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Phew, What A Scorchio!


With no significant rainfall recorded in June or July, Ibiza and Formentera are facing the possibility of one of the driest and hottest summers ever. Temperatures of over 30 degrees were reached this week and, add to that the humidity of the island, it was only the respite of the sea breezes from the north east that helped keep us a little cooler in the sweltering heat. The weather experts predict no rain until the end of August at the earliest and temperatures remaining high.

Our thanks in advance to anybody who wishes to point out that scorchio does not exist in the Spanish language, but for those of us ‘a certain age’ it does—thanks to the good folks of Channel 9 and the Fast Show. After positively months of waiting to write this headline we are delighted to report that we are going into our first totally SCORCHIO! week of the year with Ibiza enjoying nothing but clear skies and hot days if predictions by the meteorological boffins are proven correct.


Spanish weather site el tiempo shows clear sunny skies from 8 in the morning til 8 at night for the entire week, with temperatures peaking over the weekend at 35o  to 36o  on Monday—not quite channel 9’s constant 45o , but it will do us.  For those of you still working in old money 36o  Centigrade is the equivalent of 97 Fahrenheit—that’s 7o  degrees more than warranted the UK Sun’s famed ‘Phew, what a scorcher!’ headline in the long hot summer of 76.

Those looking for some relief may be best advised to head to the east coast where temperatures are predicted to be 4 or 5 degrees lower than on the west.


More Tourists.

With the “Brits” and Germans leading the way, 6% more tourists than ever have visited Ibiza and Formentera in June when compared to 2013. The authorities were happy to report that the islands received 418,680 tourists last month. The airport also reported nearly a 10% increase in traffic making Ibiza the 4th ranked airport in Europe in terms of percentage increase in flights.

European “Saga” Tourists.

The Bay of San Antonio, including the part which is in Sant Josep, has been  officially certified as apt for Senior Citizen Tourism from all over Europe in winter.  This “seal of approval” allows the local authorities to access subsidies to help promote the area for this type of tourism made up of citizens from all over Europe who are over 55 years old. More importantly it means that the Bay will now start to feature in tour operators brochures aimed at this type of tourism which it wouldn’t have done if the area had not been officially approved by the Spanish National Tourist authorities.

Wall Fall!

A 28 year old man in Ibiza Town was taken to hospital with bad leg injuries in the early hours of the morning after, for some unknown reason, he jumped up onto a wall in the Calle Corona street in the town. The wall failed to take his weight and fell down leaving the man injured amongst the rubble.

Medical Centre Play School.

Once the cafe and restaurant services are operating at the new hospital in Ibiza, the old cafe at Can Misses will be turned into a play school nursery for the staff at both facilities. This announcement was welcomed by the medical staff at the new and old Can Misses hospitals as being a necessary service for the employees. The facility should be open by the end of the year.

Construction At  Benirrás.

Under new planning laws, approved by the Balearic Government this week, 43 chalets can now be built in the Benirrás beach area of the island. Though the decision was welcomed by some it was met with dismay by the GEN ecological group. They claim that the legality of the new laws is questionable because they seemingly contradict certain State laws and that the constructions will, in their opinion, destroy what is perhaps one of the few remaining semi virginal beach areas on the island. The GEN claim it is hypocritical of the authorities to use the iconic natural beauty of  Benirrás to promote tourism and then allow this construction to go ahead.

New President Of Hoteliers.

Juanjo Rierra was elected the new President of the Ibiza and Formentera Hotel Association (FEHIB) this week. His term office will last 2 years and he intends to make the hoteliers fight against the private, non authorised tourist rental sector one of his main platforms. He wants more inspectors to control this illegal competition to the registered sector.

Rierra also wants to try to get a bigger budget and more control of the tourist promotion for the islands from the Balearic Government. Asking for more cleaning and maintenance of public spaces. Juan said it was a waste of time for the various councils around the island to keep creating public buildings, gardens, parks, footpaths and other urban installations if, afterwards, there was no budget or program for their maintenance and cleaning.

Happy with the taxi service this summer and the return of Scandinavian tourism, the President went on to declare that the hoteliers were against the oil exploration planned for our coasts and that FEHIB and it’s members were supporting the various protest actions organised by the “Mar Blava”  association.

Es Cavalet Rubbish.

After agreeing to a request by the authorities to remove the rubbish bins from the popular Es Cavalet beach and install bigger ones at the public entrances to the zone, the beach concession holders came under fire this week from sectors of the public who were complaining about rubbish being left in bags in the middle of the beach whilst the bins at the entrance were not full. The concession holders said that in their opinion most people using the beach do take away their rubbish depositing it in the correct bins. Meanwhile the Town Hall in Sant Josep reportedly said that the idea to remove the bins came from the rangers operating in the natural park surrounding the beach and that the rubbish left on the beach most likely stems from the increased activities of illegal beach sellers and from the many pleasure craft anchored along the shore line.

Hotel Pool Drowning.

A 23 year old tourist drowned this week whilst swimming in a hotel pool at midday in Playa den Bossa. Initial resuscitation by the hotel life guards failed and the man was pronounced dead when the official emergency services arrived on the scene.

Possible Paralysis from Dive 1

A 20 year old British youth was left severely injured and possibly paralysed after diving in the early hours of the morning into the shallow end of  the pool at the apartment block where he was staying in Cala Tarida. The air ambulance had to take the young man to Palma for specialist treatment.

Possible Paralysis from Dive 2

At 6pm in the evening a 19 year old young man dived into the shallow sea by the shoreline at Playa den Bossa banging his head and causing grave injuries requiring immediate hospital treatment. Quickly retrieved from the water by the beach life guards, the emergency services were soon on the scene but it is possible that the youngster will be left paralysed after this unfortunate accident.

Fisherman Missing.

The emergency services, including a life boat, searched for a fisherman in the Porroig area of the island this week. The fisherman’s car was located where he had parked it to go finishing from the rocks on what was a very windy day with rough seas. The alarm was raised by the family of the man when he didn’t return home but initial searches showed no sign of him. His body was located the next morning in an area of rocky coastline which had been searched the night before but when visibility was diminishing.

Whilst carrying out the search for the fisherman, the life boat had to rescue 3 sailors aboard a  yacht which had run a ground on rocks in the same area and was taking in water. By the time the sailors were rescued they had set up pumps to control the water intake and the yacht was towed by the lifeboat to Figueretes for repairs.

Electricity Improvements.

It was reported this week that, with the recent installation of gas powered turbines at the electricity generating plant in Ibiza, 51% of the power, 197MW, is now produced more efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way by natural gas. Diesel fuel will only be used in the generation process at times of extreme high demand or if there is a technical problem with the gas fired generators.

Dog Bites Toddlers Head.

A 4 year old toddler needed surgery at the local hospital to re-implant scalp tissue after being rescued from the jaws of a boxer dog in Sant Josep. The toddler’s head was apparently trapped between the dogs jaws causing these severe injuries. The dog was sent to the dog pound and put in quarantine. Reasons for the attack were not reported.

In another incident, a 6 year old suffered bites to his right leg after being attacked by a dog in Ibiza Town. The youngster was treated in hospital and later allowed home.

2€ To Watch Sunset.

Having painted and cleaned the historic pirate look out tower, called “La Torre D’es Savinar”, located on the Sant Josep coast in front of Es Vedrá island, it was reported in social media that the owners are now charging residents and tourists alike 2€ to go up to the flat roof of the tower and enjoy the natural beauty of the view. Shoes have to be taken off to access the interior of the tower where apparently trinkets are now on sale.

Pirate Taxis Caught In The Act

Sant Josep Police action stopped and identified 2 “pirate taxi” drivers as they were illegally picking up passengers at the airport this week. It was reported that 20 illegal taxis have been impounded so far this summer by the Sant Josep Police.

Illegal Scrap yard Closed.

An illegal scrap yard, located in the humid area which acts as a water catchment area for Santa Eulalia, has been closed by police this week. Thought to scrap cars and sell off the parts, the owners are possibly facing fines of up to 100,000€. It was reported that the uncontrolled scrapping of the vehicles and the toxic materials produced could have endangered the underground water supplies if the installation had not been closed down.

Net Increase


The 4 trawlers and the 24 smaller “typical” fishing boats which are part of the fishing co-operative on the island have recorded bumper catches in the first 6 months of this year. Making 400 sailings, the local fishing fleet has brought in 111,607 kilos of fish, 278 kilos more than in the same period of time last year and worth 850,000€ in total. A spokesman for the fishermen suggested that the fishing conservation program agreed with the Consell Island Government was helping improve the quantity and quality of their catches. Complaining that they couldn’t raise their prices because of the present economic crisis, the fishermen also said there needed to be more inspections to cut down the amount of unlicensed, illegal fishing which goes on in our coastal waters.

Civic Agent Smoking Pot.

With the employment of 8 Civic Agents by the San Antonio Town Hall announced only a few days ago, this week 5 of the Civic Agents have been fired. Supposedly to set up to advise tourists and help them so that there are less problems in the town of bad behaviour, drunkenness and drug abuse etc, one of the sacked Civic Agents was caught by police smoking a “Joint” in the street outside the “West End” police station in the break in his shift. 2 more were apparently fired for being in the company of the “pot” smoker at the time. The Town Hall apparently wants to make it clear to everyone that they do not condone this type of behaviour by public employees do not want the Civic Agent system to be subject to criticism.

Unrelated to the “pot” smoking incident, another 2 Civic Agents were removed from service later in the week when it was learnt by the Town Hall that they had criminal records. One of the agents had a record for having been stopped by police and found to be in possession of a kilo of hashish. The other had been detained for petty theft.

Political Chaos


Political chaos is reigning in Ibiza Town Hall with one resignation after resignation reported during the week. The Mayor, Pilar Mari and her deputy both resigned following the political fall out caused by the resignation of the cultural and heritage councillor that The Ibizan reported last week. Particularly damaging were several Whatsapp messages which were leaked to the media. With 10 months until the next municipal elections, the Mayorship was then offered to the Sports Councillor, Mar Sanchez of the PP Conservatives but she refused to take charge for personal reasons.

The PP Conservatives run the council with a minority but are supported by the smaller central right PREF party. Now, they are seemingly in a position where one of the two PREF councillors, Miriam Valladolid and Nacho Rodriguez, could according to electoral and council rules, claim the right to be proposed as Mayor as they are next in line, after the PP’s  Mar Sanchez, on the PP electoral list  at the last elections. However, certain sources in the PP have criticised these 2 PREF councillors for the way they have acted throughout this latest crisis. Allegedly this has caused friction between the parties and the PP are thought to be now having to “backtrack” and  try to get the PREF to give way and allow the next PP Councillor on the last election list to be put forward as Mayor instead of their candidates.

These negotiations seem to have worked because, as we go to press, it was announced that the PREF councillors have given way to the number 10 on the electoral list at the last  municipal elections, the present Sports Councillor, Rai Prats, who is a member of the PP Conservatives and has accepted to be proposed as Mayor of Ibiza Town. Most importantly Rai appears to have the support of the PREF as well as the ex PP Councillors who have resigned from the party but who have kept their seats on the council and whose votes Rai also needs to govern in minority.

Food & Drink

Tapas (it’s a British Thing)

go to the tapas website
go to tapas website

Tapas remains the hidden gem of those in the know cool cookies who walk the few footsteps from San Antonio’s vibrant heart for the Tapas terrace ambience of a chic country club. I use the term hidden loosely as it seems everybody has found the talk of the town eatery. It is not safe to expect a table on spec anytime at Tapas – don’t think Tuesday at 10pm guarantees a quiet time as they seem to be busy every night of the week. Better always to book but if you do arrive without a reservation and they can’t seat you immediately the good news is the opening of their new garden cocktail bar on the lower level. Open to diners or for drinks only it is the perfect way to peruse the menu before your food or take savour a long slow drink after your meal.

And what a menu you have to peruse. No question of Tapas resting on the laurels of the last 2 years (laurels that are now reflected on their tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 award). The favourites are still there, Belly of Pork, Prawns and Chorizo, Tomato and Basil, and yes of course Popeye, you’ll never be at risk of the Spinach, Minced Beef, Cream, Parmesan  and Black Pepper favourite that has become Tapas´ signature dish loosing it’s spot on the menu, but now you have a whole new selection of sublime taste sensations vying for your attention.


We started with the new Hummus Tapenade and Tzatziki board that comes with a selection of Olives Crudités and Pitta bread. A perfect alternative to bread and alioli – and so typical of Tapas – kind of similar to bread and alioli, just way better and at 6.95€ for the board plentiful for 2 and sufficient for 3 the price is not dissimilar to the more common, but what we will now always consider inferior local creamy cousin.

Next the Quinoa Salad with celery, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, raisins, onion and cherry tomatoes (6.95€). I’ll have to admit I didn’t know what Quinoa was but a fellow diner  described it as somewhere between cous cous and rice – and a feature on every celeb diet. The description is spot on at both levels and reflective of our Host Tony Dikomite´s comment of tapas looking to balance up the menu with more lighter options especially aiming for more dishes with daytime desire.

tapas-quinHis business partner Becky told us that this and 6 other equally sumptuous salad selections will be available daytime in larger portions with a fresh squeezed  juice for just 10€ – bound to make Tapas the venue of choice before and now also after the party.

Next things get tricky. On any other day I’d have happily told Tapas the Soy and Sesame Tuna skewers were the best addition to their menu over the past 3 years – and that is some accolade surrounded by so many of Dikomite’s dynamite gastro-bites. If the skewers were a song you’d scream TUNE(a)!tapas-tuna

However this was that other day and for that reason we have to reserve top billing to what was their special of the day. Not on the menu (though regularly available) The Pork Belly and Scallop with Onion Sauce does not have a carefully crafted chef’s name but who cares? It wins. If Spain has a national Tapas Trade fair they had better look out because the Gringos are coming to show them how it’s done.


It’s been a funny old world for Spain in recent years. After never achieving anything in football at world level they dominated the game totally for 6 years. Their cuisine has increased hugely in reputation over the same period. Brasil 2014 found Spain floundering in football, and Tapas 2014 is now showing them how to do it in small dishes at the centre of the table. Tapas, it’s a British Thing.

El Chiringuito & Mambo Weddings

chiring-737Sunday Lunch at Chiringuito

Scattered around the back and rocky sides of one of Ibiza’s most beautiful tiny coves, two steps up from a sandy beach and gently shelved clear blue sea—such is the perfect setting of Chiringuito, that even a mediocre menu and second rate service would put it in the ´good´ restaurant category. That the food is fantastic and service exceptional puts Chiringuito into Ibiza’s ´very best´ category without question.

I was recently asked by little Jav, manager at Savannah to name my top ten restaurants – a task I found far more difficult than I might have thought – but Chiringuito is one of those names that just pops up automatically. Not just me either.  Axwell of Swedish house mafia chose to have his wedding here – see report on Mambo Weddings adjacent – but do not think   such superstar satisfaction credentials put Chiringuito in the A-List price range, in-fact the first thing I noticed on arrival for our lunch Sunday 20th July this year was that the menu seemed to have dropped in price. Prices going down in Ibiza? Did I have Sunday sunstroke delirium? Not a bit of it, I am very pleased to report to our readers that they have reduced the prices and you can now find main courses from only 11.50€, even the fresh catch of the day presented to your table for personal selection came in at just 22€. Chiringuito was never the most expensive restaurant, but it’s price shift has moved it from being a twice a year treat, to a beach day first choice.

Do not be put off arriving on spec, though Sunday was busy there were always one or two tables free for diners without reservations, but if you know in advance our tip is to book early and request one of the tables in the raised side terraces where you get a great view, gentle breeze and lovely dappled sun. One caveat is that for many of the weddings – 28 this year – they do close the restaurant completely.

We were greeted by our very hands on host Ramon – his first year at Chiringuito but moving up within the Mambo group. A fine appointment in our humble opinion.  Ramon gave the warmest of welcomes without any knowledge of who we were or our reviewing task ahead.

Why do we have favourite restaurant drinks? I don’t know but for some reason it’s always a spritzer at Villa Mercedes, a Strawberry Daiquiri at Jockey Club and a Sangria at Chringuito – it just fits the day, the ambience, the pace, and that pace of course, quite rightly, is leisurely. Chiringuito is not a place you go for a quick lunch, it is the place for a long leisurely afternoon.

chiring-4To start we went with Salmorejo al estilo Cordobés– cordoba style tomato salmorejo served with Ibérico ham and a quails egg. “A great choice, do you know what it is?” asked Ramon. “Er, no” I admitted, simply following my tendency to order anything I have not heard of before. Ramon went on to explain it as essentially a Gazpacho – a very good choice enjoyed as much by my 4 year old son as myself. A very generous portion with a good sprinkling of top quality Jamon.

Vegetable and Chicken Gyozas with Thai sauce. These seem to have become a firm favourite on Ibizan menus this year – something my Wife thoroughly approves of. She was not disappointed though found the sweet chilli sauce a little too sweet leaving a slightly processed after taste. The Gyozas were good enough without it.

chiring1Raviolis de Carne in a homemade tomato sauce served with parmesan.  Our son’s choice and deliciously plump raviolis which again I preferred without so much of the sauce – he of course could not get enough of the sauce though it did not deter him tucking in to both our main meals.  Most parents will know what I mean when I say it is a joy when their children approach dinner positively, our son tried, and enjoyed, everything offered up today.

Corvina served with thinly sliced potatoes. My choice from the tray of fish presented to our table. Apparently  Corvina is the Ibicenco´s  name for this delicious fish and I could not place it in English – it was Tuna in size and cut, Cod in texture, and Plaice in taste. I liked it a lot not least as it was cooked to absolute perfection, that perfect point where the fish is not underdone to make it gloopy, nor overdone to make it dry.

Fillet steak served with thinly sliced potatoes a pepper sauce , rocket spring onions and cherry tomatoes. A perfect cut and again what we would call a perfect rare cook, but how about this for fillet – there was too much! Not something you’d often say with fillet but it had my steak loving wife beat before the plate was clean.

Paellas are always a good choice at Chiringuito—my favourite is their Black Rice—and they start from a reasonable 18€pp. The mussels looked great and there is a good vegetarian choice.

The service was excellent throughout, attentive but unhurried and if the lunchtime rush brought any stress with it you certainly could not see it from a diner’s perspective. You do have to take your hat off to the camareros at Chiringuito—they cover some miles from the kitchen way out to the side tables.

A fantastic lunch followed by a few hours on the beach—I can’t say snoozing it off as with a 4 year old that doesn’t happen—but I think we can rightly lay claim to the best sandcastle of the day.

A perfect Sunday.

Mambo Weddings

mambo-weddings-4Last year I talked to Lucy Dyer, Mambo’s Wedding Co-Coordinator who arranges many a special day at Chiringuito.

Arranging any wedding is bound to be a pretty stressful experience. From ensuring flowers arrive fresh on the day to keeping Aunt Bertha well away from Aunt Hettie on the seating plan, there are many, many elements that go together to make the perfect special day. Most of us would consider the planning of one successful wedding a major achievement. Spare a thought then for Lucy Dyer, Mambo’s own magical memory maker, who will be organising no less than 28 weddings this year at Chiringuito alone..

?What does the Mambo Wedding Service Offer?

LD: We approach every wedding as a bespoke event and so the starting point is always a meeting with the clients to discuss their needs. We have held weddings for as few as 5 people and into the hundreds, from very simple ceremonies to big extravagant parties, every wedding is important and receives the same attention and service. We arrange everything from accommodation for guests, to flowers, wedding cars, hair and make up, music and of course catering.

mambo-weddings-cake?I noticed on the website many highly original and beautiful styling touches, such as the driftwood table centres. Is that something you do?

LD: Yes I love the creative side of the job, very rewarding—I made the driftwood centres by hand.

?What has been the most romantic wedding?

LD: Impossible to single one out. Every wedding is the most romantic for the couple involved.

?And the most extravagant?

LD: That would have to be the 3 day wedding of the Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell held at Chiringuito. A very special event.

?You must have had some very challenging circumstance arise. What wins the award for “the show must go on”?

LD: The one that stands out was again at Chiringuito. We had the most incredible thunderstorm and the rain was absolutely torrential—as heavy as I’ve ever known it in Ibiza. We lost all electricity except by some fluke of luck or divine intervention the supply to the bar and the DJ booth kept working. The lightning was incredible and gave us a better light show than we could have ever arranged by earthly means.  Against all odds it turned into one of the most special and enjoyable weddings you could hope for.

9622373112_c7dcc64314_o?Last question—how can you possibly be so calm? (It might be expected that Lucy’s job would result in a chain smoking, facially twitching, nervous wreck, yet she comes across as totally relaxed and at ease)

LD: Ha ha, I guess that is to do with experience and having great resources to draw on. I have been wedding planning for 7 years and built up a fantastic bank of reliable people.

The Mambo website states “Tell us your wedding dream and we will bring it to fruition with no stress involved, leaving you free to enjoy your dream day. Our promise is to ensure your wedding day is full of perfect memories for you to reflect upon for years to come.” With Lucy in charge I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.



Far East

EastDancing And More.

Next Monday 28th July the Viva Cala Llonga team, in conjunction with the Association of Vecinos, are staging a Beach Dance Spectacular. Starting at 8pm the country dancing group Es Broll will start the evenings proceedings with their traditional Ibicencan dances outside the tobacconists before moving down in front of Pirates, Bar Mayfair and Italian Restaurant Valentinos, ideal spots for photo opportunities, they’ll then be making their way to the stage on the beach, which will be situated in front of Frankie’s, La Altre Balagar, Café Del Mar & Restaurant Del Mar. At 9pm Dance School Capricorn’s youngsters will be putting on a display of their award winning routines, followed at 10pm by a Flamenco Show with Natili Galves and her dancers. This evening promises to be quite a spectacular and everyone is welcome to come along and see this free show of three very different styles of dance, courtesy of Viva Cala Llonga. The following Thursday, 31st July, in addition to the weekly evening market there will be live music from 8pm with Can Funk, making it another lively evening in Cala Llonga.

Losing The Plot!!

Last week we were hosts to two of our Great Nieces aged 13 and 16. It’s sometimes difficult to know just how to entertain youngsters so we drew up an “ideas list”. One of the highlights was a trip into Ibiza town late on Saturday, using the little “put- put” ferry from Talamanca, to sample the atmosphere and see what have been in the past some spectacular club parades. We are aware that a number of restrictions have been imposed by the council, but what a disappointment they turned out to be. We can cope with the idea of no whistles, drums etc but the people involved just seem to amble through the streets with faces like slapped backsides, no enthusiasm what so ever. The Pacha group in particular may as well have not been there and the Ushuaia ones were not much better. The Matinee Night group from Privilege and the Amphora guys did make some effort, but if this is the best these mega charging establishments can come up with then they might just as well not bother.

A New Sound In The East.

For all you music lovers out there we are pleased to inform you that Jeff Collins – The Irish Heart – will be performing at Bar Pio, Cala Llonga this coming Sunday evening 27th July and again on the evening of Thurs 7th Aug. Jeff’s style of Irish/Celtic, rock, country and oldies is certain to put you in the mood for a glass of cold Guinness, or whatever else takes your fancy. Remember also that Abby “The amazing Pianoman” plays at Bar Pio (The Place To Be) every Tuesday evening.


Fri 25th Sat 26th Sun 27th July 9pm. The Two Faces of January. (2014 Thriller 96 mins. PG13)

A thriller centred on a con artist, his wife, and a stranger who flee Athens after one of them is caught up in the death of a private detective. Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac.

And Finally.

We’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Teresa Waugh on the occasion of her 65th birthday which she celebrated lat Saturday with a group of friends at Siesta Grill. We understand you had a wonderful evening and we’re sorry we couldn’t be there.

Letter from Juan

JuanThe gremlins were at work again last week as my printer decided not to print anything. Then I realised I had not used it since the new Router was fitted. However I was surprised that I was having difficulty as the new Router’s password was meant to have been the same as the old one. Then I remembered that my wife also had a problem getting online with her computer and it wasn’t until I reinstalled the password that it worked. Why I wondered was it necessary to do that? I then noticed that the Engineer had used the same letters and numbers but that one of the letters was now in upper case whilst previously it had been in lowercase! Having discovered the reason it was just a matter of resetting the printers password. Easier said than done for non techno people like myself but I managed to stumble across the solution and all is once again up and running. Life is once more “tranquillo”- until the next “gremlin” appears. Mind you I don’t think you can blame the gremlins for the latest Malaysian flight disaster as they used when there were the mechanical problems in military aircraft during World War II. I wouldn’t like to be booked on a Malaysian flight or for that matter a shareholder in the Company. I only hope the old superstition of everything coming in “threes” does not apply in this case. Although the expression was not always considered unlucky “Omne trium pefectum” as they used to say in Latin “everything in threes is perfect” and in writing it is considered that the Rule of Three is more effective and funnier: Three Stooges, The three little Pigs, The three Bears and the Three Musketeers to name a few! Whatever you believe you have to feel for the Malaysian airline and all the poor innocent people who were killed in both their accidents. The other scary thing is the fact that many different airlines were flying over the same area. Does mean that now we have to check the flight paths of flights before we book our flights? I for one will certainly not be doing that- I have enough trouble booking a flight as it is! Finally just a reminder it is very hot and there are some very strong winds – a deadly combination if a fire is started, so please be extra careful and vigilant with any combustible materials. Have a good week and put on lots of high factor suntan cream,

View From the Pew

View from the pewPlease can we pray for an English holiday maker seriously ill in Can Misses? Can we make an extra offering to contribute to the care of orphans in Uganda. A man proudly showed us a photo of a newborn grandson. This was yesterday morning in San Raphael church. Good news and bad news. It was good to be together to thank God and to pray and to consider the story Jesus told of the wheat and the weeds – the good stuff and the bad, side by side. That’s life.

Hi – I’m Peter – officially called the ‘locum chaplain’, returning to Ibiza with my wife Barbara from our home on Merseyside to enjoy ministry here while the church waits for a new “proper” Chaplain! When we said we were off to Ibiza for six weeks some folk back home assumed it was to enjoy the sun and the sea, of course, but hopefully we can also offer our help in some ways to the English-speaking community here.

But life on Ibiza, or anywhere, is not all sunshine. In our few days here we have seen reports of the new ‘Cannibal’ drug adding to the many other drugs pushed into the hands of our young people putting fear into very many adults, including obviously parents of those who live here and are trying to do the best for their children. We have all been horrified at the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and the tragic deaths of 298 innocent people – this almost defies belief – is there any limit to man’s inhumanity to man?? We grieve and pray for the many families and friends who have been bereaved in such a sudden and tragic way.

Later on yesterday we joined the holidaymakers in their ‘Songs of Praise’ at the Panorama hotel at Es Canar. (Held every week in the summer and open to everyone). The guests were invited to choose their favourites. We sang ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ and many others. We ended with ‘We shall go out with joy’ – more modern than most – but a reminder that we can live with joy when we trust that God is with us, in the good times and the bad times, as He has promised to be.

Peter and Barbara Jordan – tel. 971343383

Next Sunday July 27th 11am Holy Communion with Praise and Worship, Santa Eulalia (RC chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85) 17:45 Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama, Es Canar led by Seasonal Chaplain (Rev. Rod Fereday) (Unfortunately it is hotel policy that children under-16 are not admitted.)

Good to Talk

Good to talkDear Kate

I have what I think is quite a simple problem but I just can’t make it go away and do not want to resort to taking medication. Basically I have terrible insomnia and sleep for no more then 3 to 4 hours at a time. I wake up tired every day around 7am and find it impossible to lie in. I generally go to sleep shattered around 9pm and sometimes have to have a sleep in the afternoons.help you can offer me would be really appreciated as this is beginning to ruin my life and I am simply not functioning, as I should. Thank you, SV

Dear SV Thank you for your letter and I am sorry to read that you are having such difficultly sleeping. Insomnia can be for a number of reasons and it is a little difficult to address them all here, as there is limited detail in your e-mail. There are some key things, which you may know about, firstly no screens for an hour before bed and definitely no screens or phones I the bedroom. Drink plenty of water and try to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, alcohol is good at sending us to sleep but it generally makes us wake up during the night feeling awful.

It would also be a good idea to try and reflect on what you are thinking when you wake up and what you think about when you are trying to go back to sleep, waking up is often associated with emotional pressures and thinking about other things going on both physically and emotionally o it maybe that you need to address some of those things which are going on.

Finally exercise is really important for sleep, not only does it physically make you tired but it also gives the mind something to focus on. There are also some really good free podcasts available on i-tunes.

I hope you have found some of these pointers helpful, it is a little difficult to get more involved on the emotional side with out a little bit more back ground information about what is going on in your life both now and possibly in the past so if you would like to write in again then please do not hesitate.

Warm regards, Kate

Kate Stillman – Counsellor / Psychotherapist, for contact see my ad in local services

Travelling Tots

vehicle-69771In her eight months on this lovely planet, Ela has flown six times, taken five ferries, travelled long and short distances by bus, coach and car and been on countless boat trips around Ibiza. I think it’s fair to say she’s already pretty well travelled! What’s more, she’s a pretty good travel companion. On a recent 21 hour ferry crossing from Santander to Plymouth she kept me, and other passengers, entertained with her excited babbling responses to every new sight, sound and sensation, her enthusiastic (albeit inaccurate) attempts to feed herself in the on-board restaurants and her general sunniness. She smiled her way around the decks and charmed everyone we met. Some journeys have been less easy…I remember pacing the floor with her to calm her down on a Balearia ferry to Mallorca when her teething pain just wouldn’t ease….but here are some sure fire tips which have helped us to keep our little one manageable.

  1. Always carry distractions! Their favourite toy, blanket, game, book, whatever! We take Ela’s comforter/teething blanket/puppet everywhere with us. It’s proven indispensable. Big thanks to our mate Helen for sending it over from Australia. The Lamaze clip-on brain training toys are brilliant too…the myriad functions keep Ela occupied for ages. We’ve had her elephant one since she was born and have only just discovered that it squeaks when you squeeze it.
  2. Take soothers. I was one of these Mum’s who swore I’d not give my kid a dummy, as I wasn’t keen on how they looked. When I went back to work when Ela was aged fourteen weeks, the dummy was the only thing that could placate her in my absence. It’s since been useful in getting her off to sleep, giving her something to chew on which is easy for her to manipulate herself and providing a swinging, bouncing toy when clipped to our her clothes or seat straps and attached to its chain. The same goes for teething rings or bickiepegs (also attachable to the dummy clip so she can’t throw them across the vehicle!)
  3. Pack snacks. As a breast feeder, early feeding whilst travelling was a piece of cake, I just slung a muslin across and popped her on. Waiting until take off or landing to do the feed also meant we avoided ear pain with the pressure change. Sucking a dummy also works. Now she’s older, she likes a more varied diet ( and to play with her food!) so I have started carrying finger foods in the changing bag. There are so many available to choose from, but I’ve found corn or cereal puffs, biscotti fingers and mini bread sticks the least messy and most safe…they dissolve in the mouth so choking risk is minimised. Pouches of purée are fantastic and convenient foods on the go. I also own a couple of silicone feeders which are brilliant for allowing them to eat ‘ normal’ food safely and simply. You just open the feeder, pop in meat, fruit, bread or veg, close it and hand it over. They chomp on the silicone teat to mush down the food which then comes out through the holes. Genius invention! They’re also great with frozen banana in to help teething.
  4. Walk around. On our ferry crossings we could explore the ship and look out of the windows or through the glass safety barriers on the open deck on Brittany. Time flew!
  5. Tire them out before the journey. A sleeping baby is a peaceful baby! We try to play lots of games, spend a lot of  time active and outdoors and prevent naps just prior to journeys. If flying we spend our time waiting in the airport exploring the shops, walking around or playing peek a boo with a muslin cloth thrown over our heads for her to pull off. She uses up excess energy and is entertained and usually sleeps for a good hour or two soon after getting on the plane.
  6. Stay calm and upbeat. It’s hard, especially if you’re travelling at an unsociable hour or have been travelling for a long time, but babies and kids really do pick up on the emotions of the grown ups around them. If you panic at turbulence or rough seas so will they.

Of course, these tips may not suit every child and every parent will have their own ideas, but you might want to give them a go. If you’ve got any great tips, please share them with us. Happy travelling!


Jake Bugg

jake-bugg_claireb2_210714-frontJake Bugg played at Ibiza Rocks last week and I was lucky enough to get a quick interview with him in the lush surroundings of the Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes hotel before the gig. A talented singer-songwriter, Jake started touring at the tender age of 17 years old and he’s become Ibiza Rocks’ youngest veteran performer. He was 18 when he supported Ben Howard in 2012 and returned the following year to headline at the opening party, having reached number one in the charts with his self-titled debut album ‘Jake Bugg’ in the meantime. This year he’s back again after releasing his second album ‘Shangri La’ in November and embarking on another rigorous touring and festival schedule, including headlining the ‘Other’ stage at Glastonbury on Saturday night, holding his own whilst Metallica headlined over on the ‘Pyramid’ stage. He’s now 20, and openly gave some insights into what it’s like to be on the road, his disappointment in the musical output of his contemporaries, who he’s listening to at the moment and who he wanted to see at Glastonbury. His passion for music is clear and he’s incredibly level-headed about the ups and downs of the industry he works in. He also talked about the dreaded but inevitable Pikes hangover, something many of us (me included) have experienced! So sit back, read and enjoy what he has to say.

?Claire B: This is your third time at Ibiza Rocks. How does it feel to be back?

Jake: It feels nice. It’s routine now, but it’s nice to be back, and have sunshine, but it’s a bit too hot today though. I’m looking forward to it tonight, it should be good.

?Claire B: How was last night’s gig at Mallorca Rocks?

Jake: It was good. It’s always a bit of a party isn’t it, you have just got to treat it like that rather than a gig and enjoy yourselves and play the songs that people want to listen to and have a dance to.

?Claire B: Do you ever get chance to see any of the island when you come here?

Jake: Not really, no, to be honest. Every time it’s always been in and out and I’ve always got a bad hangover when I leave here, every time.

?Claire B: And is that good or not?

Jake: No, well it’s good the night before but the next day you feel like death, it’s horrible.

?Claire B: So what have you got planned for tonight then after the gig?

Jake: Well we’re going to have a little party here again, but we haven’t got to leave so early tomorrow. We’ve got a bit of time to lie in, so that will help I think.

?Claire B: I was going to ask you, where’s your next gig?

Jake: My next gig is in Lisbon tomorrow, so I can’t get too, like, the last time I’ve been really hungover I haven’t had a show, so I’ve got to watch myself this time as I’ve got a show tomorrow.

?Claire B: Are you going to get to see any of Lisbon? That’s a lovely city.

Jake: Yeah, I’ve only been there once before, I’ve seen a little bit but I didn’t get to see much. There’s some great graffiti there that I recall on walls, based on politics, stuff like that, clever little ideas and funny things – I haven’t seen a lot, I hope I get more chance to look around.

?Claire B: You reached adulthood on the road didn’t you and you’ve grown up whilst you were touring? Do you think that accelerated the process or do you think you’ve missed out on anything?

Jake: No, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. What I feel I’ve missed out on is probably the best thing. I missed out on going, because I went out on the road when I was 17, I missed out on going out to those clubs with all the people who live for the weekend back home in Nottingham which was probably a good thing because you just see pictures on their Facebooks every weekend of carnage, so I’m glad I missed that. I’ve been surrounded by people that have experienced a lot more, and being in the industry as well, my band and crew, they’re a good bunch, so I feel like I’ve been lucky. I think doing this, the people who you surround yourself with is very important. Sometimes I take my best mates on the road with me and that’s always a good laugh, and it’s amazing, they’re not ever like, they just take to it, they’re never like in awe of it – I think they were a bit in awe of it when Wayne Rooney came to one of the gigs and I didn’t tell them, but that was about it to be honest.

?Claire B: Which team do you support?

Jake: I support Nott’s County.

?Claire B: Do you go and see them?

jake-bugg_la-skimal022_claireb_210714Jake: I’m going training for them next month actually so that should be pretty cool. I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been getting back into my football.

?Claire B: So if you hadn’t have become a musician you might have gone down the football route?

Jake: Well that’s what I was doing before, but I don’t think I would have made it as a professional, you know, it takes a lot of dedication doesn’t it? But, you know, I just picked up the guitar and, yeah, and then I just fell in love with it. It became my first love. But I was obsessed with football.

?Claire B: What do you miss most when you’re away from home?

Jake: Errm, I miss my mates to be honest. It’s funny because you reminisce about those good laughs that you had in certain places where you come from, or in your room when you’re messing around having a few drinks, you know, and you think, they were great. You know, I’d love to go back, but you also have to think well what would happen if everything changed and I did have to go back and you had nothing, would you enjoy it then? Probably not, so, you know, you take those good times and you move on and just keep them embedded in your memory I suppose.

?Claire B: Can you see yourself going back to live in Nottingham?

Jake: No I don’t think so, no. Just because, I love Nottingham, but …

?Claire B: Have you got any thoughts at the moment about where you would like to live?

Jake: I’d like to live abroad somewhere, America or France or somewhere, but with the tax laws at the moment it’s probably not a wise decision, so the realistic thing to do would be to move to London I suppose. I love Nottingham, but you know, there’s a lot more of the world that I still want to see and I want to experience living in first. I might end up there when I’m really old, so we’ll see.

?Claire B: Out of all the things that have happened to you so far, what are you most proud of?

Jake: Errm, [thinks for a few seconds] the fact that I’ve got this far to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen. I’m just proud that I’m getting to live my dream, getting to tour the world, write songs, record them and meet all the people that have influenced me to do it as well, well all the ones that are still alive. That’s pretty amazing, you know, I couldn’t think of anything better to do.

?Claire B: And what else do you want to achieve musically?

Jake: Well, I think that the only thing to do is to try and maintain what I’ve achieved so far now. But I think if you look at anyone, and when I say this I’m not comparing myself to these people in any way, it’s just an example, people like Neil Young or like Johnny Cash or any of those guys’ careers on a chart or on a graph it doesn’t always go up, it goes up and it goes down and sometimes it plateaus a little bit, and so I think you’ve got to be prepared for that, it’s not always going to be great. You might make an album that is absolutely amazing and another one that’s not so great, but you know, that’s the journey that I’m really looking forward to, that’s the exciting bit, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. So, yeah, I’m just excited for what lies ahead.

?Claire B: You’re working on the third album at the moment aren’t you?

Jake: I’m not like working on it or anything like that, but the thing is when you finish a project you go and work on the next thing don’t you. And it’s just, I love to write songs, it’s what I do, and when I’m doing it I’m not conscious of the third record, I’m just doing what I do and that’s writing the song. And I don’t have anything solid yet, it’s just ideas that I’m messing around with. I’m not under any pressure at all and I don’t know who I want to work with, so I just let the songs come and see what kind album it wants to be, you know. The songs will reveal themselves I’m sure, they’ll write themselves. So, yeah, I’m always working on something, that’s what I love to do.

?Claire B: Do you write when you’re on the road?

Jake: Err yeah, I mean for the last album, that was the only opportunity I got to write, and yeah it’s really nice to, you know, have a bit of time off to write and collect your thoughts of course, but also being on the road is when the pressures of touring or when it gets really stressful, whatever, you know, music is my outlet, and that’s when I go into my own world and shut myself away from the world and pick up my guitar and go into the writing thing, so yeah, I mean, I love it.

?Claire B: When you’re at festivals do you try and catch some of the other acts if you can?

Jake: No, not really to be honest. All the contemporary music around today, I’m not a fan. It’s not because I’m purposefully getting cynical about it, it’s just that it’s kind of frustrating in a way that I just want to find something, I just want to find a record that’s been released in the last few years that I can press play and not skip a track. I’m sure people would argue that there are albums like that, but none that are for me. But I think for the festivals if you’re a young kid or into the music, the festivals have amazing line-ups, if you want to see all those contemporary artists, then they’re all there and it’s great for them. But just personally for me, there’s nothing that I want to see. I would have liked to have seen Metallica at Glastonbury but I was on at the same time.

?Claire B: So who are you listening to at the moment then?

Jake: Quite a bit of soul, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, and I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Roy Orbison as well, he’s an amazing singer, amazing singer. Some people find it a bit cheesy, but it’s not. I think Elvis said he was the best singer ever or something like that – Neil Young loves him, and you know, he’s just great, great songs, so yeah, I love Roy Orbison.

?Claire B: So what’s next for you then?

Jake: Errm, what’s next? I suppose more touring till the end of the year, festivals in the summer and I don’t know. Wherever I end up at the end of the year, probably. I might just go travelling around and like work on some stuff and see what happens, go in the studio and just chill out. Because I think sometimes when you’re doing this, as much as I love touring and travelling the world you get into a routine and you think, you know, it’s not like you get ungrateful or anything like that, it’s just that when you do have that time off and you go to, like you know, when I was doing the second album I went to Sun Studios and Memphis and down to Mississippi and stuff like that, like the crossroads where I have a lot of musical influences coming from those places and it just really reminds you why you got in to music in the first place and it takes you back and it’s a great feeling to get that back. So I’ll probably just go and enjoy myself.

?Claire B: Brilliant. Well thank you and have a great gig tonight, I’m sure it will be good.

Jake: Yeah, thank you, I’m looking forward to it.

At Night

Jake Bugg

jake-bugg_claireb_210714Last week’s gig at Ibiza Rocks saw Jake Bugg returning to the venue for the third time.

Support was from Catfish and the Bottlemen, whose debut album ‘The Balcony’ is being released on September 15. I’d heard their latest single ‘Fallout’ played on BBC6 Music a few times and liked what I’d heard. As soon as I saw them onstage wearing skinny jeans and dressed from head to toe in black, I suspected that they were going to be good. And they were! The four-piece band from Llandudno in Wales belted out their indie-rock tunes to the large and appreciative crowd who had gathered to see them. They quickly got everyone dancing and they were my favourite support band so far at Rocks this summer, against some stiff competition. Their name is a bit of a mouthful, but their performance is memorable. With their album out soon and a UK tour planned for November, catch them while you can and before they start playing massive venues.

Since headliner Jake Bugg appeared here last year, he has a second album under his belt and has been enjoying huge success, both in the UK and internationally. He’s now reached the grand old age of 20, which is incredibly young when you listen to the maturity of his songs and witness his undeniable talent in the flesh. He came onstage at 10.40, to a barrage of screams from the girls at the front of the stage. Entering the stage on his own with just an acoustic guitar he opened with ‘Strange Creatures’. Throughout the gig he switched effortlessly between playing acoustic and electric guitars and performing both solo and with his backing band of drummer and bassist. Playing a mix of songs from both his albums he oozed talent and captivated the crowd, even though he didn’t engage with his audience much, opting to just stand centre stage at the microphone and wow them with his songs. Without sophisticated backdrops or projections, it’s basically a show of one man and his guitar and his occasional backing musicians, but he’s quite capable of holding his own. The pace changed frequently from the ballads of ‘Me And You’, ‘Ballard of Mr Jones’ and ‘Broken’ to more raucous songs such as ‘Slumville Sunrise’, ‘Kingpin’ and ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’. We were also treated to a great cover of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, originally written and recorded by one of his musical heroes, Johnny Cash. He played for well over an hour, ending with ‘Lightning Bolt’, choosing not to give us an encore. It’s not that we didn’t deserve one – the crowd was behind him all the way and loved every minute. It’s just a reminder that encores shouldn’t be taken for granted. It was resoundingly another top gig at Ibiza Rocks, with two great acts that proved that there’s plenty of demand for guitar bands in Ibiza.


Catfish and the Bottlemen ‘Pacifier’:


Jake Bugg, ‘Seen It All’:


Jake Bugg, ‘Broken’:


Jake Bugg, ‘Simple Pleasures’:


Jake Bugg, ‘Lightning Bolt’:


Ibiza Roots Festival

Ibiza_Roots_028_Dancer_AnitaDeAustria_210714-v3July 15 saw the first of the Ibiza Roots Festival events this summer, held in the outdoor space at the Recinta Ferial, just outside Ibiza Town. Starting at 7pm it was billed as being “world music under the stars”, and that’s exactly what it was. Featuring 4 bands from around the world, each playing a different genre of music, and featuring an eclectic mix of theatre and art performances taking place in between the bands for good measure.

During the festival I spoke to Matu Mulville, one of the five people behind Ibiza Roots, who filled me in on what they were doing. As Ibiza residents they are all keen to bring live music and performances from around the world to the island, which they see as a melting pot of people from different countries and cultures. They are also keen to support local Ibizan culture and artists and give them an opportunity to perform with bands from elsewhere. This is the second year that they’ve held the festival. Last year they put on two concerts over the summer in Dalt Vila in the Bastion Lucia. Last year’s events sold out and the move to the Recinta Ferial has enabled them to increase capacity, keep the entrance prices down and have more freedom in decorating the space. This year the decorations that adorn the stage and the festival area have all been created using recycled materials, many being impressive structural artworks in their own right. They also organise other events under the ‘Ibiza Roots’ banner: sessions which feature local bands in smaller venues such as Las Dalias, and back in April they put on a theatre/dance/music performance ‘Viaje a las raíces musicales’ (journey of musical roots) at the Can Ventosa cultural centre in Ibiza Town. They plan to hold sessions and other events throughout the year in Ibiza plus more festival events in August this year and again next summer. Like their Facebook page to keep up-to-date (link at end of article).

Arriving at the venue just after 7pm, first onstage at 8pm was Ibiza_Roots_077_Calle-13-1_AnitaDeAustria_210714Formentera band Chimichurris, who were a fusion of ska and rock music, and did a great job of getting the assembled crowd dancing and settling into the venue as darkness fell. It was clear that the audience was predominantly islanders but it was nice to see them turning up early on in the evening to see all the bands.

Whilst the stage was being set up for the next band, we were entertained by a group of ‘payesas’, performers dressed as Ibizan country folk on stilts and a group of drummers, who moved through the crowd and gave shots of hierbas to anyone that wanted one. They were followed by a flamenco-style dancer on the stage at the side built for people with restricted mobility to view the concert from. A nice touch, and the perfect diversion whilst the equipment was switched over on the stage for the next band.

Bohemian-Betyars_Ibiza-Roots-Festival_claireb_210714Next were D’Callaos from Barcelona who were billed as Nu Flamenco, and they fused some traditional Spanish flamenco with a lot of rock. It was a great combination and went down extremely well with the crowd, and if people weren’t dancing after Chimichurris, they were certainly dancing and clapping along by the end of their set.

Third on the bill were Bohemian Betyars from Hungary. They played Hungarian folk-inspired rock. With an electric violin player, a trumpeter, a singer-guitarist, a second guitarist, drummer and bassist sporting the best Mohican I’ve seen since I left London, think of an Hungarian, madder, version of The Pogues and that might give you a sense of what they were like. Alternatively look at the video from the links at the end of the article. I was so captivated by them that I squeezed my way right to the front of the stage, something that I don’t often do these days. I loved them, and despite the other bands all being great, they were the highlight of the night for me.

Bohemian-Betyars-2_Ibiza-Roots-Festival_claireb_210714After their set, another performance artist appeared and danced around the venue: a larger than life dreadlocked giant, decorated with a multitude of lights, which looked great and was mesmerising. See the video link at the end.

At midnight headliners Calle 13 from Puerto Rico took to the stage. The stage was filled with musicians, singers and performers, so many that it was hard to count them. Calle 13 are the world’s most recognised Latin American band and wowed the crowd for the next 90 minutes with their eclectic home-grown brand of Latin salsa-infused music combined with some hip hop and rock.

I love what the Ibiza Roots organisers are doing and what they are bringing to the island. This festival was really well organised: the choice of diverse and original bands who all complemented each other and the in-between-band entertainment was superb, the outdoor staging and decoration was impressive, there were plenty of bars and food stalls and drinks prices were reasonable (3€ for a beer).

The next festival is on August 20 and will feature reggae icon Alpha Blondy plus other artists. If you like live music and want to see something different on the island and experience a bit of that festival spirit, then I highly recommend it. Check their Facebook page for more details and where to buy tickets.





Bohemian Betyars:


Dancing neon man:


Ibiza Dance Top Ten

SZ_Logo_1_2_Blue_RGB_300The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …


  1. Forget – Patrick Topping
  2. Bullit – WatermatBullit-by-Watermat
  3. Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) – GusGusCrossfade-(Maceo-Plex-Mix)-by-GusGus
  4. Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
  5. Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls
  6. Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell
  7. Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé
  8. My Head Is A Jungle (Mk Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise
  9. Okay – Shiba San
  10. Wicked Games – Parra For Cuva Feat. Anna Naklab

DJ Awards

DJA 12 Logo Square black backNow in it’s 17th year, the annual DJ awards for 2014 will be held in Pacha on 30th September.

The line-up of Categories & Nominees is now confirmed—this year there are 11 categories; Deep House, Tech House, Electro House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass/Dubstep, Newcomer, Electronic Live Performance and International DJ, plus 2 new categories, Breakthrough and Electronica. All are now open for the public to vote at the links below. Voting will close in August.



In addition to the public vote categories there are 12 Special Industry Awards, chosen by an industry panel, to be presented during the ceremony.0

In it’s first year, 1998, the track of the season was awarded to ‘Music Sounds Better Than You’ by Stardust which went on to receive Platinum in the UK & Australia and was featured within Mixmag’s 100 Greatest Dance Songs of All Time listed at #11 and appears again at #6 on Mixmag’s 50 Greatest Dance Tracks of All Time in 2013. MMMMmm Bayby …

Ibiza Life


little-orange-dress_2_amanda-riordanOrange is the new Black

Back in Blighty, and in my home town of London, everywhere you look Orange is the new Black. The high street is full of the brightest, juiciest orange playsuits, shorts, crop tops and dresses. I was particularly impressed with the tangerine vests at All Saints and the mandarin stilettos at LK Bennett. The L.B.D. is now the L.O.D. Hopefully, this will be a welcome diversion from our orange fake tans. Coincidently, on the subject of Orange  – the legendary club night Clockwork Orange returns to Ibiza next week for a huge 20th Anniversary party at the palatial Es Paradis in San Antonio. My hubby Judge Jules is headlining, alongside numerous other legends. So what do I wear? I was thinking ‘boho orange’ and found this stunning embellished sundress by Fox at @Charli Muswell Hill London, in the brightest burnt Orange. Teamed with my ‘and other stories’  orange clutch bag I should blend in with the orange army pretty well next Friday night. I hear that Queen’s Day, the Dutch national holiday in April, is the ultimate Orange opportunity with everyone dressed in the Dutch national colour. Amsterdam in April – sounds good.

 Crystal Dolliescristalise-your-converse_amanda-riordan

I’m almost as obsessed with shoes and sparkle as Carrie Bradshaw, so imagine my delight when I discovered the gem-like ‘Crystal Dollys’ – a company which specialises in customising all our favourite shoes (and many other things) with crystals and all that glitters and gleams.

Based in East London and Kent, Clare Matcalf, founder & Director of Crystal Dollys, leads a team of skilled crystallisers to create the utmost in luxury shoes and accessories. Everything from sunglasses, passport covers and phone cases to Tangle Teaser hairbrushes and Jimmy Choos!

The Crystal Dollys signature look is 3D encrusting, using only quality crystals and embellishment to produce absolute sparkle and chunky_gold_amanda-riordandimension to everything from your iphone and Converse to your finest pair of Louboutans.

They have been commissioned for TV shows, Red Carpet moments and even weddings and christenings. Their future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades.

Contact Crystal Dollys via Facebook or Twitter Crystal_Dollys  [email protected]

Ring a Ding Bling

For some (tongue twisting) ‘bargain balearic beachwear’ cast your eyes no further than your local High Street this summer. Adding a dash of gold detailing to a cut out black one-piece not only exudes class but you’ll be bang on trend this season and heads will surely turn. We’re not talking ‘Del Boy Bling’ either. Everywhere from New Look to @Freedom at Toppers is stocking funky, chunky gold chains, bracelets and belts. Pair them with sexy black cozzies and look da bomb!

To catch up with Amanda’s weekly fashion insight:


1,500,000€ Bargain?


We were rather taken by this property that came up on our feeds this week, well when we say property don’t get too excited as the price refers to the land only—but wow, what a design!

The agent, Lucas Fox lists the property as  follows:-

“This unique plot for sale in San José has an approved licence for a luxury 7-bedroom villa.
Located in the exclusive Vista Alegre urbanization, the plot is on a hilltop offering breathtaking views of Es Porroig, Formentera and the sea. The property is set over 3 levels and measures 740m2. it is glass-fronted, attracting plenty of natural light and giving superb sea views from every corner. “

José Manuel Broto exhibition

One of Spain’s most internationally renowned artists, José Manuel Broto currently has an exhibition of paintings entitled ‘Grandes Partituras’ (Great Scores) in Dalt Vila. The exhibition, organised by the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics and co-produced by Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma has already been on show in Mallorca and Menorca. Broto who worked in Paris for some time and now lives in Mallorca, combines his love of music with art and portrays a visual representation of musical notation in his work. His large abstract compositions comprise abstract forms, like notes on the stave, evoking signs of emotion-related rhythms and gestures of colour, in space and time. It’s a great exhibition in a fantastic space and is worth catching before it ends.

The exhibition finishes on July 28. It is located in The Chapter House, in the building of the former convent of the Dominicans, which can be found at the back of the Town Hall Building in Plaça España. Open Monday-Friday, 10.00-13.30 and 18.30-21.30. Entrance is free.

Chapter @ Clandestino

Chapter_Clandestino_claireb_210714Local artist Chapter (aka Scott Gray) currently has an exhibition of some of his work in the restaurant Clandestino in Playa d’en Bossa. All the works on display are for sale. Three of the prints have been specially created for charities, and Chapter will be kindly donating some of the proceeds when they are sold. The charities involved are Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Care 4 Cats and Save Wild Tigers (see photo for the prints). print for Care 4 Cats will be auctioned at the end of August if it is not sold beforehand.

The exhibition will be on for the next 5 weeks, so pop in for a cocktail, a glass of wine or dinner and have a look. Clandestino has just celebrated its first birthday and has become one of the best restaurants in the area, so if you haven’t tried it yet, this is a good opportunity to do so and look at Chapter’s work at the same time. Clandestino is on Calle Pablo Picasso in Playa d’en Bossa.

Facebook: Clandestino Ibiza

Neil Webb—The Fire Man

fireartist-nealwebb-energyentertainmentsaustrailia-080614Many fire rituals have taken place in honour of St Joan recently, and it’s easy to see why the element which separates us from other beasts has such a mesmerising draw. When faced with fire, it’s hard to look away from the flickering flames and hypnotic colours or not to feel the heat and thrill of danger. When you combine those natural elements with the seemingly supernatural skills of a talented fire spinner, a truly unforgettable performance is created.

Neal Webb is one of the most captivating and energetic fire spinners I’ve ever seen. On watching him perform, you can feel the audience collectively hold their breath all of them in absolute awe, from toddlers to pensioners. He’s returning to Ibiza very soon, and this week I caught up with him to find out more about his passion for pyrotechnical performance.

?For those who’ve never seen you perform, can you give us a brief explanation of what it is that you do?

My show Energy is a combination of kung fu, gymnastics, dance and fire. It involves technical, graceful and high-energy fire spinning which is captivating for all ages. Fire performance is my passion and this passion is reflected in my shows. I hope I have the chance to share it with your readers!

?I’ve seen your shows a few times now, and your passion really stands out, as does your skill. How long did it take you to learn? And how much to do you have to practice?

I have been practising for eleven years now. The amount I practice happens in waves throughout the years. When I lived in Ibiza we practised six hours a day, six days a week and performed two to three shows per night. These days I practice around an hour a day but focus a lot on choreography for different shows we have on offer on our website.

?That’s a huge amount of dedication! What attracted you to fire performing in the first place? And were there any accidents whilst you were honing your skills?

My best friend Paul and I first saw a performance in Byron Bay in 2003. We were both blown away by the danger but gracefulness of the show we watched. We made our own staffs and started to practice. After three weeks we lit the fire sticks and I was over taken by the rhythm of the fire, the sound was hypnotising and we were both hooked. There have been a few accidents along the way, but I have learnt to only spin fire in a sober state!

?Sounds sensible! I remember seeing an inebriated spinner set light to her ponytail once! Tell us about the highlights of fire spinning here in Ibiza.

I have some amazing memories of performing in Ibiza with Adam Mahmoud. One of the early moments of adrenalin was dancing in the Seal Pit for the MinxFx at the Zoo Project every Saturday night, the atmosphere was electrifying! Performing with Faithless in Privilege in front of 10,000 people was a massive buzz as well. Wednesday at Kumharas throwing shapes around with Nightmares on Wax was also a weekly highlight! Private villa parties, dancing around pools, on rooftops and anywhere that made our show look even more creative. Wedding ceremonies held on cliff tops and in hidden beach restaurants. There are just so many incredible memories, I’m thankful I had the chance to experience what I did and look forward to what’s still to happen.

?Where else in the world have you performed?

We have performed in England, Wales, Spain, France, Holland, Brussels, Switzerland, Portugal, Israel, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand! I’m planning a Pacific Islands tour, visiting tribes and performing a fire show and learning what fire means to them.

?Sounds fantastic! You’re also involved in Follow Your Passion . what’s that?

Follow your Passion is an organisation inspiring people to connect with their passion. With a strong focus on sustainability, all products made by Follow Your Passion are created with organic material. Inspirational coaching and surf safaris are just some of the things that the Founders of FYP enjoy, while spending a lot time helping surf aid and other rewarding organisations to raise awareness of present environmental issues.

?What advice would you give to others who want to follow their own passions?

Set yourself goals and focus on what you want to achieve! Always listen from within to guide you and most importantly, never give up.

?Finally, where can we see you perform this Summer?

All shows will be posted on our website (see link) and on Facebook/Energy Entertainments. I’m in talks with many organisers and hopefully you can see me performing with Nightmares on Wax, Paco Fernandez, MinxFx, Kumharas and many other amazing artists and events! Ibiza is incredible for so many reasons and on many levels. After spending time away, I can appreciate the magic and beauty of this island even more…it’s good to be back!



Flamencito @ Tulp

tulp-740-copyDSC09315Monday 28th July, 5pm

Following his fantastic flamencito fingering at their opening party this year, Tulp have invited Pedro el Chacho back for a second helping on Monday afternoon.

Adding to the afternoon’s so Spanish theme will be a Paella also from 5pm and at 7.50€ you’ll be able to afford a second helping of that too.

Pedro will be playing until 8pm when resident DJ Nico Reniers will take over at the decks for his unique brand of Barnsley meets Belgium meets Balearic Beats.

You’ll find Tulp on the San An Beach promenade—easy to find, they are the only bar without P.R.’s






Jezza’s Sports Report

Hi there, Sports fans. No, don’t worry, I am still here even tho’ I appear to have some competitionon the Sports front from my ole mate Juan, who last week informed you all of the sporting future for the next 4 months! Whenever I meet him he complains that he doesn’t know what he’s going to write about and that I have it easy as my scribblings are lifted from the UK press: maybe we can swap for a week and see what he thinks!

Anyway, moving on sharply, and, for us Brits it’s been the good, the bad and the ugly this week.

rory-mcilroy-open-2014First, the good and in Golf, what a brilliant 4 days at the Open for our Rory McIlroy as he led from day one at Hoylake, the home of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Starting with a superb first round, he led all the way thru’ to the final day, which started with him ahead by 4 strokes from Spaniard Sergio Garcia (isn’t it absolutely great to see him back on form and gracing a Major again!) and American Ricky Fowler. Starting with a birdie on the first on Sunday, to put Rory even further ahead he just needed to keep his head and safety first, but with his chasers all having superb final rounds, the pressure was really on, to such an extent that his lead dropped to only 2 ahead, but he’s not a 2 time Major winner for nothing and 3 birdies in the last 4 holes brought the Claret Jug home. With this win, McIlroy not only secured the 3rd leg of the famous Quadruple of Majors, having already won the other two in the States, he also became only the 3rd winner of all 3, with Tiger and Nicklaus, by the time he was 25. Good news for his Dad too, as having placed 100 quid on a 500/1 bet 10 years ago that his son would win the Open by the time he was 25, he scooped 50 grand! Mind you, it’s not as if he needs the lucre, as Rory’s win scooped 975 grand as well as going to World No 2 after Australian Adam Scott. Finally, good news for Europe with a number of Europeans in the final day top 10, it’s boding well for September’s Ryder Cup.

Now the bad and the ugly! What is going on in the England cricket camp – this was supposed to be the new broom, but it just seems to be getting worse. Having just scraped a draw in the 1st Test at Nottingham, Cook’s lot have just been blown away by India in the 2nd Test at Lords losing by 95 runs: this by an Indian team that haven’t won an away Test in 3 years, for Gawd’s sake, and to make matters worse, it’s the Red Rose’s 7th Test loss out of 10 and we haven’t won a Test since Australia last summer at home. Something’s gotta go and having just had a heated exchange with one of my readers (who thinks, by the way, that he’s the best cricketer of his generation and a legend in his own mind!) namely Shahid, a “star” of the Ibiza Cricket Club, who is of the opinion that all would be great if Cook was sacked and KP was brought back. Come on, me ole mate, lets move forward not back but, yes, I agree, Cook has to go, for his own sanity, but bringing the maverick back, no way, Jose! With Anderson facing a possible 3 match Test ban for an ugly “it’s just not cricket” altercation with Jadeja, and wickie Prior out of the picture, it’ll certainly mean a different team for Sunday’s 3rd Test and let’s hope we can get back to winning ways.

Not much to cheer about in Cycling at the Tour de France for us but just to keep you informed, a Frenchman continues to wear the yellow jersey, followed by an Italian.

Finally, in Footie, lots of transfers going on, far too many to print, but it’s sad news from the ‘Pool’s Stevie G as he’s finally decided to retire from international football after 114 caps but gotta be good news for you ‘Pool fans (think John Terry and Chelsea last season). A fantastic player, a real leader and a legend in his own right, that’s some compliment coming from a Blues fan, methinks! Also sad to hear that Philip Lahm, Germany’s inspirational captain, has also retired from internationals, but at least he had a World Cup winners medal to cherish and go out on a high.

German Grand Prix

massa-accident-german-f1Wheel-to-wheel racing, some fantastic overtaking, a few near misses, a lap 1 safety car and Massa once again out of the race through no fault of his own – Sunday’s race at Hockenheim was thrilling in every way. Rosberg was on pole alongside Bottas, Rosberg’s team-mate Hamilton started from the back of the grid after a poor qualifying and 5-place grid penalty. Let the race begin…

The safety car came out almost immediately as Massa slid upside down off the track after being tipped on the first corner – he walked away unhurt, however this is his 4th accident this season. Kvyat also joined the retirement club when his car caught fire due to un-burnt fuel, an impressive spin for Sutil almost looked to ruin Rosberg’s race near the end when his engine stopped and Grosjean retired due to overheating.

Nothing though, could stop Rosberg from winning in front of his home crowd and you almost forgot he was even in the race as there was so much going on elsewhere, it was a comfortable win with 20s between him and a flying Bottas in 2nd. Hamilton did well to chase down the Williams but he couldn’t get the final move done in time and crossed the line in 3rd. It has to be said that Hamilton and Bottas really stole the show with Hamilton moving up 17 places, he appeared to be man on a mission with some ballsy overtaking, a few nudges, light contact damaging his front wing and pushing Bottas to make some classy defensive moves to keep Williams in 2nd place.

rossburg-wins-german-f1The Red Bulls had a good race again with Vettel 4th and Ricciardo 6th and some epic wheel-to-wheel battles with Alonso (5th) in his Ferrari. Raikkonen could only manage 11th as he received damage when Hamilton (and few others) overtook him. Hulkenberg in his Force India has maintained his record for scoring points in every race this season crossing the line 7th and his team mate Perez finished 10th despite being involved in scuffles with Kvyat and Sutil. McLaren pulled points back with both drivers in the top ten- Magnusson 9th, he was fortunate to have scored points at all after tipping Massa off the track at the first corner and Button 8th. Incidentally, this was Button’s 257th race which has moved him up third in the all-time entry stakes, behind only Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher.

Torro Rosso, Lotus and Sauber all lost one car during the race finishing with Maldonado 12th for Lotus, Verge in his Torro Rosso 13th and Gutierrez 14th for Sauber. Marussia’s Bianchi (15th) and Chilton (17th) both had steady races but failed to really progress and Caterham joined them at the back of race with Kobayashi 16th and Ericcson 18th – unfortunately Ericcson started from the pits due to a pare ferme infringement and after receiving a 10s stop-go penalty during the race, finished last.

Glasgow 14

Common-Wealth-Games-2014Ahead of this week’s Commonwealth Games chairman Michael Cavanagh said “It’s going to be absolutely fantastic and the opening ceremony will be extraordinary and get us off to a terrific start.”

Five big names at Glasgow 14

Sprinter Usain Bolt, Jamaica: 4x100m relay

Runner Mo Farah, England: 5,000m and 10,000m

Sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Jamaica: 100m

Cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins, England: Team Pursuit

Diver Tom Daley, England: 10m individual event


Around 300 competitors in Glasgow, including Paralympic champions David Weir, Aled Davies and Neil Fachie, will be chasing 22 gold’s in the Para-sports of cycling, athletics, swimming, powerlifting and lawn bowls. “The Commonwealth Games show that it doesn’t matter if you are disabled or non-disabled,” said Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, one of Britain’s most successful disabled sports stars.

Key Events.

Times Shown are UK—Don’t Forget To Add 1 Hour

Thursday 24th July

Cycling  @ 11:01 Men’s 4000m Team Pursuit Finals 18:03

Gymnastics  @ 12:00 2 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 26 events

Triathlon  @ 11:00 2 events

Friday 25th July

Cycling  @ 11:01 9 events

Gymnastics  @ 13:30 1 event

Shooting  @ 08:45 10 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 26 events

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 3 events

Saturday 26th July

Bowls  @ 08:45 53 events

Cycling  @ 11:01 11 events

Gymnastics  @ 09:30 4 events

Judo  @ 10:00 65 events

Rugby Sevens @ 10:30

Shooting  @ 08:45 13 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 24 events

Triathlon  @ 12:30 1 event

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 5 events

Sunday 27th July

Athletics  @ 09:00 Men’s 5000m Final – 17:40

Bowls  @ 08:45 30 events

Cycling  @ 15:01 8 events

Rugby Sevens  @ 10:32

Shooting  @ 10:00 6 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 27 events

Table Tennis  @ 09:30 6 events

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 4 events

Monday 28th July

Athletics  @ 10:00 23 events Women’s 100m Final 21:35

Badminton  @ 10:00 2 events

Bowls  @ 08:45 38 events

Boxing @ 13:00 32 events

Gymnastics  @ 13:30 15 events

Shooting  @ 08:30 12 events

Squash  @ 12:00 10 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 24 events

Table Tennis  @ 11:00 2 events

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 4 events

Tuesday 29th July

Athletics  @ 10:02 23 events

Badminton @ 10:00 73 events

Cycling  @ 11:31 2 events

Gymnastics  @ 11:00 13 events

Shooting  @ 08:30 11 events

Swimming  @ 10:33 21 events

Table Tennis @ 09:30

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 3 events

Wrestling  @ 10:00 94 events

Wednesday 30th July

Athletics  @ 10:02 18 events

Badminton @ 10:00 62 events

Diving  @ 10:05 4 events

Gymnastics  @ 13:00 2 events

Weightlifting  @ 15:30

Wrestling  @ 10:00

Thursday 31st July

Athletics  @ 18:00 15 events

Bowls  @ 08:45 24 events

Cycling  @ 10:01 2 events

Diving  @ 10:05 4 events

Gymnastics  @ 15:00 5 events

Weightlifting  @ 15:30 1 event

Wrestling  @ 10:00 82 events

Friday 1st August

Athletics  @ 18:02 14 events –  Men’s 10,000m Final 20:05, Men’s 4x100m Relay R1 21:35

Bowls  @ 08:45 6 events

Boxing  @ 13:00 26 events

Diving  @ 10:05 4 events

Gymnastics  @ 14:00 5 events

Table Tennis  @ 09:30

Saturday 2nd August

Athletics  @ 19:00 9 events Men’s 4x100mRelay Final 21:15

Badminton  @ 10:00 15 events

Boxing  @ 14:00 13 events

Diving  @ 10:05 10m Final

Hockey  @ 10:00 5 events

Squash  @ 12:15 6 events

Table Tennis  @ 09:30

Weightlifting  @ 10:00 4 events

Sunday 3rd August

Badminton  @ 11:00 5 events

Cycling  @ 08:01 2 events

Hockey  @ 10:00 2 events

Netball  @ 10:00 2 events

Squash  @ 11:30

Closing Ceremony 21:00 – 22:45


Kilties-2014kilties_kilts_facebookWhat better way to get into the spirit of the Glasgow 2014 games than to join the folks in Kilties, San Antonio’s own wee corner of Bonnie Scotland—actually I’ve got to stop writing in  clichés, I’m sure it sounds patronising and it’s pretty obvious it’s written by a Sassenach, where is Martin C4 when I need him?

All you really need to know is you’ll get a warm welcome from Jayne and the team plus plenty of home comforts—Irn Bru by the tanker and yes of course the brute of a beverage that is Buckfast. Do they sell Haggis in the chippie? I don’t know but if not why not.

And how do you find Kilties? Put your ear to the sky, and listen to the distant wail of the bagpipes, follow the sound laddie, and there you’ll find Kilties. Alternatively walk up the main drag of the West End and turn left at Joe Spoons.

I’ll just repeat that one more time, yes they sell Buckfast.

Sport on TV, You’ve got to Bein to see your team win!

sat sol 731a h sat 731Though many of us may miss that peculiar joy that is half freezing to death on a bitter cold January Wednesday watching our team get knocked out of the league cup by lower tier opposition, life abroad does have it’s advantages on the football front not least of which is the ability to watch any number of live games denied to those in the U.K.—providing you have the right kit of course and that is where Martin and Andy, the chaps at Satellite Solutions and AH Satellite come in. They work in mutual co-operation and are both offering the required upgrade for this year’s must have Sports packages.  Here’s what you need to know …

Bein Sports, formerly known as Al Jazeera Sports (JSC Sports) have won the rights to the Premier league for the next 3 seasons from 2013 to 2016.

As forecasted Abu Dhabi have lost the TV rights for the Premier league and it will be necessary to upgrade your systems with the new Bein Sports card to obtain the live Premiership games. As of the 2014/15 season it will be necessary to purchase an official Humax receiver for use with Bein sports package to receive all the EPL games. Included in the package are the 12 regular and 15 HD Bein Channels plus Bein Sport News. NBA TV and Fox Sport which go together to cover a huge range of premium Sport leagues and competitions shown below:-

Running from your existing Dish the new box, card and 1 year subscription are available from both firms for 440 sin IVA. Call now for pre-season install. 


English premier league
UEFA European Championship
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Super Cup
English International friendlies
Spanish Super Cup / La Liga
AFC Asian Cup
Africa Cup of Nations
FA Cup, League Cup, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia
Italian Calcio Serie A + Serie B +
La Liga
Serie A
Ligue 1
Liga Sagres
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Primera División Argentina
Liga MX
DFB-Pokal (German Cup)
Coupe de France
Sudan Excellent Cup
Coupe de la Ligue
Saudi Professional League
Qatar Stars League
Russian Premier League
Jordan League
J. League
Major League Soccer
CONCACAF Champions League
Copa America
AFC Champions League
Super Cup
CAF Champions League
CAF Confederation Cup
CAF Super Cup
FA Community Shield
Greek Football Cup
Turkish Cup
Coupe du Trône
UAE Presidents Cup Final
Algerian Cup Final
Ukrainian Cup from Semi-final
Portuguese League
Dutch League
World Cup


Heineken Cup
Six Nations Championship
Aviva Premiership


French Open
US Open
Barclays ATP World Tour Finals
WTA Tour Championships
ATP World Tour Masters 1000
ATP World Tour 500 series
ATP World Tour 250 series


Bangladesh Premier League


NBA Playoffs
FIBA Asia Champions Cup
FIBA World Championship
FIBA Asia Champions Cup
WABA Champions Cup
Lebanese Basketball League


IAAF World Athletics Championships
IAAF Diamond League
IAAF Golden League
IAAF World Junior Champ

Motor Sports

Superbike World Champ

Speedcar Series
Deutsche Tourenwagen


Italian Volleyball League
Volleyball World League
FIVB Club World Championship

Winter Sports

Winter Olympics
Asian Winter Games

TAROTscope 24th  – 30th July 14.

By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Justice

This card usually turns up when life takes you on a new direction. Not all will be happy with your choices, but you and you alone should be the judge of that. We play a balancing act trying to please others; however you must put yourself first. Creatively, you’re inspired and if you work at it, produce something really amazing.

TAURUS – Ace of Disks

Taurus’s love their creature comforts, which is why they’re willing to work hard to get what they want. This is the best money card in the TAROT deck so is great for benefiting materially. The higher energy of this Ace brings gifts of wisdom; if we acknowledge our intuitive ability. Be open to new ideas and expand your spiritual side.

GEMINI – Two of Disks

Like tides, the ebb and flow of finances can be influenced by lunar energy, which is why I suggest that you curb any unnecessary expenses until after the next full moon on August 10th. As Gemini’s love to spend, this might be a tall order. Unexpected cash outlays are likely when this card appears. So, be cautious to be wise.

CANCER – Seven of Disks

Although this is a fortunate card that predicts an upswing in personal finances, you must do your bit to encourage money energy to flow your way. Expecting the world to deliver up what you want isn’t going to happen. YOU must initiate the start of better times by getting off your backside and taking action. Impress yourself by being proactive.

LEO – Five of Wands

Love can only be earned. You can’t force it or demand it, so sort out the internal workings of your own emotions this week, rather than anyone else’s. Muddled thinking can often tie us up in knots, so stop battling and give chaotic thoughts a rest. Calm reflection brings success in breaking through personal blocks. You will win through eventually.

VIRGO – Queen of Swords

This Queen’s energy is strong and resilient. She’s not easily swayed by emotions and therefore counsels don’t be taken in by a sob story; set your boundaries. You’re caring and compassionate by nature, but that doesn’t mean that other should see your kindness as a weakness or that you’re gullible. Libra, Gemini or Aquarian women can either help or hinder.

LIBRA – The Tower

There is, somewhere in your life, a false ideal or belief that requires dismantling. This needs great courage on your part as it will have ramifications in all your relationships, work and play. If you don’t begin this process, events can be taken out of your hands.  The result will be the same, radical change.  This is an amazing opportunity.

SCORPIO – Ace of Wands

Those of you who make a living through promotion, advertising or the media will find success or an accolade for a good job done – which in turn leads to another career opportunity. This is an excellent week for Scorpio’s to start new projects or to look for work, as they will be the successful candidates. Romance looks good too!

 SAGITTARIUS – Five of Cups

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all…as the saying goes. This isn’t just about romance, but about anything you’ve put your heart and soul into.  Putting events down to experience shows wisdom,  grace and adaptability; which makes you much more grown up in how you handle emotionally charged situations this week.

CAPRICORN – Seven of Cups

All becomes clear regarding a situation that’s bothered you for a while – providing much needed clarity.  You may have been strung along, but it suited you at the time plus you’ve had your own reasons for going with this particular scenario.  Boredom is setting in however and you want to cut loose and chase some real happiness this week.

AQUARIUS -Nine of Cups

Success on every level, especially emotionally.  Make a wish, because the universe is listening. There’s a sense of breakthrough with this card because you’ve worked hard to achieve a dream and the reality is within your grasp. We all go through dark times but now you’re being rewarded for past good actions and deserve blessings coming your way this week!

PISCES – The Sun

This wonderful card, is full of vitality and indicates good news, especially if health matters have concerned you recently. The Sun brings achievement; you reach the goal you’ve been aiming for or a result goes in your favour. Success requires determination; therefore you’re urged to apply yourself now.  Doing anything half-heartedly won’t get you what you want!