Sienna Soul Clothing

Sienna Soul is a young Ibizan designer creating 100% hand made beachwear for a style conscious market looking for something special to stand out from the high street brands.

Originally inspired in true home craft customisation and cannibalisation of T-shirts and various other garments into bikini’s, the brand has now evolved to include 3 collections.

  • T-kini’s – t-shirt bikini’s.
  • By Design – everyday swimwear.
  • In The Mix – consisting of many different materials and techniques to create unique signature styles.

Sienna Soul Clothing

Every item made is unique, made with 100% love care and attention going into every detail. All designs use ties everywhere possible to ensure the perfect fit. Whether gift wrapped in ribbon, draped in sheer shiny material, or expressing yourself through a mix of fantastic fabrics, the quality and unique nature of the design is bound to make you feel special, and turn a good few heads along the way.

The range includes prices from around 35€ upwards though even the more expensive items are very reasonable given the workmanship—particularly evident in the crochet bikinis.

More stockists will be announced on Facebook soon.

Sienna Soul Clothing