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Greetings from the White Island.

Part two of my Balearic summer holiday. After a week in its big sister, Mallorca, I’m now here in Ibiza. As always, it’s magical, whilst being effortlessly cool and chaotic in equal measures. More than justclubbing capital of the world, Ibiza is fashion central for nightclub glamour, rock chick street wear and boho beachwear. I’ve been living here every summer for over a decade and have seen many trends come and go.

Chic kaftans and hippy maxi dresses are timeless and have been here forever. Other things are more short-lived. Last year, the ill-advisedspread all over British-based Ibiza was high-waisted denim shorts with sizeablecheeks hanging out. No matter what size the derrière, high waisted shorts made it look bigger and less flattering.

This year it’s all about the Bum Bag. Unfortunately, many hit a bum Ibiza, especially San Antonio, they are everywhere. At a rough estimate, 1 in 5 girls (and many boys) are parading up and down the sunset strip witharound their waists. Fair enough, they’re practical and you can guarantee you’ll hang onto your club ticket, drinks tokens, lip gloss, inhalers and you might actually be in with a good chance of not losing your phone or room key. The problem is that most look like something your grandparents would take on a hiking holiday. Of course, there are some funky quirkily designed exceptions, but it’s not without reason that they’re called ‘fanny packs’ in the United States.

In this week’s instalment I’ve been vintage clothes shopping here in Ibiza and also looking out for quirky footwear for the beach. I’m having a big night outweekend so I thought next week’s blog should definitely be a nod to clubbing fashion, trends and hangover cures. Enjoy. Follow Amanda’s Blog at


Magic Island Memories At Your Feet.

After vintage clothes shopping I headedthe beach…

How many times have you looked out at a particularlyidyllic view and wanted to take that memory home with you? Well, forget postcards and photos. There’sunique way to capture your Ibiza holiday highlights.

I’ve a and interesting take on customised footwear, combined with everlasting holiday images.

Rob Lutz, originally from Australia, settled in Ibiza almost two years ago. Being a typical, he lived in ‘thongs’ as they’re known Down Under, flip flops to us in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite witnessing many flip flop brandsa very short time in the marketplace, Rob took the bold decision tohis own. Just eight weeks ago he successfully gave birth to his range, Ibiza Soul. Rob has four Men’s and four Women’s designs emblazoned with original bespoke images of Ibiza and Formentera. His ambition is to encapsulate the heart and soul of Ibiza and let customers take a special part of the island home with them. The summer 2014 range is all about the beach and the sea but, going forward, Rob willthe help of local photographers to capture some of the other amazing visuals the island has to offer.

I have ordered a family pack of ‘thongs’ featuring the sunset we see from our padhere. I may put a postage stamp on one and mail it home.

Find Rob’s Ibiza Soul range at Chiringuito beach house, Sands, Nassau, Revolver in Ibiza Old Town, Calla Bassa beach club, The Harbour Club, Malibu beach club and Jockey Club. For more info contact

fashionWear it. Mount it. Love it.

GoPros are suddenly everywhere,described asworld’s most versatile and occasionallyill-placed camera. Whatever your passion, there seems to be a GoPro mount that will help you get that shot, capturing immersive footage of the moments that matter most. An instantfor your.

These cameras can be strapped to your guitar at gigs, skiing helmet as youthat mountain, the end of your surfboard catchingwave and, as I’ve seen out and about, on your helmet as you ride your scooter. Now thatwant to share even the most mundane aspects of their lives with anyone who will watch or listen, GoPros makeeasy to document and record every last detail of life’s experiences. It just depends if you fancy walking around looking like Robocop with cameras strapped to your head and.

West End Wear.

One thing about Ibiza is that it never fails to surprise me in regards to fashion. New trends are regularly occurring, and thwest end weare island definitely attracts the most daring of people, not afraid to stand out or shock. From indie, boho, punk, rock, sporty, glamorous, ghetto-fabulous, you see it all.

Ibiza can be a fantastic place for fashion. With hundreds of shops, trendy boutiques, hippy markets and more, it’s easy to pick up unique pieces.

The West End (which I’m covering) in particular does however have its fashion faux’s. Although Ibiza attracts some people setting their own individual styles, it also sees those wearing the exact same things, whether they look good or downright terrible. YOU decide.

Whether you love or hate the following fashions, think it’s hot or not, detailed below are what’s been trending in recent years.

Short shorts. And I mean very short. Bum cleavage is extremely popular amongst the ‘seasonal workers’ especially. Whether they’re denim cut offs, hot pants, or teeny weenie shorts, the more it shows, the better they apparently are, dressing by the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ rule.

Ankle socks. These are worn usually with trainers or converse. Mostly popular amongst the men.

Woolly hats or caps. It’s usually the ones with slogans across, such as ‘Cocaine and Caviar, Boy! NY’ etc. Woolly hats have even been teamed with a pretty dress on some girls. I suppose they have Dappy – N Dubz to thank for that!

Bumbags. And did you know these are otherwise known as fanny packs in the USA? These are very popular and not many of the workers are seen without one.

High-waisted bikini’s / shorts. Popular in the sixties, these are also on everyone’s ‘wish list.’ I can’t imagine the tan lines though.

Jelly bean shoes. These can be flat or with a heel. They were fashionable when I was about twelve; however it looks like they’re back in.

In respect of appearance, shaved hair on one side, sleeve tattoos or as many as possible, lots of piercings, different coloured hair from Pink, Blue and even green – influenced by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Men with long hair, usually tied in a bun or secured with a headband. And my absolute favourite – the mankini’s and the new single-side leg G-string thong.

So there you have it. In Ibiza, you don’t need an excuse such as a fancy dress party, Zoo Project or any other event to dress outrageously. With the parade girls walking around in daring costumes, tourists dressed in fancy wear on hen or stag do’s, it seems that everything really does go in Ibiza!

West end fashion