build up your reputation and that’s now paying off.

SCORPIO – Justice

Health is your priority this week Scorpio; don’t neglect it, eating right, exercise and plenty of sleep should be top of your to do list. The problem is most Scorpio’s feel they can’t rest until the task in hand is finished. But what if you’re taking on too much? Prevention is the cure. Work to balance career and private life.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Disks

If you’re worrying about finances, help is on hand in the form of an unexpected bonus, gift or rebate. This card always comes out when you deserve a break. You’ve helped others in the past and the universe finds a way to bring something to you. Remember, your own attitude counts; what you give out in life, you get back.

CAPRICORN – Knight of Cups

Don’t expect to get much achieved this week as this Prince denotes lofty ideas rather than actions. You’ll receive good news you’ve been waiting for which gives a green light for future opportunities looming on the horizon. For woman he represents her ideal lover, passionate and demonstrative but one who may or may not commit; only time will tell!

AQUARIUS – Two of Swords

A week to let your hedonistic side rule. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

PISCES – Eight of Cups

Take it easy this week Pisces, you need to restore yourself to yourself, especially emotionally. Don’t get dragged into heated battles, especially as you’ll be left feeling exhausted. If your buttons are being pushed, take off and go somewhere tranquil, meditate and pull your energy back. Then, do something fun with someone fun. A good dance will do it!