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Oil Exploration Started In 2013

Despite the authorities supposedly saying that no oil exploration has taken place around the Baleares, a Balearic government report from over a year ago has come to light showing that in April 2013 an oil company already carried out sound wave exploration for oil in waters around the islands using high powered compressed air cannons. The sound waves produced by the cannon shots registered a volume of 230 decibels and negatively affected the marine creatures in an area of ocean totalling 300,000 km2. What is worse is that the tests seemingly took place just as the whale population of the Mediterranean was migrating through the area and they were apparently negatively disturbed by the sound detonations from the exploration vessel. Other marine mammals were dangerously affected by the volume produced by the cannons and were found to be gathering in unusual concentrations in the south west coastal waters of Ibiza to possibly try to get away from the noise. Also, experts found damage caused to marine fauna in the exploration area by the sound explosions.

Though these possibly lethal affects on the environment of the oil exploration were reported by the Balearic Government Environmental officials at the time, the report was not made public until now when it came to light in a Mallorcan newspaper this week. It appears that the Balearic Government, who now publicly oppose the oil exploration, ignored the concerns of their environmental experts at the time, and allowed these three days of sound exploration to take place in April 2013 with the environmentally disastrous affects which have now come to light.

Private Catering Detective.

The association set up in 2013 to defend the interests of the legal private catering sector on the island has employed a detective to make a report about the unregistered illegal catering services operating in Ibiza. Fed up with the amount of new catering services which spring up each year and do not comply to local and national laws or health and safety standards governing this type of business, the association hope the report their detective compiles will make the authorities take the necessary action to stop what they see as unfair competition. The detective will include names of suppliers and customers of these illegal caterers in his report.

269 New Businesses.

Representing a 21% increase, two hundred and sixty nine new businesses were started in June of this year in the Baleares. With only sixty five firms ceasing to trade, this figure makes the islands third in the ranking of autonomous regions in Spain which are creating the most new businesses.

New System Of Payment.tecnalia_13467_1

The Palladium hotel group along with the Hard Rock Hotel and Ushuaia are leading the way in Ibiza by introducing a system of payment based around a chip in a wrist band. This accesses the client’s paypal account or credit card, and allows the hotel to charge for the services it provides. The wrist band is called Smart VIB and was developed by the European Software Institute Tecnalia. Resorts using this system will be classed as Smart Resorts.

New Mayor Finally Sworn In, Third Time Lucky!

Virginia Mari, number fourteen on the last PP Conservative party electoral list for the council of the town, was sworn in as PP Conservative Mayor of Ibiza Town this week. She is the third PP Conservative Mayor to hold the post in the last three years. In the vote, Virginia tied 9-9 with a Socialist party candidate for Mayor but, as the PP Conservatives obtained more votes at the last elections, Virginia was elected to run the Town council for the remaining nine months of this legislature. With this vote, there will possibly be a temporary lull in the arguing which had seemingly developed within the PP Conservative ranks.

The smaller PREF party on the council abstained from voting either way allowing Virginia to become Mayor. Earlier the PP Conservatives had legally expelled the two PREF councillors from the PP group on the council. The expulsion took place because one of the PREF councillors had a higher position on the last electoral list than the PP candidate Virginia Mari when the PREF stood as independents but as part of the PP candidature at the last council elections. For their part, the opposition on the town council is reportedly not giving Virginia any time to settle into the job before attacking the PP Conservative policies. Normally a new Mayor gets a hundred days grace but, as the opposition says, there have been three Mayors in three years in Ibiza Town, so if they give Virginia a hundred days grace it adds up to nearly a year in time when the opposition has not attacked Conservative policies, which they think are wrong for the residents of the town, at council meetings.

Formentera Party Boat

The owners of other pleasure craft enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the natural park coastal area of Formentera near the islands of Es Trucadors and Es Palmador, publicly complained about two party boats which arrived at the spot one afternoon this week. It seems that the party boats had music blaring out that could be heard 2km away and they allowed the partiers to jump into the sea causing havoc for other boats trying to navigate in the area. Reports claim that the passengers of the party boats appeared to be very drunk and that the captains of the boats failed to stop them diving in and, once they had, they couldn’t get the partiers back on board for a considerable length of time.
This area of coast is only for visits by excursions studying the environment and it is prohibited to swim of disembark on the islands. The local government of Formentera is demanding stiff action by the police and the maritime authorities against these boats and this type of excursion, saying that the party boat operators are not capable of sticking to the agreed voluntary code of conduct. Locals in Formentera reportedly said that they were not prepared to see Formentera used as an extra to the Partying in Ibiza.

Gross Product Up For Ibiza and Formentera.

For the fourth year running it was reported that the Domestic Gross Product for Ibiza and Formentera will increase this year and is expected to reach 3,7%. Fuelled by the buoyancy of the tourist industry on the islands, this figure is more than 2,6% points higher than the Balearic average. With unemployment falling, consumption is increasing and for the first time we are seeing positive growth in the construction industry, which has suffered badly during the present crisis.

Thieves Caught With Loot.

Police detained two young men as they sat in a cafe in San Antonio and reportedly were in possession of what the police believe is the 650€ loot they had made from robberies last week. Police believe these are two of a group of criminals who have been robbing unaware tourists in the busy streets and beaches of the town. Police are now looking for more associates of the two men.

In another detention, police apprehended a moped rider for drug dealing offences. He was found to be carrying small quantities of pills and cocaine, allegedly for sale, and 1680€ in cash.

330,000€ For Inshore Cleaning Vessels.

Ibiza and Formentera will receive a budget of 330,000€ to operate eight inshore water cleaning vessels around our coasts this summer. Two of the boats will operate in Formentera and six boats will operate in Ibiza which are two more than last year.

Posidonia (Sea Eel Grass) and Pallets As Insulation.

Local architect, Carlos Oliver, will receive an EU grant to build fourteen council houses in Formentera in 2016, because he has come up with an environmentally respectful way to insulate the houses. Going back to a tradition used for thousands of years by locals, Carlos will use dried Posidonia to hermetically and acoustically insulate the buildings. Once dried, the posidonia leaves will be compressed into the interiors of discarded wooden building pallets which will be externally sealed with sheets of wood. The salt in the Posidonia will conserve it and help in the absorption of humidity. This natural system is expected to work as well, if not better, than commercially produced materials as these Sea Eel Grass panels will be 75% efficient and cheep to produce. Formentera has perhaps the biggest undersea forest of Posidonia to be found anywhere and lots of dead leaves from the plant are washed ashore. They are collected for Carlos’s project and are at present drying out at a council depot on the island.

Dutch Tourist In Bad Way.

A 20 year old Dutch tourist was treated at the road side by the emergency services, 100 metres from the egg roundabout in San Antonio, before being taken to hospital in Ibiza Town.

Still in bad condition after three days treatment, the most likely hypothesis is that he is possibly suffering from the effects of the MPDV drug. Though it cannot be confirmed that the youth had taken MPDV or any drug, at the time of receiving the initial road side treatment reportedly his body temperature was 41 degrees, his heart was suffering a mild attack, he was having spasms, he was talking to himself and he was also intermittently staring at his hands and biting his fingers. Blood and body fluids are being analysed in Mallorca to try and identify the causes of what the medical staff are dealing with in this case.

Three Yachts In Trouble.

Life boats had to carry out rescue missions when in three separate incidents yachts started taking on water. In one incident a 19m yacht ran into a small rock outcrop off the coast and started to take in water. The lifeboat ferried the ten passengers and crew members to the shore whilst a private company salvaged the damaged vessel and towed it to the port of Ibiza.

At 3am another 11m yacht hit rocks and again the two crew members were transferred to the lifeboat for safety as the leaking yacht was towed by the emergency services to Ibiza Town.

Finally a third yacht, 11m long, broke it’s anchor near Cala Bassa and ran into other pleasure craft moored in the bay at the beach. The lifeboat secured the damaged yacht and towed it to nearby San Antonio.

Cliff Jumper Killed.

A 20 year old Italian was killed at Cala Baster beach in Formentera when he tried to jump from 10m high cliff into the sea, landing on the rocks instead of in the water. His two friends were already swimming in the sea when the man decided to try his fatal jump. The tragic accident reportedly happened at 6.30am and it is thought that all three youngsters decided to go for a swim after having partied on the island that night.

Life Guards Save Baby.1535689_604256843024367_2089856106080995147_n

A 27 year old life guard, Maite Navarro Morales, was watching from the observation tower as a young mother played in the water with her 18 month old baby at Cala Salada beach. The baby was on a lilo when the child appeared to be drowning even though she had not fallen in the water. Rushing to help the stricken mother and get the baby to the beach, the life guard started emergency treatment to extract water from the baby’s lungs whilst the other life guard rang the emergency services for help. It is thought that the baby had taken in the water when her head fell between the ridges dividing the inflatable sections that make up most lilos. Once at hospital more emergency treatment was carried out and the baby made a full recovery thanks to the initial quick life saving action of life guard Maite.



Ring Ring, Ring Ring, “good afternoon, Ibiza Sun, can i help you?”
“Hi, i wonder if you can, I’m calling from the Daily Mail and I’m writing a piece on Ibiza’s Drug problems but I’m struggling to find information and i hoped you could help me with some facts”
“Seriously? Why would you even think to ask that? What possible reason do you think I would have to assist in a UK newspaper’s sleaze fest at the expense of my own community? I mean just how arrogant are you that you assume we would want to participate? Are you on drugs?” (perhaps not the best thing to say but I’m a little exasperated – it’s not the first of these calls this week)
mail “well we want to get accurate information”
me “well there’s a scoop I’ll run with that, ‘UK newspaper wants accurate Ibiza information’,”
mail “so are you saying there isn’t a problem?”
me “what?? that’s a subtle as a horse (i don’t know why i said horse either but I’ve never met a subtle horse so i can live with it) you really expect me to be stupid enough to answer that in any way? My only problem right now is you I am ending this call.”

It may not have been the right way to deal with her, but it did feel good. It seems the UK tabloids have us in their sights and they are relentless in their objective of rubbishing our island at every opportunity. We receive several such calls a week and later the same day the Mail called we started to get calls every few minutes indicating some scandal story had broken amongst the muck raking writers of what is left of Fleet Street. On such days we resort to switching the phones to answer-phone however their sickly sweet pleas for assistance will not be answered.

What really irritates is that none seem to consider the fact that Ibiza’s problem is not actually Ibiza’s problem. You do not see many Ibicenco people chugging down pints of 5€ Fat Frog, and how many of your resident friends do you see staggering around Playa D’en Bossa with the spatial awareness of an anaesthetised horse? Well Ok perhaps one or two occasionally but the point is that what is presented as Ibiza’s drug problem is far more the U.K.’s than ours. They are the country with a populous apparently so dissatisfied with their lot at home that they cannot wait to get on a plane and get off their faces away from it all for two weeks a year. So perhaps that is the answer we should give. If you want to stop Ibiza having a drug problem stop sending it to us in the first place. (of course do then go on to stress that the empty planes should then be filled with an alternative source of tourists otherwise we are then a bit stuffed).


During 2013 whilst an employee of the Ibiza Sun I accepted a private assignment from a Scottish newspaper to take photographs of 3 buildings relating to the Peru 2 story. At the time I rationalised this to myself by thinking it was only photos of buildings, not an expose that would cause an individual distress. It was a welcome hundred euro bonus for an hour’s work. In hindsight I was helping a newspaper build a page for one of these anti-Ibiza reports. I would not take a similar assignment again. I have now donated the fee to the Sh1t Party charity fund.


A crime news story that slipped past my radar last week was printed with an opening sentence that “Two Black men …”. I know people place different levels of importance on such usage but my view is that it is totally wrong to do so.
The race of an individual should only be mentioned where it is directly relevant. In the context of crime reports this would usually be only within an officially released description of a suspect sought by the Police.
We do not start reports with two White men so we should not state two Black. Is anybody having been mugged really concerned at the colour of who mugged them over and above the offence itself?


Island Life



logo-eivissajazz_claireb_280714Ibiza Jazz Festival, Aug 21st-23rd

The Ibiza Jazz Festival (Eivissa Jazz 2014) takes place over three days from August 21st-23rd in the Baluard de Santa Llúcia in Dalt Vila. For the 26th edition of the festival, eight acts will perform over the three days, including top international and national artists and local musicians. The highlight will be the Benny Golson Quartet, led by the 85-year-old tenor saxophonist and composer born in Philadelphia, who will close the festival on the Saturday night, August 23rd.

Eivissa Jazz 2014 will also feature other parallel activities such as jazz-themed cinema, seminars, courses and exhibitions. After each concert, from about half-past midnight, musicians and people who want to continue the evening can do so in Bar Sa Questio, C/ Vicent Serra, 35, where jam sessions will be scheduled. Check the website for details of these activities.


August 21st: Eivissa Jazz Big Band, Mambo Jambo (Dani Nello), plus a jazz disco.

August 22nd: Jove Big Band de la Escuela de Música Moderna (Modern Music School) y Jazz del Patronat, Muriel Grossamn Quartet, Susana Shieman and Open Gate, plus a jazz disco.

August 23rd: Treejay Trio (presentation of new CD), Norberto Rodriguez Quartet, Benny Golson Quartet ,plus a jazz disco.

All concerts start at 10pm, and are held in the Baluart Santa Llucia, Dalt Vila. Tickets are 15€ for each day. More info:


Urban in Ibiza @ AtzaroUrban-in-Ibiza_claireb_110814

Last Thursday saw one of the highlights of the annual cultural calendar return to the island, when Urban in Ibiza brings its eclectic mix of urban art, music, performances and fashion to the sumptuous surroundings of Atzaro. Back for its 6th year at the venue, this year’s theme was Bespoke Tailored Anarchy. It’s the brainchild of Paul ‘Dizzi’ Saunders, who brings artworks from about fourty of the best contemporary and street artists from London’s West Bank Gallery, including Banksy, Goldie, Inkie, Fin Dac, and Ibiza resident Chapter.

On arrival, just as the sun was setting on another day, I purchased a chilled glass of cava, sauntered around the venue and embraced acquaintances. The event has become one of The Places to go to and be seen at. Meanwhile Ibizan regular DJ Andy Carroll was playing some great music from under the canopy of a beautiful fringed parasol.

Walking down the steps into the garden area where the live painting was taking place, the first thing that hit you was the heady smell of spray paint in the air, which was far more powerful than the aromas coming from the barbecued food stall! Several artists, including Inkie, Fin Dac, Dank, Zeus, Soap, and Code FC were working away on illuminated large canvases. This for me is one of the highlights of the event: being able to watch a canvas take shape over the course of the evening. It’s a rare insight into the creation of a work of art.
Whilst all that creativity was bursting forth, around the pool area people were buying food from the several stalls on offer and relaxing on huge Balinese wooden beds, or chatting in small groups and sipping chilled drinks in the hot August night, whilst hip hop and gritty funky urban music wafted around the venue. One of the things I love about this event is the culture clash of bringing urban music and art to one of Ibiza’s most beautiful and chilled-out venues. On paper it shouldn’t work, but it does, and everything co-exists in perfect harmony.

Back up in the main venue, it was time to peruse the exhibition, housed in a room next to the restaurant. Paintings were positioned informally on the floor, on easels, on furniture and on the walls. With over fourty artists exhibiting, the work was stylistically varied, but the room was a riot of colour and it was a rare treat to see a room filled with contemporary art in Ibiza. Colourful portraits of Marilyn sat next to images of skulls and guns, an image of the Queen’s head constructed out of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ flyers, and my personal favourite, Elvis as Jesus Christ. If only I had the bank balance to be able to take some home with me.

When I emerged from the exhibition, the first of the night’s live entertainment had begun, with duo RIVRS playing to the crowd that had assembled in front of them. I didn’t catch some of the later performances and the fashion shows because I had to hot foot it over to Las Dalias for 11pm to catch Nightmares on Wax playing live, but I was happy with what I’d seen and judging by the packed venue, everyone else was happy too. There was also some live sculpting from Gareth Knowles, but I regrettably somehow managed to miss that.

The exhibition continues at Atzaro until August 21st. All the works on show are for sale. Atzaro Agroturismo, Ctra. Sant Joan Km 15, Ibiza.


New at The “Friendly Farm”

Mussona-2-CH-040814This amazing news from Can Pere Mussona, the only 100% certified organic Granja on the island, was just too late for last week’s edition. In a new venture “From Farm to Plate” ‘Ronnie Mussona is giving island residents the chance not only to support the increase in the herds of endangered, indigenous black pigs and flocks of black sheep and their cross bred cousins, but also to enjoy the simply delicious meat they produce.

If you’re fed up with buying expensive, chemically forced meat, with no guarantee that the animals haven’t been raised on GM feed, derived from animals that have spent their short life in total misery? – Then this is for you!!! Why buy lamb from half way around the world or factory pork reared in the most appalling conditions in the Far East and then sneakily repackaged in Europe, when you can go straight to the farm to collect, take home and truly enjoy the meat of an animal that has lived a contented free-range life, is raised by experts in ideal conditions and fed on 100% certified organic fodder? And, even more important – the meat will be sold a very, very competitive prices.

Can Pere Mussona has, from – Wednesday 6 August 2014 – launched a new scheme whereby registered members of the public will have the opportunity to purchase organic lamb or pork direct “from the farm gate.” On Ibiza this will be a truly unique opportunity! Can Pere Mussona is the only registered mixed livestock farm on the island!!!

So here’s how it will work – and it is truly simple!!!

The person interested contacts the farm via its Facebook page, enrols in the scheme on a “first come first served basis” and becomes an official ‘Friend of Can Pere Mussona.’

The animal and breed is chosen – either by you or by the farm on your behalf. Members are then sent a contract with their animal’s official registration number, which comes in form of a government ear tag, placed on each animal’s ear. A down payment of 25% of the total projected cost of the weighed in meat is made – the balance becomes due on delivery of the finished animal to the member. The final price will calculated by kilo, using the government weights from the official island abattoir. Don’t forget as well, that just so long you are registered in the scheme, if you think you couldn’t use a whole lamb or pig, you could always share one with a relative or neighbour,.

Members of the scheme are free any time (between 11am and 12.30pm on weekdays) to come and view the pigs or the lambs along with your family and friends, bring your left-over vegetables! In fact we actively encourage these visits as we believe it is important to see the welfare standards in operation.

Nearing time for the humane slaughter, you will be informed of the date and asked to specify which cuts you require.

Then simply come and collect!!! And at the same time, you can visit our organic vegetable garden!

That’s it, all you need to do then is to cook and enjoy the best flavoured meat that you are ever likely to have tasted.

Please befriend Can Pere Mussona on Facebook and post your interest if you’d like to become a scheme member. “Ronnie Mussona” will then send you a direct line number for a chat about your requirements and trusting that you’re happy, will enrol you.

Aquarium Cap Blancaquarium-4-SV-110814

I visited the aquarium in San Antonio near Cala Gració. It’s linked to a beach bar giving stunning views of the sea and the sunset strip of cocktail bars. I have been to aquariums before so expected it to be a room full of fish tanks. I was wrong. The fish were in the actual sea, the aquarium being an underwater cave. There were dividers stopping the fish from escaping.

It was all natural coves and rocks with low lighting, plants, shells and tranquil music. There were so many different sea animals. There were six fish tanks spread out also for the smaller species. They used to have octopuses, however they managed to climb up the dividers and go back into the sea which wasn’t sectioned off, we were told. The different coloured fish were lovely, all lit up, their violet, pink and blue colours illuminating under the lights. I saw sharks, rays, dogfish, sea sponges, crabs, sea plants and more. Due to over fishing, some of the fish species are at the brink of extinction in many Mediterranean coastal areas which is a shame.

You can learn quite a bit about fish, such as the Epinephelos marginatus undergoing a sex transformation as it grows, rays that have a poisonous barb, smoothounds with a different reproductive system, in some cases they are oviparous (coming out in eggs) but in others are viviparous, similar to humans they have a placenta and it grows in the belly of the female. You can read about how the fish live in the sea and what they feed on etc.

There are information boards advising which fish are what, in different languages including English. There’s a little book and pen at the entrance for visitors to write a message.

The aquarium is financed by San Antonio’s City Council for the recuperation of the local species, and return to their habitat. Also to make the public aware of the problems affecting the sea environment, the causes that provoke them and prevention measures.

The opening hours are 10am to 10pm every day from 1st May to the 31st October. It is also open in the winter on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm from 1st November to 30th April. The prices are 4.80€ for adults and 2.80€ for children. Tickets can be purchased from the bar once you are there.


Inkie mural in Salinas

Inkie-Mural_Boutique-Hostal-Salinas_claireb_110814As part of the warm-up for ‘Urban in Ibiza’ the internationally renowned artist Inkie (aka Tom Bingle) from Bristol painted a mural on the side of Boutique Hostal Salinas. The mural was started at the warm-up party on August 2nd and was completed over the next few days. It’s a stunning new piece of art and typical of Inkie’s inimitable Ink Nouveau ladies.

I highly recommend popping along to the hotel to see it in all its glory and chill out and have a drink on the terrace whilst you do so. There are various events and parties happening on different days of the week at the hotel, including the ‘Once Upon a Time’ market (not a hippy market) on Sundays from 5pm till late, Thursday’s Sunshine People and Friday’s Lo Cura Lounge. They also have a fabulous restaurant ‘La Marisqueria’, which offers fresh seafood and other seasonal dishes. Check their Facebook page for details of events.
Murals are also popping up in various locations in San Antonio as part of the on-going Bloop Festival, bringing colourful, large-scale artworks into the streets and neighbourhoods of Ibiza.

Inkie’s work can also be seen in Ibiza at the Urban Spaces Art Hotel on via Punica, where he has decorated one of the rooms and parts of the roof terrace. Some work is also currently on show at ‘Urban in Ibiza’ at Atzaro until August 21st.

Boutique Hostal Salinas:


ARTd3 at Can TixedoARTd3-NT-110814

The showroom Can Tixedo in Forada opens this Friday at 8.30pm for the first show of artist group ARTd3, consisting of three Can Misses Hospital wardens who love art and have decided to present their works together.

It is an eclectic exhibition as far as it comes to the styles. You can find from painting and primitive sculpture of Joan Marí, who has exhibited in the Supermercat de l’Art, to the more expressionistic works of Manuel Mesas, passing on to the hyperrealism of Emilio Fernández, whose works have been displayed in the exhibition hall of La Caixa and the Arteca room.






La Casita

Definitive Dining At Restaurant La Casita.

la casita adThere are some beautiful restaurants on Ibiza and one that certainly fits into that category is La Casita. Situated in Urbanisation Valverde, between Sta Eulalia and Cala Llonga, this restaurant is an oasis of calm and relaxation and it’s difficult to decide which is the most relaxing sound, the chirping of the crickets in the surrounding pine trees or the trickling of the fountains in the garden pond. When you arrive you are immediately struck by the beauty of this finca restaurant with its pristinely set tables and the tranquillity of the garden terrace, the perfect place for that pre dinner glass of wine or a House Cocktail. A full A La Carte menu is available offering some of the finest Mediterranean and International dishes you’ll find anywhere. Gastronomically inventive dishes are Austrian owner/chef Johanne

la-casita-7-120814s’s speciality. Cream of green fig soup with green pepper and spinach. Salad with lobster, grilled scallops, with a dressing of mango and balsamic vinegar. Carpaccio’s of meat or fish. Crepes filled with spinach and shrimps on a leek sauce, to name just a few of his exquisite creations. If you are more of traditionalist then select one of the succulent steaks, perhaps the fillet steak in a raspberry sauce, served with gratin potatoes and fresh local vegetables.

There are dishes to share; the Chateaubriand is a must, or a Fondue, always an intimate way to dine. If you are a Pasta type you won’t be disappointed with the dishes on offer. The speciality ice creams and crepe confections are irresistibly superb. At the weekends you can opt for the “Menu de Desgustación”. This menu changes according to the season and availability of mainly locally produced ingredients. There is normally a choice of threela-casita-6-120814 “Wines of the week” priced at around 18€, or you can select your particular favourite from the extensive selection on offer. Johannes and his staff are efficient, friendly and always on hand to assist you with your selections should you need them. If you are planning a wedding, christening or any other special occasion then the purpose built pavilion with its central fountain is perhaps one of the most delightful venues you’ll find. La Casita also offers a catering service that will bring this same quality and individual flair to your private party anywhere on the island. For opening times and reservation information call 971 330293 or see La Casita’s advert.
la casita 2







Nick Gibbs

Alex P and Brandon Block—founding fathers of the Space terrace way back when—are in Ibiza on the final leg of the History of House world tour.
They will be playing Ocean Beach on Sunday for what is bound to be a memorable day, especially as it is Alex P’s 50th birthday too, at San An’s sun and be seen success story.

Their contribution to everything we know as Ibiza is immense. The first daytime outdoor party—the format that became the Ibiza icon that turned Dance music from inside to out and from darkness to light.

With Space celebrating their 25th Anniversary earlier this month, an event notable by the terrace twins absence, I was pleased to meet the Tottenham two for a chat in the run up. Well I say chat, but for some reason on the day I couldn’t keep it simple and so decided to go for an idea of back to back interviewing. Questions were prepared and filed away within record sleeves with a clue as to the contents written on the outside.

So how would we get on? Would the boys play nice and get into a mutual groove, or throw each other a curve ball or two?

Brandon played first, let the questions spin.


BB. Now eligible for Saga Holidays, will you be growing old disgracefully?
AP. Ha ha—without a shadow of a doubt. It is a great time in my life. I’ve got a wonderful young family—I’ve been given a second chance. I’ve got a 17 year old Zak —my pride and joy—and a 4 year old Rio with Amanda my new partner.
Live for the day.

Ibiza Innit

AP. You lucky sod. Easy one. What is your favourite Ibiza …
BB. Back when we were here all the time we used to use Gracioneta. Now of course it’s Ocean Beach with my good friends and ex-partners from Linekers. But for sandy escapes Gracioneta—tucked away and private. Then of course there’s Salinas and the vibe down there. Brilliant.
AP. Restaurant?
BB. Well I expect there are so many what you’d call cheffy restaurants here now, we just some great sushi here, fantastic, but you know in all my time in Ibiza it has to be a place that isn’t there any more, a curry house in Port Des Torrent called Palms. Brilliant. It was just over the road from us. He used to make it so hot, so hot, we’d have mate’s crying.
AP. Current Club?
BB. My clubbing days are so infrequent now. I still have a soft spot for Es Paradis—inside it’s still got the Ibiza style. But as for the big Clubs, I’ve no real interest in going into any of them. I guess I’m just getting old ha ha.
AP. All Time Club Party? (excluding Space terrace)
BB. All time, well it’s got to be Clockwork Orange. We were integral in building that brand over here. There have been so many great ones but for the whole package, longevity, the vibe, the people, definitely Clockwork Orange.

Final Vinyl

BB. What are your most treasured records and why?
AP. Wow. This is a deep question for me right now as I’ve just been going through all my records. I had 50,000 plus in a basement in West Hampstead—we got flooded and I lost about 20% of them.
Going through them I think it would be the late 80’s and 90’s. But you know it’s my Disco and Jazz Funk that I just couldn’t part with. They’d be the ones I’d save.
When we get asked to do sets we’re always asked to do old classics and to get them online is virtually impossible.
Those records still get played today and work. You don’t get that from records anymore. So much of what is released now has a 2 hour shelf life. Takes a couples of hours to make them and before you know it they’re gone, finished.

Space Cake

AP. Ah you’ve got it, this is the question I would have asked you. Space 25th Birthday brought up a whole lot of fond nostalgia.
For a decade the Space terrace and the daytime party defined Ibiza. You created a lifestyle for thousands. On a scale of awesomeness how awesome does that feel?

BB. In any interview I’ve always said the pinnacle of my music career has been the Space Terrace. Given the opportunity by you Alex to play with you and start the party that got all parties going was very special.
The awesomeness of that was pretty, well awesome, yeah. It was the first in the world. Nightclubs just did not open in the day. First outside too. The Space terrace was the epitome of daytime clubbing. Everyone went there. Everyone.

AP: Why weren’t you involved in the Birthday celebrations?
BB: You know what I wasn’t actually too surprised. I don’t know but I had a bit of a run in a few years back. I’d just written my book, obviously with plenty about the terrace years and Space asked me to play the closing party. Before or perhaps after I was playing, I can’t remember exactly, I thought I’d go and take a look in the Terrace box, just for old times sake I suppose. They wouldn’t let me in. You know like the terrace we’d started and made what it was and still is and I wasn’t allowed in. I was pretty put out by that and I let them know what I thought. I didn’t deserve it but definitely Alex didn’t deserve it—he wasn’t even there. It’s a pretty pathetic incident really looking back but the snub seems to have carried on.
AP: It wasn’t busy in them days before we started. Inside was just full of freaks.
BB: That’s right, we pulled them outside and that’s what really made it. It introduced a whole new group of people who became a publicity machine back in their native countries. It wasn’t just the Brits. There was a mass of Italians, Dutch, Swedish.
AP: It made us global too. It was so different back then without social media and all that. The mixed crowd ended up in us getting bookings all around the world. This was the early 90’s.
BB: There weren’t really even any promoters, a few in London, but it was just us two DJing at the time. We used to play every night of the week round all the clubs, then Space every morning. By 92 it was 7 nights a week and Space 7 days a week. Not bloody surprising I ended up with a drug problem is it—ha ha.
AP: We were a bit pissed we were snubbed. In everything they’ve put out there’s not a bit about anything before 1997.
BB: They can’t count then. Because by my sums 25 years is 1989—which is when we started, not 1997.
AP: On a final note we would both like to thank Colin Butts hugely for his words. (ed—see end of interview for Colin Butts’ text from issue 743) I didn’t feel able to say anything myself but I, well both of us, were really appreciative of what he said. It went nuts on Social Media, thousands of likes and comments. Colin puts it so well, it’s not about slagging off other DJs at all, but it would have been nice to be acknowledged for your contribution.


AP: How well do you know your anthems? What tunes are these lines from?

NG To be honest there is not much point printing the responses. Both Alex and Brandon tried but couldn’t guess any of the 4 correctly. Given their reputation as the masters of the Anthem I didn’t pick the most obvious lyrics—but still a pretty poor showing. If you can get any of the following you’ve beaten the best—answers at the foot of the page.

  1. Is when I search for the light, Pick up my pen and start to write
  2. I have got a feeling that you’re gonna like it what I’m doing to you
  3. Baseline pumping, Body’s rocking, Pulling the crowd hear them shout
  4. De de, de de, de de, de da, de da, de da

Brotherly Love

AP: Working together a long time.
Ever get fed up with each other?
BB: Ha ha brilliant, well we did fall out for a whole 4 years. I guess it’s inevitable when you work with someone so much that sometimes you’ll hit a problem. We buried the hatchet—it was stupid.
AP: But really overall to be working in such an egotistical world for so long and so closely we did really well. Probably helped that we doused everything down with alcohol and drugs ha ha.
BB: We numbed our pain ha ha
AP: But you know if you want to DJ and you want to get anywhere you have to be egotistical. You have to believe you are the best DJ in the land.

Annoying habits?
BB: You and my bloody volume levels
AP: You’re a bloody knob twiddler
BB: When I‘m waiting for a nice breakdown you come and mix something into it
AP: that’s payback for twiddling with my knobs.

Our thanks to Alex and Brandon

Text as printed in issue 743

Ah, those were the days.” The Space 25th Anniversary has sparked much nostalgia amongst Ibizans of a certain age. It seems everybody has some fond recollections of their own journey through Space.
As is no surprise we can rely on Colin Butts to say what so many are thinking in his own imitable style through his facebook post this week.

Colin Butts

So, today is the 25th anniversary of Space. A superclub. Not a superclub that suddenly burst onto the scene as a result of having millions of euros thrown at it, retaining the world’s biggest DJs for astronomic fees and having a blind eye turned to licensing laws most other businesses have to comply to. Yes, that might be the case now but why did it become so popular in the 1st place?
Daytime partying. The place all clubbers went to in the 90s after a night out, streaming into the club at 8am whilst bemused tourists going to the water park or staying in the Fiesta hotel opposite (now Ushuaia) looked on.
Were it not for those daytime sessions, Space would not be the club it is – indeed, Ibiza probably wouldn’t be the island it is.
Sure, the scene has evolved just as everything evolves and no-one should live in the past…but that doesn’t mean you should forget the past.
So, whereas for best part of a decade from the early-mid 90s I would fly from the UK for every opening & closing party at the behemoth of clubbing, today, even though I live but a dozen miles away, I won’t be going. Yes, part of that is cos my own clubbing journey has all but fizzled out but there’s another reason.
Two DJs changed that club (and possibly Ibiza) yet in all the hype I haven’t seen a mention of them or any real appreciation of what they did when they had the idea of doing daytime parties in what was then a disco-cum-conference centre.
As far as I’m aware, they haven’t even been invited.
So, whilst the thousands are in Space today, the majority totally unaware of the fact that they probably wouldn’t be standing or dancing there were it not for these 2 DJs, I shall be at home raising my glass to them and having a nostalgic 5 minutes remembering those incredible days on the Space terrace.

Alex Petrides and Brandon Block I salute you.



History of House

Ocean Beach Sunday 17th August

Little over a year old, ´´History´´ has now toured in 17 countries around the world and is now growing at a rate no one could have imagined… proving one thing… The Classics Are Timeless!!!
Sunday 17th August, Ocean Beach opens its doors for what is set to be their best event yet… DJs from the last 25 years will be getting together to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of the Islands most iconic figures, Alex P, co founder of the now world famous Space Terrace. Of course no party with Alex would be complete without his right hand man Brandon Block, as they play nothing but over two decades of classics alongside Hacienda legend Graeme Park, Creams John Kelly, one of the Islands most famous and longstanding female DJs Jo Mills, History of House founder Jon Besant, Jon Fitz, Swankys boys Parris and LLoyd and many more including local DJs Alexander J, Drew Moreland and Alice Rose… to add to this Historic party will be the irreplaceable sounds of The Lovely Laura on Sax and Wayne B on Percussion.


Alex P says ´´Ocean Beach is a breath of fresh air for the Island, hats off to Tru Heffner aka Tony Truman for creating such an amazing atmosphere and party vibe in San Antonio, and to be playing my 50th Birthday on the Island with so many people that have shaped my career and supported me for so many years is nothing less than perfect´´
In the last year History of House has now thrown parties in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Marbella, Manchester and more but founder Jon Besant says ´´for some reason, this is the one that I am most nervous and excited about!! The day Tony rang me to say we could have a date in the 2014 summer calendar, I had to pinch myself as I know the venue hosts so many amazing brands and parties´´ he explained ´´Ibiza is the place I went on my holidays from just 17 years old and didn’t miss a single year until I decided to take a break a few years ago, anyone that knows my DJ sets know that I’ve never strayed to far from the anthems or classics and to be able to create a brand that has been received by all ages with so much support around the world for me is a dream come true. Working with artists that I used to pay to go and see, and who I now class as friends is a match made in heaven!!´´
Tickets, Beds or any information for History of House are available from
or you can contact Jon directly on 0034 608219408…
Will you be a part of History?


Anthem Answers. 1. Faithless Insomnia 2. Inner City Good Life 3. D-Mob We Call It Aciieed 4. Café Del Mar (Joke)




At Night



enjoyed it so much the first week that I went back for more last Friday. The film ‘Cabaret’ was shown outside on the big screen, which accompanied by a special ‘Kit Kat Klub’ cava-based cocktail and the return of my new favourite the Espresso Martini, was a perfect start to the evening and what was to follow. Another treat was that as the film was coming to an end at midnight the firework display for the Sant Ciriac fiesta fired up, and we had a perfect view from the terrace, looking at them shooting into the night sky with a backdrop of Dalt Vila. Meanwhile Liza was still singing her heart out on the big screen to the left of the pyrotechnics – a slightly surreal but interesting spectacle.

Phantasmagoria_claireb2_110814Having missed a lot of the live shows the previous week, I went inside as soon as the film was over and caught an amazing show from guitarist Paco Fernández and his fellow musicians playing his special invention of Balearic flamenco. He was joined periodically onstage by who I later found out was his niece, who danced in contemporary flamenco style to the music. At one point she performed with no musical backing, producing rhythms solely from two wooden walking sticks and her shoes! Simply amazing, and a great way to kick off the proceedings inside. Tunes from DJ Andy Carroll got me dancing whilst podium dancers and colourful characters parading around the venue ensured there was always something to feast your eyes on. I also managed to grab a great view of Part 1 of the main live show featuring Mike and Claire and a host of other performers, which along with stunning lighting and amazing Boom-night-club-Ibiza-logo
acrobatic performances, was a fantastic staged theatrical show. After a cold beer and a bit more dancing I ran off into the night, not because I wasn’t enjoying myself but because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I needed to do on Saturday.

I’m not really a fan of the run-of-the-mill clubbing experience, but the atmosphere
and the theatre that Mike and Claire and their chums create and the people that the night attracts make it for me a winning combination and a great experience and night out. I liked the music too! I will be back.

Ultraviolet @ Play 2Lisa-Lashes---Ultraviolet-SV-110814

Ultraviolet held at Play 2 on the West End Ibiza is a UV themed dance event bringing you the latest in tech, progressive, trance and hard dance. It was started by Vicky Devine, (her fourteenth season) who previously ran Charlys Angelz at Play 2. With a variety of many amazing DJ’s performing their own individual music style, it’s a night out that you don’t want to miss. Amazing music, the best of DJ’s, great drink offers and no entrance fee, you cannot get better than that!

On August 2nd, Ultraviolet had legendary DJ Lisa Lashes wow the crowd, as well as other guest DJ’s: DJ Ange and Lee game, with residents Vicky Devine, Dan Kelly, Lloyd Scoulding and Paul Strachan. The club was absolutely packed with everyone on the dance floor, enjoying the music and filming the DJ’s and the event on their mobile phones.

Other guest DJ’s to grace Ultraviolet to name a few are: Rory Hannaway, Gareth White, Darragh O Sullivan, Shane Collins, Maria Healy, Mcaree & Clancy, Claudia Cazacu, Kirsten Keegan, Paul Stone, and many more.

On Saturday 9th August, Ultraviolet had the Elysium Guys on the decks, with guest DJ’s Amos and Coax.

Play 2 with its awesome sound system, centre middle dance floor, laser lighting, impressive line ups, and professional photographers to capture the night, it has always been a popular club in San Antonio, never short of clubbers. With Ultraviolet it is even better!

The doors open at 12pm until late, and Ultraviolet is every Saturday.

www.twitter.com/ultravioletibz #UVIBIZA2014

Bastille at

IR_LOGO_2013 copy

I was given the opportunity to review Bastille at Ibiza Rocks Hotel on 6th August – an English rock band which formed in 2010, and have sold 2.07 million records in the UK alone.

Their first studio album bad blood topped the charts, having been released in March 2013. Not only has their music appeared on TV shows such as Hollyoaks, Made In Chelsea and The Vampire Diaries, but they’ve performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Redfest, Isle of Wight and more.

I arrived at Ibiza Rocks to find the place packed. Rag N Bone Man had previously performed, a soul and blues singer with a unique, great sounding voice. The DJ then on before Bastille span some amazing tracks, getting the crowd lively and dancing. I really enjoyed his set, just the sort of music I love.

As soon as Bastille were introduced, the crowd went crazy, applauding and cheering. Dan Smith, the lead vocalist got straight into it, singing his heart out, dancing and jumping in the air when the beat kicked in. Kyle Simmons provided the keyboard and bass sounds, with William Farquarson playing the acoustic guitar, and Chris ‘Woody’ Wood providing the drums – all of them backing vocalists also.bastille2-SV-080814

As well as their own music, they have covered other artist’s songs, such as Titanium by Guetta, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and No Scrubs by TLC. I’m not really a big fan of covers, however when they sang No Scrubs, I actually liked it, and the vocals were brilliant. They really did put their own stamp on it, and it was catchy, getting the crowd dancing.

Bastille performed several songs, starting with Laura Palmer. Others that stood out for me which I enjoyed were These Streets, and Blame.

The crowd was a mixture of men and women, and the atmosphere was buzzing, the girls going particularly wild, screaming in admiration. Not only did the audience dance the whole way through, but they sang along. As usual, Ibiza Rocks was a good night out, as it always is!


Wax Da Jam @ Las Dalias

Following on from last week’s interview in The Ibizan with George from Nightmares on Wax, last Thursday I went along to Las Dalias for Wax Da Jam to catch Nightmares on Wax playing live to commemorate their 25th anniversary this year. Fresh off the back of their US tour it was a great opportunity to catch the band playing live in Ibiza. Wax Da Jam is Nightmares-On-Wax_claireb_110814presented by Nightmares on Wax and Babylon Beach, and has moved to its new home in Las Dalias this summer. It was my first time at Las Dalias, and also my first time seeing Nightmares on Wax live, despite having loved lots of their music over the years!

Like myself, many people arrived just before 11pm, having previously been at the opening of Urban in Ibiza at nearby Atzaro. I bought a cold beer and had a wander around the beautiful garden to get my bearings and located the stage, which was all set up and ready for the band. The place quickly filled up and some time after 11, I spotted the group behind the stage having a group huddle/pep talk before taking to the stage. Having recorded seven albums over the last 25 years, they have an extensive back catalogue to draw from and over the next 60 minutes or so (I was enjoying the performance so much I don’t recall how long they played for) they treated us to a mix of their tunes, moving from soul to hiphop to chillout and much more from their repertoire in between. Nightmares main man DJ Ease, AKA George Evelyn, sang and manned the decks and the laptop, and was joined at the front of the stage by two other singers, Ricky Ranking and Mozez (Zero 7). When not concentrating on their performance they danced around the small stage and they all looked like they were having a thoroughly good time, as did the drummer providing the rhythm at the back. There was a lot of humorous banter coming from the stage in between the songs and the atmosphere coming from the stage and from the audience in the outdoor, intimate venue was exactly what you’d want: friendly, laid-back, fun, with everybody grooving to the music.

Amongst lots of others we were treated to ‘You Wish’, ‘Da Feelin’ and an airing of ‘Nights Interlude’ from DJ Ease, a personal favourite of mine. Shovell the Drum Warrior did not make an appearance, as he was performing over at Urban in Ibiza at Atzaro. Nonetheless it was a perfect set for a hot, humid, August Ibizan night.

After their set, the party then continued inside with Negghead and the Babylon Beach DJs and some very special guests till late. For 2014, the Las Dalias club boasts a futuristic theme to create a space and sound that represents the way Nightmares on Wax have progressed over time. Having been nicely warmed up previously by the live performance, it didn’t take long for the dancing to commence to the eclectic mix of funky, hiphop tunes that were played for the appreciative crowd.

I should also point out that to accompany the music, the Las Dalias restaurant is open from 8.30pm. There’s also a selection of Soul Food stalls in the garden. Think rice and peas and jerk chicken. And between bouts on the dance floor, you can mooch around a small selection of friends of Wax Da Jam stalls searching for trinkets and treats, or nip up to the mezzanine for a shisha. They’re also having a community hour so that local bands can play too.

The press release described the night as “more of a carnival than a party, it’s like a mini Notting Hill in the Med”, and that’s a pretty accurate description of how I found it. A nice, friendly vibe, with a chilled-out crowd consisting predominantly of island residents, a lovely location, and great music both from the stage and the DJs.

Wax Da Jam runs every Thursday at Las Dalias in San Carlos until September 18th, with free entrance before 11pm and Nightmares on Wax are playing live every week just after 11pm.

That’s Thursdays sorted!


Ibiza Dance Chart by SZ_Logo_1_2_Blue_RGB_300

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …Shazam


1 Forget – Patrick Topping
2 Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules
3 Bullit – Watermät
4 Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls
5 My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise
6 Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell
7 Hoodlum – Traumer
8 Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix) – Emeli Sandé
9 Never Grow Old – Floorplan
10 Finder – Ninetoes

Bad Batch Alert!10547431_267066686816405_4016295185327516739_n

FrancoFranco has his spies everywhere and as he no longer uses them to control a brutal dictatorship we asked him to take on a more socially responsible role. Franco says these CHEEKY MONKEYS are very bad news. Whatever you do in Ibiza, DON’T DO THESE.

For information and advice on all drug related issues;



A night in the life of an aspiring celebrity Journalist



When Nick, the editor, offered me the chance to interview one of Ibiza’s summer crop of “sparkly shiny” summer visitors last week I thought my days as an investigative ‘celebrity journalist’ had finally arrived!

No not the ‘fighty shouty’ boys and not the lady with the extremely large bottom who is ever present on the glossy pages. Someone I thought might just be reachable, which made me incline the questions to the more serious side of the spectrum, to give the subject a chance to give the public some genuine personality insights, rather than the usual superficial ‘stuff,’ that circulates. Wrong!

I’d been asked to prepare and submit a series of questions for pre-approval to be put to the person in question. I then spent the best part of a day doing this, checked them with Nick who submitted them to the ‘PR machine’ that is inevitably joined at the hip with high profile people. We were subsequently asked by the local PR representative, to submit the three which we would most like to ask. Which we did and back came the reply “Sorry you’re too late.” Which made me wonder, having used words of at least thee syllables, more than once, whether the back room support team had difficulty reading or understanding the questions, later I found out that, no that wasn’t the problem. It transpired that the very professional local PR manager, let us call her ‘Miss G,’ to save her blushes, wasn’t entirely in charge, her role was to organise “The Promotional Bash,” collect as many journalists from all over Europe to worship at the feet of the “Worthy One” and to keep we newshounds in order.

It appears that ‘Miss G’ had to then submit what she thought were appropriate questions to yet another PR person in the ‘Golden Circle’ of “The Worthy One”, who it transpired then ‘approved’ certain questions from only the biggest of organisations, re-wrote them and returned them to the selected journalists in a way that was acceptable. I know this because during the course of the long wait for the “appearance” I’d befriended a delightful presenter from a mainstream German TV channel and her cameraman, who had been chosen! I must assume that “The Worthy One” was then briefed by minders with scripted replies. I assume this because at the official ‘Press call’ one of the chosen ‘Journos’ stepped out of line, asked an unscripted question and was severely shouted at!

Having been invited to the Press Reception for cocktails and canapés at 23.00 on behalf of “The Worthy One” by Miss G, I must give her huge credit. We, that is maybe forty or so writers were right royally entertained to Moet and sushi until “The Appearance,” two hours later, by which time, being a non drinker I was well ‘buzzed up’ on Red Bull!

Taraaaa! At almost exactly one in the morning there poured out from the upper level of the VIP entrance to Amnesia, the most tantalising troupe of charming, sparkly, pink clad, uniformly bronzed young ladies wearing big hats and Hollywood smiles. The Hors d’Oeuvres were shortly to be followed by the arrival of a quite anonympaparazzious people carrier containing the “Worthy One”. Much flashing (of the photographic kind) was followed by ….. have you guessed by now? Yes Miss Paris Hilton, who in her defence, if she needs any, looked stunning at least to an old geezer like me, in a just over the knee cream coloured creation with sparkly silver bits on the shoulders and neckline!

Next came questions, not as by now you will have realised from the ‘great unwashed’ mob of assembled, assorted journalists, but from “The Chosen” wielding very large multi coloured microphones and enormous Video cameras. Then as soon as it started “Pooof” less than thirty minutes later it was all over. Paris was spirited away to get ready for her ‘set’, some two hours afterwards. It was all over and much as I would have liked to stay to see what happened next, the Red Bull was wearing off, “sayonara” Miss G, thank you for doing a great job.

And the morals of this tale are a) if you’re thinking of becoming a celebrity journalist think at least twice, be ready for long nights and disappointments, b) enjoy the cocktails and canapés and c) don’t believe a word of what you read, its all managed to the letter!




EastThe Far East

Remember, remember the 15th of August, (doesn’t quite scan but never mind) because it’s Fiesta Day in Cala Llonga. You can start early by visiting the Hippy Market tonight then joining in the Street Party down by the beach with music from Fortune and Fat Gumbo Bradley. Then, tomorrow, Friday 15th the programme is: 12 mid-day: Display of Antique motorcycles in front of fairground. 1:30pm: Mass in open air church. 4pm: Bar Mariposa: Swimming Gala (open to everyone). 6:30pm: Parade of Traditional horse drawn carts and carriages, followed by Country Dancing on the paseo. 8pm: Funky Disco/Dance Party on the beach with Toni Mareno and his band, Morning Drivers and DJ Jordi Cardona. The Fiesta comFar-East-BW-110814es to a close on Sunday 17th with Children’s Beach Games from 11am. Everyone in Cala Llonga looks forward to seeing you!

It would be remiss of us not to comment on the story causing quite a lot of interest in the local press regarding the vehicle being stopped by the police past week, only to discover six people in the back having sex. The amusing part to us was the fact that the police fined them all 200€ each for not wearing seat belts and the driver for driving without due care and attention, as he was looking into his rear view mirror to see what was going on behind him. Obviously the police lacked a little imagination, because for those who have engaged in pleasure on a back seat of a vehicle (not you or us of course) will know it’s virtually impossible to do anything with a seat belt on!

JuanLetter From Juan

It has been a week of Spectaculars. First there was the spectacular firework display in Eivissa town on Friday night and on Sunday night we had the closest “Supermoon” of the year. So on Friday we went into Eivissa and had a meal, then took up our positions on the waterfront along with hundreds of people. The only disappointment was the fact that these days they don’t do cascading fireworks on the walls of Dalt Vila either due to health and safety or because it is a World Heritage site but it was still a wonderful spectacle. Every time we go to Eivissa town we always say we should come more often it is great fun, in summer or winter, and it has a really good atmosphere. So if you live or staying on another part of the Island you should make an effort to visit Eivissa town I am sure you will not be disappointed. Talking of places to visit, this last week we have had the family here and consequently been visiting some of our old haunts that we used to go to twenty/thirty years ago and one of the beaches we revisited was Niu Blau in Santa Eulalia. If you are looking for a place that has a good beach and doesn’t have music constantly blaring out at you this is the place for you and the restaurant is still run by the same family that was running it over thirty years ago. Well it is time to go I have to be up early in the morning to be ready for another busy day with the family. Take care put on lots of sun tan cream, and have great week. Yours, Juan.

View from the pewView from the Pew

Many readers may know Mrs. Sally Kennedy of Cala de Bou. She has lived here for 47 years. These include working for 38 years, marrying, bringing up her family, serving many people, and now, Sally is saying goodbye to Ibiza. She flies next Sunday August 17th to join her son, and his family already settling in Australia, one year after emigrating there. Sally served as President of Age Concern; as Treasurer and general factotum (her words) of the English-speaking church and we’re sure in many other ways. She has been a good friend to many and an influence on many more.

There’s no doubt – it’s a big move and she will be missed. We arrived here three weeks ago to fill in as the Chaplain for six weeks. Almost the first words Sally said to us were “Can we sing ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ on August 17 please?” Later on she shared two lines in the final verse ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow’ which mean so much to her – and who of us could want more? She knows this move is God’s will for her and He will be with her as she steps out into the future. You will be very welcome to join us this Sunday – come and say goodbye to Sally and sing these words to our Father who is so faithful.

Peter and Barbara Jordan tel. 971 343 383

Services: Sunday 17th August 10.30am Holy Communion at San Rafael RC Church

Seasonal Ministry led by Rev. David Rouch tel. 638 37 34 79. 10.30am Holy Communion RC Chapel Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama Es Canar (it is regretted that due to hotel policy children under 16 are not admitted to the hotel.)

GardeningGardener’s Corner

Whilst sitting on a beach on an Island like Ibiza, one would hardly ever think of the connection between sand and a garden, probably as not many plants grow in sand. However, sand does play a very important part in gardening from the fine to course varieties of sand.

Firstly there are the types of plants that are common in Ibiza that will grow in sandy soil such as, Laurel and Eucalyptus trees. The group of deciduous shrubs that will grow in sandy rocky soil Genista. Cytisus, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus Syracuse. The smaller shrubs like Lavender, Hebe and Santolina. There are more plants such as Yuccas, Elaeagnus and Eponymous, which will thrive in normal or sandy soil.

Sand is also used extensively in propagation of plants when it is mixed with different types of soil for different plants. The sand itself will also need to be of different types, from course to fine, depending on the plant and whether the cutting is soft or hard wood. The same can be said of growingseeds, as different sands will be needed to be mixed with different grades of soil.

Sand is added on top of broken crocks or stones, at the bottom of all the plant pots and tubs that are used all over the island.

For anyone with the beautiful red clay soil that is seen in Ibiza in the countryside, course sand can be used to add to the soil when digging it over, to help break it up and improve drainage. Course sand is also used add to the soil when laying a lawn, again to improve drainage. Top dressing for lawns will also need sand added, and it is possibleto buy top soil in bulk in Ibiza that has sand mixed in with it.

When one is swimming in a pool in a garden, just remember that a lot of filtration systems use sand in the filters. But, funnily enough, a lot of this type of sand comes from Lancashire, which has the best type of sand for filtration systems, they even export it to Saudi Arabia of all places.

Then of course as one sits on a patio in a garden with beautiful paths and walls, one should remember all the sand that has been used in the cement to build the hard landscaping features in a garden. This will also include the rendering and specialist flooring which is used in landscaping in Ibiza.

It is amazing to think that such a small thing as a grain of sand can have such an important part to play in gardening and landscaping.

John Hitchin, writer of the gardener’s corner, can be contacted on emailor web

[email protected]


I was bitterly disappointed this week to find that yet another former family friendly ‘free party’ alternative haven has fallen prey to consumerist cashing in. I’m talking about thebenirras Sunday sunset drumming session at Benirrás beach. Since arriving here three years ago, I’ve taken visitors down there to see a bit of the boho Ibiza and free spirit that I love so much about this island and get them away from the overpriced tourist traps. When I went last year, we were entertained by drummers, dancers and fire artists at sunset. The beach bar/restaurants were playing chilled out tunes and a couple little stalls were selling artisan products and cold drinks. It was busy, but with a lovely happy, relaxed atmosphere.

Last night my hubby, baby and three friends, one of whom used to join the fire artists there and was hoping to bump into old friends, set off to enjoy an evening of entertainment and dinner on the beach only to be stopped by a police blockade directing us into a dirt waste ground hastily remodelled as a badly organised car park. The spaces had been sprayed onto the ground so closely together that we twice had to reverse back out to allow a leaving car to exit from the sole access point before being able to park ourselves. As we were parking up at around quarter past nine, a bus was loading up and pulling off, ferrying people to and from the beach at a price of four Euros a head. We asked the attendant in our passable Spanish (his English wasn’t good and his colleague spoke no English) when the next bus down was. We were informed there wasn’t one. They’d just be bringing people back for the next hour and a half as the car park shut at eleven pm. We asked how we could get there, and were told that the road would be reopening in five minutes. Ten minutes of waiting with hungry bellies and a niggly, just woken up baby later and the road was still blocked by police. We asked again. The attendant went off, spoke to police and came back saying he didn’t know. When we asked if the other route in was blocked, he said no. We got back in our cars, left and drove the long way around though port St Miguel. When we got there we saw a huge queue of people waiting for the one bus back to the car park and a sizeable hippy market in full swing. The bars played loud dance music rather than the chilled tunes we’d last experienced and there wasn’t a fire show, dancer or drum in sight. Was it because we’d missed sunset in our debacle actually getting to the beach?

On exploring further after dinner in Restaurant 2000 (which was, incidentally, delicious) we found a small band of drummers at the far end of the beach, with a little fire going and people stomping in a circle around them, but it didn’t have the same vibe I’d experienced in previous years. It felt dark and threatening rather than upbeat and celebratory, perhaps because night had fallen completely by this point. According to a spectator, there’d been a few more drummers there at sunset, but the beach was attracting less in general now (no doubt due to the pain it is to actually gain access…who wants to lug their bongos on a bus and pay for the inconvenience?). As for the fire shows, police closed them down just a couple of weeks ago and have, according to Neal’s old mates who he phoned to find out where they were, banned them from Benirrás. So, it seems Benirrás has become a victim of its own success. Another boho gathering turned into a cash cow, and in this case most certainly to its detriment. What a pity.



We all wish to welcome baby Niamh to the Ibiza community and offer Mum and Dad Helen and Conor our heartfelt congratulations. Niamh was born at Can Misses on 9th of August at 9.31 am weighing in at 3.485Kg. It is no surprise she looks so stylish as Helen is our own Ibizan Fashionista columist , though we feel she may have a few more pressing priorities in months to come.

Simply gorgeous.



Fiesta Fashion

Amanda O’Riordan

Greetings from the White Island.

Part two of my Balearic summer holiday. After a week in its big sister, Mallorca, I’m now here in Ibiza. As always, it’s magical, whilst being effortlessly cool and chaotic in equal measures. More than justclubbing capital of the world, Ibiza is fashion central for nightclub glamour, rock chick street wear and boho beachwear. I’ve been living here every summer for over a decade and have seen many trends come and go.

Chic kaftans and hippy maxi dresses are timeless and have been here forever. Other things are more short-lived. Last year, the ill-advisedspread all over British-based Ibiza was high-waisted denim shorts with sizeablecheeks hanging out. No matter what size the derrière, high waisted shorts made it look bigger and less flattering.

This year it’s all about the Bum Bag. Unfortunately, many hit a bum note.in Ibiza, especially San Antonio, they are everywhere. At a rough estimate, 1 in 5 girls (and many boys) are parading up and down the sunset strip witharound their waists. Fair enough, they’re practical and you can guarantee you’ll hang onto your club ticket, drinks tokens, lip gloss, inhalers and you might actually be in with a good chance of not losing your phone or room key. The problem is that most look like something your grandparents would take on a hiking holiday. Of course, there are some funky quirkily designed exceptions, but it’s not without reason that they’re called ‘fanny packs’ in the United States.

In this week’s instalment I’ve been vintage clothes shopping here in Ibiza and also looking out for quirky footwear for the beach. I’m having a big night outweekend so I thought next week’s blog should definitely be a nod to clubbing fashion, trends and hangover cures. Enjoy. Follow Amanda’s Blog at



Magic Island Memories At Your Feet.

After vintage clothes shopping I headedthe beach…

How many times have you looked out at a particularlyidyllic view and wanted to take that memory home with you? Well, forget postcards and photos. There’sunique way to capture your Ibiza holiday highlights.

I’ve a and interesting take on customised footwear, combined with everlasting holiday images.

Rob Lutz, originally from Australia, settled in Ibiza almost two years ago. Being a typical, he lived in ‘thongs’ as they’re known Down Under, flip flops to us in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite witnessing many flip flop brandsa very short time in the marketplace, Rob took the bold decision tohis own. Just eight weeks ago he successfully gave birth to his range, Ibiza Soul. Rob has four Men’s and four Women’s designs emblazoned with original bespoke images of Ibiza and Formentera. His ambition is to encapsulate the heart and soul of Ibiza and let customers take a special part of the island home with them. The summer 2014 range is all about the beach and the sea but, going forward, Rob willthe help of local photographers to capture some of the other amazing visuals the island has to offer.

I have ordered a family pack of ‘thongs’ featuring the sunset we see from our padhere. I may put a postage stamp on one and mail it home.

Find Rob’s Ibiza Soul range at Chiringuito beach house, Sands, Nassau, Revolver in Ibiza Old Town, Calla Bassa beach club, The Harbour Club, Malibu beach club and Jockey Club. For more info contact


fashionWear it. Mount it. Love it.

GoPros are suddenly everywhere,described asworld’s most versatile and occasionallyill-placed camera. Whatever your passion, there seems to be a GoPro mount that will help you get that shot, capturing immersive footage of the moments that matter most. An instantfor your.

These cameras can be strapped to your guitar at gigs, skiing helmet as youthat mountain, the end of your surfboard catchingwave and, as I’ve seen out and about, on your helmet as you ride your scooter. Now thatwant to share even the most mundane aspects of their lives with anyone who will watch or listen, GoPros makeeasy to document and record every last detail of life’s experiences. It just depends if you fancy walking around looking like Robocop with cameras strapped to your head and.


Fashion – West End Wear


Sophia V

One thing about Ibiza is that it never fails to surprise me in regards to fashion. New trends are regularly occurring, and thwest end weare island definitely attracts the most daring of people, not afraid to stand out or shock. From indie, boho, punk, rock, sporty, glamorous, ghetto-fabulous, you see it all.

Ibiza can be a fantastic place for fashion. With hundreds of shops, trendy boutiques, hippy markets and more, it’s easy to pick up unique pieces.

The West End (which I’m covering) in particular does however have its fashion faux’s. Although Ibiza attracts some people setting their own individual styles, it also sees those wearing the exact same things, whether they look good or downright terrible. YOU decide.

Whether you love or hate the following fashions, think it’s hot or not, detailed below are what’s been trending in recent years.

Short shorts. And I mean very short. Bum cleavage is extremely popular amongst the ‘seasonal workers’ especially. Whether they’re denim cut offs, hot pants, or teeny weenie shorts, the more it shows, the better they apparently are, dressing by the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ rule.

Ankle socks. These are worn usually with trainers or converse. Mostly popular amongst the men.

Woolly hats or caps. It’s usually the ones with slogans across, such as ‘Cocaine and Caviar, Boy! NY’ etc. Woolly hats have even been teamed with a pretty dress on some girls. I suppose they have Dappy – N Dubz to thank for that!

Bumbags. And did you know these are otherwise known as fanny packs in the USA? These are very popular and not many of the workers are seen without one.

High-waisted bikini’s / shorts. Popular in the sixties, these are also on everyone’s ‘wish list.’ I can’t imagine the tan lines though.

Jelly bean shoes. These can be flat or with a heel. They were fashionable when I was about twelve; however it looks like they’re back in.

In respect of appearance, shaved hair on one side, sleeve tattoos or as many as possible, lots of piercings, different coloured hair from Pink, Blue and even green – influenced by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Men with long hair, usually tied in a bun or secured with a headband. And my absolute favourite – the mankini’s and the new single-side leg G-string thong.

So there you have it. In Ibiza, you don’t need an excuse such as a fancy dress party, Zoo Project or any other event to dress outrageously. With the parade girls walking around in daring costumes, tourists dressed in fancy wear on hen or stag do’s, it seems that everything really does go in Ibiza!

West end fashion


Ibiza Subs

Three “U-Boat” in the Pitiusan Seas


The U-34, U-35 and U-38 sank dozens of ships near Ibiza and Formentera, whose shores were reached by some of their crews.

The Great War may seem far away, thousands of miles from Ibiza, but despite the supposed neutrality of Spain, the Pitiusan smelled the gunpowder and witnessed this brutal slaughter. The Pitiüses were a crossing land for spies and their waters were violated, from day one, since that 28th of July, 1914, in which the war was declared by all contestants, especially the French, who controlled overzealously the traffic of merchant vessels and passengers.

But it was between August and September 1916 when the front line came closest to these shores. At that time, three German U-boats (submarines) wreaked havoc among their enemies’ merchant and warships, especially the Italian. As a pack of wolves (though this attack tactic was baptized in 1936, their behaviour in World War I was very similar) the U-34, U-35 and U-38 bit against any neutral boat or ship belonging to the Triple Alliance. And what the Germans called unrestricted submarine warfare (Uneingeschränkten U-Boot-Krieg) was yet to come (late January 1917).

The first that came perilously close to these waters was the U-38, one of the three German submarines (although by then had Austrian flag) which has sunk more ships in naval history. Led by Max Valentiner, on August 26th it sank the ‘Atlántico’ an Italian ship southeast of Formentera. And it was not the only one: four days later it ended the life of the Italian sailboat ‘Nostra Guardia della Signora’ while sailing within 25 miles of Sant Antoni with a coal cargo. Thirteen of the crew arrived two days later to the San Antonio Bay in boats, while the captain and three sailors finished in Cala Saona (Formentera) after rowing for 30 hours, according to what the Diario de Ibiza collected in its pages. There they were attended by the sailor Mariano Castelló, who offered them food and water. Those who came to Sant Antoni were attended first at Can Truy, a diner and coffee house then run by Bartomeu Ribas, before being welcomed into the hotel Marina run by Josep Planells.

With the ‘Nostra Signora della Guardia’ the usual procedure in these cases was repeated: first, they got a warning shot with the 105mm canon for them to stop the ship and vacate. Then blasting, most times with explosive charges and torpedoes. For the ‘Nostra Signora della Guardia’ seven loads where enough. “It was the most economical method,” recalls Fernando García Sanz in ‘España en la Gran Guerra’ (Spain in the Great War), detailing these procedures and how Eivissa was closest to the heat of battle than we imagine.

One day later, on August 31st, 1916, the U-34, which had roamed these shores for a week, sank in only one day the Italian ships ‘Santa María’, ‘Quinto’ and ‘Nostra Signora Assunta’ which covered the stretch between the Balearic Islands and Alicante. Their commander was then Claus Rücker, although a couple of years later his helm passed to Wilhelm Canaris, one of the key figures in Germany during World War II.

The three merchants were, as in the case of ‘Nostra Signora della Guardia’, destroyed with explosives after taking the crew’s documentation and telling them to abandon the boat. Both the fourteen crew of ‘Santa María’ and the sixteen of ‘Nostra Signora Assunta’ reached the coast of Sant Antoni rowing.

The U-34 had already begun its carnage in April when it defeated the British ‘Orlock Head’, while sailing between Ibiza and Valencia, and later in May, when in a few days it sank fifteen ships, including the Italian ‘Cornigliano’, which ended its days midway of the Balearic Islands and the Columbrete.

But the one that caused the most havoc was the U-35, the German submarine that holds the record of sunken ships in naval history: more than two hundred. At its command was Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière. In just nine days in June, he sunk nineteen ships scuttled near the Spanish coast.

These attacks and his later incursion into the Cartagena port to had King Alfonso XIII a thank you letter from the Kaiser for the Spanish help in the repatriation of the German troupes from Cameroon and its subsequent miraculous harmless departure from that port (outside French and British were waiting wanting to turn the submarine into gruyere cheese), almost endangered the Spanish neutrality. The Italian ambassador complained in person to the Count of Romanones, saying it was very suspicious that so many sinkings were happening in Mallorcan and Ibizan waters.

He was right. The Germans strolled through these shores, where the Allies believed they stocked up. And what happened to the U-35 was not normal. After leaving Cartagena, the U-35 began one of the most destructive known crossings: the commander, who had taken the helm of the U-35 in November 1915, sank fifty ships between July 26th and August 20th. A total 90,000tons of shattered boats.

The macabre profile of its nearly 65 meters in length made the history of the German Navy. And of Ibiza, as it caused a stir on the island on September 23rd, 1916. That day, Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière sent the ‘Charterhouse SS’ to the bottom of the Mediterranean, which was 26 miles southeast of Formentera, in full journey between Toulon and Gibraltar in ballast. Part of the crew (thirteen sailors) reached the coast of Andratx, while the rest reached the coast of Ibiza, Sa Cala specifically. The Es Diari of the time explained that the second captain, the first and third engineers, nine sailors and several canon men got there and stayed at Can Miquel des Port, owned by Vincent and Joan Marí Marí. Von Arnauld took the captain and two assistant gunners manning the defensive prisoners. A day earlier, the ‘Garibaldi’ was shattered after receiving eight canon shots from the U-35. It was just one of the twenty two merchant ships Von Arnauld destroyed between September 19th and October 5th in the western Mediterranean, another of his wartime exploits. The bloodiest was the sinking of ‘Gallia’, French troops’ transport in which more than 1,300 people were killed.WW1centenary_715x195

The three submarines (two of them among the deadliest three of the Kaiser’s Navy) met their end in the same way hundreds of other ships which torpedoed along that bloody war: they were turned into mush. The U-35 was scrapped after being handed over to the Royal Navy after the surrender. The end of the U-34 is unclear, although it is believed that it was sunk near Gibraltar by a British warship. It is missing since October 18th, 1918. The U-38 was delivered, along with the rest of the submarine fleet, to the Allies: the French turned it into scrap in the port of Brest.





jezza copyJezza’s Sports Report

Hi, Sports fans, and there’s no better sport to start with than Golf, as there I was thinking I had run out of superlatives for Brit Rory McIlroy after his recent exploits. What a superb summer he’s having, after winning the US PGA Championship for the second time, this time at Valhalla, USA over the w/end. That makes 3 major championships, including 2 Majors, in the last 4 weeks, absolutely incredible! Mind you, he had to really work his socks off this time, as altho’ leading by 1 at the beginning of the final round, he took time to settle and soon found himself 2 behind the new leader after 6 holes. So, just to prove that he is a true champion, his last 9 brought a bevy of birdies and an eagle, to pip American veteran Phil Mickelson by one shot to land the title, and he also becomes the third youngest golfer to record back-to-back Majors with only those legends Nicklaus and Tiger ahead of him. And at only 25, no wonder Butch Harmon, the legendary American coach, thinks that Rory can go on to become a real golfing great, up there with those two.

Cricket now, and even more good news for us Brits, as England wrapped up the 4th Test against India, at Old Trafford, to take a 2-1 lead with one to play. Some cricket fans and pundits should now bow their heads in shame, calling for Captain Cook’s head only 4 weeks ago, but how the worm has turned, eh! From absolute mediocrity and losing the Series 1-0 then, to this now and a complete change in fortunes. After thumping the Indians by 260 odd runs in the 3rd Test in Hampshire, this time England really humiliated them, winning by an innings and 50 odd, and all within 3 days, the first time the Red Rose has achieved this feat against India since 1967! I know 2 swallows don’t make a summer, but this team, made up of a blend of experience and youth, is really beginning to look the real thing so long may this continue!

Not so good news for another Brit, this time in Tennis as Our Andy Murray, desperate to get back in the groove, lost in the Quarters to eventual winner Tsonga, who then went on to beat Roger Federer in the Final in the Toronto Masters.

Rugby Union now, and in the current Women’s World Cup, England are in to the Semis, having drawn their final Group match with Canada, who also go through to the semis where they will play France. England will now play Ireland, who created the biggest shock by beating holders and favourites New Zealand, who failed to make the Semis for the first time.

Changing codes to Rugby League and in the domestic Challenge Cup, the two favourites, Leeds and Castleford, reached the Final, defeating Warrington and Widnes respectively.

Finally, it appears that my comments regarding the recent Commonwealth Games have caused a very minor furore, to such an extent that I was going to pen a reply to my detractors in the North East, via Readers Letters. However, having reviewed the situation, my only and final comment is: Shame on you, Jezza, nowadays,’re not even allowed your own opinion!

On that note, ’tis all for this week and have a good ‘un.



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TAROTscope 14th—20th August 14


By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Ten of Swords

If it’s all getting on top this week, give yourself a break or force yourself to delegate. There’s only so much you can cope with and as much as Aries’ consider themselves as super(wo)men, this is not the time to test that theory. Quiet time will allow you to regroup, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everything else can wait!

TAURUS – Three of Wands

If you’re the persistent type, you’ll make the most of the energy of this card. Rome wasn’t built in a day so be realistic about deadlines and clear in your objectives. If you have dealings with people internationally; they’ll help your further your ambitions. On a personal level, you’ll attract or be attracted to someone from a different culture.

GEMINI – Four of Swords

After a time of hard work or hard living, you really need to rest up and recharge your batteries. Why not do something gentle and restful; meditation, yoga, Thai Chi, all spring to mind. If not, hang out at the beach, go on a long walk, have lots of sleep. You need to take a break on many levels.

CANCER – Six of Swords

A troublesome period of your life is coming to an end so don’t look back at what might have been or have any regrets. Emotionally, you’ve come a long way during a year which has tested you over and over again. Dry your eyes and square your shoulders; you’ve no idea where life is leading; only that you move forward.

LEO – Five of Swords

What do you fear most? Is it the enemy within or perceived enemies around you? This week it’s time to face your demons and find the best solutions to tackling fears that blight your life. Do you have courage and do you want it enough? What parts of your life need to change? Mewling kitten or Magnificent lion; your choice.

VIRGO – Prince of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to take on those who seek to question your motives. At times you may feel that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you can be so prickly! If the cool understanding approach isn’t working, creatively think outside the box and stun them into submission.

LIBRA – The Devil

Devil spelled backwards is lived. Yes, and this week you are being encouraged by this card to live a little without being irresponsible; throw caution to the wind without being foolhardy. You get it? Fun and work but keeping it all balanced! A note of caution, play your cards close to your chest, no need to tell everything to everyone.

SCORPIO – The Emperor

You’re on tip top form this week. Anything you need to accomplish is easily done. Your leadership qualities stand out and you will be approached to organise or take charge of a new or existing project. This week is a week where you say YES to practically everything, just don’t overdo it and burnout by the end of the week.


Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is currently travelling through Leo which is ruled by the Sun. Having this card indicates a dream of a week, where everything goes according to plan. Expect good news, especially if your career involves anything sporty. The Sun brings achievement; you get what you want; a result goes in your favour.family times too!

CAPRICORN – Knight of Cups

Changes are on the way and for some a fresh start, even romantically! You can now decide what it is you want from life so don’t be pressured by others to fall into line with their plans. Travel plans are highlighted; you could meet someone quite exceptional. You may also have a visit from someone you consider rather special too!

AQUARIUS – King of Disks

Focusing on material interests, finances and property etc., is top of your agenda this week. Making money, talking about how to make money or asking for help with investments bring some useful insights. Earth sign men, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn offer the best practical advice and are most encouraging regarding your plans. You’re laying good foundations for the future.

PISCES – Seven of Swords

You’ve a big heart and are kinder to others than you are to yourself at times. Some might try to take advantage of that this week. Sleep with one eye open and watch that others don’t attempt to take what’s rightfully yours. If you are involved in a legal matter, it might be best to settle out of court.