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Issue 824. Shady Business, money laundering, drug smuggling, fraud and being a right bastard in the beach concession auctions. Personal finance, hacienda hunt and declaration de la renta. Out & About with Claire B. St George's Day. Veggie Spain. Ibiza Cricket. We could be Heroes. Conversion charts Guiri Guide.

San Jose Beach Concession Auction & Editorial Response. The Ajuntamento of Sant Josep’s controversial plans to auction the boroughs beach concessions have resulted in accusations of money laundering, muscle man intimidation, drug smuggling, tax fraud, and just being a right bastard.

Over the past weekend, strange circle patches have been observed in the Bay of San Antonio, and we are delighted to announce that it has been officially confirmed that the phenomenon are NOT the fault of lager swilling English Football Hooligans.

Issue 823. Pill Pop Posner Invited, Ibiza's Nipple Inspectors, Spanish Running Naked, Benefit Balearic, Dinosaurs, IFCC, Hostal La Torre Special Feature, Grand National Guide, Ibiza from Space, and Claire B's Live Music Roundup.

Hot on the heels of San Antonio's raft of pre-season regulations, Ibiza Town have announced their own wide ranging advertising and promotion controls, including a requirement for club street parades to submit their costume and choreography to city inspectors for a new 'vulgarity test'. It's tough work .....

The Consell De Ibiza Promises To Intensify Inspections Against Illegal Tourist Renting. New Government Online Letting Site offering Landlord’s Protection in return for Fair Rents

Issue 822. San An on the Ban, but does any of it matter? 500€ For Bed on a Balcony & New Tenants Tax. Private Jets every 12 minutes. Shebizan Special feat Interview with Tony Truman of Ocean Beach. Fish in Ibiza special report. Pikes back with Melon Bomb and Bowie Tribute in Dalt Vila. Colon Cancer special report, and to be sure you don't end up depressed a page full of Carly Smiles.

San Antonio Town Hall have added a raft of further measures designed to help shift the image and reputation of the municipality away from the boozed up Brits chips and tits that has been to some the ongoing blight and to others the lifeblood of Ibiza's second city.

Issue 821. Taxing Times, full report on the ecotax, Gay Times, man on man brush action, Bike Times, mtb trials all over easter, Time's Up! Cannabis Clubs end of the road? Time to straighten up with the workout club, Pastimes, free crafts for all, Spring time with family fiesta, spring in your step, and Easter Time, everything Ibizan Easter

In comparison to goats, led screens, and now mosques, I have seen nothing of outcry over this issue. Perhaps that is because we are all guilty, we all defraud the state when opportunity to do so presents itself, because that is ’the Spanish way’.