British Man Dies in Freak Accident at Ibiza Airport

  • The man, aged 51, died when he attempted to jump a security barrier.
  • He landed head first, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A British tourist, identified by Spanish authorities as having the initials ‘PCB’, died in Ibiza Airport at around 8.30pm on Thursday 15th June 2017.

The man had arrived on a Manchester flight and was in the passport control queue.

It is not known what caused him to attempt to jump the security barrier, only that it ended in tragedy.

Having failed to clear the barrier cleanly, he fell head first to the floor.

The man was attended to immediately by a National Police Officer, and a Doctor who has landed on another flight and was in the passport control queue at the time.

They attempted CPR, however despite their efforts the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

A judge ordered the removal of the corpse and a professional of the Institute of Legal Medicine will perform the autopsy.

The British Consulate have taken responsibility for contacting the relatives of the deceased.


Nicholas Gibbs
Editor of The Ibizan - previously, and for many people eternally, known as The Ibiza Sun.