The Ibizan 783 text version 14 May 15

Ibizan 783. One Nation Under the Blues, full UK election report, Mr Nice at Pikes, Une Nation, Le 27 french restaurant, Amanda zips it up French stripes, Una Nación Cala Vedella fire, Medieval Fair gallery, Dance Nation, getting down just for the funk of it, ready or not, here we come ...

The Ibizan 782 text version 07 May 15

Ibizan 782. Simply stunning, Ibiza's best sunset ever? Traffic Tragedy, fatal accident, Supercruiseliners in Port, Cocktail masterclass at Tapas, Savannah Opening, Danny Avila & Thomas Gold interviews, Fashionistas go wild in Shebiza, Summer Schools Directory, Mind Body & Soul and many more of those fabulous, amazing, stunning sunsets.

The Ibizan 781 text version 30 Apr 15

Ibizan 781 Insect Issue, we're infested, Safe & Sound ferry passengers rescued, water worries, new ex-pat regs, Reincia address, La Casita review, Pikes opening, Connect Trance, Dance at the Proms, Eclectic Claire, Formentera for families, Bargain buy bank property websites, 6% property tax? Corruptopolis board game, Ibizan Pool league end of season report, and in the back garden 'night scents'.

The Ibizan 780 text version 23 Apr 15

Ibizan 780 Fijne Koningsdag! Tulp and Dutch Fiestas, I'm Ibiza - Fly Me, Don't feed the trolls, Chiang Thai review, Heavy Rock, 1st of May Fiestas, Ibiza Cricket, F1 and much ado about Fungi.

The Ibizan 779 text version 16 Apr 15

Ibizan 779 16th April 2015. Cry Harry! Our man in San An Martin Makepeace stands for office. Our señora in Formenta, Prom for Cala De Bou?, PSOE Top 20, Wasabi nights at Villa Mercedes, Trot til you drop at Pikes, Record airport March, Wedding Album, Cry Harry for St George's Day Ibiza Style, Juan pens his last at 500, China F1, Ibiza Rugby and much more of everything that is Ibiza.

The Ibizan 778 text version 09 April 2015

Ibizan 778 eissue 9th April 2015. Ryanair booze ban, Ibizan booze fan Ibosim craft beer, Guiri time, Pamela Deakin author, Tamas Easter gallery, art in preview, and ibiza's dumbest criminal does it again - 20 times over. Plus all the news, views, sport and everything that is Ibiza

The Ibizan 777 text version 02 Apr 15

Ibizan 777 eissue 2nd April 2015. It's gonna be a great season say we, goodbye says pepita, I'm an idiot says thief, bon dia says martina, I want to know christ says vicar I want chocolate say kids, jump in, the water's lovely say blozoen, our easter feaster of news, views and reviews, if it is in ibiza...

The Ibizan 776 text version 26 Mar 15

Ibizan 776 eissue 26th March 2015. Aircrash latest, World's most rubbish graffiti artists caught, sign language initiative, davids, chopstiqs, carwash at pikes, amnesia opening line up, the big walk, time and space, be your own guru, ego hair, hippy marketand everything else the ibiza newspaper should have - except what we couldn't fit in.

The Ibizan 775 text version 19 Mar 15

Ibizan 775 19th March 2015 eissue Double Prodigy, two ten & talented kids, Maxwell Spain's no1 Golfer and daughter of Jack Eye Jones DJCME, San An war on "Rubbish Tourists" & British Bobbies on the Beat confirmed, Cala Gracio urbanisation proposed, Shebiza make up by Marie, Sankeys on Steroids, 3 and a half Fiestas, Co-dependancy - can an editor have a co-dependant relationship with a newspaper?

The Ibizan 774 text version 12 Mar 15

Poverty in Paradise, we feature Ibiza's 'have nots', Police roadside stops, Sta Eulalia Gerret Fair, St Patrick's Day, La Cava after work, & meet Team Ibizan, Sankey's opening & the local parties, Mind Body & Soul welcomes workout with Virgil, and Amanda Zips Up London Fashion week in full glorious techno-colour on 13, Then there is Cricket on the back.


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