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How To Do The Hospital Like A Pro—In and out of an outpatients appointment in under 20 minutes. Here we give a Giuri’s guide to dealing with your hospital appointment better than a local—from parking, to check in, to appointment and departure in under 20 mins. Is it possible? Read on.

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“Ibiza is the same as any good relationship, it changes as you do, you have to work at it”.

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The Consell de Ibiza and Sant Antoni City Council have decided to restrict traffic in Cala Salada. From June 1 to September 30 guarded barriers will be in place and once the available 60 perking places have been filled, private vehicles will be turned away. The authorities offer the alternatives of reaching the small bay by boat from San Antonio, or by using a new minibus service established specifically for the purpose.

Paul Taylor and his Retro experience have a pedigree preceding Pioneer. Starting a DJ career in ‘74 spinning heavyweight 78rpm discs on a pair of HMV wind up gramophones (probably), Paul Taylor returns to Ibiza for 2016 bang up to date with everything from years gone by. We’re getting confused - time to call upon the DJ time lord. Next stop Retro.

A significant proportion of Ibiza's early season business comes from British Families with school age children. We all know the rules, but not everybody observes them. Today a father has won his case in the High Court that serves to quash a fine issued by his local authority for taking his child out of school without authority for a family vacation during term time. We know from opinions received that it is an issue that divides opinion. For some families it is only the lower cost of holidays during the low season term time that enables them to have a family holiday at all. Does that justify missing school?

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