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We love Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar, and it seems everyone else does too judging by the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence they have held for several years—and during that time frequently and currently the website’s number 1 restaurant in San Antonio.

Issue 832. BrexPats: thoughts of the locals on what happens next, Bus Buffoons: bus stop fiasco, Agenda: 2 pages of what's on, Tapas: restaurant review, At Night: Slaves at Rocks, One weekend, Jacaranda, Plus A man called Ges, all the Euros, Wimbledon fashion, and much more

Issue 831. San An to Ibiza Town in 6 minutes? In a 60s Lotus Elan? By a Titled Lady of the Realm (sort of)? Surely Not! Geordie Shore are a Bore but Cox Rocks says Spanish Press. Euros, a world newspaper first we bring you immersive 3d reality of Gareth Bale's Wales Goal. Plus Restaurant Martina, Faction at Eden, Jacaranda Opening, Radio 1 Weekend, Ibiza Gay Pride gallery, F1, Shebizan, New Day by Day Agenda, and we haven't even got to the News yet. It's a big'un. We Are Ibiza, We Are Ibizan.

The Mayor of Santa Eulària, Vicent Marí, has initiated proceedings to sue a person who accused him of accepting bribery on Facebook. The mayor is demanding 3,000€ in compensation.

Cala de Bou’s two partner pubs Bucanero and Donnegans who sit side by side in perfect harmony.

Issue 830. Euros start here, 4 page pullout wallplanner, Ibiza Vice, high speed drugs chase around coast, Bucanero and Donnegans, a day in the life of, Ibiza Gay Pride, Slaves at Rocks, Heavy Metal at Boulevard, Electric Dreams, Muhammad Ali, and Hasta Luego Colin Butts.

Are you a lady of exquisite taste? Do you know how to party? Can you spot a quality mojito from across a crowded bar room? Have you ever dreamt of being paid to party? Well now's your chance?

Mint Lounge is a gorgeous gem of a place nestled next to Mambo on San Antonio's sunset strip. Open from midday, it's the perfect place to enjoy a lazy lunch or sip on one of their delicious cocktails on the wood decked terrace and gaze across the sparkling Mediterranean sea as a gentle breeze drifts in and warm sunshine soothes your soul.

Jacaranda lounge is a sprawling white haven atop the cliffs in Es Canar, stylishly fitted out in Asian influenced white bali beds, pallet furniture, thatched cabanas, sunbeds and tables and dominated by an azure blue pool overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea.

Issue 829. Adele Spends 2.5 million on Ibiza Hen Party. IMS Report. Mint Lounge Bar in Review. Jacaranda Lounge in Review. Michael Coe, Boxer. Psychocybernetics. Kate Moss and Adlib in Shebizan, and to finish on a high, With Love, From Cat.