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Ibiza News


Ibiza Receives Hate Mail

mail-1808-copyThe Daily Mail are the latest of the UK newspapers to publish an ‘expose’ of Ibiza as an island awash with readily available and openly consumed drugs. We reported last week that the Mail had contacted us requesting information to assist in their wanting to report the correct facts regarding Ibiza’s drug problem. We gave them nothing more than a flea in their ear. On Monday 18th August they published the article “Cocaine Island; Drug dealers brazenly ply their trade on Ibiza’s beaches.”

In a report that will bare no resemblance to the Ibiza known by our readers, reporter Inderdeep Bains’ findings include that waitresses openly offer drugs with your drinks, drugs and sold and taken openly and routinely in public places. Inderdeep goes on to fly the Daily Mail’s ‘family values’ flag focussing on the corrupting influence on children, middle class and privately educated people. Though there is nothing in her report that you could deny as ever taking place in Ibiza, as it does in holiday resorts worldwide, and certainly does across Great Britain, the clear attempt by Inderdeep to portray Ibiza as an a child-corrupting horror-show deserving of the name ’Cocaine Island’ is nothing more than lazy sensationalist sleaze written with total disregard to the truth or the effect such a distorted impression may have on those people living and working here.

In her report Bains uses several quotations. She stops short of describing one family as white middle class conservatives but we are left to infer this from his job as an investment banker and their children’s names Ruby and Gabriella. Later Bains stops beating around the bush reporting that drugs are being taken by people who are “well-spoken, privately-educated and very middle-class,” we presume this is considered of far greater concern than if they were working class plebs. Bains claims to have managed to get the Guardia to answer one of her questions we refused last week and that a spokesperson for the Guardia civil stated that ‘I’m telling you there is no problem with drugs to speak of. None at all.’

Much of the report is extremely vague in content and this, together with use of random stock images have lead to suggestions that the report has been written without ever visiting the Island. An Ibiza resident posted these views on the Daily Mail website which is said to be un-moderated and allows all comments—but the post was not published.

Inderdeep Bains’ other recent articles include “NHS ‘starved my husband to death”, “Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales” and “‘I feel sorry for gay people, Vicar hits out”. She got her job at the Mail through winning the GG2 leadership and diversity journalist of the year award.

How very sad that somebody who has been recognised by an organisation fighting against blind discrimination should now apply such prejudice in her work.

Bains own contact details are not available via the Daily Mail however we have written to the editor expressing our dissatisfaction at the accuracy of information and portrayal of Ibiza. We have asked for clarification of the methods used to research the report, and for a right to reply.

If you wish to make your own comments you can reach the Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre at:-

[email protected]



Party Boats Controlled.

A preview of the new tourist laws, which will be in force before the end of this summer, clearly show that the Balearic Government is now getting to grips with the Party Boat industry.

Put simply, under the new law any boat which operates an excursion featuring DJ’s or live music will have to comply with all the rules and regulations applying to discos operating on dry land. Those serving food and drinks will have to meet the same standards as any restaurant on the islands. They will also have to be registered officially with the Balearic Government’s tourist ministry and will be inspected in the same way other land based establishments are.

Private Rentals Left Alone.

It appears that, under the changes proposed to the Balearic Tourist laws previewed this week, the rental of private property to visitors for short stays will not be controlled as long as the rental is carried out legally under the existing rental laws applying to urban property, and that the appropriate taxes are paid. The advertising and commercialisation of such property will be controlled and is presumably illegal. The authorities will also crack down on properties rented under the urban rental laws for short periods but which offer other services and catering.

Biker Thrown 10 Metres in Crash With Audi R8

The driver of an Audio R8 crashed into a motorcycle at a roundabout near Ses Salinas this week. The driver of the motorcycle was badly injured as he was thrown ten metres from his machine, finally landing on the carriage way of the motorway which leads off from the roundabout. Both the road accessing the beach and the airport were blocked whilst the wreckage was cleared and the motorcycle rider was taken to hospital. Luckily the woman pillion passenger suffered only minor injuries.

Revived At Water’s Edge.

A 68 year old man was revived at the water’s edge by paramedics after he nearly drowned at Portinaxt beach one midday this week. Once stabilised, the man was taken by ambulance to hospital.

Police Focus On Illegal Beach Selling.

This week the police in San Antonio focussed on illegal beach selling and reported twenty one people on S’Arenal Beach for this activity. At the same time they detained two men for stealing the personal possessions of the tourists enjoying the beach. As a nice touch, the police returned the stolen items to the victims straight away after arresting the thieves.
In another action at Cala Saladeta, the police reported thirteen people for setting up unlicensed food sale outlets which contravened public health and safety laws, specifically fresh fresh food and drinks without any means of conservation.

San Jose Smoke Evacuation.

After receiving a report in the early hours of the morning of smoke coming from a chalet located in the country side in the Sant Josep area of the island, the emergency services entered the premises to find a packet serviettes smouldering after being left on top of a hot plate. The smoke was intensive but the four adults and five children in the house were unaware of the problem as they were asleep in their rooms with the doors and windows closed, which meant that the smoke had not reached them. The emergency services evacuated the occupants to let the smoke to disperse allowing them to return to the property a couple of hours later.

Rubbish Is the Priority of the New Mayor.

Virginia-Mari-NT-190814The new Mayor of Ibiza Town, Virginia Mari, has made rubbish collection and the cleaning of the town her priority. Her first objective seems to be to draw up and adjudicate a new cleaning contract for the town as apparently the present contract has expired. It was twenty years old and had been extended each year seemingly without being modified sufficiently to meet the new demands of the situation in Ibiza Town.

This is welcome news as earlier in the week a local paper published photos of the luxury yacht Prince Abdulaziz, one of the most expensive in the world, moored in the port of Ibiza alongside loads of rubbish piled up in the containers on the quay side. The report is ironic because of the contradiction of so much luxury and wealth alongside so much rubbish, suggesting that it was a typical scenario in the town and called for the town hall to take action.

Prices Rise.

The price of hotel and tourist apartment rooms rose in the Baleares by 4,5% in July when compared to the prices in June. The cost of holiday travel to the islands also rose by 8,7% in the same period. The prices of restaurants and catering establishments increased by 2,5%. Though it is normal that every year the prices rise in July compared to June, the price rises this year are between 0,5 and 1,5% more than those experienced in 2013 depending upon the sector in question.

After Hours Stopped.

For the second time in three days, in the early hours of the morning, the local police of Santa Eulalia reported the tenants of a rented chalet in the Puig d’en Valls area of the island for holding an After-hours party. Though on both occasions the music stopped before midday, the police reported that it exceeded legal sound limits. The Town Hall will now process these reports and take action. Also they are expected to take action against the tenants of the house for charging admission to what were allegedly private parties. On each occasion around thirty to fifty people attended the parties reportedly wearing admission bracelets. People arriving at and leaving the parties as well as the car parking, caused a problem for the neighbours which the police noted in their report.

Three Day Drug Op

The security forces carried out a three day operation simultaneously throughout the Balearics to combat the drugs problem. 2755 people were identified at road checks and, of these, 121 were reported for having consumed drugs. Ten were arrested of which five were in Ibiza, four in Mallorca, and one in Menorca. Fifty five business’ premises on all four islands were also inspected for drugs. In total 364 grams of Marijuana, 38 grams of cocaine, 89 extasis pills, 206 doses of MDMA, 12 doses of Crystal, 50 grams of Hashish, and 136 laughing gas capsules were impounded by the authorities during the operation.

Desalination Plants.

The work needed to finally connect the three desalination plants located in San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia will be completed by 2016. 90% of the project was finished in 2011 but, after a three year paralysis of the project and with a budget of 10,6 million euros now approved, the water supply company can put out to tender the contract to finish the missing bit. Once completed, the connection of the desalination plants will guarantee the quality and the supply of water on most of the island.

Busy Weekend At The Airport Includes Plane Scare!

Last Saturday, coinciding with a bank holiday weekend in Spain, 450 flights arrived or departed from Ibiza airport carrying 57,199 passengers. In total, between Friday and Sunday 1260 flights took place.

On top of this, the brakes on a plane taxiing for take off blocked leading to the runway being closed for forty minutes at 1am on Saturday. The problem was fixed without the passengers being made to disembark and three incoming flights were diverted to Palma whilst the damaged plane was being repaired.

Found Floating Near Ibiza Port.

The dead body of what was thought to be a young eastern European man was found floating in the sea close to the entrance of Ibiza port. The man had drowned but foul play was apparently ruled out as there were no signs of violence and he was wearing swimming wear. His identity is still unknown as he had no official identification on him. It is thought the body had been in the water for two or three hours before it was discovered at around 10am. The investigation is continuing.

Runaway Lorry.

After suffering a minor accident with a car in the centre of Jesus, the driver of an empty lorry got out the vehicle to check the damage and talk with the other driver but apparently forgot to put the handbrake on. Adding to his bad day, the driver was unable to do anything but watch as his empty lorry then rolled down an embankment and crossed a crowded car park located near the church. Luckily nobody was hurt and no damage was caused even though the parking is next to a public playground. The damage in the initial accident between the car and lorry was also very slight.

October festival

Brand-New-Heavies_claireb_180814Just announced and new for 2014 is the ‘October Festival’, which will be held in San Antonio over four days from October 9th until the 12th. The festival aims to say goodbye to the summer season in style and lots of local venues and the local council are joining forces to provide something for everyone in what sounds like a great few days of activities.

After weeks of speculation, we can now confirm that musical highlights include acid jazz pioneers The Brand New Heavies who will play at Ibiza Rocks hotel on Friday October 10th and a sunset DJ set from Boy George at Café Mambo on October 9th. The festival will also see the return of the hugely popular flower power disco playing 60s and 70s music, plus live music and DJs on S’Arenal beach.

In addition, the four-day festival will see markets, crafts, urban art, sport, activities for kids and lots of food offers, including the return of the popular pinxo route.. website:

tickets and discounts for Brand New Heavies:



Ibiza Life

Art at Sa Drassaneta

Ana-Jakimow-NT-110814Nicole Torres

Five ibizan artists, belonging to the AMAE group, are exhibiting at Sa Drassaneta, in Dalt Vila – Ibiza Old Town—until August 17th.
Diego Picabea, Josefina Torres, Vicente Torres Noguera, Gustavo Eznarriaga, and Ana Jakimow present a variety of paintings and sculptures at an exhibition that allows us to see the different styles and artistic currents of the island. Josefina Torres presents her blue and white paintings that represent Ibiza and her love for the island. Gustavo Eznarriaga’s unique sculptures. Vicente Torres Noguera opens a window to his fascinating view of the world through canvas and sculpture. Ana Jakimow and Diego Picabea have selected some of their most eye capturing paintings.

Why not take this chance to end your Dalt Vila visit with a little taste of the islands art life?

Open every day until next Sunday, from 8pm until 11pm.

Get more information

Alberto Romero exhibition

Claire B

An exhibition of paintings by Alberto RomCAYETANA_POP_122X93_2013_bisero is on show in the Sala Capitular in Dalt Vila. Entitled ‘Doña Cayetana – Ibiza – Pop’, it features thirty five portraits of Doña Cayetana Stuart y Silva, the 18th Duchess of Alba. The painter/sculptor has spent three years working on the project with the Duchess. The work has already been shown in his home city of Toledo and in Madrid.

Romero was the first artist to have obtained official permission from the House of Alba to paint the Duchess, who is now 87. The paintings in this exhibition are inspired by old and new pictures of the Duchess during her visits to Ibiza, which he has been collecting over the years. In these portraits he wanted to capture the more “hippie, relaxed and informal side” of the Duchess. The paintings exemplify his love for pop art, and the title of the show here has a more pop and casual tone, in line with the work exhibited. It’s an interesting exhibition in a great space and well worth a look.

Free entrance, on until September 7th. Sala Capitular, Plaza de España, 1, Dalt Vila. Open Monday-Friday 10am-2pm and 6.30pm-9.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 6.30pm-9.30pm.

Summer Exhibition Articblue Gallery

Claire B

Guru-Josh_claireb_180814October 15th saw the opening of the ‘Summer Exhibition’ at the Articblue Gallery and Art Space. The gallery was founded in 2012 by the artist and independent curator Rose Marie Bellemur and businessman and collector Gustavo Zelaschi. It exhibits contemporary avant garde art from Ibiza and Europe. The exhibition features work from six artists and on the evening we were treated to delicious canapés made in situ by Julia Desrets. The six artists included are: Mi-No, a French artist who is showing a series of brightly coloured figurative paintings; Pedro Pubil, a Spanish sculptor and artist now residing in Ibiza, who combines small hand-crafted figures onto canvases; Anita Lois, a Dutch artist who uses various materials and objects in her work, all found in nature or discarded as rubbish; Vera Arutyunyuan, an Armenian artist with an international career, presenting a collection of large abstract paintings; Eric Le Courtois, a French artist now living in Ibiza, who works using different techniques and materials, often transforming 2D canvases into 3D works; Guru Josh, a British artist working with glass resin in two and three dimensions.

More famous for making music and responsible for the post-acid house hit ‘Infinity’, Guru Josh, has turned his creative talents to making art in recent years. I spoke to him about how he creates what he calls his “Suspended gravity art”, but first I’ll try and describe ‘Gravity Splotch’, one of his pieces in the exhibition. It’s a 45x45cm inverted suspend sculpture, made from mixed crystal flux glass resin. He makes them upside down so that the coloured glass resin drips into droplets before it hardens and becomes solid. They are then turned and displayed the other way round, so that the droplets protrude upwards, defying gravity. If you view the work at eye level, you get a close-up view of what resembles a mass of delicate, part translucent stalagmites made up of different-colours, reaching upwards. Josh told me how it’s taken ten years to experiment with and perfect the technique. He told me how when you look at them, you can see how the colours change from one colour to another in space, how they merge: that was the hardest part. Each of the colours takes a different amount of time to set, so he uses a computer to calculate that. He said that, “the hardest part is to get each colour changing in space”.

Of ‘Gravity Splotch’,Gravity-Splotch_detail_claireb_180814 he said, “I’m very proud of this, this is the prototype… and it’s so nice to do something that nobody’s ever done before”. So far he’s made four of them and a friend has made a frame for him to make it easier to create them. Each one, now he’s perfected the process, takes about four or five days to make. But for him “the whole fun is just coming up with ideas of doing things”. It’s a beautiful and original piece of work, but will set you back a cool 12,500€, but would undoubtedly give hours of endless pleasure. And if you owned it, you’d be able to touch it too, or maybe that’s not such a good idea. He has another suspended gravity art piece in the exhibition, along with some large, abstract 2D works created on Perspex.

To really be able to appreciate what he and the other artists have created you need to see it for yourself. The exhibition is on at the Articblue gallery until August 31st. Articblue is at C/ San Jose, Km 2, not far outside Ibiza Town. For more information go to:

Jazz festival update

Unfortunately Benny Golson, who was due to headline the Ibiza Jazz Festival on August 23rd, has had to cancel his performance because his wife is ill. He will be replaced at the Jazz Festival by the Perico Sambeat Quartet. The alto saxophonist is considered to be one of the greatest Spanish jazz musicians. He has produced over twenty albums and worked with some of the greats like Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tete Montoliu, Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny. The Jazz Festival runs from August 21st-23rd

Tanit Nights Fiesta

There are two exciting events for the cultural festival ‘Nits de Tànit’ at the end of August in Ibiza Town, organised by the Consell d’Eivissa, with support from the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics.

August 23rd: ‘Sfera’, circus, dance and theatre from Teatrapo (Extremadura).

August 30th: ‘Aeternum’, dance (extreme flamenco fusion) by Los Vivancos (Madrid).

All events start at 10pm and are held in the courtyard of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), Carrer Calvari, 1, Ibiza Town. Tickets are 20€ and can be bought from the Consell Insular d’Eivissa or from the Sa Nostra Sala, on Carrer Aragó, at least two hours before the performance. See the Program at:




El Viejo Gallo

Danny Ortega

Viejo Gallo adTviejo4ucked behind Port d’es Torrent beach is a little gem of an eatery by the name of El Viejo Gallo.

Reopened a few years ago El Viejo Gallo is now renowned for having the best meat, fish and seafood on the west coast of the island and is set in a beautiful cool shaded garden which also has a children’s play area out the back. With the majority of their produce all locally sourced it is no wonder that they are fully booked most days of the week… Reservation is essential!

Fernando the manager is a superb host and he or one of his staff will assist you in choosing something sublime off the menu.

viejo1From the fresh Ibicencan prawns, the razor clams, oysters or the delicious octopus Galician style (highly recommended!) or maybe a delicious salad of mixed lettuce, orange segments, bacon and goats cheese in a honey vinaigrette or a country salad of potatoes, wood roasted red peppers, garlic and boiled egg.

The main course paella options are immense, with a choice of meat and seafood, vegetable, lobster or pasta paella (fideuà)viejo5 plus many more… As are the fresh local fish selection a la plancha or oven baked including: John Dory, Ibicencan rock fish or lobster (straight from the tank).

If you prefer meat then El Viejo Gallo will definitely not disappoint! With a selection of delicious cuts served with a hot stone so you can cook it to your liking directly at the table….

viejo2Therefore each person can cook their meat to however it suits them.

Be it ox T-bone, beef sirloin or Brazilian picanha, it’s a meat feast!

I can’t stress how good a quality the meat is at this restaurant… And more importantly locally sourced whenever possible.

Situated on Valencia street nº2, you can make reservations calling 971 341969




Idris Elba Interview

Carly Sorensen


A couple of weeks ago at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, I met one of my heroes. I’ve been a fan since seeing him in RocknRolla and was glued to the screen watching him as Luther, so meeting him was incredibly exciting for me. When I asked him for an interview, I wasn’t sure he’d have time to do it or would necessarily want to, so it was rather surreal to walk into his room on Saturday night. There he was, all six foot two of him, sipping an Isleña beer and working at his laptop on producing an upcoming album inspired by his time in Africa playing Nelson Mandela. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about Idris Elba. Actor, DJ, music producer and genuinely lovely, warm and down to earth, bloke. All nerves I had were quickly eased after he greeted me with a hug and I mentioned having a nine month old daughter. His face lit up as he told me about his four month old son and we spent a few minutes enthusing about our respective babies before beginning the interview, during which he talked about Djing, acting, music and Ibiza.

C: I personally didn’t know that you DJed until last year, I’ve always known you as an actor. Have you always DJed?

I: I DJed from when I was about 14 years old and I’ve always kept it as a hobby. When I became an actor, I played just for fun, you know at parties, but then I moved to America and I

DJed for a living because I couldn’t get any work as an actor. It was literally, like, ‘last night a DJ saved my life’, because I was definitely using my skills as a DJ to feed myself at one stage. I’d never really done it to feed myself or my family before I got to New York; in England it was all a lot of fun. So, over the last sort of five to ten years I’ve done it more on a professional basis, and played more of what I love to play, which is house. And over the last two years, having the opportunity to play here, well, it’s DJ heaven isn’t it? I’m really enjoying it, basically.

C: You’ve just answered my next question, which was why Ibiza, as you said, it’s DJ heaven, but is there a reason why Pike’s specifically?

I: There’s a couple of things. Pike’s because it’s an unusual venue and it spoke to me, you know? I do these parties called Seven Wallace parties, which are based on an address that I was living at, a house. And Pike’s has got a great house feel, I mean, it’s an old finca, so I like the vibe here. I want people who are coming to hear me DJ to feel like they’re coming to a house party. And when you go to a house party, the DJ’s a bonus, you know? You’re playing great music, but everyone’s there for the atmosphere, they’re having a party and it’s all just a lot of fun. So that was the first reason. The second reason was that Pike’s has got such a legacy behind it, it’s a historical place and I was intrigued by it. I’m an actor that DJ’s and Pike’s was the first place in this industry in Ibiza that housed me. (laughs) It was the first place where I actually got an offer to come and DJ, everyone else was just like ‘Hmmmmm, I’ll wait and just see how he gets on’ but Pike’s was very loyal and sort of adventurous and I liked that.

C: I saw you a couple weeks ago and, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with the drum? You had a little drum, tambourine thing in the booth with you, which you were whacking away at in rhythm, dancing about and clearly having an amazing time, I just wondered….

I: (laughs, finishes questioning himself): …What’s that drum all about?! When I was probably about twenty one, I used to go to a club called Twice as Nice which was in Coliseum in London and it was the height of two step and garage, you know Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, Matt Jam, and they always had a percussionist player play live. A couple of times actually I played drums for garage DJ’s. I’d played drums as a kid, so when I got the opportunity to play over house music it was incredible, because you’re working with a DJ and he would signal, right, now, play or slack a little bit. So, in here now I’ve got the tambourine because I just love the sound of live percussion over a set. I think it just makes everyone go ‘ooaahhhh!’ It can get a little bit bogged down with just four to the floor sound and it’s something to break the monotony. And also ‘cos I love the sound! (Laughs) I just like bangin’ away at shit.

C: So, if you could play absolutely anywhere and for absolutely anyone, alive or dead, where would you play and who would you play for?

I: I would play for Biggie. If it was Biggie’s birthday party. And I’d be the DJ who came on to play the old school soul. Because Biggie liked old school soul and I love old soul. So that would be my ideal set. Biggie’d call me up and then he’d say Idris is gonna come on and he’s gonna play some old school shit. Yeah, that’d be my ultimate set.

C: Have you seen much of Ibiza or have you just been here Djing?

I: Yeah, I’ve seen some parts. I’ve been coming over for two years now and this year I’ve spent more time here at the weekends as opposed to just going straight home. I’ve travelled a little bit and I’ve got some friends in San Miguel and I’d never seen that part of the island before. I went to Benirrás on Sunday, and took the family and friends. Listen, I’ve always been saying to my friends that the mountains and I, my spirit, are connected somehow, no idea how, but wherever I go in the world I feel drawn by the mountains. So this year I’ve headed there.

C: Have you got a favourite place on the island yet?

I: At the moment I have to say San Miguel. My friend’s got a place up there in the mountains and it’s great because you can wander around naked and nobody knows!

C: Haha, you can do that in a lot of places around here without anyone knowing! Do you mind talking about the acting a bit?

I: The acting? Yeah, absolutely, cool.

C: I recently saw Long Walk to Freedom. Did you find it more daunting to play such a legendary, historic character than you would have for another role or did you just think, ‘right, this is a part I’m playing, I’m going to go for it’?Idris-Elba_ibizarockshouse_by_la_skimal066-bw

I: When I got the job, I was really daunted by it. In fact, I talked to the director and I said, I don’t think you want me or should have me, I tried to talk him out of it. Not because I didn’t think enough of my ability, but because I think the film deserves an actor that may have possibly lived with some of that gravitas. The story spanned over Mandela’s young years and his older years and I could relate to his younger years up until his jail years. He was about my age when he went to jail, so I could relate to his journey to that point, but the older years gave me a lot of anguish. But eventually I got the confidence from the fact that we were a making a film and telling a great, real story.

C: (notices dictaphone flashing) Oh it’s just flashed at me, no, no it’s ok. Sorry.

I: (laughs) hey as long as you’re not saying I just flashed at you, cos that would be a whole different story!

C: (laughing) yes, that would be a very different story (quickly changing subject before the mental images of said story enter my head and render my powers of speech useless) Errm, so, is there a role that you would love to play that you haven’t had the opportunity to play yet?

I: Well, as generic as this answer’s going to sound, I just love roles that challenge me further than I’ve ever been challenged. I find it such a compliment when people come up to me and say ‘Oh my god, you’re so different than I thought you were going to be’, because I’m not my characters, you know? So, any character that allows me to be as different as I can and makes those that know me go ‘is that the same man?’ those are the characters that I love to play. There’s no role in particular that stands out, but there are genres I like to make. I love films that depict people that made massive changes to human history. I love real stories. I’d love to play a musician, as that’s something that’s close to my heart.

C: The first time I saw you in anything, I think, was with Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy in RocknRolla. At the end there was the promise of a sequel. Is that something that’s in the pipeline?

I: I think that’s going to happen. It’s just an inkling that I’ve had. All the actors in that film are great and still relevant and I just feel it’s got to happen. When it happens is another thing, but in this day and age it’s like a good book series. You get one book, then you wait a while and you get another. And I think that’s good in film. The audience will grow and go ‘Hang about, they’re doing a RocknRolla two?’ and then a new audience will come, but the old audience will still be there too.

C: Will we be seeing more of Luther or is that done and dusted?

I: I wish I could say more about this, but the truth is I don’t know.

C: Have you got any more projects you can tell us about?

I: Yeah, I’ve got a music project that I’d love to talk about, which is my album that I made post Mandela. I got really close to the music scene while I was there, because Mandela was very close to music, so I wanted to go on a quest to find out what it was he might have been listening to. And, in that quest, I realised that musicianship in South Africa is incredible. Really, really deep. Odd and varied, and with many different sounds. So, I went back after filming had finished, and I made this album called Mi, Mandela. It’s a part of a series of albums I’m going to make during my career called character music. And character music is basically a point of view, musically, of a character. Each song on this album is hand made, written specifically to depict the journey of an actor playing Mr Mandela. It doesn’t speak of (singing) ‘I was learning my lines on a Friday…’ it speaks of the emotions, the experience of playing Mandela, the responsibility attached, it speaks of the trepidation. And it’s a really good album. I can actually play you a song from it. That album is going to be my first journey into me as a music producer, and whether people buy it, love it, or hate it, I want them to walk away and say ‘That guy put some thought into that album, as a musician’, because I did.

C: I’d like to listen to that.
(After the interview he played me a track featuring Mumford and Sons and Maverick Sabre from his forthcoming ‘Mi Mandela’ album, and I can tell you he has definitely put some thought into it. It was a beautiful, evocative, varied, layered song combining several styles seamlessly.)

C: Have you got a favourite character that you’ve played?

I: Actually, I just played a character in Ghana. My Mum’s from Ghana and it’s the first time I’d gone there. The film’s called Beasts of No Nation, and is adapted from the novel about child soldiers. I played the character of the commander. Not a favourable character, a warlord who turns children into soldiers. The experience of playing that was intense. I’d like to make a character album of that too.

C: You’ve also got a film coming out called No Good Deed, in which you play another nasty character, can you tell us about that?

I: Yeah, I play a right psychopath! It’s a real sort of old school thriller, if you liked Cape Fear and those kinds of films, you’ll love this. In terms of film, it’s a Friday popcorn sort of film, and Taraji P Henson, who’s my co-star, and I had a lot of fun just exploring that thriller feeling and seeing what we could make of it.

C: Back to music, have you or will you be playing anywhere other than Pike’s on the island this year?

I: I played Pacha this year and I was soooo happy! So happy! (laughs)

C: Was that one of your best experiences as a DJ?

I: Yes! Because I had an early slot and as any DJ will tell you, they’re hard. People have come for the main act, which was Too Many DJ’s in my case, so getting and keeping them engaged can be a challenge. But, I f*****g smashed it! (laughs again). I’d love to play some closing parties, if I’m invited. Last year was an experiment for me in Ibiza. To begin with people weren’t sure what to expect, but by week seven they were saying OK, cool, this is a great house party. Now this year, everyone’s like ‘oh, hey, welcome back, how are you doing?’ and I feel more respected and accepted as part of the resident team on the island. Hopefully that will transcend into me playing other parties too and being invited back to the island year after year.

C: How would you describe the island?

I: Mountains. (grins) Mountains of love.

Idris and Friends at Ibiza Rocks House at Pike’s is on Saturdays until the end of August. For guest list requests, please contact:

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Interview with Hollie Cook

Claire B

Hollie-Cook-claireb-180814Hollie Cook supported Madness at Ibiza Rocks last week and I caught up with her afterwards. She’s a talented singer-songwriter in her own right, blessed perhaps by the musical genes she inherited from her parents: she’s the daughter of Paul Cook who was the drummer in The Sex Pistols and Jeni Cook who was a singer in and a founding member of Culture Club. She first came to my attention when I saw her singing and playing keyboards with the reformed Slits in 2009. They disbanded after the premature death of singer Ari Up, from cancer, in 2010. After that, she concentrated on her solo career, releasing her first reggae-influenced album in 2012, simply titled ‘Hollie Cook’. Earlier this year, she released her second album ‘Twice’ and has spent much of the summer playing gigs and festivals. Her latest single from the album ‘Postman’ has been getting airplay in the UK and she has recently done sessions for Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 and Robert Elms on BBC London.

Things seem to be going well for Hollie, so I wanted to know if she craves fame and fortune, did she think it was inevitable with her musical roots that she’d end up as a musician, plus I couldn’t resist asking her about having a Sex Pistol for a dad.

Claire B: One of the reasons I wanted to interview you was because at the end of each season at Ibiza Rocks, the staff and the regulars are asked to make a wish-board and we write on it who we want to see play next year and are photographed with it, and in 2012 you were on my wish-board.

Really? Oh, thank you.

Claire B: Well, I didn’t get you last year, I had to wait a year.

It was really last minute actually, so it worked out well.

Claire B: So how did it feel for you to be invited to play at Mallorca and Ibiza Rocks?

Bloody great, really exciting, because I’ve heard so much about the event but I’ve never been. I’ve been to Ibiza before, but a long, long time ago, back in my teenage years, so, yes being able to play here has been really fun and brilliant. The band are all excited as well. We’re going to have a proper night out. One night only in Ibiza.

Claire B: Are you going to go to Pikes for the after party?

Yeah, I think so, I don’t even know …

Claire B: It’s brilliant. It’s the place to be.

Is it near? Where is it?

Claire B: It’s just outside town on the hills, but I’m sure they’ll take you there.


Claire B: It’s fantastic, it’s like a house party. I’m going, it’s the place to go.

Yeah? OK, cool, that sounds wonderful.

Claire B: So you’ve been to Ibiza before, but I guess that was just on holiday?

Yeah, a school friend of mine had a villa here so we came for about three years in a row when we were youngsters.

Claire B: I’m going to have to ask you about your dad because the Sex Pistols have had a great influence on my life. When were you first aware of the impact of The Sex Pistols and that your dad was a member of the band?

I was very aware from a very young age really. Probably from about 6 or 7 was when I really knew like, when I’d heard the album and I knew that it was daddy playing drums, but I sort of really realised the real, kind of magnitude and impact of their presence in about 1996 when they had their first comeback tour and I was 10, and so I got to see them, they played at Finsbury Park in London …

Claire B: I was there.

Were you? There you go, so yeah, I remember seeing all the people going mental and going “ahh, OK”, so that was in my early childhood, but I’ve always been pretty aware of what was going on. I used to be embarrassed to tell my teachers what my dad did, you know when your teachers ask you “what do your mummy and daddy do?” and I was always really embarrassed to say “my dad was in The Sex Pistols”.

Claire B: Why were you embarrassed?

I don’t know, I don’t know, I think erm, I think it was just you know, you think of teachers as being conservative and I was obviously like aware of how outrageous it was, so…

Claire B: Do you think it was inevitable that you would end up in the music industry with both of your parents being involved in music?

Yeah, I think so. It was kind of always quite clear to me what I was going to, what I wanted to do anyway. Even from a young age, I was always showing off and doing a little sing and dance for whoever would watch, if my mum and dad had friends over or something, I would always want to put on a little show. I loved dancing when I was a kid, I did ballet and tap and all of that stuff and got into music, got into singing. I wanted to be in a band from the age of about 11 or 12. I wanted to play bass originally but that was sort of where it started, but I always felt much more comfortable singing for some reason. It was, yeah.

Claire B: Did you actually learn to play bass?

Yeah, I did. I learnt to play a lot of instruments but singing was always what really held my attention and what I think I’m probably best at.

Claire B: And how do your parents feel about you going into the music industry? Are they supportive?

They’re really supportive but I think that they understand, they empathise and in an ideal world I’m sure they would have loved it if I was a rich successful lawyer or something, but at the same time, we all have something to relate to with each other, so yeah, they’re really great, they’ve always been really supportive.

Claire B: And have they given you lots of advice about the pitfalls and everything?

Yeah, exactly, that’s the thing, they’ve made me aware from a young age, without being cynical about it, that if it’s what I wanted to do, it’s not necessarily a reliable career choice or anything like that and that the music industry can be a fickle, unfair, cruel place at times. So, I’ve always had that in the back of my mind, which has been really helpful and kept me level-headed.

Claire B: So it’s kind of grounded you in a way …

Yes, absolutely.

Claire B: And you’ve got Boy George and Steve Jones as godparents. Do they give you any advice on how to survive in the industry?

No, they kind of leave that one. I chat to Steve about it, which is you know, he’s always interested and asking what is going on and this that and the other, but you know, it’s again, it’s just support really and encouragement, which is cool.

Claire B: How did you get involved with The Slits?

I guess it was sort of the family connection really. My dad, my mum and dad, have known The Slits and Ari Up and Tessa for a hundred years or whatever, so… I grew up with Tessa Pollitt the bassist’s daughter, because we were all about the same age and I always knew who Ari was and I heard The Slits when I was about 10 and thought they were amazing. And then in about 2005 Ari wanted to put The Slits back together and she just wanted to record a new record and have all of her friend’s daughters singing backing vocals so she called me. She lived in Jamaica and she’d just show up every now and again through the years in my life, and this one time she showed up and she wanted me to come to the studio and sing, which I did, I must have been about 18 or 19, and then after that she was like we’re going to play some shows, you should come and sing backing vocals live and from there I got more and more involved and…

Claire B: But that wasn’t the first band you were in was it?

Kind of. I’d been in bands with friends from school and stuff like that and I was actually at Music College when I joined The Slits and then I left school to be a full-time musician.

Claire B: You ran away with The Slits?

Yeah, literally, I absolutely did.

Claire B: Fantastic. Do you think that the death of Ari and the end of The Slits was instrumental in you going solo?

Yeah, for sure. I had already been sort of like pursuing the project a little bit, but I was happy being in a band and having a small side project. But then when Ari passed away, I, I literally had to play music. I was about half way through making an album at that point, and it was really like cathartic and therapeutic and it was the only way to get through the grief really, and I knew that that’s what she would have wanted me to do as well, so it was just, well, it was just a really necessary thing.

Claire B: So that was your first album then was it, you were already half way through it at the time?

Yeah, but then I sort of gave it everything after that, and just fully went for it, not really expecting it to go as well as it did, so that was cool.

Claire B: You describe your music as “tropical pop”? What are your influences musically?

They really vary you know. I listen to a lot of music. I love female singers really, I loved Diana Ross and Dusty Springfield and girl groups like The Ronettes and The Shangrilas, and I loved the Beach Boys and Bow Wow Wow and The Modettes and Dennis Brown, just kind of a little bit of everything really.

Claire B: So it’s kind of a lot of old stuff. Was it the kind of music that your parents were playing that you picked up on?

Yeah, absolutely.

Claire B: Who are you listening to at the moment?

Ahh, that’s a good question. I really like Little Dragon and St. Vincent and Warpaint. Again it’s all female fronted stuff. I love females, you know, so.

Claire B: You seem to be playing a lot of gigs in France and have quite a large fan base there? Have you any idea why that is?

They’ve got excellent taste [laughs]… that’s all I can think of, I don’t know, I have no idea. They’re just very open, I think that the way music is, I was going to say marketed but I think it’s almost the opposite, there’s not necessarily, music isn’t marketed at all, anything goes as mainstream there you know, and I think that reggae has got a lot more of a following out there, because it gets played on the radio more. I don’t think it’s seen so much as a niche genre, it’s just really popular. I can’t complain, I love it in France.

Claire B: What’s the largest crowd you’ve played to so far?

I supported The Stone Roses at Heaton Park a couple of years ago, and even through we played first and it wasn’t full, there were still about 20,000 people there, so yeah, that was pretty big.

Claire B: And you’ve got a new single out this week?

Yeah, Postman is out this week. The album is out as well at the moment.

Claire B: How is the album doing, how is it selling?

I don’t know. I don’t really pay attention to that side, I don’t try and focus on that stuff so much. I don’t really know what album sales even mean any more, but it’s been responded to really well, it’s been very positive and I got to number 5 in the Reggae Billboard Chart in America, so that was good.

Claire B: In America? Not in the UK.


Claire B: That leads nicely to my next question then. Do you want to get really successful and would you like to have celebrity status or are you content to be able to do what you’re doing and make a comfortable living out of it?

I would love to make a comfortable living doing what I do. I don’t necessarily crave limelight and celebrity status. In fact that really scares me. If I can make a living and continue to make music and tour, then that would be perfect, that would be ideal. Even if I don’t make a living I’ll probably still do it anyway.

Claire B: So where and when is your next gig?

I’m in Holland at the weekend and then that’s it for the summer. After that in September I go to Germany and Italy and I’m off to the States again in October.

Claire B: So are you going to get chance to see any of Ibiza while you’re here?

Yeah, we’re going to hang out tonight, we’ll see you at the party later I’m sure and then we’ve got all day tomorrow.

Claire B: That’s nice.

Yeah, and we’re leaving early on Friday morning so we’ve got a whole day to just chill.

Claire B: Well, that’s it, that’s all I wanted to ask you, thanks ever so much.

No worries, nice one.

Keep up with what Hollie is up to on Facebook:



At Night

IR_LOGO_2013 copyMadness & Hollie Cook

Claire B

Last week’s gig at Ibiza Rocks was an important one for the island. Every year a classic crowd-pleasing band is booked at the venue, and, this year, it was the return of Madness, who played there back in 2011, with support from Hollie Cook. Everybody has heard of and likes Madness and I’m no exception, but I’d never seen them play live before, so I was excited at the prospect. Even more exciting for me was the recent announcement that Hollie CookHollie_Cook_live_claireb_180814 would be supporting them. At the end of each season, staff and regulars at Ibiza Rocks are invited to be photographed with a ‘wish-board’ on which they write who they want to see play next year. In 2012, I wrote Hollie Cook on my wish-board. It didn’t happen in 2013, but it did in 2014, so I was obviously pleased with the booking. I thought her summery, happy, reggae music would sound perfect on a warm summer Ibizan evening as the sun went down.

I first encountered Hollie playing keys and singing with the reformed Slits, back in 2009 in London, and I was blown away by her amazing voice. Another great Slits gig later and a performance with The Rotten Hill Gang (supporting Big Audio Dynamite), and I was hooked, so when I saw that she’d gone solo, I bought her album and went to see her play at the Barfly in Camden and then, a few months later, at the wonderful intimate venue that is The Lexington. I moved to Ibiza in 2012 and I haven’t had the opportunity to see her play live since then. In the time since I last saw her, she’s supported The Stone Roses at one of their Heaton Park gigs and played countless other gigs and festivals and also recorded and released her second album ‘Twice’. She’s definitely more confident on stage now as a result, and has a great rapport on stage with the General Roots band that have been touring with her over the last few months.

She’s a bundle of talent, and it must be in her genes, being the daughter of The Sex Pistol’s drummer Paul Cook and one of Culture Club’s singers Jeni Cook. Proud mum was in the audience watching and giving support, but dad was absent, even though he was apparently spotted in DC10 a few days earlier. She gained her live experience on the road with The Slits and has bags of style and attitude to go with her sweet voice of an angel. She describes her music as ‘tropical pop’, and that’s what it is, with a large vein of reggae running through it.
Opening up with ‘Ari Up’, her tribute to The Slits singer who passed away suddenly from cancer in 2010, she played a mix of songs from her two albums, including singles ‘Body Beat’, ‘Walking In The Sand’, ‘That Very Night’, and the latest single ‘Postman’, which coincidentally was released this week. She also played ‘Cry’ a personal favourite of mine, her song which also appeared on The Slit’s final album ‘Trapped Animal’ as ‘Cry Baby’ (see the link to a video of this at the end of the article).Madness_claireb_180814

I was somewhat disappointed that many people didn’t arrive at the venue until later, missing most of her set! She deserved a bigger crowd to play to than she had, but it was their loss. She put on a great show and her music was perfect for a hot, Ibizan August evening. I did, however, manage to interview Hollie after her set which you can read elsewhere in the paper. By the time that we had finished our illuminating chat and I had got back into the venue, Madness were already on stage and I had missed the first few numbers.

By then the venue was packed and it was hard to grab a space to see them. Half the island had come out to see them play: parents, teenagers, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. With ten albums under their belt, Madness have a vast repertoire of material to draw on, and we were treated to many of their big hits, including ‘My Girl’, ‘House of Fun’ and crowd-pleaser ‘One Step Beyond’, plus some more lesser-known ska/reggae numbers over the course of the hour or so that they were onstage for. Songs were interspersed with true-to-form humorous banter from Suggs. A highlight for me was the guitarist doing a rendition of The Beastie Boys ‘Fight for your right’, whilst the rest of the band went off for a brief break. The crowd happily got what they wanted and danced and sang along. A noticeable absence on the stage however was Ibizan resident Chas Smash, and I for one missed his larger-than-life presence – the stage seemed a little empty without him. There was nothing wrong with the performance that Madness gave, but there seemed to be a little spark or something missing, but then I’d already been granted my wish earlier in the evening. Their magic wand did not work on me.

They ended appropriately with ‘Madness’, followed by a solitary Suggs on the stage singing along to Monty Python’s ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ before he disappeared off the stage and up the stairs. And another classic gig at Ibiza Rocks came to a close as everybody dispersed from the venue into the night to wherever they were going.


Hollie Cook, ‘Cry’:

Madness, ‘Madness’:

Lisa Lashes interview

Sophia V

Lisa-lashes-1-SV-180814Voted the Number 1 female DJ on the planet, having one of the biggest selling Euphoria Dance albums of all time, still headlining the most prestigious festivals and events the dance industry has to offer around the globe, the only female to still have broken the official top 10 world DJ’s in the DJ Mag top 100, of course there is only one lady we can name Lisa Lashes.

S: For those who’ve never seen you mix, can you tell us what music genre you play?

I play Progressive PsyTrance with a bit of a Techno edge, as I love Rollin baselines and I’m not a big fan of elongated breakdowns.

S: What other music genres do you listen to? Who are your favourite artists/DJs?

I’ve got the Techno bug so I’m listening and mixing that style whenever I’ve got a bit of free time on the decks. Of course, Carl Cox is one of my favourites and I’m quite partial to a bit of Matt Minimal and Nicole Mudaber.

S: One of my fave all time tunes is Heavens Cry – till tears do us part? What’s your favourite ever tune?

My favourite track, which I still play, by Union Jack is called Two Full Moons and a Trout on the Platypus label. It’s just had a great remix by Freedom Fighters, Domestic & Pixel -it’s in my sets every time I play.

S: When was last time you played in Ibiza, and how are you feeling to be back here?

I love playing in Ibiza, there’s nowhere else in the world you can go season after season, catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while yet it only seems like yesterday. I recently played at Ultraviolet with my buddy Vicky Devine and you were there to experience the fabulous vibe.

S: Do you think Ibiza has changed over the years, if so, how?

I do think the Island is changing with the main pull of the Island being Playa Den Bossa where Ushuaia has truly captured the crowd and brought something new to the table.

S: Where’s your favourite place to chill out in Ibiza?

I love the Blue Marlin in the day and then usually back to a friend’s villa for BBQ and frivolities.

S: Where’s your favourite place to party in Ibiza?

It has to be Sands in Playa Den Bossa. Love the chilled out vibe on the beach with chill beds, great food and plenty of Sangria. Also love the way it turns into party time around 6pm when they have special guests playing like Carl Cox and Eats Everything.

S: What are your Ibiza highlights / most memorable moments?

Had far too many to put in one interview but I know the most memorable for a lot of people was when I stage dived from behind the decks in Amnesia – about 30 feet up, I caught my sleeve in the railings and had to be pulled down by the crowd by my feet. Not so ladylike but I still managed to run back to the DJ booth to mix in the next tune.

S: I met you at Global Gathering in 2007 along with Anne Savage and Paul Van Dyk. Do you think the atmosphere differs at a music festival to a nightclub?

If truth be known, I love festivals but its quite daunting on a huge stage in front of thousands of people as my favourite sets are always up close and personal within arms reach of the crowd as you feel the energy from everyone and that’s when you get the goose bumps and true feeling of what music does to bring everyone together for just that one night only.

S: Where else in the world have you performed, and where was your favourite and why?

Pretty much every Country in the world but a stand out for me was Cape Town South Africa, where I played to 9000 people in a huge arena for the millennium.

S: What can we expect from the legendary female Dj Lisa Lashes in the near future?

I’m working on an artist album, just about to release my first Sample Pack with, new releases every month and remixes all charting in the top 20 Psy-Trance Beatport chart, Tours in my diary with the No1 VDJ -Habs Akram, Amsterdam Dance Weekend Lashed event in October plus I’m the ambassador of a beauty accessory brand Urban Beauty United. We launch September 2014 with an online DJ competition to find the next big female talent. Check out my website for info on “All Girls on Decks” and anything else you what to know about me 😉

Snoop Dogg

John StablesSnoop-Dogg-2-JS-180814

Snoop Dogg played Ushuaïa on behalf of Hard Rock Hotel last Friday, the 15th August, as part of his epic European tour. Having collaborated in recent years with artists such as David Guetta, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, and even Katy Perry, Snoop has drawn attraction from fans of all music genres, rather than just appealing to the loyal Hip Hop crowd who have followed him since ‘92.

Ushuaia-JS-180814It was billed as The Event of the Summer when Hard Rock announced their 2014 line up. Snoop Dogg, The Doggfather, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic, or indeed, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr was showing his face in Ibiza for a rare guest appearance.

For me personally, there was no act, DJ, or performer who I wanted to see more this summer so this was a pretty big deal when I was signed up to cover it.

I guess to issue a correct and proper review, I need to mention a few negative factors, which would start with the 90 minute delay on doors opening, leaving paying customers standing around in the baking hot sun with no option of shade of water. This was followed by 30 minutes of DJ Paul Reynolds,Pete-Tong-Paul-Reynolds-JS-180814 120 of Pete Tong and 90 of DJ Sneak, which to be fair, isn’t such a bad thing, especially as their sets were nothing short of awesome; but when you’ve paid to see one of the Hip Hop kings, you probably don’t wish to be subjected to this much commercial and house music. Add to this the ever unfolding story on Snoop’s twitter feed, where we saw the show delayed, cancelled and un-cancelled; we had a pretty anxious and apprehensive crowd.

Now for Snoop… I’ve seen him before, but due to the UK crowd feeling the need to throw things at a concert, potentially bottles of their own bodily fluids, Snoop walked off stage, leaving me and thousands of others with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth (maybe the ‘water’).

Anyway, he certainly made up for it with his one hour set on Friday, from the outset he was singing hits such as What’s my Name, Gin & Juice and Tha Shiznit; all whilst interacting with the crowd using simple lyrics such as ‘When I say Hell, you say Yeah’ and regular shout outs to ‘Ibiza’.

His set included many of his own massive hits from the past twenty two years, as well as collaborations from other artists, including the names above. He certainly gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, making the two hour delay seem insignificant

Snoop-Dogg-1-JS-180814Taking photos often took a back seat at this one, allowing me to (uncharacteristically) wave my hands in the air and sing along. He made sure the whole crowd were entertained and ended their night wanting more, with his excellent concert, regular assurance that he will once again return to the white isle and asking us to show our respects for fellow rap legend, Nate Dogg who passed away in 2011.

Although it’s there, deep in the roots, this event proved that Ibiza isn’t just about house music and I cannot wait to see what other musical delights Hard Rock are going to subject us to in the future.

Find out more about what Snoop Dogg is up to on his website

And check out who’s playing at Ushuaïa



Cream competition

Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to Cream Amnesia

2014 marks Cream Ibiza’s 20th Anniversary and they have given us a pair of VIP tickets for each remaining party up until the closing on 25th September.

We’ve delved into the cream photo archive and each week we’ll be bringing you a picture from the history of one of Ibiza’s most successful parties—all you have to do is guess the correct year.

Answer the question to win a pair of VIP tickets to Cream Ibiza

Thursday 28th August featuring Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Jordan Suckley, and on the Mixmag Terrace Deadmau5 (unhooked), Oliver Heldens, Jeremy Olander and Tom Staar

What year is this classic Cream photo of Tiesto?


A) 2000 B) 2005 C) 2010

Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to [email protected] Before midnight Sunday 24thAugust. Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibiza Sun facebook page Monday 25th August. Tickets are not transferable. Dress code applies. See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue.

History of house ocean beach


Ocean Beach was the venue for Sunday’s very special History of House party—with Brandon Block and Alex P playing back to back and Alex celebrating his 50th birthday on the day. The huge crowd comprised a mix of back in the day party people revelling in some good old nostalgia, and the younger set who were treated to a true Balearic house daytime party. Nick Hussey kicked off with a great set of anthems and sing-along vocals before local heroine Jo Mills took it up a notch with the lovely Laura on sax. Ocean Beach marked the end of History of House’s world tour—we’ll hope to see them back again next year.

History of house ocean beach

Russell Kane Free @ Ibiza Rocks Bar russel kane

After the groundbreaking success of the first show Ibiza Rocks Bar are excited once again to welcome back the extremely talented Mr Russell Kane.

He’ll be projecting his witty brand of unique comedy into the Balearic Air as only he can.

Don’t miss this live and completely free event. Tuesday 26th August from 9.30pm.

See Ad on front page.

Ibiza Dance Chart by shazam

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …

1 Forget – Patrick Topping

2 Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

3 Bullit – Watermät

4 Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls

5 My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise

6 Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell

7 Hoodlum – Traumer

8 Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé

9 Never Grow Old – Floorplan

10 Finder – Ninetoes

Book Review

Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. John Lydon’s Autobigraphy

Nick Gibbs
john-lydonPunk changed everything. The Sex Pistols were punk. John Lydon was the Sex Pistols.
In that context the autobiography of the Pistols front-man and all importantly lyricist should be on the reading list of anybody interested in music industry history—but as a young devotee of the band and the movement it has additional resonance for me.
You have to consider the time to truly grasp what Punk was and what it created. Britain was in chaos. Strikes, the 3 day week, power cuts, all setting the big P Political scene, with racial and sexual politics that today seem fit for a lower species. Conversely music had become a fat, bloated and escapist caricature of itself from the concept albums of the super bands to the shiny demi-waved boy next door pop bands. Everything from the economy to the flares had been stretched as far as it could go, and something had to give.
Enter the Sex Pistols and though Cook and Jones may have been the founding members it was Lydon, Johnny Rotten, who defined the movement in his anti-everything style and then considered blasphemous lyrics advocating subversion, destruction, rejection and of course anarchy.
Starting with his child hood the book has revealed much of why Lydon became Rotten before he got to the time of joining the band. Meningitis gave his stoop and stare, and London Irish his feeling of isolation and discontent.
The book has contributions throughout by other band members, journalists, music industry types and the Bromley contingent—the first group of Punk followers including such luminaries as Siouxie Sioux and Billy
To have been at the centre of such a revolution in music, to have fostered and achieved such an incredible strength of reaction from the public must, you would think, have been an incredibly exciting position.
John Lydon does not convey a moment of that excitement, nor any positive experience in the entire Sex Pistols career. That is how it should be because that is who he is. It is because of exactly that personality that the Sex Pistols happened. In that respect it is a joyless book. A slog for it’s entire 235 pages.
Reading between the lines you sense a huge sense of responsibility for the death of Sid Vicious—partly because he denies responsibility so much. His fondness for Sid and despair at his decline into Heroin addition also comes through.
One point of interest to anybody who knows the band well enough to know the, pretty extreme, lyrics of ’Bodies’. There was a girl called Pauline, she did come from Birmingham, she did live in a tree, she did kill her baby and she was insane.






EastThe Far East

Two Old Rockers

Fiesta Finito

Cala Llonga’s Fiesta ended on Sunday having been a real success despite not being able to put on Friday nights Fireworks Display due to safety concerns and as we all know it chucked it down on Saturday. Instead of the usual report we’ve included a few photos of people enjoying the fiesta.Brian-180814

“Too Old” Rockers.

We’ve been involved with this newspaper for a number of years and have enjoyed “almost” every minute having met and worked with some wonderful people. Unfortunately one of us has recently had a few health issues and has been advised by the medics (especially Dr Di) that it’s time to take a step back and slow things down a little, so from now on we’ll no longer be involved in distribution or advertising aspects of the paperBrian-4-180814. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to advertisers, people who have featured in some articles (even if we protected their identity) who have made our time with the paper so enjoyable. Our place is to be filled by Richard Lawson who is well known around the island, who will be bringing fresh ideas to reporting news and views from “The Sunrise” side of the island and we wish him every success in doing what is a very satisfying job. We’ll also not be out and about “Rockering” as much as we were, gathering news and gossip. We can’t see ourselves getting to the jigsaw and knitting situation just yet, so if we see or learn of anything of interest then the temptation to send in an article now and again may be too much to resist.

The Ibiza Sun owes Brian and Di a huge debt of gratitude for their commitment to the cause over the last 15 years. Involved from the start they have outlived two editors, and though I am delighted to be able to make good on a promise to Doctor Di that we would find a way to let Brian hang up his notebook and order pad, the place just won’t be the same without him.

Such is Brian’s loyalty to the newspaper that the only way this was going to happen was if we could find a pair of safe hands to which Brian could pass over the reins, and we could not have possibly hoped for better than those of Richard Lawson. Richard is very well known in the same communities served by Brian so diligently over the years and brings with him a wealth of experience with the Ibiza Now magazine.
I am sure we will be able to tempt Brian and Di to join us in marking the 15 year anniversary of the newspaper which we will dedicate to them as recognition of the outstanding community spirit and service on which the paper relies and has been so fortunate to receive from them and many others.

On behalf of everybody at the Ibizan, and all of our community in Ibiza, our most sincere and grateful thanks to you both.

Nick Gibbs, Editor.

JuanLetter From Juan

Wasn’t the rain wonderful last week? Well, maybe if you are a visitor it was not quite what you were looking for, but for those of us who are lucky enough to live here it was a glorious happening – the only problem was that it didn’t last long enough! So the weekend for me was an altogether relaxing experience for not only did it rain but the small people, i.e. the grandchildren went back to the UK. The silence was unbelievable, possibly too quiet. Why is it that when children swim in a pool and are enjoying themselves they have to scream all the time? Maybe this is why when they grow up they have to play their music extra loud? They associate loud noise with having fun and a pleasurable experience. Mind you the rest of the time they are very quiet, speech and conversation is a thing of the past. Will future generations forget how to talk and only communicate by phone or perhaps thought waves? Let’s say initially in the near future they have to wear glasses, they think of a message, think of the recipient and it is automatically sent to them. They receive a notification on their glasses and when they accept it is either transmitted by sound or vision. Something must change in the technology stakes soon. I mean, it was only a few years ago that we used to watch in wonder as Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise used to flip this lid on a small device and start speaking to Doctor Spock a few hundred miles away and this was science fiction and a fantasy world. Not anymore, the speaking devices are smaller and communicate over vast distances. Who knows what wonders the future holds for the younger generation! Back to the real world, I have been hearing an alarming amount of ambulance sirens howling along the roads, so please be careful and stay alert. Remember to expect the unexpected and you will remain safe. Have a great week, yours, Juan

View from the pewView From The Pew

Peter Jordan

A new Chaplain coming to Ibiza has been announced! He is the Revd. Dr. Peter Pimentel and has been a Vicar on the Isle of Wight for the past eighteen years. Since Revd Bob Short left at Easter last year there have been a series of ‘locum chaplains’ filling the gap – including ourselves – but now a permanent appointment has been made. Peter’s wife is Sue and they will move from one island to another on November 3rd. We look forward to more news from them and meantime we are praying for them and the church fellowship they leave behind.

Most of our readers will have moved here. How did you find it? Exciting – but what were the difficulties? We moved – as Chaplain and wife – to Barcelona in 2002 – after ‘Vicaring’ in Liverpool for twenty years. Leaving friends and family – for the wife and Mum – was difficult – making our flat into our ‘home’ took time – speaking Spanish was a struggle – and there were tears. Husband Peter is different. For Peter a new job, a new challenge was exciting – and he loves using his Spanish, learned fifty years ago, as a student in Spain. We are one couple and two different people.

There’s a lovely song which was a favourite with school children in Liverpool.

I’m special because God has loved me,
For He gave the best thing that
He had to save me,
His own Son Jesus, crucified to take the blame,
For all the bad things I have done.
Thank You Jesus, thank You Lord,
For loving me so much,
I know I don’t deserve anything,
Help me feel Your love right now,
To know deep in my heart,
That I’m Your special friend.

Each one of us is different, unique even, but each one is special to God. The proof?

“God so loved the world – including you and me – that He gave His only Son….” (John 3:36)

Peter and Barbara Jordan – tel. 971 343 383

Sunday 24th: 11am Holy Communion, RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85 Sta Eulalia: I.C.S. Ministry by Revd Stuart Bell tel 638 373 479:;10.30am Holy Communion RC Chapel Es Canar: 5.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama Es Canar (it is regretted that due to hotel policy children u16 are not admitted.

Good to talkIt’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

My son is 14 and I suppose this is his first summer of being a teenager and to be honest though he is having an amazing time and I am finding it really hard, I completely know that this is normal and at this age friends are far more important then family, etc. etc. but I am struggling and really miss my gorgeous boy who has stuck by my side always until this point.
I am trying hard and hope that he is unaware of this because I want him to go out and discover the world but in side my heart is breaking, any ideas on how a soppy mum can get over her baby growing up?

Thank you, SS.

Dear SS,
Thank you for your e-mail and how refreshingly honest of you to admit how difficult it is when our children / teenagers almost over night seem to disappear into another world and we get left behind.

You seem to be doing really well and most importantly are managing your struggle so it is not affecting your son, at times it must be hard to watch him walk out the door when you’d love to ask him to stay in for an evening but you are right, he needs to explore this amazing world, meet people, be in new situations, and find his way. Having said all of that you are still his mum and its OK to ask him to spend time with you, choose your moments wisely and I’m sure you will still be able to spend lovely special times together.

Children growing into adults can be a difficult transition not only because physically they are moving on, but also it is a reminder that we are growing older too. Each new generation that arrives pushes the existing ones up the ladder and I wonder if maybe somewhere inside this is also something you are contemplating possible with out realizing.

I wish you all the best and am sure that you will be able to ensure those special times with your son, possibly not as frequently as before but none the less just as meaningful.

Take care, Kate

See my advert in Local Services


Carly S

smugglersIn May 2013, two weeks after his twentieth birthday, Reece Hawley, a strong, fit and healthy young man, had a bleed on the brain. He had surgery however the results of his pathology report revealed an aggressive, malignant brain tumour.

As he has already had two forms of treatment on the NHS, only one more cycle of chemotherapy is available. One type of further treatment in particular, Avastin, has been recommended by Reece’s Oncologist. Avastin is not available on the NHS leaving the family no choice but to fund treatment themselves at £4,000 every two weeks.

Reece’s mum Karen has spearheaded a huge campaign in the UK, which has seen Reece’s story covered in national press and on TV. Karen told me “Reece is always looking on the positive side of things and always wears a smile on his face. Reece is a real inspiration and has said that if his life had to end now he is really grateful for the 21 years that he has already had.” Ibiza resident Dawn Hudson is a close friend of the family’s and has organised a fundraising event here in Ibiza on Wednesday 27th August (details top left). Dawn told me “The local community has been amazing and so generous. Prizes such as sunset boat trips, meals and VIP tickets to clubs have been donated, as well as things like days labouring, house cleaning, makeovers, haircuts and manicures. I know it’s August and a lot of people are busy, but please try to come down and if not buy raffle tickets, on sale in Smugglers and Kiss my Fairy”.

For details or to donate a prize contact Dawn on Facebook or

[email protected]

To make a direct donation, visit





Mint Lounge Bar

mintMint Lounge Bar has established itself as a firm favourite on the Sunset Strip. You’ll find it next door to Mambo and for the summer months it offers all day service from Breakfasts to Pastas to it’s famed Pizzas at prices that belie it’s prime position.

Mint has also become something of the local’s choice on the strip—always the first of the year to open and last to close. Manager Johnny Flipflop is well known locally and one of the reasons Mint is the default choice for many Brits on the Strip, but all Ibiza residents can take advantage of Mint’s great discounts.

Daytime until 5pm Residents enjoy a 20% discount on all food and drink excluding the already great value menu del dia, and as the sun goes down you can afford to down a cocktail or three with a whopping 50% discount. The 50% discount applies to many other drinks too with 20% off your bill on any food, premium drinks and bottles throughout the

That means just 6€ for a Mojito, Caipirinha or any of many other cocktail choices—you’ll be left so happy you will probably fancy sex on the beach, and why not, at 6€ you may as well fill your boots.

Mint is immediately next door to Mambo and has all of their music, pre-parties etc piped through—though Watford fan Johnny switches over to football on the screens when

Mint have a great reputation for their Pizzas which start at 12.50€ (10€ with your discount) and have some really inventive options to tickle your tastebuds. We love the Pear, Gorgonzola, Cherry Tomato and Basil (bottom left), but if you have an old school approach to dealing with the morning after a big night out the home made hamburger is hard to beat.

mint-pear-gorgonzola-cherry-appleThe menu del dia is a winner every time and at 15€, remembering where you are – right on the sunset strip, the price just can’t be beat … and yet it can! From October 1st the deals get even better with the menu coming down to 12.50€ and other great offers we’ll bring you nearer the time. For now lets’ just be happy that someone on the strip is looking after the locals all summer long.


savannah ad

I’ll be direct about this. I love Savannah. It starts at the top—Jav is a fantastic manager, so positive and enthusiastic, then you’ve got Aunty Mambo Jess ensuring everyone is happy and well cared for. A visit to Savannah is always eagerly anticipated and without fail ends with a big smile. It’s gonna be a good one …

Savannah occupies a prime spot on San Antonio’s Sunset strip. It has a large terrace restaurant, lounge, DJ booth and inside bar, and the infamous backroom club—scene of many a great party over the years. They also have a pontoon from which boats moored off the strip can call upon Savannah’s own water taxi rib to fetch them to shore and take them back again after they have had their fill and fun.

The scorching sun slowly slipping in the sky signalled a call for cocktails and you have to be impressed with the range on offer. sav2Particularly pleasing to see a Jugs of Pimms on the menu—such a perfect summer drink and yet rarely found on the island. Savannah have an extensive Gin’s menu, no less than 20 on offer and each with it’s own special recipe. I plumped for Larios 12, this being my regular brand but the premium 12 I had not tried before. Expertly made with the tonic poured ultra slow to maximize the infusion of the fruits—at least I assume that’s why but whatever the science it resulted in a sublime drink with which to settle down and ponder the eats.

There is a good range at Savannah including Salads from €15. I thought the Goats cheese in a filo parcel with caramelised onion served with leaf, strawberries and strawberry dressing sounded particularly tempting—and it looked fantastic coming out of the kitchen (see photo below).

sav-1Alternatively there are Wok stir fries and a whole range of classic mains and grills, but Savannah means one thing to me, daddy only has eyes for one little baby of gorgeousness—I’ll get to that soon enough but for reviewing purposes it was only right and proper I should look to some of the new items on the menu. The barbeque ribs looked a treat and some of the slabs were of steak would satisfy any carnivorous craving—they even have a 1.2kg beef chop, I assume for sharing though looking at them you might not be keen to do so once it arrived on your table—but it was the peppered tuna steak served with salad and soy sauce that caught won the day. A very generous helping of slender slices were soon melting in my mouth after a good soy dunk of course. sav6

Next in my evening’s fishy feast I had the prawns starter—marinated in garlic and paprika. I often find the Spanish version of spicy somewhat tame compared to our British taste but these prawns were very hot though managing not to mask the flavour of the prawns which had been butterflied as they should be to remove the one unsavoury part of a prawn and maximize the surface area to take on the flavour if the marinade. sav-bfast

Main event time and you’ve probably guessed it given my allocating two photos on the page.

The Savannah lobster is simply off the scale. Really there are not enough superlatives—presentation, flavour, occasion—it just ticks all the boxes, but the box I find incredible it manages to tick is the price. Still offered at 39€, for a whole fresh lobster, on the sunset strip. An awesome meal and the reason why Savannah is one of a very few restaurants I always know what I want before I arrive. savannah-cock

Served on a newspaper lined tray with real like-mum-makes-them chips, fresh leaf salad and hollandaise sauce, the lobster itself is open sectioned and of course comes with all of the tools required to obtain every morsel of the sweetest meats locked away in the claws. There is absolutely no point in approaching a lobster in a dignified way—it is all about getting stuck in and messy, and worth it for this fantastic crustacean creation.sav-lob

Their nightly pre-parties have always been a big attraction but this year it is as if they have planned it all with me in mind. 5 of their 7 nights are among my real favourite parties and tonight was Defected, right up there at the top of the list. DJ Sam Divine played an excellent set to get the night jumping—she was clearly loving every minute, as were a huge hen party who were also jumping, and falling, and flaying around all over the place. sav3

Brilliant fun but you know what it really was no surprise—every visit to Savannah is the same—always superb in every respect, food, drink, entertainment, service, I love it. Last year I awarded Savannah 11 out of 10. This year it has to be 12.

Savannah’s Weekly Line Up

sav-cdMon – Ibiza Rocks House @ Pacha
Tues – Defected @ Boom
Wed – Tribal Sessions @ Sankeys
Thur – Graham Sahara Seamless
Fri – Carnival @ Gatecrasher
Sat – Gliterbox @ Boom
Sun – Amnesia Presents
Take some Savannah home with you—they have a new CD mixed by Graham Sahara + Jason Bye





Cricket Report

Robin Parmenter

Players: George Wambeek. Geoff Evans. Dave Smith. David Williams. Graeme Cooper. Neil French. John Braithwaite. Robin Parmenter. Martin Makepeace. Neil McKinstry. Bob Nix. Navdeem Choudury.

Umpires and Scorer – Dave Riley, Adnan Khan and Harmit Phull

Batsman: David Smith

Bowler: Graeme Cooper

Score: David Williams (81)

Players Player – John Braithwaite

Spainover40sIn 2013 the Spanish over 40’s cricket travelled to Copenhagen for a T20 (20 over) tournament alongside teams from Denmark, Holland and Great Britain who were participating in their 42nd annual ‘Triangular Tournament’. Spain performed better than anyone could have imagined; narrowly missing out on the 20 over tournament (beaten just once by a young Swedish side) and the committee responsible for the triangular tournament introduced a new ‘Four Nations Cup’ to which they invited Spain to participate in annually. The 2014 tournament took place in the magnificent ‘Sparta Ground’ in Rotterdam.

The first match was a pre tournament warm up against Dansk XL. Spain made 145 mainly thanks to a fine knock of 52 from Geoff Evans, but unfortunately lost opener Neil McKinstry to a muscle injury which was to rule him out for the rest of the Tournament. The Danish team were struggling to keep up with the run rate, then Navdeem Choudury, a player on the Spanish team who had been loaned to the Danes as they were a man short, went into bat at no 8, scored a quick 32 and won the game for the Danes!

The next day it was to happen all over again, Spain vs Dansk XL, but this time it was for real. The Danish side now at full strength, won the toss and elected to bat first. Spain showed their strength in the field with experienced bowlers making scoring runs hard work. Graham Cooper (3-29) bowled well and Peter Crawford (48) kept the innings ticking for Dansk XL, who finished on 152 off their 45 overs. In fact if it were not for some sloppy Spanish fielding, it could have been a lot less!

Spain started badly, losing opener David Williams early and then seeing in form G Evans having to retire with a wrist injury. However the boys from Lanzarote, David Smith (72) and Neil French (22) put the game in the bag for the Spanish team, though, just like the friendly, the game would go down to a nervy finish. Needing just 20 runs to win, as the rain started to fall so did the Spanish wickets, 6 fell for just 10 runs!! Thankfully the cool heads of Vice Captain George Wambeek and Robin Parmenter ensured the Spanish team won the match.

The evening came to a close with all the teams sharing cricket banter, while tucking into a delicious BBQ at a rather damp Sparta ground.

Tuesday was T20 day, Spain had 2 games to play, the first against The Forty Club. Batting first Spain had good performances from David Williams (42) and Graham Cooper (30) finishing on 142 off their 20 overs. The Forty Club made light work in reaching the target, with outstanding batting from N Canham (53No) and D Humphreys (48).

Having lost the earlier game the Spanish side knew that the 2nd match of the day was a must win affair against Dansk XL if they were to stay in the competition.

This time Spain fielded first, and restricted the Danish side to 87 of their 20 overs. Spain’s openers D Williams (22) and D Smith (33) made the perfect start reaching 50 in quick time with another Ibiza lad, Martin Makepeace,bringing the well earned victory home.

Wednesday 23rd, Spain were taking on SGS who had just narrowly been beaten in a very high scoring game against The Forty Club. To have any hope of winning the Four Nations Cup SGS knew this was a must win match.

On a very hot day the Spanish put SGS into bat and were made to sweat it out in the sun as the Dutch openers piled on the runs, notably M Muis (108). At 190 for 1 after 30 overs, it looked like the Dutch were going to pass 300 before the end of their innings but Spain’s fighting attitude paid off with a tremendous fight back, wickets started to fall and the Dutch finished with a score of 253 off their 45 overs.

Spain went about their task fighting and were unfortunate to lose their Skipper Geoff Evans to a dodgy looking LBW decision just as he was settling in, however, D Williams (81) did not disappoint and took the fight to the Dutch, but Spain kept on losing wickets at key stages with G Serventer (4-45) bowling very well. Neil French (22) was hitting the ball well but when he was run out after some confusion with fellow batsman John Braithwaite, the team were all out for 193.

Thursday the 25th July was a big day for the Spanish team. It was the final day of T20 and the team knew that they were second in the table behind their opponents today, SGS, the team that blew them away with the bat the day before. Reading the rules carefully the team knew that if they won today they would be on level points with the Dutch, however it is then decided by results against one another which would have the Spanish team crowned champions!

Fired up for this one the Spanish were to bat first and John Thornton (68No) and N Choudury (41) gave the Spanish a perfect start, SGS had little reply to the Spanish aggressive approach, and hoped their own batting strength would help reach the target of 155 set off their 20 overs.

SGS found runs hard to get as the Spanish bowlers grinded them down, Neil French being the pick of the bowlers. M Igelse (51No) did bat through the SGS innings but as they fell further behind the run rate you could see the Spanish team starting to celebrate a famous win, the beer would taste much better tonight! The Dutch team finished on 118, well short of the target set. The Spanish players were victorious, but no….. The Dutch organizers had decided that there should be an outright winner, and to the annoyance and disappointment of the Spanish team, decided to have a bowl out. This is when the 11 players of each team take it in turn to bowl at the stumps, and the team that hits them the most…wins! After all 11 had bowled, it was just 1-1, so it went to sudden death, and this is when the Spanish hearts sank, as SGS won, and it was a bitter tasting victory too!cricket-danes-88

The T20 cup was presented at a Gala dinner and the Spanish team showed their true spirit and professionalism by not allowing the earlier events of the day to get to them. It was refreshing to know that all the other teams including many of the Dutch players knew that the Spanish boys were the real winners of this particular trophy. The Flamenco boys put the disappointment behind them and did what they do best, mingled with the guests, sharing a drink and joke and making people laugh.

Friday was the final day of the tournament, the last of their Four Nations 45 over match. Playing favourites The Forty Club, Spain struggled right from the start, in form batsman D Williams and Young Braithwaite were given out to very poor LBW decisions. But you can’t take anything away from British team they bowled and fielded well and did not let Spain get into this game bowling them out for just 105.

The Forty Club knocked off this total in no time and added the first Four Nations Cup to the Triangular Trophy they had already won.

It was a great tour for the Spanish team, there will be a lot to learn from it before they go to the UK in 2015. They can be proud of their achievements, they played a very high standard of competitive cricket, but they played fair, with pride and respect for all players, officials and supporters. The team made many friends and once again gained praise and respect from the organizers, well done to our lads, the players, umpires and scorer.

Before travelling home the team had some player awards to give out, proudly sponsored by ‘SJ&A Printers’ and ‘Bar Restaurant Ricos’ both in Torrevieja.

The Spanish team would like to thank Cricket España, The Property Shop in Ibiza, Pensions the only company offering alternative pension solutions to Expats in Lanzarote, SJandA Digital Services, Bar Ricos both in Torrevieja and all their sponsors for their continued support. Anyone interested in cricket or sponsoring the Spanish over 40 team Tour 2015 when they hope to bring perhaps both of T20 or 45overs Four Nations Cups to Spain, please see the Cricket España website.

Jezza’s Sport Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Apparently Big Bro Robin is taking up quite a bit of the Sports Section this week, so, being the younger sibling, I suppose I have to acquiesce. I dunno, these bit part journos! So, it’s Sports Snaps this week, so here goes.

Cricket – brilliant, as England completed a 3-1 Series win again India, after winning the 5th Test at the Oval by an innings and 244, yet again in 3 days. All is forgiven, Cookie, so on to the Onedayers, starting on Monday.

Rugby Union – brilliant again, as England Women beat Canada in the Final in Paris to lift the World Cup for the first time, having been runners-up for the last 4 tourneys. Not always the bridesmaids then!

Tennis – who said Roger Federer’s past it! Two consecutive ATP Finals, runner up in Toronto and now winner over Spaniard David Ferrer in Cincinatti, to record his 80th Title (oh and another €750 grand!)

Athletics – brilliant yet again, as GB and NI topped the medal table in the European Championships with 12 Golds, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze, to pip France and Germany, so congrats to Mo Farah, Rutherford, Rooney, Pavey, Child et al for a brilliant team performance.

What else – oh yes, nearly forgot, in Football the Premier League started over the w/end, and here’s a brief synopsis:

Man Utd 1 Swansea 2 : Oh dear, oh dear, LVG, not as easy as you thought, eh, but well done to the Swans. Note to myself, must stop using his initials as they remind me of a Van Company!

Arsenal 2 Crystal Palace 1: Brave fight from the managerless Eagles, but this is Arsenal, remember and there’s always a lucky winner lurking around!

Leicester 2 Everton 2: Good start from the Foxes, the Toffees not quite in gear.

QPR 0 Hull 1: Welcome back, ‘Arry but going to be difficult as the Tigers pounce.

Stoke 0 Aston Villa 1: Expected a draw but Villa are stronger this year with Roy Keane.

WBA 2 Sunderland 2: One up for the Black Cats, then the Baggies 2-1 up, to end all square.

West Ham 0 Tottenham 1: Agony for Allardyce, as the Cockerels lay a last minute winner.

Liverpool 2 Southampton 1: Oh, Saints alive, you can’t afford to miss 2 sitters, especially at Anfield.

Newcastle 0 Man City 2: the Champions get off to a flyer, whilst the Magpies, hmmmm!

Burnley play title favourites (just!) Chelsea tonight so Jose’s hoping for lift-off but newcomers at Turf Moor could be a banana-skin. The Drog to score the winner?

That’s me lot this week, under orders. ¡Hasta lluego!



ibiza-sun-7482223ibiza sun 748022ibiza sun 748022


ibiza sun 748023

TAROTScope 21st -27th Aug 14


By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Eight of Disks

You will, by the end of this weekly forecast, be reaching for the smelling salts as there is so much to do in so little time. Mind you, I wouldn’t complain; although you’re busy, you’re raking it in financially. People like what you’re doing and are willing to reward you accordingly. Look ahead to see where you’ll need extra help.

TAURUS – Ace of Wands

Seize new opportunities now as they will be coming in thick and fast. Your workload may already be immense, but as in the ebb and flow of life, projects have a natural life cycle. Creative Taureans really should get their act together so associates can admire their many talents. Finish that novel or get cracking with that fabulous art piece.

GEMINI – The Hermit

This is the ninth card of the TAROT and therefore signifies completion of a cycle. The figure stands on top of a mountain; he’s alone but not lonely, shining his light so others can see the way. It’s your week to be a shining example to others; to be a peacemaker not an agitador a healer of hearts no less!

CANCER – Eight of Wands

Business opportunities are being talked about this week and you may be surprised by the amount of options open to you. You present yourself in the best possible light and others find you credible. Don’t be afraid to take career risks, they aren’t risks at all; in fact, if you jump in you free yourself from past hang ups.

LEO – Six of Wands

This is an excellent week to further your career interests, but don’t let all that success go to your head. Your will fail to impress someone important if you behave in an arrogant or high handed manner. Sure you’re good, but if you’re fighting off competition from other Leo’s, it’ll be a bun fight! Success with dignity shows real leadership.

VIRGO – Nine of Disks

It’s a bumper week financially; investments are paying off and you can relax about money. Don’t give negativity airtime by moaning about how much time, effort or the annoying individuals you’ve had to deal with on the way. Be grateful for what you’ve achieved and give thanks and praise where it’s due. You’ll be secretly touched by happiness you spread.

LIBRA – King of Cups

Sort out your emotions and you’ll have a good chance of ironing out the creases in an important relationship. Ask where you stand in the affections of your significant other; is it on or off? Sincerity is very important and frank discussions bring clarity. If you’re involved with a water sign; Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, seduce the truth from them!

SCORPIO – Five of Swords

An unsettling week as you have to deal with some tricky personalities, who’ll have you looking over your shoulder. Just when you felt a certain situation was sorted, someone throws up an objection or the legalities around it are questioned. You may feel victimised by the sheer bloody-mindedness of others. On another note; keep an eye on your personal belongings.

SAGITTARIUS – Ten of Swords

Relax this week by taking life at a slower pace; if you’ve been overdoing it, you’ll hit a brick wall big time. Mentally; you need a break from other people’s problems. You’re normally a cheerful individual that’s fun to have around, which is why you get emotionally dumped on at times. Breaking old patterns or dependencies is the way forward.

CAPRICORN – Ace of Cups

Goodness, a week when everything goes according to plan! You receive important news that gladdens the heart and its green lights all the way for new ventures or projects. For those of you looking for love, an important new romance takes you by surprise, especially as the person you meet is a keeper. Celebrations around a birth for some too!

AQUARIUS – The Lovers

Relationships with those you’re closest to bring happiness and contentment this week. You’re also presented with a few choices that if you choose wisely, will have you dancing along your merry way for joy. It’s a wonderful card for new beginnings; the people who you take on your new journey are ones that make you smile and your heart happy.

PISCES – Nine of Cups

Smug doesn’t come close to how you’re feeling this week. However, it’s a good smug not an annoying smug, as it signifies that you’ve finally nailed it in your personal success story. “See, didn’t I tell you it was all going to work out”, will be this weeks, on a loop, mantra. Socially it’s an excellent week, live it up!





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